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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Obituary: Kansas Woman Died After Receiving a COVID-19 Vaccine

At the main street food and fuel in Effingham, Kansas a sign on the door says, ‘We’re saddened by the untimely death of Jeannie Evans.’ The owner, respectfully, did not want to speak about his former co-worker, but knew of what happened. EMS dispatch records say a 68-year-old woman had an allergic reaction at a public health vaccination hosted at the Keystone School in Ozawkie. Evans’ obituary says she died Wednesday of a reaction to the COVID vaccine.

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  1. How can these clowns get up there and say it wasn’t the shot?! How insulting.
    We’re not as dumb as they look.. ☹️

  2. Sadly, the experimental gene therapy is doing it’s job not as advertised by the lying CDC, FDA, WHO and all other so-called “doctors” pushing the death shots. For what? Covid-19 does not even exist. These poor people are accepting what they’re being told and like lemmings following each other off the cliffs, they take shots thinking it will “protect” them against an imaginary “virus.”

    Probably is the PEG causing all the allergic reactions…

    The mRNA is designed to work with the body’s comorbidities and autoimmune functions that will lead to death sooner or later.

    Now NY officials are bringing in a Covid-pass to prove vaccination in order to enter businesses and conduct buying operations:

  3. Steve Biliter, how can you say that Covid-19 does not exist? Have you not been reading about the origin of it in a Wuhan lab assisted by the USA and it’s gain of function studies. It is a real virus and it does kill people. Maybe no-one you know, but I’ve lost family members. I am not gullible and do not trust the number of deaths or numbers of cases because it is a TRUE lie!
    I do agree that the mRNA shots can kill people and we don’t know what it’s long-term effects will be on the body’s innate immunity. I don’t think it’s good, though.
    What people are accepting is the hype from the media, Fauci and the organizations you listed. They are fear-mongering and this is just the beginning.
    Good luck to you.

  4. I’m continually ANNOYED that this damn SHOT is referred to as a VACCINE!!!!!!!! WAKE UP ! I’m baffled by the eager beavers who are too,Lazy,STUPID, fearful, gullible whatever you want to call it, to do some SIMPLE RESEARCH. It’s the 20-39 year olds who are rolling up their sleeves and the 40-55 yr olds that are yelling FOUL,then 50+ it’s a mixture.. It will be interesting to see the dramatic upswing in autoimmune diseases when that little M(essenger) tells their bodies to attack themselves. Of course, BIG PHARMA will be at they ready with drugs to ALLEVIATE a few of the symptoms.. but sadly not cure them.

  5. Cool story, bro. What next? “Woman dies of traumatic brain injury in vehicle collision minutes after receiving vaccine”

  6. If you are vaccinating literally 500 million people you have to expect that unfortunately there is going to be a percentage albeit a very small % less then 1% that have some time of fatale reaction for one reason or another. Everyone internal chemistry is different. Everyday almost 400 people die from electricution from their toaster! Sersiously in fact in back in 2006 it toaster deaths reached an all time high. I am not saying this in jest or to make light of Covid vaccine deaths or toasters. I am saying that with anything there element of risk. Should all toasters be banned and production on toasters me halted? of course not because 6 billion people own toasters so 400 deaths a day unfortunately falls within an excepted amount compared 5,999,999,999,600 people who successfully made toast with out dying. Now if 500,000 or even 100,000 people were dying everyday from using toasters then something would have to be done because that would clearly not be an acceptable ratio of deaths. Same goes with the Covid vaccine if you vaccinate 100 million people world wide everyday and say even 10,000 people die from a reaction to it that would only be .01% of people having a fatale reaction .. .not 1% that would be 1 million deaths . . . I am saying .01% 10,000 of 100 million people having a fatale reaction would be acceptable. Its common sense!! There is an element of risk to everything! and when you have such a large amount of people taking the same risk of course there will be deaths. When large bridges are made like the Golden Gate the planners factor in that their will be at least 1 or 2 fatalities. Once again if 100 million people got vaccinated and 1 million people died from the vaccine that would not be acceptable even though thats only 1% fatality rate. Really . . . people ? Common sense … even if its playing pattycake there is going to be a fatality when you scale up to those numbers. Common Sense People!! sorry for the typos and errors I am typing while jogging. Anyway my heart goes out to the families who have lost a loved one.

  7. These same people probably thought polio was a fake disease too? If you had a friend who had a baby (this is scenario would be prior to Covid 19) so you went to visit them at the hospital and to get to hold the baby the nurse would ask you to wear a mask . . . cause its flu see season would you be a DICK and not wear a mask??! NO cause its common sense!!!! . .. the people that believe Covid is fake are clearly myopic to the point it is going lessen their likelyhood of living a long life because when you dont have Common Sense . . . you die! lolo

  8. If someone dies 15 minutes after the mRNA shot, they will say it wasn’t the shot.
    But, if someone dies from motorcycle accident injuries they will say they died of coronavirus!!!

  9. Steve. If you want to roll with those toaster statistics why don’t you look into the US or global death statistics for 2020? It is brutally obvious that there is no pandemic and never has been. Doesn’t matter if it came from a lab or not, it wasn’t very effective. As the gene therapy shots are killing younger, healthy people (and just getting started) one would suggest that the experimental purported remedy for what is essentially an annual flu is destroying far more life than the cited cause.

  10. The argument of accepting the level of risk for the vaccines can be applied to The risk for Covid as well. I will take a 97% chance of recovery from the disease itself a 1% risk of death from the injection (it is NOT a vaccine). It is too new, experimental, “fast-tracked” and the pharm companies have NO liability.

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