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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Los Angeles Students Will Be Required to Get COVID-19 Vaccine After FDA Approval for Use in Children

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Austin Beutner, the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in California said the district would require its students to get a COVID-19 vaccine once it is available for school-aged children.1

Two experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines,, Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162b2 and Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccines, have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, both vaccines have only been tested in subjects over the age of 16.2

COVID-19 Vaccine May Become a Routine Vaccine for School Enrollment

Beutner noted that in the event that a COVID-19 vaccine is approved for school aged children, a COVID-19 vaccine requirement to attend school would be no different than the current mandatory routine vaccinations for students.3 He said:

A COVID-19 vaccine requirement would be no different than students who are vaccinated for measles or mumps or tested for tuberculosis before they come on campus. That’s the best way we know to keep all on the campus safe.4

This is first acknowledgement from the superintendent of a major school system that the COVID-19 vaccine is likely to be added to the list of vaccines required for school enrollment.5

Beutner said that children and young adults will likely be the last group to be vaccinated because they have a lower risk of contracting a severe case of COVID-19, but he said he hopes all students will be vaccinated by the beginning of 2022.6

For those parents who do not want to their child receiving COVID-19 vaccine, Beutner said that the school district will always have the online learning option for unvaccinated students.7

Since the data has shown that children are less susceptible to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Keri Althoff, PhD, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said that reopening classrooms could be safely managed with mitigation strategies like masking and social distancing.

Dr. Althoff stated:

Children do best in school, and hopefully districts can create some space to allow for social distancing between now and when we have better coverage and protection in the population, which may take many months.8

Los Angeles Unified School District Campuses to Be Used As Vaccination Centers

Beutner sent a letter to state and county public health officials asking for authorization to administer COVID-19 vaccines at LAUSD schools for staff, local community members and for students after a vaccine for children has been officially licensed by the FDA. In the letter, LAUSD is asking the state for permission to designate its 1,400 campuses as vaccination centers.9

EUA COVID-19 vaccines will be available to LAUSD teachers in February 2020. The school district believes that their involvement in the vaccination process will help enable teachers to get their vaccines quickly.10

Beutner said:

We have an information system to schedule the appointments, to make sure the data is reported to the right authorities and to make sure you follow up your appointment. We have licensed vaccination clinics already at schools and clinicians licensed to provide the vaccine.11

He added that an enormous operational challenge lies ahead in providing the vaccine to essential workers in schools. “The best place to provide the vaccine is at the place families trust and where students, staff and families are most days—their local public school,” he said.12

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  1. Recalling that neither of these vaccines will prevent infection or transmission of this virus, meaning it offers no protection, and might or might not lessen the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, and that children have the lowest risk of contracting a severe case of COVID-19…WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE TO ALLOW YOUR PRECIOUS CHILD TO BE INJECTED WITH AN EXPERIMENTAL VAX THAT WON’T PROTECT HIM FROM ANYTHING, WITH NO IDEA WHAT THE POSSIBLE LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS MIGHT BE, AND NO IDEA HOW THIS mRNA INJECTION MIGHT ALTER YOUR STILL-GROWING CHILD AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL? THIS IS SICKENING.

    This is what happens when a society has been gripped by fear due to watching the unrelenting reports on the news about how many new cases there are every few hours and how many deaths happened every day all due to the coronavirus. When people are kept in a perpetual state of fear, panic, anxiety, devastation, they become easy to manipulate and control. People will do anything to make their lives go back to ‘normal’ and to prevent sickness and death that’s ravishing the population, including their children to get injected with a potentially lethal mRNA substance that is proven to do absolutely nothing to protect your child.


      “…When people are kept in a perpetual state of fear, panic, anxiety, devastation, they become easy to manipulate and control…”

      You have answered your own question.

    2. I am in complete agreement with you and couldn’t have said it better. Forcing this gene therapy technology (it is not technically a vaccine) on young children is purely criminal. Sadly, I don’t think we will ever get the truth behind these Gates sponsored poisons.

