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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Long-Term Care Staff Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

More of the men and women who care for our elder, weaker and most vulnerable are rejecting the COVID vaccine. That’s what the state’s saying about employees of Florida nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Now, state leaders are growing more concerned that employees not wanting the vaccine will hinder state efforts to rebound from the pandemic.  … With seniors accounting for 80 percent of state deaths from the virus, those who live and work in long-term care centers have been the state’s vaccine priority. The problem… most employees in these facilities are choosing not to get the shot.

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  1. Why is it that the media keeps asking about mandating this shot when it is only an emergency use experiment? Not licensed or approved and does not even meet CDC standard for a vaccine [preventing transmission of disease] I’m afraid with all the denial about the side effects and deaths that if we vaccinate large populations with this there will be a HUGE spike in autoimmune disease in next year; which of course no one will admit was the genetic engineering of your cells taking place as we speak.

  2. Most Staff members I work with Got sick after the second dose, stating that felt as if they were run over by a truck. Idk how many have refused at the hospital I work in. People are reluctant to talk about it. I know that this “ plandemic” has taken a toll on staff, patients and families. We were told not to talk about the “ vaccine” in an area where patients and families could over hear us. We were also told not to report certain adverse effects after dose 2 ( fever, fatigue, malaise, body aches, chills) Bc that’s just an “ expected immune response.”

    Good for them for not taking it! Stay strong, support your natural immunity.

  3. muh covid…..fake plandemic, very injurious vax. If people were any more stupid, they’d be mistaken for lobotomized patients. We have the 5th column “news” media to thank for the high level of fear in the sheeple and that fear increases with the face-diapering that lowers oxygen intake and increases CO2 intake. Very sad, very sad…..

  4. You can offer me 5 million dollars to take this and I will not. You can threaten to take my job and I’ll quit first. You can starve me and I’ll give you the finger. I will not take this for anything, I would rather die naturally of whatever the NWO brings my way. I am an RN and RD, I have studied advanced biochem, genetics and I know more about autoimmune disease than most. Those who do take this are less educated, fearful and misinformed. Never will this get me.

  5. They have my support 110%. I am an anti-vaccinationist and an anti-gene therapy supporter. MY body, mind and soul…thus my choice to reject to the utmost anything the experts tell me or want me to do.

  6. Control, control, control…of our words and our actions. There’s something fishy going on here. Bravo to those not taking the shot. My son was one of the thousands injured from them.

  7. At least, health care employees are recognizing the potential side effects from experimental covid vaccine. Good for them who refuse to take it. ???

  8. My RN friend willing took the Moderna shots. First one was no big deal she said. Second one she had a slight headache right away. Then 16 hours after she had fever 101.7, severe headache and neck/back pain stating “she thought her discs were exploding”. Why she take it? Her eldest daughter had a respiratory cold this past summer. She, like others, believe it will prevent the virus!

    There is a website called where people report their Adverse Side Effects. Another one is where you can learn from PhDs in any “ology” and medical doctors speaking out against these shots. Continue to stand in what you believe & be strong.

  9. What is IN the vaccines? I mean they say that it won’t protect anyone from covid (on the contrary it’ll probably make you get sick). So what did they put in it, anyone know?

    Sorry but experimental is even worse than their usual crap they peddle…once it’s lost patent protection then the lawsuits come out, decades later usually.

    I’m surprised they aren’t firing those who refuse, but then it’s hard to get people to work for nursing homes, they pay barely at all.

  10. I definitely don’t plan on taking the vaccine. I am in my later 60 and have a health issue and supposedly I don’t have the best immune system. But God is faithful. I take some specific supplements especially in the winter n took them all last year. I never came down with as much as a full blown cold. I thank God and I know my times are in His hands.

  11. These workers have likely been exposed and therefore carry antibodies against the virus. A worker might consider taking an antibody serology test for IgM and IgG to demonstrate immunity without the need for an experimental vaccine. These tests are much more accurate than PCR tests.

  12. I’m curious of the actual number of MD’s, Nurses, EMT’s etc. that are refusing? Why won’t they speak up? I know too many people who would only listen if their doctor said they were not taking it.

    All I hear is that medical professionals are taking it. Please have the courage to stand up publicly (in a live interview) before millions of people die. I agree with the comments, not enough money in the world would convince me.

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