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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

Millions of Americans Decline Second Dose of Experimental mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

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By the end of April 2021, about eight percent of those who received the first dose of the experimental mRNA Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna/NIAID COVID-19 vaccines being distributed under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had not received the second dose of the vaccines. This represents more than five million people in the United States.1 The percentage of people who had missed the second COVID vaccine dose was up by 3.4 percent since March 2021.2

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) COVID-19 vaccines are supposed to be given in two doses three to four weeks apart.3

“Obviously whenever you have a two-dose vaccine, you’re going to see people who for one reason or other—convenience, forgetting, a number of other things—just don’t show up for the second vaccine,” said Anthony Fauci, MD, director of NIAID.4

Public health officials predicted that two-dose vaccination campaign for adults would be challenging. Officials say that childhood vaccines, which usually have multiple doses, are easier to administer because children are scheduled to see their pediatricians frequently for “well-child” visits.5

Why Some Americans Are Skipping the Second Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) spokesperson said that the reasons behind why people are missing their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine requires further analysis. However, it is speculated that there are a number of reasons for this, including a perception that one dose is enough to provide protection and, in other cases, concern that a more serious reaction will occur after the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine if a strong reaction was experienced following the first vaccination.6

Public health officials have suggested that some people may be choosing to miss the second dose of the vaccine because they believe that one dose is effective.7 Another reason is that they may have been advised by their healthcare provider not to get the second dose if they experienced an allergic reaction after their first dose. Angela Rasmussen, PhD, a virologist at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) in Canada said:

I think other people have been advised by their health care provider to not get a second shot, and that’s if they’ve had an allergic reaction or have a bad history with getting vaccine boosters—that’s probably a minority of cases but I think some people for medical reasons will have been advised not to get the second shot.8

The other reason why many people are reluctant to get the second dose of the vaccine is due to awareness about reports of moderate to severe adverse reactions that many people are experiencing following the second dose, reactions which are considered “normal” by health officials.9 The CDC lists fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea as some of the common adverse affects for both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/NIAID COVID-19 vaccines and advises that those symptoms may be severe enough to interfere with daily activity for several days or more, depending upon the individual.10

Opting Out of the Second Dose Due to Concerns About Adverse Affects

 Aaron Milstone, MD of Williamson County Medical Center in Franklin, Tennessee said that many of his patients do not want to get the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine because of the fear of a potentially severe adverse reaction. “I’ve had a fair number of patients come in and say I’m only going to get the one dose. I felt good with it, I didn’t have any side effects, why go ahead and tempt fate,” Dr. Milstone said.11

Danielle Lee, an occupational therapist living in Southern California expressed hesitancy in in getting a COVID-19 vaccine since she has had adverse reactions to vaccines in the past. She said she decided to get the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and had a mild reaction but she is unsure whether she will get the second dose. She said, “It’s almost like, I guess, maybe an emotional decision. I think it was a combination of, you know, maybe a little bit of peer pressure as well. Like you see other people doing it.”12

 When asked if she was more concerned about the risks associated with the second dose of the vaccine than contracting the COVID-19 infection, Lee said, “To be honest, I’m more worried about a bad reaction to the second dose.”13

Marlene Ceballo of North Ogden, Utah said:

I am scheduled for my second dose on Wednesday. However, I have been debating on whether to go in and getting it or just skipping it overall. I’m afraid I might get another reaction to it. My in-laws received their second does on Friday and all were sick throughout the weekend. They are better now but it scares me to think of not making it, so I might just skip it.14

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16 Responses

  1. “The CDC lists fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea as some of the common adverse effects…”

    The side effects go well beyond what Pfizer, Moderna J&J have been posting in the MSM. The elephant in the room: DYING! The ones that aren’t dying are being diagnosed with life altering side effects: GBS, Heart Attacks, Myocardial, bizarre rashes, Anaphylactic Shocks, Bells Palsy, Hypercoagulation aka multiple blood clots in the brain, lungs & legs to the point of limbs being amputated, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome where the skin is falling off like a burn victim, swollen limbs, neck, blood clots in the eyes and the list goes on. Of Course-the vax makers and the CDC says all these reactions are RARE. So, what they have not informed the public is what number of life altering RARE events there has to be before they are no longer RARE? There are to date over 10,000 COVID breakthrough cases the CDC is calling RARE. What is the magic number for them to stop conning the public using neurolinguistic manipulation calling these events RARE? I want to win the Power Ball every time the CDC tells the public that an adverse side effect is rare. I’d have as much money as Bill Gates. Here are a couple of blogs to get an idea how RARE the adverse effects AREN’T:

    -The COVID Blog: The COVID Blog – Official blog of COVID Legal USA. Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences. Stay Vigilant.