    3. I wonder if any of these teachers in California will be teaching what the US Constitution actually means this year? Probably not.
      I think they better put asterisks beside all the Amendments and Articles, since apparently the Constitution doesn’t mean much to a communist society like we have today.

      They are so bent on making everyone sterile aren’t they? It’s amazing how many people are just propagandized zombies….

    4. It’s insane when you see that the survival rate for children and adolescents is 99.997%, damned near 100%. Your kid has a higher risk of being struck by lightning than dying of Covid, yet, the powers that be feel an injection is necessary to “protect them”. The power of pharmaceutical lobbys and their politically influential money at work.

  2. Recalling that neither of these vaccines will prevent infection or transmission of this virus, meaning it offers no protection, and might or might not lessen the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection, and that children have the lowest risk of contracting a severe case of COVID-19…WHAT PURPOSE DOES IT SERVE TO ALLOW YOUR PRECIOUS CHILD TO BE INJECTED WITH AN EXPERIMENTAL VAX THAT WON’T PROTECT HIM FROM ANYTHING, WITH NO IDEA WHAT THE POSSIBLE LONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS MIGHT BE, AND NO IDEA HOW THIS mRNA INJECTION MIGHT ALTER YOUR STILL-GROWING CHILD AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL? THIS IS SICKENING.

    When people are kept in a perpetual state of fear, panic, anxiety, devastation, they become easy to manipulate and control. People will do anything to make their lives go back to ‘normal’ and to prevent sickness and death that’s ravishing the population according to the news reports. They’ll even make their children get injected with a potentially lethal mRNA substance that is proven to do absolutely nothing to protect anyone.

  3. It is a very dangerous decision, both morally,spiritually and physically, for parents to hand their children over to the authorities of the public schools.

  4. It is a very dangerous decision, morally,spiritually and physically, for parents to hand their children over to the authorities of the public schools.

  5. Terrible informatioin, these gmo-toxic substances, covid-19 experimental vaccines, they really are not vaccines, will change the genetic nature of humans who received these vaccines from what I have learned. These toxic substances are dangerous, all people should do their own research to find out the Truth, it is being shared by awake health professionals from all over the world. Find out the facts. Home school or move away from CA. Save the future generations.

    It is time for all parents and students to do their own investigative work to learn of this very, very dangerous mandate being put into operation in California. Go to: and learn the facts from excellent health professionals interviewed on this show. The founder, Del Bigtree, is a personal friend of mine. He and his team at The Highwire show are absolute heros!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to everyone helping to expose this diabolical plan to harm humanity under the cover of calling it “Keeping people SAFE” – rubish! This is all an experiment and the ignorant Public Health people, along with ignorant politicians supporting this mandate should be held personally responsible for damaging the genetics of ALL FUTURE HUMANS BORN!!!!!!!

  6. Holy moly ?‍♀️ With no animal testing for possible fertility issues we could be rendering a whole generation infertile. Well, CA has a good record with loving pharma political money more than constituents.

  7. An emergency use authorization is not an FDA approval!!! No one can be forced to get this experimental MRNA”vaccine”. It’s technically not even a vaccine. It’s a gene altering medical device.

  8. What about students who are severely allergic to some of the ingredients in those vaccine just as some are allergic to certain foods? Remember Hannah Poling and the fact that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out millions of dollars to families who had members severely injured or who died after receiving certain vaccines. The rate of tuberculosis went down in the United States because of isolation of TB patients and better nutrition, sanitation, and overall good health habits, not because of any vaccine. For a strong immune system that can resist diseases, one must feed children a good diet and sharply limit refined sugars because too much sugar weakens the immune system. Also, people, including baby sitters should not be smoking around children because breathing in second-hand smoke weakens the immune system.

