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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Government in Israel Sharing Personal Information on Unvaccinated People

vaccine passport

A new law in Israel will allow the government to share a list of names of those who did not get the COVID-19 vaccine, along with other personal identifying information. The list, which will include the names, phone numbers, ID card numbers and addresses of the unvaccinated, can be shared with local government officials, including the director general of the education ministry and the welfare ministry for the purpose of encouraging citizens to get the vaccine.1 2 If a citizen fails to show up for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the date of their first dose would also be shared.3

The list reportedly will only be provided to local government officials who request it and advise the Health Ministry about how they will use the information.4 Lawmakers contend that the law would only allow “trustworthy sources” to contact unvaccinated individuals to encourage them to get the vaccine and not for any other purpose.5 6 The list of the unvaccinated along with their personal information must be deleted within 60 days of its use. When someone on the list is contacted by authorities they will have the right to demand they not to be contacted again and that their information be deleted.7

“Handing Over Such Data Is A Slippery Slope”

The new law passed with a vote of 30-13 after three rounds of votes using a special process that allowed the vote to be conducted much quicker than regular legislation.8 Haim Katz of Netanyahu’s Likud party defended the law stating, “I’ve been asked what about people’s privacy: Is privacy more important than life itself?”9

The law faced outspoken opposition. Merav Michaeli, Labor party leader, said that the Prime Minister is, “denying citizens their right to the privacy of their medical information.”10 Tamar Zandberg, a Knesset member of the Meretz party, was critical of the legislation warning that it would violate Israeli citizens privacy and that, “Handing over such data is a slippery slope,” and “it could fall into the wrong hands”11

Public Health Physicians Lobbied Against the Legislation

The Israeli Association of Public Health Physicians lobbied against the legislation stating that it would undermine public trust in local governments, authorities and local councils and calling it, “an unprofessional action [that] could possibly cause serious harm.”12 Doctors and physicians had similar concerns about the legislation and argued that it could violate medical privacy and confidentiality.13 The Doctors Association stated that it was a slippery slope and reasoned that if vaccination justified releasing a citizen’s private medical information then it should follow that their weight and smoking status should also be shared for the sake of health.14 The Physicians Association said:

Encouraging vaccination is the order of the day and a national goal, but hasty legislation that could harm individual rights will not contribute significantly to this goal, and may even cause harm The bill would allow health maintenance organizations to pass on the medical information in their possession, which would be an explicit violation of the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty, which enshrines the right to privacy, said the association. Such a law could be legitimate only if it could be proven that its purpose was appropriate and its application proportional.15

Growing Concern About the Rights of the Unvaccinated

According to officials, approximately 10 percent of Israeli citizens over the age of 16 do not plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine.16 A survey of 503 adults conducted by Channel 12 found the number of Israeli adults planning to forgo the vaccine to be as high as 25 percent (margin of error 4.4 percent).17 There is currently no legislation protecting the rights of those who choose not to be vaccinated and guaranteeing that they will not lose their job for exercising their informed consent rights.18 Furthermore, according to a poll conducted by the Rushinek Research Institute, 29 percent of parents do not intend on vaccinating their children ages 6-16, 30 percent are unsure and about 41 percent intend to vaccinate their children.19

Choosing to not vaccinate comes with harsh consequences. On Feb. 21, 2021, Israel officially implemented a “Vaccine Passport” called the green pass that restricts access to everyday activities, such as entry to restaurants, gyms and cultural events, only to the fully vaccinated or to those who have recovered from COVID-19.20 21 22 However, shops, malls, markets, museums and libraries will allow the unvaccinated, as well as the vaccinated, to enter.23

By the end of February, 88.77 out of 100 people had received at least one dose of the vaccine.24 So far, approximately 3.2 million Israeli citizens qualify for the green pass, which includes 2.5 million people who received two shots of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and 700,000 people who have recovered from the viral infection. The green pass can be printed out and carried or be used as a QR code on a smart phone and is valid for six months after the second shot.25 26 Health Minister Yuli Edelstein tweeted…

Those who are not vaccinated will be left behind. The coronavirus cabinet has confirmed our stance that only vaccinated and recovering people will enjoy gyms and leisure culture. Go get vaccinated!27