    – (1) Nashville Angela (@Angelasfreenews) / Twitter- Angela is diligent on maintain a thoroughly accounting of people on other blogs reporting of side effects. She has been suspended from facebook & suspended on twitter just for RE-POSTING info, not creating it.

    – COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Tracker – MedShadow: This is a Pro site but thousands of people are posting their reactions and some are pretty severe. I challenged the moderator when I posted the shot was experimental, not FDA approved, and she posted a reply that the shot had been peer reviewed which I challenged and asked her to copy & paste where the NEJM Pfizer stated it was peer review so of course she tried to dance around the issue at which point I told her she had no creditability. End of our dialogue. When you read the comments, you’ll discover side effects are all over the place.

    I think with this blog so many people were dying and experiencing adverse reactions that it became overwhelming to keep updating. Which is why it hasn’t been since March.

    These are just a few sites that haven’t been suspended or banned completely that is keeping real time online reporting. COVID deaths and adverse reactions are as rare as the deaths and adverse reactions our children have been experiencing for decades.

  2. Thank you for sharing that. I was thinking the same thing… that the CDC & Fauci mention mild symptoms such as a sore arm & neglect the other more dehabilitating injuries as well as deaths! When is rare not rare anymore. When are Covid cases after Covid injections no longer “breakthrough”? What’s another term. Perhaps calling it was it is, post-inoculation infections.


    P.S. Always wondered, why the two shots? Makes zero sense. And if you decline the second – which I am so happy to hear about – then is the first one even any good at all? Just crazy MEDICAL TYRANNY.

  4. Ahh, eight per cent of the US population is at least twenty five million people, not five million. (320+ million x .08 = >24 + million). Correct?

    1. I think it’s 8% of those who got vaccinated, not the entire population. Im just surprised so many people chose to be experimental Guinea pigs

  5. Redpill, thank you for pointing this out. I too have followed the rising numbers of adverse reactions and deaths from the so called vaccines. In Europe there are over 10 000 already. That is not a bit. And I heard and read of people with so severe reactions, they had to stay in bed for 2 weeks. If the sickness had been treated like any other, there would be a slew of therapies and all would be healed. Instead Big Pharma, supported by the government, have put all effort in these poor substitutes for a remedy. Why not look for simpler things? I read that Aspirin does a great job. Why vaccinate with risky stuff when there are several meds that work well ? But one thing – these meds are old and cheap and no one makes big money of them.

  6. Too late. They should have never agreed to the first dose. Now you are in limbo and of course we don’t know squat about the long term effects of even one dose verses getting two doses. None of this was ever studied and therefore, once again, the public is in the dark and left having to rely on the lies and propaganda from big pharma. We have not one answer for any questions concerning these experimental drug injections…not one truthful answer about what they are or what they do.

    As usual, no death or adverse effects will ever be traced back to mRNA gene altering/reprogramming experimental non-tested fake vaccines. This is especially true as the months and years pass by and it becomes even harder for a totally inept agency like the FDA or CDC to find linkage. If they ever did, that knowledge would be shredded by pharma shredders.

    In this country, all disease, sickness and illness is caused by the lack of big pharma drugs. Food, vitamins, minerals, and life style have nothing to do with your health. Just ask your drug pushing doctor.