    1. And then their “solution” is to keep those kids in online school. Online school is the bare minimum of learning and it is not a good enriching way to teach. I have had to do online school myself after being accustomed to real school and it is hard to pay attention and I have retained zero information from the classes being taught. Trying to say oh well if we cant force this into your body here you have to be in online school now just isnt fair. Children hardly even get covid and for the adults you get it they have a high chance of recovering.


  10. Absolutely sickening and horrifying. I really feel for the parents out in LA county who do not want the vaccine for their children but want their children to be in a school setting. And there is not even a question coming from the superintendent that is what gets me, no reservations, no pauses, no questions. They seem so blind and unawake. Absolutely horrified thinking the same thinking will spread to other school districts.

  11. Children under 16 and pregnant women have not been included in any trials, yet the CDC and other medical organizations are deeming the experimental SARS COV 2 vaccines to be safe for both groups. Perhaps, imo, this affords an opportunity to sterilize more people. The same entities who had to do with the virus appearing, are the same entities who are outspoken proponents of reduction in human population, and who have poured multiple millions of dollars into the companies which have and are creating these vaccines. Many millions have already died at the hands of these same entities in African countries and in India from other “vaccines” they have “tested” in the name of preventative health measures.

  12. Another Operation COVID-19 related absolutely absurd atrocity. I am so sick of this.

    Regardless of whether there even is any actual “new virus”, regardless of whether it has ever been isolated if so, regardless of whether the flu has all but disappeared since CV, regardless of the fact they are calling false positive PCR tests “cases” whether sick or not, regardless of the fact we saw and heard Birx say they would be listing deaths FROM ANY CAUSE as CV death if person had positive test post-mortem or within 30 days prior to death, regardless of the constant barrage of disinfo, misinfo, half-truths, and fear porn heaped upon us by various long ago bought and paid for politicians, public and private “health authorities”, world leaders, the WHO, the CDC, the UN, and Satan’s favorite Minions with the Mainstream Media, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that justifies ANYTHING they are doing to us, EVEN IF there was A REAL PANDEMIC in progress.

    First they told us not to wear The Mask. I specifically remember the guy from the CDC (who I seem to recall was always wearing some type of military uniform?) saying “Look people, do not go out buying up all the masks, there is no need to be putting on a mask…” while rolling his eyes. Fauci was singing the same tune. Then we were required to wear The Mask and military uniform dude did a PSL showing the people how to make their own from a used T-shirt!!! Then a million new mask entrepreneurs were suddenly SELLING personalized masks on every street corner. NEVER once has the U.S. Government provided or attempted to provide it’s citizens with any mask whatsoever because it does not feel like spending the money on something they CANNOT REQUIRE US TO WEAR FOR A PANDEMIC THAT DOES NOT EXIST AND WHY SHOULD THEY WHEN THEY ALREADY PSYCHED THE POPULATION OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY INTO BUYING THEIR OWN?!!! The Mask debacle ALONE signifies a beyond diabolical military-style psychological operation on a grand scale. Think about it. They started off scaring the bejesus out of the people before the first case in America was even had. Then they chastised people for buying up all the masks and told them while eye-rolling “You don’t need ’em and you should save ’em for the healthcare workers.” This statement basically said “You really do need them but leave them alone so the healthcare industry can have all of them.” So, like always, the people were like, “F–k THAT! I am getting MINES!” And JUST LIKE THAT, THE RACE FOR THE MASK WAS ON!!! Once The Psychopaths saw how much The Peasants LOVED The Mask, they began teaching them how to make them out of dirty T-shirts or panties and rolled out Their personalized mask businesses, probably all funded with money they stole from us previously through taxation from our labor. We are NOT being required to wear The Mask “due to COVID-19”. They do not NEED the billions of dollars everyone is so freely giving them for a “mask for every outfit” but They will gladly take every last dime we have and most certainly intend to before this is over They are done with us. They have required us to cover up our faces to DEHUMANIZE US. The Mask serves to take away our ability to effectively communicate with our fellows. It serves to shut down empathy and emotional intellect. It serves to keep us from recognizing our own mothers at the grocery store. It serves to keep us from having useless chitter chatter with strangers, ensuring no new friendships or romantic relationships can be forged. It serves as a CONSTANT REMINDER we are all infected or infectious or potentially so and to stay the hell away from our own peers. It serves to isolate us off from the rest of mankind. It is nothing less than absolute EVIL GENIUS the way they have initiated almost the entire population into their Occult New World Order Ritual without the initiates even being aware of it.