Approximately one-third of the nine million people living in Israel have received two shots of the Pfizer/Biotech vaccine.28 The country plans to vaccinate 6.2 million by the start of April.29 According to Johns Hopkins, more than 5,600 people have died of COVID-19 in Israel.30

Officials in the United Kingdom are closely monitoring Israel’s green pass system because they are considering implementing a similar program in the U.K. But, Dave Archard, Chair of the U.K.’s Nuffield Council on Bioethics questioned the scientific validity of program, referring to the fact that it is unknown how protective the COVID vaccines are against infection and transmission of the virus rather than only preventing severe COVID disease.31 He stated:

The whole point of the vaccine certificate is to show that the holder of it, in virtue of having been vaccinated, will not transmit COVID-19 or its variants. At the moment, the evidence is not in.32

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37 Responses

  1. Even if one receives this experimental gene therapy, one can still get it and pass it on. It’s already happened. This power grab is out of line and has ZERO to do with real science. Science”tism” is not science.

  2. “At the moment, the evidence is not in.” And the winner is … MORONS worldwide have just won the prize of being the dumbest humans in the history of mankind. We know that statistically speaking upwards of 30% of any given population has now been infected by Covid-19 and developed antibodies. Why, I repeat WHY, would those people NEED to be vaccinated? Why, I repeat WHY, are folks not given the ability to have an “Immunity Passport” that shows they have the antibodies for the virus? And the vaccines … the one-shot variant is up to 36% ineffective. The two-shot vaccines leave 10% potentially UNPROTECTED. And yet these lemmings will carry around a vaccine passport blissfully, ignorantly unaware that 1 in 10 of them (minimum) or 3 out of 10 of them (maximum) could actually have AND spread the virus. And finally, the vaccines were NEVER developed or tested to prevent INFECTION or TRANSMISSION, they were tested and developed to prevent mild to moderate symptoms. That is FACT. And “the evidence is not in” or better stated “We have not determined how best to continue to misinform and lie to people yet …”
    Enough of this BS. Stop lying about this and misinforming people.

    1. You are making too much sense for the addle-brained majority to comprehend. They cannot understand truth when it makes sense, as your thoughts do.

  3. No surprise. It was THESE people who conceived of and founded marxism and communism in this world. They seem to love authoritarianism and brutal dictatorships.

    1. Do not confuse the leaders of israel with the citizens who are the victims here. Please don’t blame the victims

      1. I’m from Germany, having thought about the holocaust my whole life and how it could happen. Now it happens again. Nobody sane in his head would again blame the victims. And still there is insanity everywhere. Funny enough, Israel and Germany are both suffering from this global agenda, both models for this inhuman Reset against life. Both countries having relied on shiny “democracies”. Both countries abused. This worked well because fear has entered our DNA somehow, blinding so many of us. Today our chancellor is likely to become another dictator. Again in the name of health. But there is some resistance. We know, what we are fighting for. I pray for you and the world.

  4. Sounds exactly how the NAZIs started to identify Jews for a later roundup.

    Remember that once the information is in circulation, it will forever be there regardless of their statement that you could have it deleted.

    Israelis, you must fight this law. There is, IMHO, more to getting your information than for tracking COVID non-vaccinations.


    Good luck, Israel.

    1. The Nazis were able to round up the Jews and all other undesirables due to the 1935 census. The company IBM created the world’s FIRST computer and as primitive as it was, it fulfilled it’s function perfectly. It gave the identities, nationalities, location etc of everyone. Read, “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin Black for detailed, documented information on how the Nazis achieved this through IBM’s computer. We just completed the 2020 census – do you not think they will use this information, cross checking it with who you voted for and if you own guns? WAKE UP!

  5. In effect, the Israeli gov’t is doxxing its own citizens. With such a destructive attitude as this,
    it’s no wonder that they will make such a deadly mistake as not to receive their Messiah,
    but “if another (false messiah) shall come in his own name, him ye will receive”. Thank the Lord
    Israel will ultimately awaken to the true One by the end of the Trib! (Jn 5:43)

  6. This is positively revolting because it destroys a person’s ability to make informed choices. There is not enough information to determine if these vaccines are safe. There are enough negative reactions to these vaccines to warrant careful consideration whether one should should take the vaccine. No one knows what will happen to the vaccinated in six months or a year after receiving the vaccine. Can the government guarantee that there will be no negative consequences after taking the vaccine? In addition to the fact that these pharmaceutical companies are liability free from lawsuits that would be initiated from those adversely affected by a vaccine. No one has the right to interfere with a persons decision regarding what’s best for the individual. These government people are over stepping their authority and should be removed from power.

