Thursday, September 21, 2023


“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

CDC Issues Warning After Connection is Found Between COVID-19 Vaccines and Heart Inflammation in Youth

The FDA is putting a new warning on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Researchers at the CDC found a likely connection between the shots and rare types of heart inflammation in teens, as well as young adults. Essentially, what the FDA is saying is that if there are any symptoms of myocarditis or pericarditis after your first shot, and especially if that’s something for your child, that you should delay that second shot until more information is known. 

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  1. It would be very helpful if you listed the symptoms of myocarditis or pericarditis so people know what to look for immediately.

  2. You have got to be kidding me! I’ll take covid over myocarditis any day and I’ll use ivermectin. Kids should not be getting this vaccine. This is ridiculous.

    1. 1300 out of 100,000 would get myocarditis, and inflammation of the heart muscle without getting the vaccine. It happens that often, but with the vaccine there are maybe two cases per 100,000. So you would be ill informed and neglectful of your children to decide not to get them vaccinated. Source from NPR health policy correspondent Joanne Silberner dated Jun. 14, 2021. Therefore the hysteria is over an extremely rare adverse reaction.

  3. again lots of talking but no real information and certainly not full disclosure… although if the CDC is starting to add warning you can likely bet that it is more widespread than what is reported. Like we say in french, “il y a anguille sous roche” (translated as “there is a eel under the rock”)
    only 1200 reported cases! well it means what it means, and that is some may not have been reported because the symptoms are may be mild or similar to something else, and let’s face it, there has not yet possibly been a lot of teenagers vaccinated, since it was only recently accepted for that population.

  4. Why would anyone defend the vaccine even if only a handful of people end up with an adverse reaction?? Those who defend it or explain it away as misinformation are helping to put people’s lives in danger!

  5. If the CDC had to issue a warning for this HEART CONDITION being related to the shots and CHILDREN or as they say here “YOUTH”, then you can bet it all that this is not some RARE “side effect” of what they are calling a vaccine. As it has been stated consistently now for the last 18 plus months and now proven simply by seeing with our own eyes, there are NO CHILDREN showing any symptoms whatsoever of any disease like COVID and there are certainly NONE DYING from any disease like COVID. While there would of course be children showing false positive results who were forced to be tested with the severely flawed and now recalled PCR tests, there were virtually ZERO children who were symptomatic throughout the entirety of this so-called Pandemic. I do not mean to offend anyone, but if you plan to present your child for their what will surely turn out to be ENDLESS “shots in the arm” when YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THE SHOTS ARE EXPERIMENTAL AND NOT APPROVED FOR ANYTHING BUT EMERGENCY USE when you should know by now THERE IS NO REAL AUTHENTIC EMERGENCY and that YOU ARE PART OF A PHARMACEUTICAL EXPERIMENT, and YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THESE SHOTS ARE LESS THAN 40% EFFECTIVE AT PREVENTING DISEASE and YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THE SHOTS ARE IN MANY CASES DANGEROUS AND/OR LIFE THREATENING AND/OR IN SOME CASES, DEADLY, and WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THIS DISEASE GENERALLY DOES NOT AFFECT CHILDREN AT ALL, then you are in effect committing an act of WILLING SACRIFICE of your own offspring and you are UNFIT to parent any child due to your willingness to blindly obey or otherwise follow directions given to you by a Government or Institution that has CHRONICALLY LIED TO, MISLED, AND PURPOSELY CONFUSED THE ENTIRE NATION AND/OR WORLD SINCE DAY ONE OF THIS ALLEGED PANDEMIC. The same goes if you are forcing your children to wear THE MASK to school each day for HOURS ON END because by now, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT ANYONE WEARING THE MASK ALL DAY EVERY DAY IS BEING IRREPARABLY HARMED, PHYSICALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY. People need to WAKE TF UP RIGHT NOW. We have ALL been duped and WAR HAS BEEN WAGED AGAINST US. If anyone is still unable to see this as fact by now, I do not know how they can be helped.

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