    Does ANYBODY understand what is really happening here? Are all of The Masked Initiates going to also take the useless vax they have already been told WILL NOT PREVENT THEM FROM GETTING THE VIRUS?

    My biggest concern today is not anything to do with the virus, the mask, the vax, the shut down businesses and closed schools, the lost jobs, the broken relationships and the ones that will now never be, or the mental health status of our country’s populace at large, although I am AFFECTED by ALL OF THIS and more. The thing I worry about the most these days is wondering about what The Psychopaths have in store for people like me…the ones who will not wear The Mask or take The Vax or close their business or shutter at home per The New Normal they have laid out for us; the free people who KNOW they are free, and will not comply with atrocious edicts and ridiculous demands set out by The Psychopaths who purport to rule over us. We certainly will not get our Freedom Pass or be allowed to participate in society anymore. But what else will happen to us? How will we be “dealt with” in a World where we are not wanted and can be openly and even violently discriminated against, bullied, cast out, and despised by the obedient and the compliant? Extermination? Holocaust? Shot in the face? It has all been done before for lesser reasons. This is what we need to be concerned about now because we are closer to finding out than we think we are.

    1. We stand in our divinity, in our god power, on a higher frequency. these barbarian evil aliens cannot touch the higher dimensions with their evil plans. they wither when we all stand in our power, claim our sovereignty and unify, without fear or anger. these weak creatures are now evicted. keep claiming it. love wins. god wins. keep the faith without deviating. dont entertain the slave or victim mentality. we are the divine. we are the creators. keep your eyes only on the outcome you want to see.

  13. I guess California wants to close their schools.. there will definitely be a mass exodus if they blatantly tell parents they must poison their children for them to attend school. Families are already fleeing NY and CA. 25% of NYs population fled the state last year.

  14. This MEDICAL TYRANNY is way over the top and is ILLEGAL in every possible way! This is nothing less than a full-on eugenics program; led by the #1 eugenicist on the planet; Billy Boy Gates, who is currently being sued for destroying the lives of half a million young people in India! There is no need for anyone to wear a mask or “distance” and to push “experimental” and “fast tracked” vaccines that don’t even fit the definition of a vaccine onto the naive public, is CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! Whenever I see a small child with their BREATHING APPARATUS covered – I want to smack somebody! Even watching adults/teens walking around in nature with a mask on is infuriating! This is a pandemic of FEAR – nothing more!

  15. “The best place to provide the vaccine is at the place families trust and where students, staff and families are most days—their local public school,” he said.

    I don’t think very many people trust their local public school anymore. They have become far-left indoctrination centers, places where children are victims of molestation and violence, and then when they are sued, they attempt to use the justice system to blame the victim.

  16. I should have included this link in my other post. This is from VAERS and the testimonials are related only to the mRNA “vaccines” – no other vaccines. There must be close to 300 on this page and I can guarantee you that it is a very small percentage of those who have already been injured (and died) from these DNA altering cocktails which no doubt contain NANOBOTS! The “authorities” have already admitted that they “contain” nanotechnology.

    1. SUGGESTED READ. Thank you for posting that link, I read almost the entire long pages worth. This is especially interesting content because it’s a very long list of social media response to vaccine posts of all sorts of manner, presented in an impartial way with both pro and anti positions.

      Brain fog, swelling, allergic reactions, mystery rashes, swollen glands, heart complications, reproductive issues, everyone with reactions is down for days if not weeks, fainting, near death experiences, extreme fatigue, loss of arm and other function, unexpected swelling of various body parts, clots, strokes, premature baby death.