  7. Of all countries, never in a million years did i imagine Israel of all countries beginning this nonsense. Did you forget the star of David as a way to single people out? Shame, shame!

    1. Visiting Israel was at the very top of my bucket list. Not anymore. When I read this it reminds me of America. Which is not a good thing. How can the government vote in such destruction.
      I know it’s possible it’s still so

  8. How do people prove that they had the virus (and have this formally recognised by authorities) when they were refused testing for it by authorities during the time when they had the virus, as their symptoms were mild, or asymptomatic?

    This group have attained their immunity (like I did a year ago here in Australia during the first wave). Authorities at that time were only interested in testing serious cases to confirm the presence of the virus (due to limited number of test kits). Therefore this group of untested asymptomatic and mild virus cases have immunity yet have no pathology proof of confirmation.

    The antibody tests weren’t available until 6 months later, which was too late to indicate antibodies, as they had dissipated by this time lapse, and (as I understand) some people don’t produce antibodies anyway).

    Is there a test for this group of people that shows that their immune system cells has memory of this particular virus?.. and has therefore already attained their immunity status through natural exposure?

  9. This is intimidation. To terrorize persons. And at first glance seems a terrible infrigment on rights to privacy. And it is. And wicked. BUT! Stand back and look deeper. If you ARE vaccinated….They actually already have all the information and details of all the vaccinated. Which isn’t right either. And i am sure will be sharing that i formation too. How are you to know…or stop it?
    I hope persons are strong enough to stay their ground. And keep healthy and poison free. No matter what threats.

  10. It is the most inhumane cruel totalitarian practice to insist people take an “Experimental Agent that has not been proven effective” !!! The best experts i the world tell us it isnt even a vaccine !!! Non medically trained gov business officials are buying into the biggest fraud since Nazi Germany. You will all have your judgement day before the all mighty God.

  11. Why are so many people asleep?
    5,600 deaths / 9,000,000 people = 0.062% death rate.
    That does not constitute a pandemic.

  12. This is just another kind of a Holocaust. The Vax does not stop the spread. It might last 3 months? It is only supposed to reduce symptoms but Hydroxychloriquine does that. Some of these are made with Aborted Fetal Cell DNA which might mean that you can shed illness From your Vax. Would rather lose your right to go to the gym and restaurants VS Paralysis, anaphylactic shock, loss of red blood cells, death and other issues? Israelis Must Stand UP to this. These have no long term studies, Not FDA approved and you Must Not be the Vaccine Maker’s LAB Rat

  13. Since covid “feeds on” inflammatory disordered, maybe a BMI Passport would be more appropriate and achieve better results.

  14. What ever happened to the people who coined the phrase “Never again!”? Have these same people lost track of their history at Auschwitz and a 100 other such camps? Did the peoples of the nations waste their precious lives to safeguard the freedoms of mankind only to find it necessary 65 years later to fight the same tyranny under which this same people in Israel now rule their own nation? Have we lost the lessons our own Torah teaches us every cycle or is that history only read and never learned by each generation? Those that should be a light to nations and a guide to righteousness seem to be headed in the opposite direction, away from the light and into the darkest nightmare of all world history just like their allies in America. When will these two nations wake up to where they are leading the world? Have we led the world so far into the darkness that we no longer see the faintest light of HaShem’s presence?

  15. I am an Israeli citizen and have chosen not to get vaccinated. I am furious about this new situation. The pressure to vaccinate is unbelievable here. I was treated like a leper by a dentist I went to, until I told him I have to get tested every 72 hours in order to be allowed in to the place where I work. I can’t understand how millions of people line up to be the guinea pigs of the world for a disgusting greedy pharmaceutical company that has developed a ‘vaccine’ that is still experimental, and the more pressure is applied, the more suspicious I become. I have heard that the contract between the pharma company and the Israeli PM contains a clause which requires the amount of vaccinated people to be over a certain number or a penalty will apply.

