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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Eric Clapton: “I Should Never Have Gone Near the Needle”

Eric Clapton playing guitar

Opinion | In a recent letter shared on the social media messaging app Telegram, legendary British rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton described the ‘severe reactions” he suffered after getting the first and second doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford University’s experimental AZD1222 vaccine for COVID-19. Clapton, 76, who received the first dose of the vaccine in February 2021 and the second dose six weeks later, blamed “propaganda” for overstating the safety of the vaccine.1 2 3

“I took the first jab of AZ [AstraZeneca] and straight away had severe reactions which lasted ten days,” Clapton said. “I recovered eventually and was told it would be 12 weeks before the second one. About six weeks later I was offered and took the second AZ shot, but with a little more knowledge of the dangers.”1 2 3

Clapton Says He Feared He Would “Never Play Again”

Clapton characterized the reactions as “disastrous.” He said his hands and feet were either “frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks.” He said he feared he would “never play again.”1 2 3 Expressing regret for ever having taken the vaccine, he said:

[I] should never have gone near the needle.1 2 3

Even after the bad reaction he experienced after the first shot of AZD1222, Clapton continued to follow the advice of public health officials and physicians administering the vaccine. In his letter, Clapton noted, “But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone…”1 2 3

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Temporarily Suspended by EMA

On Mar. 15, 2021, more than a dozen European countries suspended the use of AZD1222 due to numerous reports of people developing dangerous blood clots after receiving it. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) subsequently undertook a brief investigation of the vaccine and its potential side effects. On May 18, the EMA declared AZD1222 to be safe, opening the way for most of the temporary suspensions to be lifted.4 5

In a news conference, EMA’s executive director Emer Cooke said:

Our scientific position is that this vaccine is a safe and effective option to protect citizens against COVID-19.6

The EMA, however, was unable to rule out a link between the vaccine and serious blood clots, so the safety declaration was more of a relative thing than definitive. According to the agency, “The benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine in preventing COVID-19, with its associated risk of hospitalization and death, outweigh the risks of side effects.”5

“I’m not going to say there’s no risk. Of course, there’s a risk,” said immunologist Rod Russell, PhD of Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. “But if you weigh it out, it’s a risk I’d be willing to take.”7

The EMA’s view that AZD1222 is “safe” was consistent with that of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has regularly stated its confidence in the safety of the vaccine.6 8 9

No EUA in U.S. for AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Yet

The U.S. government’s position on the safety of AZD1222 has perhaps not been as well publicized as that of Europe and the WHO. The vaccine has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the United States. Nor has it been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), as have experimental COVID-19 biologics produced and marketed by Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

The U.S. government, however, does reportedly own as many as 60 million doses of AZD1222 and has expressed a willingness to share them with the world, particularly India. According to White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients:

Given the strong portfolio of vaccines that the U.S. already has and that have been authorized by the FDA, and given that the AstraZeneca vaccine is not authorized for use in the U.S., we do not need to use the AstraZeneca vaccine here during the next several months. Therefore the U.S. is looking at options to share the AstraZeneca doses with other countries as they become available.10 11

Consequently, the natural assumption would be that U.S. health officials believe AZD1222 to be safe, although it’s worth noting that Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has been somewhat reserved in his opinion about AZD1222. He has said that he thinks the vaccine is a good one from the standpoint of efficacy, but that its safety issues need to be resolved.12

One can only speculate as to who or what Clapton had in mind when he cited propaganda for the claims that AstraZeneca/Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine is safe for everyone. What seems evident is that Clapton is no longer as confident of that claim as he was prior to the two COVID shots he received.

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Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.

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27 Responses

    Princess Michael of Kent, 76, ill with blood clots after having two Covid jabs

    She is married to the Queen’s paternal cousin Prince Michael of Kent, 78.
    The concern for her health emerged after she had both of her Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs earlier this year, a source close to the princess told The Sun on Sunday.

    This is the only source that mentions the vaccine. The other articles focus on how she had the virus earlier this year and how she has had bad lungs since she was a child and basically that’s why she developed blood clots in her lungs. One article implied because she had the virus it caused blood clots in her lungs.

  2. We are being lied to at the speed of light. Why would Clapton have gone back for a second injection? Perplexing to the hilt !!

    1. Stephen, let’s look at a few facts. First, in 2018 the FDA and Big Pharma were CONVICTED in court of intentionally LYING to the people by saying that the vaccines they were FORCING us to give our children were safe, all the while KNOWING they NEVER tested a single vaccine, something they had to admit in court.
      Next, these same criminals have worked to prevent ANY treatments from reaching the public, something we all know they have worked hard to do, not because of any evidence but solely because they did not WANT us to have any treatments!
      There are now at least four treatments that have proven to work, those being HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, and more recently Chlorine Dioxide, a treatment the government of Bolivia implemented nationally that lowered their deaths to near zero!
      We also know these NWO genocidal maniacs have long planned to murder 95% of the world’s population so they can create their version of a “sustainable” planet.
      This virus, fabricated in a US lab funded by FowChi before Ovomit forced him to move it out of the US to Wuhan lab where he continued to fund the work, is part of this sick plan as is the so-called vaccine which this scientist claims is solely intended to depopulate the planet:

      So given all this, why would ANYONE believe what these lying murderers say, especially after they LIED to us about the safety of our children??? And why would ANYONE take a single shot, let alone two, knowing how these criminals have lied to us for decades???

