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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


75 Percent COVID-19 Vaccination Rate Among U.S. Hospital Workers

hospital workers walking in hospital

An analysis conducted by WebMD and Medscape Medical News from data collected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from 2,500 hospitals across the United States revealed that, as of late May 2021, one in four hospital workers caring for patients had not received a COVID-19 vaccination.1

Many Hospital Workers Are Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination

The analysis showed that the percentage of unvaccinated hospital workers was even higher among the nation’s 50 largest hospitals, with one out of three hospital workers remaining unvaccinated.2

Hospital vaccination rates range from 99 percent at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas, which has been firing workers refusing COVID-19 vaccinations, to 30 to 40 percent in some hospitals in Florida. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center in Texas reported to HHS that 32 percent of its 28,000 hospital workers have not yet received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, while Florida’s Lakeland Regional Medical Center reported that 63 percent of their staff is still unvaccinated and AdventHealth in Orlando reported that 56 percent of its staff has not been vaccinated.3

Jagdish Khubchandani, MD, professor of public health sciences at New Mexico State University said, “Health care workers are not monolithic”. He added:

There’s a big divide between males, doctoral degree holders, older people, and the younger low-income, low-education frontline, female health care workers. They are the most hesitant.4

Hospital Workers Continue to Be Concerned About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

One of the main reasons given by hospital workers for declining to get the COVID-19 vaccine is that the vaccine is still being distributed by vaccine manufacturers under an emergency use authorization (EUA) granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pending the outcome of clinical trials and is still not fully licensed by FDA.5

A social services worker at AdventHealth Gordon in Georgia, who did not want to be named, said:

I am not vaccinated. I want to see more testing done. It took a long time to get a flu vaccine, and we made a COVID vaccine in 6 months. I want to know, before I start putting something into my body, that the testing is done.6

Hospital workers at Georgia’s AdventHealth Gordon are given the option to wear a mask if not vaccinated.7 Joseph Joyave, MD, the hospital’s chief medical officer said that he does not believe the hospital’s low COVID-19 vaccination rate is putting patients at risk. He said, “We continue to use PPE, masking in all clinical areas, and continue to screen daily all employees and visitors.”8

Many Hospitals Are Requiring Workers To Get COVID-19 Vaccines

Public health experts are predicting that most hospitals and medical practices will require that their staff get the COVID-19 vaccine after a Texas federal court sided with Houston Methodist Hospital implementing a policy that required workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine or find other employment.9 10

The American Hospital Association said that a large number of hospitals are now making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for its workers, but offering some medical and religious exemptions. Other hospitals are waiting until the FDA approves full licensure of the vaccines following the presentation of more safety and efficacy data by the vaccine manufacturers.11

Henry Ford Health System is the first hospital in Michigan to require all 33,000 of its employees, as well as students, volunteers and contractors, to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine requirement also applies to staff that work remotely.12

Maryland’s largest hospitals and health systems, including University of Maryland Medical System and Johns Hopkins Medicine, will require employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment by the end of summer 2021.13

Although COVID-19 vaccines are still considered to be experimental while being distributed under an EUA, and are and still undergoing Phase III clinical trials with limited vaccine safety data available, Professor Arthur Caplan, PhD at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine said hospital vaccine requirements are no different than other mandates for health workers like getting an annual influenza vaccine, wearing hairnets etc. He said:

Health care workers have three special ethical responsibilities. One is protect the vulnerable, people who are really at risk of a disease. Secondly, put patient interests for first. It doesn’t say, ‘put your choice first.’ Third, they’re supposed to do no harm.14

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30 Responses

  1. Great article. Happy 4th.

    My neighbor has informed me that his friend and the co workers(nursing home assistants) didn’t want to receive covid 19 shot. Everyone got fired which was not a surprise.

    1. THIS IS WRONG. Nursing home assistants are the lifeblood of those places. They perform a very difficult job, and with lots of heart. They should have a choice about medical procedures performed on them like everyone else. They thought they would be okay if they went along with the mask mandates. Litttle did they know…

    2. If they continue to fire everyone there will be no one left working. Naturally the old, children and animals will be the ones to suffer from all of this bull crap. You must ask yourself what is really going on when they have to offer money, trips, and even threats to get the public to get this “shot”.

      1. Why are all the recent virus outbreaks and hot spots in areas where the vaccination adoption rate is low? Is it possible that further mutations will continue to develop because of these outbreaks? Not everything is a conspiracy.

      2. To whoever is moderating this…. I asked legitimate questions in an earnest comment, and you are not helping anyone by sealing them in an echo chamber.

        Be better.