  16. I never though Israel would give Communist China a run for their money. What is fake science and fake vaccines really up to? As others have mentioned, we may indeed be witnessing a slow-motion modern day Holocaust.

  17. Mostly awesome and true comments above.
    Thank you for speaking out re. the truth, re. this new tyrannical and unnecessary and unjust law. Sounds like the, “new world gov’t. by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations is wrapping its cancerous 10,000 headed hydra octopus-like tentacles around governments, and taking them, and the people they are supposed to protect, and invading them, violating them, and their personal health, and lives, and threatening punishment, through intimidation, if folks do not subject themselves to the undertow strong tide of coercion, to take the vaccines, which, as one person above mentioned, above, are, by definition not really vaccines. They are quite something else..Dangerous. If one looks at them squarely, they are really concealed bio-weapons. So many sheeples already caught up in the dragnet by this grand deception by the vaccine wealthy, & practically completely legally immune vaccine corporations, (which have blanket immunity from lawsuits re. vaccine injury, harm, sickness, or death.). (This augmented legal immunity for vaccine corporations began in the 1980’s during Reagan presidency, when the so called, Children’s Vaccination Safety Act, was passed. Really, in the act, is vaccine corporations acknowledging that: “Yes, their vaccines cause, sickness, illness, injury, harm, and death, and, however, regardless, they are protected from lawsuits regarding such harm and death that their vaccines cause.). Pressurized tactics by aggressive Simon says like orders, led by the self appointed tyrannical hygiene medical dictatorship caste system hiding under white coats, the modern day aggressive and deceptive Pied Pipers who have reigns tightening upon all of the lemmings, being herded toward entrapment, and capture, at the vaccine concentration camps where they will be inoculated by a bio-weapon that could change or take over their d.n.a., (w/animal and or plant and or fungi d.n.a. inserted, within vaccine, and will have thousands of nano-software parts in it, and according at least to the M.R.N.A. vaccine package ingredients of Astra-zenica, posted up by a doctor, embedded inside of another video, (as such ingredients of vaccines are usually pulled quickly, once the doctors try to photo them and show them on you tube and other such channels..)Also, will have a bio-weapon, included in vaccine which will strategically de-capacitate the macrophages in the cell, from doing their normal job: to clean up virus after an antibody fight, thereby leaving the body indefinitely lead to permanent illness/infection or death? Eugenics 101? Moderna has never before created a vaccine ever. Pfizer has one of the top 10 worst reputations of all corporations on the planet, (responsible for the opioid epidemic,) and notorious for putting profits before people, and none of the vaccines have been tested long enough to adequately prove safety…This is a gross guinea pig or rat experiment. When they say: “Vaccine Resistant,” individual, I liken it to their considering the people they aim to target to vaccinate, as ants or bugs, that are trying scramble away in order to avoid raid spray or some other lethal toxic poisonous bug spray intended to be used for the purposes of an infestation. That is the level they see us at? They see the people they aim to target w/vaccines, as equal to bugs or some form of an infestation. When they label or profile or name folks with the demonizing words of: “vaccine resistant,” or ,”vaccine hesitant,” they speak of us or about us, as non human, subjects, or more like a thing, or like an infestation that must get its dose. They also use weaponized, terms of the tyrannical such as: “medically compliant.” Some are considering those who are questioning the authority to enforce vaccination without consent, as some form of terrorists and a threat, equators to the demonization of people in the past, labelled, “terrorists.” So all of the blindfolded by lies, “faithful,” vaccine sheeples, continue to be strategically manipulated by fear of the virus, into a mesmerized stupor of lockstep march to the unproven to be safe, vaccines, as lemmings, going over an unseen cliff, lured to a trap, lured to digital entrapment enclosure, (due to M.R.N.A. vaccines having nano technology inserted into them, as well,) which duplicate to all of the cells of the body. Mesmerized they march to a possible death trap, to possibly their demise….A delayed cool -aid, I have heard. The next time the people catch a virus, with their macrophages de-capacitated and strategically disabled, in their bodies, ( as what occurs from the Astra-Zenical vaccine,) from what I read in the package ingredients, of Astra Zenical=posted on a YouTube type of video, perhaps, many will be passing away in a delayed time frame=2 years or less. Wait until the next winters come, and folks catch the next virus, and see if they will survive it….If they don’t, what will be said? Will they find yet another scape goat, and say: “Oh, but, there is a new deadly variant…Of course they might distract folks from the realization that, the vaccine they took, WAS, the thing that ultimately, would be their demise and death…? Those people who fight and resist this strong dragnet, undertow of the Vaccine corporations, linked w/government, or more like, perhaps, govt., in their pocket, are demonized, publicly, exposed, perhaps done, in order to use public exposure as a shaming weapon to force folks into compliancy, and demonize them, as such people are punished for defending and attempting to protect their lives, and their loved ones lives, and stand up..for truth, and not just cave to the lies, trumpeted as truth? (I have mild brain damage, so, if I misspelled anything, or failed to accurately express concepts, excuse me.)
    Dee A.