  7. What needs to happen is to resist, rather than comply, to this nonsense, with masses of people in (peaceful) protest . For example: if vaccines, vaccine passports, or masks are required to fly, don’t fly. The airlines will go out of business and then maybe changes will happen, for businesses to conform to the people, not the other way around. Same thing with jobs. Not worth losing your freedom, or your life, for that matter, with an experimental, genetic manipulation of DNA, forever, causing mass disability and death. The problem is the MSM and lying Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and the Globalists, are pushing the fear and disinformation and people are so willing to comply, without questioning the ingredients, in these so called vaccines and the long term side effects. The open emphasis is, these are vaccine trials (people are the guinea pigs), however, many people, just hear the lies that these “Covid19 vaccines”, will protect them, when the exact opposite is true.
    Shocking: that even educated people are subjecting their babies to these experimental so called vaccines. The GALL of it all is: they are using your tax payer dollars, to pay for the funding of these vaccines, while Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the Globalists are destroying your life and making future generations infertile. Without mass protests against this tyranny, our freedoms and our lives are gone! No one wants to believe that our government would turn on it’s own people, but it’s true. Their goal is depopulation and greed! It’s a spiritual battle, between good and evil. God, please open the eyes of people that are blind to the truth and bring justice to your people!

    1. Agree! And you don’t know if some people had a placebo on the first shot. Cause some of my friends got sick and their older parents did not!

  8. I wasn’t surprised to read the article stating millions of people would skip 2nd dose since I knew they would be very concerned about it.


  10. The drug companies cannot deny that thousands, yes, thousands of people are having SERIOUS reactions. People do talk to each other. And the stories I am hearing DIRECTLY from people are miscarriages, blood clots, heart attacks, missed periods, etc. You can’t fool people. They see their loved ones succumbing to some pretty nasty side affects RIGHT AFTER GETTING THE JAB.
    What happen to doctor’s honoring the Hippocratic oath of “Doing no harm”? I guess money is more important than patient health.

  11. I have not taken the vaccine however, had I taken one shot and did not know whether or not to take a second shot, I would most definitely consider the words of Dr. Michael Yeadon, former COVID-19 scientist for Pfizer who has stated before America’s Frontier Doctor’s in part: “there has never been a need for a COVID-19 vaccine”.

    More importantly, that some physician’s are saying the vaccines are causing a reaction in recipients called pathogenic priming, otherwise called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a deadly, exaggerated immune reaction.

    This may lead to a massive number of deaths over time, possibly in the millions, which would wrongly be proclaimed to be caused by the COVID “variants” that are weaker than the original COVID-19 virus. It’s possible this is what is happening in Ontario and elsewhere.

    It’s fallacy this idea of a symptomatic transmission that you don’t have symptoms, but you are a source of a virus.

    Giving jabs to people who have had the virus could kill them.

    “I’m here to tell you there is something very, very bad happening. If you don’t pay attention, you will soon lose any chance to do anything about it.”

    Of all the lies we’ve been told, the ones that worry and frighten Yeaden the most are the lies about virus variants and booster shots. In fact, he believes not buying into these lies may be the key to your very survival and here’s why.

    It’s quite normal for RNA viruses like SARS-CoV-2, when it replicates, to make typographical errors. It’s got a very good error detection, error correction system so it doesn’t make too many typo’s, but it does make some, and those are called variants.

    It’s really important to know if you find the variant that’s most different from the sequence identified in Wuhan, that variance…is on 0.3% different from the original sequence.

    I’ll say it another way. If you find the most different variance, it’s 99.7% identical to the original one, and I can assure you…that the amount of difference is absolutely NOT possibly able to represent itself to you as a different virus.

    SARS from 17-18 yrs. ago were 80% similar and able to fight COVID-19 basically, booster not needed.

    Yeadon stresses that variants simply aren’t different enough to represent a threat, which is why you don’t now, and won’t in the future, need one or more booster shots. Yet their already being made, and regulators are giving them a free pass when it comes to safety and efficacy studies.

    “I’m very frightened of that. There’s no possible benign interpretation of this, Yeadon says. I believe they’re going to be used to damage your health and possibly kill you. Seriously I can see no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt at mass depopulation.

    This will provide the tolls to do it, and plausible deniability. They’ll create another story about some sort of biological threat and you’ll line up and get your top-up vaccines, and a few months or a year or so later, you’ll die of some peculiar inexplicable syndrome. And they won’t be able to associate it with the vaccines.

    Life sites, bitchute “An Urgent Warner to the World” featuring Dr. Michael Yeadon

  12. The thought that greed could run rampant , and go so far as to exterminate millions of the worlds population is beyond overwhelming really makes you wonder about the human race Doctors , and the Medical profession it appears there are few that can be trusted , who ever is responsible for this should experience a very sad day of reckoning !

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