  3. These corporations need to be eliminated. They are violating their “charters” in favor of profits. They are knowingly poisoning every man, woman, and child on the planet that comes in contact with either the shots or the shedding that these mRNA vaxxes contain. They are criminally liable, despite what others say.
    As to Executive orders, they only apply to the corporation they are part of, not the general public. It is a misconception that an executive order applies to everyone.

  4. Let’s see, Eric Clapton was very sick after two doses of a VINO (vaccine in name only) for 24 days. Yet Covid-19 sickens few…99.8% recover and for 24 days?

  5. [email protected]
    For those of you old enough to remember when AIDs and HIV were called GRID, you will understand that Public Health is not really about the Public it’s about policy and who enforces it to what end. The CDC and the NIH along with all the blood banks assured us that AIDS was not blood borne and that we couldn’t possibly get it from donated blood! Dr. Fauci was also one of those specialist telling us that but no one seems to remember. However, the concern was for the blood banks of America to not go Broke this is to make sure that the vaccine companies all get their profit of the $Trillion dollar over night industry! Until Capital punishment is restored to white collar crimes I don’t think we will ever see a change in the propaganda machine!

  6. I appreciate that Clapton understands that he should never have subjected himself to medical experimentation, and I fear that we will lose a truly great musical talent before his time. While the immediate adverse effects have subsided, no one – and I mean no one who’s talking – knows what the long-term effects of this gene modification injection will be.

    I only know that those needles will never come anywhere near me or my family.

    1. If they know (and they probably do), they sure as heck won’t tell US!

      Best thing to do, when you hear a story in the controlled media, just believe the opposite, and you’ll know the truth.

  7. We should all thank Eric for the candid report. Very surprised it was allowed by the media. Must be the notoriety. I certainly couldn’t get away with it. His warning re-affirms my commitment to avoid the needle. At 70 according to the Gov stats I, as Eric did, get the needle. So sad one can no longer believe a thing our Gov (servants) tell us. Too bad they can’t be held accountable for their Bull ….!

    1. They’ll be accountable to God, as we all will be.

      I’m surprised that they even mentioned it at all- though the ‘experts’ will say it has nothing to do with the experimental RNA shots.


    Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS. Same curtain call, just more pain.

    In his 1859 book, “The Origin of the Species,” Charles Darwin stated that only the strongest will survive.

    But in times of our Vaccine Holocaust, strength comes from researching the issues, becoming thoroughly informed, following real science, and knowing how to overcome an onslaught of demons in Government and in the media.

    Politics have little to do with this issue anymore. Both the 45th and 46th Presidents are in a pissing contest – seeing which one will amass the most credit for “Operation Warp Death.” Not helpful.

    Face reality here: Within 5 years, 80% or more of those who have been vaccinated, either by choice or by coercion, will at worst be dead, and at best, will be deathly injured due to prions, spike proteins, Messenger RNA converted into transhumanist DNA; anaphylactic shock, paralysis of the lungs, fatal blood clotting, and a cocktail of aborted fetal and animal tissue containing viruses which include AIDS. Same curtain call, just more pain.

    But I am not talking to the “vaccinated.” They are the Walking Dead. There is no cure for the “vaccine,” because it is not a “vaccine,” but rather Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Gene Therapy by Bill Gates and Big Pharma exported under the guise of an “Emergency Use Authorization.”

    It has been craftily designed to make people want something “appealing” that will kill them. And the end [for them] is very near. Life Insurance companies are already talking about not paying the Vaccinated. No compensation for insanity, stupidity, or gullibility!

    It is we, the unvaccinated that need protection from the Walking Dead. I am an older guy that admires beautiful women. But if a Victoria’s Secret Model or a James Bond Girl told me she was “vaccinated,” I would run like hell!

    The persecuted “Unvaccinated” are waking up. Heroes and heroines like Health Ranger Mike Adams, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold, Henry Makow and others are beacons of light and who will some day soon be heralded into the realm of “Vaccine Holocaust Sainthood” for saving the lives of people willing to listen and follow the real science, not the madness of Dr. Phony Fauci and his ilk of mass murderers.

    Why am I writing this paper? Because we, the “unvaccinated,” need protection from THEM ‼! And by “THEM,” I mean all of those who are now spreading their Messenger RNA contagion through a form of Frequency Transmissibility called “Shedding.” Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has done incredible research on this issue. “Contagious” doesn’t even mildly describe what it is.

    Thousands of couples are headed for divorce over this problem. Families are splitting apart. We are in a civil war of the mind, which we will ultimately win, because we won’t be the ones who all wind up dead, because we KNOW what is happening around us and they don’t!

    I hope someone designs a T-shirt that reads: “If you have been vaccinated, then stay the f— away from me!” We need at least a hundred million of those right now ‼!

