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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Fully Vaccinated Americans May Need COVID-19 Booster Shot by Fall

Well, tonight nearly 40 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. But we’re learning more tonight about how long that protection may last and when you’ll need a booster shot. Tonight, a COVID vaccine booster could be necessary by fall for people who are already fully vaccinated.

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  1. Another piece of miss information,,,You are not fully protected against Covid 19 and its variants if you are fully vaccinated with any of the current drugs

  2. Forcing this COVID vaccination and KEEPING ON FORCING it annually, is, IMO, what this has been all about. MEDICAL TYRANNY!


  3. This was the plan all along. Creating an endemic that requires vaccines annually. There is no pandemic. Gates and Fauci are perhaps the biggest mass murderers in history. When are they going to be prosecuted?

  4. And then 3 more shots next year, and 3 more after that, and on and on. You will never be protected from any disease, provided you survive. The only constant will be that big pharma reaps tremendous financial rewards from selling more and more poison drugs.

  5. Former Pfizer COVID-91 scientist Michael Yeader believes booster are not needed.

    It’s normal for RNA viruses like Sars, when it replicates to make typographical errors. It’s got a very good error correction system so it doesn’t make too many typos by makes some. They’re called variants,

    Most variant’s are only different by about 0.3% of the original sequence. So 99.7% is identical to the original one.
    SARS from 17-18 yrs ago were 80% similar and able to fight COVID so basically, a booster was not needed. The variants aren’t different enough to be warranted.

  6. Why can’t people see, listen, and stand against this evil that is being done by the government and evil inventions of the rich that have forced even the medical field operations of those working; such as doctors(so called physicians, and those that administer health to the public to accept the lie that the vaccine will kill the virus. People please stand up for your health and your children’s health, and even the elderly who are subjected to a lie that was started in the early stages of the covid. Your rights are being violated. People are not getting sick for nothing. Reading is fundamental and needs to be taken into consideration knowing that your very health is at stake and will not be supported by the law. The injustice of this very widespread vaccine that obviously became a pawn of evil persuasion to run to medicine that is not even helping society. This vaccine along with other devices has killed your people. You are running into the enemies hand and letting them decide your fate. They have already decided so many of our families fate that have already died. Please read between the lie and outright safety that they claim this vaccine is keeping you safe. The white house representatives did not follow it and neither did other rich people that have an advantage over us with monetary pleasures for themselves. They are not examples at all. Read, read, read. What is really waiting down the line after people have taken the vaccine. There are many culprits deceiving the nation. God will have his way with those that are using evil devices to deceive. Even so read the bible. I suggest you choose Jesus(the word of God), pray, and stand against the evil. God bless and keep all of us.

  7. It’s so unfortunate and senseless but not surprised. I have had the fear booster covid shot would be required eventually. Why did Dr. Tony Fauci say 2 doses of covid injection would be effective?? Or did he really say that loud and clear?

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