  2. Those 25% better hold out! Businesses who fire these people need to get sued and suffer trying to find workers, etc. The world agenda is division in all areas of life in order to break down societies so they can be rule over. Masks, vaccinations, race, gender, religion, etc, etc. You name it, all is being stirred up for division. Thank God that God is in control.

  3. Very Good Article. As a healthcare worker, I have one question. Who will be expected to step in and take care of patients when the vaccinated healthcare workers, EMTs, Paramedics, firemen, police and other frontline workers get sick, die or end up disabled due to the “I got the shot” fever that is currently rampant? Those ‘unvaccinated’ healthcare workers/ frontline workers who are now being threatened, harassed or terminated? Just curious.

    1. I know. I work in healthcare and have not been vaccinated. The vaccinated people are getting sick. I have seen way too much jsut ih the first 2-3 months. This winter it will get worse.

    2. I agree, I am really shocked that 75% of health care workers have gotten the vaccine without the unethical bullying them though threat of job loss.

  4. 1) The law is clear, anything under EUA can NOT be mandated! 21CFR360bbb(3)

    2) this is NOT a vaccine. This is a medical technology and gene therapy which does not show any proof that it hinders transmission therefore does not meet the criteria to be licensed as a vaccine

    3) why did they skip animal challenge trials? Perhaps because the last several times every animal died?

    4) now that this “vaccine” turns your cells into spike protein factories (which we know for certain are harmful) does it come programmed with an off switch?

    5) it’s also unlawful to force anyone into a clinical trial without informed consent….. This now covers the world population unknowingly including mask use and testing since they are also under EUA. 21cfr50

    6) ADA laws protect you thanks to the GINA law. GENETIC INFORMATION NONDISCRIMINATION ACT ??


  5. It is sad to see people have a medical procedure forced on them it a supposed free country. Sas to see people’s rights ripped from them because they chose a career that take care if other people when they are sick. I don’t ever recall hearing you have to sacrifice your life with a forced vaccine with a possible vaccine reaction or suffer possible long term effect from it years down the road.
    If we lived through being given one mask to wear for 3 months while taking care of many covid patients daily in hospitals on the front lines and in the prisons in dorms of covid positive patients, I am more frightened of a vaccine that you suddenly decide to use that has never before been okay. Also with questionable places the virus came from. The financial gain of the pharmaceutical companies. Not care for natural immunity for those who have been exposed so much and never got it and those who lived through a covid virus. Not to mention the people who got the vaccine and then later got covid or died a few days later.
    You risk a vaccine that many not even be for the correct strain of the virus that will probably mutate before it gets to you because that is what viruses do to survive. Also if you accidentally got the correct strain of the virus vaccine how long will that supposed immunity work? If like the flu vaccine 3 months at the best them you have a false sense of security of safety where a natural immunity will provide a strong safety and be passed on the your offspring.
    I am sure this virus was not made to kill off the elderly and unhealthy people with multiple co morbidities and barely harm the supposedly healthy people and young people that will be productive for a indebted governments.
    Not free, not safe and feel targeted after sacrificing so much to help others. The health care works that sacrificed themselves for others are now being thrown out to lose their homes and everything when the ones forcing the vaccines were no where in the hospitals to be found and never near a covid patient. This is very sad. Our already limited number of over worked, stressed out nurses will dwindle. Not to mention the way to high patient work load that is all unsafe. But the worry is a forced vaccine.
    I am sure it will be like the flu vaccine where the government bribes hospitals with 3% increase on Medicare or medicaid patients pay to force all of or 90% of their employees to take the shot.
    Nobody care for the Frontline workers they stayed to help others.
    I hate to see more seasoned nurses that are so valuable to patients leaving the field and others not becoming nurses because of the lose of rights and lack of concern for us.

  6. No job is worth becoming a big pharma lab rat over, especially when there isn’t one shread of evidence that determines long term safety of mRNA injections. The future for medical personal to survive the next 2-5 years is indeed grim.

  7. Well, we are going to find ourselves in one heck of a predicament when 75% of our hospital workers and healthcare workers drop dead because they were dumb enough to get this experimental vaccine…. then will have 75% fewer people working in hospitals and healthcare related jobs and we will be back in the dark ages again. Welcome to the real new normal Welcome to the real new normal. We call it Third World America We call it Third World America.

    1. Wren,
      I’ve been asking this question myself for quite a while. Why on earth would you mandate something which could remove most of your healthcare worker force???! It doesn’t make sense.

      Also, just a thought, the 75% vaccinated healthcare workers are from an already dwindling number of healthcare workers.

      Many were laid off initially when the economy was shutdown. The ER’s were NOT booming as they reported. They were very quiet.

