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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Dozens in Central Florida Contract COVID-19 After Being Fully Vaccinated

So last week, we told you about those so-called “breakthrough cases.” It’s when fully vaccinated people contract COVID more than 14 days after their second shot. The nation’s top doc, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said he is taking these cases very seriously. The cases are popping up around the country, and there are many breakthrough cases right here in central Florida. The first thing somebody says to me is, you got the vaccine… how are you positive?

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  1. Clearly its not ok to have contracted the wild species of COVID-19, but its ok for the powers that be to make money giving it to people.

  2. I thought mRNA injections did not protect a person from being infected, but just lessened severity of symptoms.

  3. Let’s force the authorities to demand the use of something that works — ivermectin and vitamin D.

  4. Fire that phoney quack Fauci. Look at the video. He got supposedly vaccinated in his LEFT ARM and the next day he’s interviewed onCBS RUBBING HIS RIGHT ARM TELLING THE INTERVIEWER IT’s a little sore.

    He’s a fake, he never got the vaccine. He says you don’t need a mask then you do. He and the CDC had a patent on the coronavirus for years.
    Wise up people. It’s all online, all you have to do is read and REPORT ON THE FAKE.

  5. Why would Dr. Fauci be concerned? He has stated more than once that these shots will not stop transmission of the virus nor keep you from getting it. Someone should ask him why they are pushing these worthless shots like they will.

  6. The second thing is, does it mean anything to be “positive?” Given that the PCR test is of minimal to no value in diagnosis, given that the Cycle Threshold has been jacked up by public health “authorities” to a level where the results are generally guaranteed to spin off false results…that if we don’t have symptoms that are specific to COVID (and not some other coronavirus), with further confirmation by lab culture that we have COVID, then… we’re believing 6 impossible things before breakfast…

  7. My Grandfather was a doctor. His advice was never take a pharmaceutical drug until it has been on the market at least 7 years.

  8. Well, what do you expect when injecting people with a “vaccine” that is not 100% effective, that is known to take weeks to develop antibodies, and doing mass vaccinations during an infectious epidemic with many viral mutations that the vaccine doesn’t target? The answer seems obvious.

  9. The pandemic is constructed to reduce the population. This is proven by the fact that many tens of thousands of people have been saved without ill after effects by simple nutrients and naturally occurring chemicals from everyday use.

  10. Tested with a test that does not work, and vaccinated with a chemical concoction that is not a vaccine and does not do the job, either !

  11. No surprise since the ARR, or absolute risk reduction provided by these gene compromising potions is about 1% according to the data provided by the drug makers. That presumed RRR or relative risk reduction which they say is 95% is virtually meaningless.

  12. Why didn’t any of those healthcare workers administering the Covid jab, in the news clip, drawback the syringe plunger to make sure they are not in a blood vessel? None of those shots were given properly. An intramuscular shot should be drawn back on the plunger, if blood is seen the needle is immediately withdrawn and a new injection site is chosen, A fresh syringe.

  13. Yes, I agree with Mollie about Fauci – but did anyone else notice how the camera wobbled, right when they were “administering” Biden’s 2nd shot? Also, when he got the first shot they put a banner up at the bottom (that “he was getting his vaccine”) right when they were supposedly putting it in. Couldn’t see the deed happening, so probably it didn’t happen. “What is good for thee isn’t necessarily good for me” should have been both on his, and Fauci’s (and Pelosi who was photographed with having a cap on hers) banner instead.

  14. Pay attention: the PCR test is designed to find the spike protein, or bits thereof. I don’t have the specifics at hand, but if the test being (mis)used to diagnose “cases” of COVID then it should be NO SURPRISE that people who received a “vaccine” that contains RNA that will instruct the body of the vaccinee to START MAKING SPIKE PROTEIN and the PCR test will become positive because it FINDS THE SPIKE PROTEIN THAT THE RNA from the vaccine brought into the vaccinee’s body to tell the vaccinee’s body to make the spike protein.

    No mainstream wonk will want to get involved with this revelation. If the vaccine is causing people to test positive for spike protein and be diagnosed as a “case” of COVID, then either the vaccine is CAUSING PEOPLE TO GET COVID (instead of protecting them from COVID) or else the PCR test that has been used to identify COVID cases is wrongly diagnosing people as having a COVID infection, and then you work backwards and figure out the test is a piece of worthless garbage and it has been used to bankrupt the world, scare people into voluntarily giving up their civil liberties and kkept us all in masks and locked down for more than a year. FOR NO GOOD REASON.

    The pandemic-mongers can’t have it both ways. Either the vaccine is a worthless piece of junk or the diagnostic test is a worthless piece of junk. OR BOTH COULD BE TRUE!

    Fauci and friends are almost done painting themselves in a corner. Lock ’em up!

  15. Playing dumb now “small number of cases”, studies were focused only on SYMPTOM REDUCTION only! and it is known NOW that vaccine only reduces the symptoms and now (after the fact) we know it is 50-70% effective in creating asymptomatic cases! So now we actually create ASYMPTOMATIC carriers that we are were/are afraid the most in this pandemic at 95% eficient process!

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