    For those who have been vaccinated, there is nothing we can do. There is no cure. They are deathly sick, and they will die. Most do not know it yet, but it will hit them all like a ton of bricks.

    Our society as we know it will collapse. Our monetary system, the “great reset,” as the Globalists call it, will be in full swing. Federal Reserve Notes are worthless anyway, because they are debt notes, and you can never repay debt with debt. Real Estate values will plummet and fall into the largest housing crash ever, because dead people won’t be selling their houses and demand from unvaccinated survivors will drop to nothing!

    After all, would you buy a Vaccine Death House? So, what’s a good business to get into? I guess the funeral business: lots of demand there; but make sure you get paid in gold or silver, not even in sh-tcoins, because the banking system will collapse.

    So why is this “Darwinian Natural Selection?” Because none of us, the “unvaccinated,” will ever want to be within a feather’s throw of the dead and the dying.

    Ever wonder why the TV series “The Walking Dead” was produced? Creative minds wanted to test-market the idea of a caste society where only those humans who are sane, capable or discernment, students of truth, and those capable of evaluating genuine data buried within a quagmire of lies, Governmentally-false narratives, and media quicksand will emerge as “Darwinian Survivors.”

    The only way to “win the human race” is to avoid the “vaccine” like the plague [because that’s what it is]! Anyone who has ever had faith in a “vaccine” instead of a higher power probably deserves to sacrifice his or her brain, heart, and lungs to Bill Gates at the bottomless pit of the Georgia Guidestones, which he worships, mandating human population at 500 million or less, which is why he wants the rest of the 7 billion to die!

    I am writing this not to scare you [although being aware of the impending terror is undoubtedly a good thing], but to rather to keep you safe and alive! Even if means never getting on a plane or going to a sporting event or a store on Black Friday, stay the hell away from vaccinated people – unless you are a psychic and can tell the sane ones from the inoculated “sheeple.”
    I hate to sound heartless, but let natural selection take its course and after five years of seeing funeral pyres on every block, we sane ones may have a fighting chance to inherit the earth.

    The good news is that the Walking Dead eventually will die. Sorry if it’s a loved one. There was grief and heartbreak in the TV series too.

    And I hope that we, the unvaccinated and “never-will-be-vaccinated” flourish and prosper long enough to see true justice prevail, where Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Globalists at “[mRNA]” Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Nazi-Zeneca get tried and convicted in Nuremberg-style proceedings, and then get slowly lowered into a boiling vat of hydro-sulfuric acid to compensate for the deaths of billions of people. And I wish that for them happily and without the slightest bit of anger, I say in subtle sarcasm.

    Stay safe, healthy, and far away from the Walking Dead!

    1. Don’t forget that satanically-possessed author Stephen King wrote that book, “The Stand” years ago about some virus killing off most of the earth’s population with a few survivors that met up, if memory serves, in Las Vegas, ironically.

      People better learn to ride horses and become more self sufficient (I wonder if anyone has a DIY on toilet paper making) and get their soul right with The Lord.

  9. People are being lied to! I think it’s a sin what these so called experts are telling the public. It is about the money and they don’t care who gets caught in their web. It makes me sad that now they are going after our children. I live with a person who was jabbed and it angers me that I have to be afraid of what their shedding. I have enough going on with my health without something being shed that could affect my life without giving my consent!

  10. I’m hearing again and again from sources around the world that this thing is sterilizing the population …. in addition to sickening it greatly. Unless God intervenes at this point, we will see mass devastation from this. And who will be held responsible?

  11. I’m surprised he wasn’t smart emough to avoid the 2nd shot after severe reactions with the 1st one! “The force of the medical community must be strong in this one!”
    And yes, propaganda was definitely the correct word to use!!

  12. Trust in public health is a product of groupthink phenomenon. When people are standing on a bed of fear groupthink often wins over sensibility. This is their journey, we just need to stand up for freedom and liberty and let those susceptible to groupthink and blind trust have their life experience.

  13. A team of over 1,000 Lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davis Group for crimes against humanity. They have evidence that the PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged COVID cases/ “infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test. Hopefully this will save us all from the crimes of Humanity which affect all of us. They are a crime against you, your children, your grandparents, your community, your country and your future. Don’t follow the Sheep! (This info is just the tip of the iceberg) maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  14. We should all thank Eric for the candid report. Very surprised it was allowed by the media. Must be the notoriety. I certainly couldn’t get away with it. His warning re-affirms my commitment to avoid the needle. At 70 according to the Gov stats I, as Eric did, should get the needle. So sad one can no longer believe a thing our Gov (servants) tell us. Too bad they can’t be held accountable for their Bull ….!

  15. Eric you are a talented musician but alas, you are very naive about what is happening in the world.

  16. My RN daughter was forced to get the Merana vaccine in March this year. She had similar reactions that Clayton had and milder ones with the 2and shot. In May she nearly died in front of her 3 kids after working in the yard. She was
    rushed to the hospital and it was discovered that she now has an ayrrithmea in her heart.

  17. The only legitimate vaccine is what the Chinese used…why THEIR pandemic has been over for over a year. They’ve had NONE this year.

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