      Many more were wiped out when the mask mandates went into effect. We know the truth about facemasks. They don’t stop anything except spit and snot. What could be a better way to catch corona, or anything else airborne, than by keeping a nice moist spot in front of your face all day? How about the effects of rebreathing your CO2 all day long? 2015 studies regarding facemasks showed a much higher incidence of respiratory illness in healthcare workers who wore them.

      Kudos to the Bilderbergers. Their plan is right on track. I wonder who will care for them when they get sick?

  8. They’re calling nurses “low education?” I have a nutrition biochem degree in addition to nursing. Most docs don’t need even biochem 101 anymore, let alone basic nutrition. You’re kidding me? I know the immune system almost as well as I know the gut. Hint: they’re intertwined. Think I can’t figure out how my own body works?
    It’s always this: the refusers “deny” science, those who don’t vote Democrat are evil rednecks, etc.
    I suppose the average IQ is supposed to think they couldn’t possibly want to do what those “uneducated” people do. Is this working? Is everyone so easily manipulated?

  9. Here in Greece our PM with the help of his “experts” team is threatening health care workers to get the shot. He is supposed to make it mandatory from September on. He goes further by telling that others such as police officers, the army etc are in the queue after nurses and doctors, in contrary to the 2361 (2021)Resolution which EU has signed and makes clear that there is no pressure towards getting the jab. Mass Media took over 30 million Euros to “cover” the already endemic virus and present the jab as a must to get over this problem

  10. So, Professor Arthur Caplan, you say to health care providers:
    ” It doesn’t say, ‘put your choice first.’ Third, they’re supposed to do no harm.”
    Then why are you not following your advice? I am a twice (real) vaccine injured nurse. And those were fully FDA approved. If you really looked at VAERS and the lack of adequate followup studies for the Covid shot, then you would not support mandates. After all, YOU vowed on becoming an MD to “First, do no harm”. Professor, quit trying to put your experimental choice upon all of us.

  11. And, I will never get another disease shot. I finally woke up from the mainstream medical school indoctrination. I wish I woke up before they almost killed me and left me maimed.
    My family medicine clinic is down 25% on nursing staff. Nurses are waking up to the hypocrisy and leaving the field. I will leave if they require the shot.
    Then, who will be left to care for all these injured people?
    So sad!

  12. I also caught that little dig from what’s-his-name about the “low-education” non-vaccine-takers in the medical professions.

    Many of these vaccinators are pompous and proud. Just full of themselves and their intellectual (and moral) superiority.

    The Bible says that pride goeth before a fall. And that God *hates* the proud (Prov 6:16).

  13. Many nurses are the bread winners for their family. If they have a vaccine injury they have no recourse for compensation. The healthcare facility won’t cover you under workman’s compensation and since the vaccine is not full FDA approved they are not eligible for vaccine compensation funding. So nurses have to weigh the risk vs benefit. Potential for residual injury as minor as brain fog or neurological ticks to major such as PEs or Seizures. Every day nurse take care of the sick with a variety of transmittable disease vre, cdiff, mrsa, MDRO, flu…..the list can go on and on. If we are following proper PPE and hand washing there should be no transmission from patient to patient.

    Vaccinated people who are testing Positive for Covid are still spreading disease to others. Just “because they are vaccinated” doesn’t make them any less dangerous to our patients then an unvaccinated nurse.

  14. Dear RN,
    As a retired RN I can tell you who will be expected to support the injured frontline heroes who without research or perceived “choice” but you already know the answer. It will be the unjabbed, the same members of the battle exhausted group of heroes who worked day and night caring for the first wave of deaths in 2020 through 2021. You are considered useless pawns of the regime now questioning your sovereign physical safety rights! Shame on you! I highly congratulate you and the other frontline workers on this forum and thank you from the bottom of my ???!

  15. I am not a nurse nor do I work in the healthcare industry BUT when I have had to be in a hospital for 2 childbirths and for an illness, it was the nurses who were the brains and the hands-on all the way. The doctors were horrible and made mistakes which the nurses fixed. The nurses did the work, advocated for me against the doctors’ commands, and were empathetic and kind. I really have a respect for nurses. I believe they know so much more than any doctor. It has been interesting to me how many nurses are against the “vaccine” and I stand behind them. I would feel completely safe being treated by ANY nurse that didn’t get “the shot”.

    1. That’s what I’ve heard nurses know better than doctors. They spend more time with patients than doctors, I believe. I stand behind nurses who have declined covid shot, too.

  16. We have been lab rats for decades, this is just the most recent manifestation. Our ‘sickcare’ systems have gotten progressively worse since Pharma took over.

    1. Sick are systems are the best word to describe instead of “healthcare” systems. You hit the right nail.

      And public health insurances are really terrible. Private insurances are better but very expensive.

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