  18. Its very incomprehensible and inhumane. Why are health officials having a hard time with immunity passport??? I have a big issue with their plan to share personal information on unvaccinated people. That’s not their business. It’s the same thing as sharing their personal health history to others. It’s breaking the confidentiality agreement.

  19. I am very grateful not to be alone in my profound mistrust of these “vaccines;” as well to hear others expressing deep concern about privacy violations for such controversial issues. I thank you all for speaking up.

  20. I live in Israel. This is horrible. almost all grown up population trust the government got vaccinated. About – 80-90% of grownup population per official numbers. My husbands family are not willing to meet us without vaccine or negative PCR checks. People are so brain washed… And now they want to start vaccinating children. Non-vaccinated cannot use train station in airport. Non-vaccinated cannot come back to work from office. In some places they allow to come only with negative PCR check. In some, only to vaccinated. We have no rights… I wish I could escape from here…My husband doesn’t agree.
    They introduced vaccination passports without a law and in many now they require it.
    You loose your right to work, you lost your right to move.
    All cities and country areas have heavy surveillance. Soon we will not be allowed to go outside our homes.. This is a surreal nightmare. You simply cannot imagine how is to be unvaccinated in this f..d up country…

  21. One issue here in Israel is that the media controls the public narrative; endless repetitions of lies and nonsense; our prime minister made a hidden deal with a pharmaceutical company and sold out the population to become experimental medical guinea pigs for data harvesting purposes.
    Find your voice and take it to the arena of effective accomplishment. A prayer of a righteous person, when it is brought about, can accomplish much. In the Lord put I my trust: how do you say to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?

  22. Is this for real? why now have some sort of identification on clothing to identify the unvaccinated right away?
    this is simply outrageous and I really hope people rebel against such violation of privacy.

  23. Hear our prayer oh Israel. Are you now becoming the evil which you have resisted for centuries?

  24. Its also estimated by top honest virologist’s that all those who have been vaccinated will be dying within 3 to 6 months of taking these vaccines if not sooner still. So what are they going to do then, make public all deaths that have resulted in being vaccinated and those who are going to still be alive because they refused to be vaccinated, will be the publicly put at risk for their own safety anyway because they valued their lives more from an experimental vaccine that had never been tested for safety or effectiveness to begin with. Mmm

    While in the mean time they have allowed All personal details out to the public arena at large, even all over the world, about those who have not been willing to be vaccinated by poisons and more because they valued their lives and the lives of their children more rather than be driven by the fear mongering of governments and allowing their lives to be handed over to the enemy at large and those who want to make them their slaves through vaccines for a second time in history. It’s said that ourselves as God’s Chosen People have still not learnt from history themselves and are still being led by a Hitler regime.

  25. This should never happen at all in any country’s, a two tier system all governments, will hopefully be brought to justice.
    The vaccine is experimental and I for one will not take it but will wait for the data in 2023 though I must say not looking good at all and let me tell you my body my choice. WHO and science bloody discust me always telling lies and making numbers up along with the media all part of there plan to control people so the can all do one.
    Rant over

  26. If Israel breaking every tenet of the Nuremberg Code doesn’t wake people up…nothing ever will.

    This is setting a line that will lead to things only getting much worse.

  27. Oh please, the European union is doing the exact same thing, ofcourse you won’t write about that. Bashing Israel is much more fun, right?!

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