      The most disturbing data, was the speculation that the primary events which may occur, won’t even happen until 6 months out.

      Collective psychosis is here. They march as the pied piper is calling them, caring not where they are led. When did dangerous medical products for profit, distributed through a rubber stamp approval process with entirely insufficient oversight become for the greater good? There is a difference between simply branding something like this, vs the logical real world standards which should be in place if the mantra of greater good was prioritized. This is not greater good, this is a calamity of errs. Fueled by collective psychosis as people apply unusually illogical standards to their decision making process based primarily on rhetoric and fear, purposefully avoiding any reconciliation of data which may go against established status quo talking points. Fake news does absolutely terrible things to the mind.

      Taking this vaccine is similar to a life threatening stunt. Just because you survived does not mean it was safe. That feeling of apprehension followed by eventual relief, for those whom do not die or develop permanent disability, is merely the feeling one gets when they do something so dangerous it risks their life, then consider the relief that they actually lived.

      My wife works at medical clinic. Days after 1st and 2nd round, take your pick, side effects of co workers was common. Majority of doctors and nurses called sick for several days after. One stated the 1st made her asthma severe and she wishes would not have taken, doctors have no advice and nothing they can do except wait. On days when the vaccine is present, code carts are standing by and the code is eventually called multiple times through the day. It must just be a coincidence that everyone is going to need an epi pen, and the cost mark up of said pen was immediately re established. If you’re going to do it, get a clue and take the benedryll before you go in. This new cultural phenomenon which is risking your life to take gene therapy products via injectable form, under the false pretense it protects you from anything.

      Who wouldn’t want to develop some brand new health condition? I mean, that’s trendy right?

  17. Not on my watch! Not my five “children” nor my grandchildren will take this “experimental vaccine.” We have been getting prepared for the fallout of saying “No” to this insidious, manmade biological, genocidal concoction for months now. It is now at our doorsteps! We must resist until they have no recourse and fail at their own game. We are entering a new era of enlightenment; truth is being presented and hidden agendas and history are being brought into public view. With great learning comes great power. I believe we will overcome!

  18. This is in reply to Whiterabbit66’s comment.

    I haven’t worn a mask, practiced social distancing or used hand sanitizer. Obviously, I also won’t take the nasty experimental gene therapy for covid (I guess people are starting to call it an experimental gene-altering medical device–perhaps that’s the term coming into vogue.) I’ve taken care of my own health for a long time by eating organics, exercising, etc. I don’t believe in allopathic medicine, for the most part (and I am better off for that skepticism). I have an aversion for pharmaceuticals.

    I don’t think the “authorities” (who are not authorities at all, as we know) will be coming for me or people like me. We all need to realize that the people behind all this sickness are the extremely rich. (The love of money is the root of all evil.) In and of themselves, the rich are no one to fear. (Has anyone ever heard of a scary rich person?) However, yes, they have hired a lot of “barking dogs”–media people, CIA agents on the internet posing as “truthers” (and, lately, as “doctors,” in some cases), etc. They are the ones who drum up the fear.

    The question is how to get everyone to stop reacting in fear. It’s out of fear that people make bad, even life-threatening, decisions. It might just be that normal life–light-hearted get-togethers, laughs, hugs, fun, sports, art fairs–all of that–is what we need to feel okay. In short, normal life. As soon as people decide to ignore–or, better yet, laugh at–the fear-mongering noise-makers, they’ll be okay.

    Normal life can resume any time anyone wants it to. No permission from anyone is required.

    Remember ‘War is Over! (If You Want It)’? How about, ‘Covid Is Over (If You Want It)’

  19. They haven’t cured anything …..Giving children consent is sneaky and evil. We are the ones that have to care for them. So sad so sad so sad ….. pray , pray , pray , pray ,pray against all this oppression and wickedness.

  20. This is despicable. This is tyranny. This is evil.

    I am an RN who has not worked since the beginning of May due to the non-stop masking policies.

