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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Americans Debate Vaccine Passports

The question of vaccine passports is a conversation that has been going on around the world, Canada too, but it’s become politically divisive in the United States. Why is that? Well, it hits that intersection of privacy, freedom and the role of government in Americans’ day to day life—something that many Americans feel very strongly about. In fact, two of the country’s largest states—Florida and Texas—have said that they will ban any kind of government mandated vaccine passport.

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  1. I am not getting a COVID shot and I feel very strongly that I will not participate in anything that requires me to have one.
    It is an invasion of my civil rights to be required to have an experimental drug injected into my body in order to be able to do something.

  2. You can only debate the truth, not the lies and propaganda we are subject to. The question of passports is irrelevant until we know exactly what these gene therapy potions are going to do to mankind in the long run…as in years from now. Having a vaccine passport protects you from nothing is being pushed as a form of control…period. Florida and Texas in a few years are going to be bulging at the seams with new imports.

  3. I am very concerned about Vaccine Pass port as a means of social control. We will stop being a free society. I am afraid that people’s fear of Covit-19 will affect how people go for such pass port with out considering long term consequences. When people are in fear, their rational mind will not function, so the rational argument will not reach such people. We need to be empathic with their fears, and when they loosen up, it is important to help fearful people think through what is at stake.

  4. It shouldn’t even require an executive order to ban vaccine passports. They are already illegal. Any company or government entity that requires people to get injected violates the following laws:
    1) The First Amendment of the Constitution
    2) The Civil Rights Act of 1964 that bans discrimination based on medical condition
    3) HIPPA–the right to privacy of medical information
    4) The Nuremburg code–no medical experiments on human being without their informed consent
    5) California Health and Safety Code sections 24171 et. seq.

  5. Vaccination passport is INSANE. it’s a violation of health privacy. And it’s not necessary to show a proof(scoff). Let people decide to get it or not. Are we living in a free country or what? Can’t they just do health screening such as the temperature before they enter in stadium or big events? They take temperature of health club members before they allow them to use it. I don’t need to show a proof in order to shop, dine in, travel or attend events.

  6. If this nonsense impedes my child’s ability to attend her choice of university I will lose my shit…

  7. The vaccines are experimental and I’m not getting them either, but fake news will do everything to make us feel like second class citizens.

  8. I believe we need to let our voices heard..and LOUDLY! Or will be drowned out by the phama and MSM. Everyone seems to talk about how good the vaccine is due to the propaganda. They have no idea of what it’s really capable of doing.
    As Kathleen said above:
    “Any company or government entity that requires people to get injected violates the following laws:
    1) The First Amendment of the Constitution, 2) Civil Rights Act of 1964 banning discrimination based on medical condition, 3) HIPPA–right to medical privacy, 4) Nuremberg code–no medical experiments on human beings without informed consent, and 5) California Health and Safety Code sections 24171 et. seq.

  9. It is appalling that so many have fallen to the lies by the main stream media,(Medianites,akin to Princes of the Air) and the federal medical agencies which are all controlled by Big Pharma!
    This is part of the Progressive Left’s plan for population control with big government and the technocrats in charge of all aspects of our lives!Welcome to the Great Reset!This plan as well as the COVID-19 man made virus,“vaccine”,is really a shot from HELL!!May the Lord protect us from all this EVIL!!

  10. A vaccine passport doesn’t seem dangerous until you examine the idea
    closely and see how it could be abused by the corporate entities who dreamed
    up the idea. They’re in it for money and control at the expense of American
    citizens whose rights and liberties would go down the drain. Read Naomi Wolf’s
    warnings in the Daily Clout. Thank God for her and the governors of Florida and Texas who have used their executive powers to disallow vaccine passports. Many other states will follow their leads.

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