    This “Covid thing” we are all living through was YEARS in the making. Back in 2013, a large hospital chain that bought my small Dr owned hospital bragged about getting their 90% flu vaccination rate well before 2020, when it would start to matter monetarily. They managed a 100% rate of flu vaccination among their staff. They did it by putting people into their career transition program (ie: search for a new job because you no longer have one here) who would not get their vaccines. That was their way of granting a religious/personal belief
    accommodation. 1 of every 8 people works in healthcare. The government wanted the 1 in 8 persons [healthcare workers] to be onboard when this hit the fan. Covid was planned for 2020 and we are naive to think otherwise. It took YEARS of planning and conniving to pull it off.

    I have not worn a mask or washed my hands any more than normal throughout this “pandemic.” I have not contracted covid, nor have those living in my house. I HAVE suffered mistreatment at a couple of grocery stores which I will never frequent again.

    Sheeple are everywhere, freely giving up their rights to freedom in order to have safety. What they don’t seem to realize is that they will have NEITHER. This is bogus.

    This vaccine is about containment, coercion, one world order, lack of freedom, lack of privacy…. Like [White rabbit66], I worry about what will become of those of us who do not cave.

    To fight this barrage there are some things you can do for yourself.
    1. TURN OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. We did months ago and are much happier. This is how they spread their propaganda and continue to manipulate you.
    2. DO NOT TRUST IN ANY MAN, BUT IN GOD. This is where so many of us have gone wrong. My hope is in the Lord, and I repeat this to myself and family members when I begin to worry.
    3. WAKE UP! Do not bend to their will for you. HOLD TO YOUR BELIEFS. Will it cost you something? It might. I cannot work. The founders of this country made lots of sacrifices for our freedom. I’m sure they would roll in their graves to see how much of that fought-for-freedom we have given up.

    I have chosen to exercise my right to NOT CONSENT to medical procedures I do not want. The longer I stay away from vaccines, the healthier I become. Literally.

    Continue to stand up for yourself and those around you. Don’t be shamed by the masses who can’t think for themselves.

    Targeting children has been done throughout history, but must stop NOW. This is utter nonsense and very dangerous. God help us all.

    1. Amen @RN K …I FEAR that many have waited to late to stand against the Satanic Agenda. They love Babylon and the leaders that run this wicked place.

    2. Excellent. My local Kroger King Soopers grocery turned the self checkout line into a prison complex, complete with a minimum of 3 cameras for each station and they have extensions into the isle so they’re a foot over your head. Much like ceiling cameras, but now with a series of mini cams extending every direction at lower elevations. A tall person would literally have to duck under them to get through line. I told the manager I’m never using self checkout again in my life. It’s like the matrix, a camera for every man woman and child. There are now security cameras every 3 feet across the ceiling, and mounted sideways eye height upon entry, and it’s that way throughout the store. There are mini lcd screens through isles, so the customer can have no doubt, they are on camera. It is so frightening to even go to the store now. We went to Target and there are literally more cameras there now then there are at a supermax prison. That’s not a pleasant shopping experience, thats purposeful customer torture.

      People going along with this are their own worst enemies. Now in CO, all teachers are going to be shoved into vaccine policies, and forced weekly ‘testing’. The masks will never come off, we’ll never be able to send our children back to school. The realities of needing to chase liberty just struck home and we’re patiently waiting to see which state will actually reject this completely, hopefully more than one. My bet is on states which rely on the least federal funding. Instead of buying the better home we have long since been saving towards, we may buy a winnibego instead, because the possibility of needing to cut and run is becoming more tangible by the day. Oh hell, joining some cult in the middle of nowhere seems more appealing and family safe than this, as collectively, American society seems to be embracing radical cult like behaviors and complexes.

  21. It’s not needed for children. They in general do not suffer from it nor do they pass it on. It’s a pointless endeavor from the start. no benefit. All risk.

  22. For those who hate the masks, go onto You can donate to get a badge that states the mask causes you harm and anyone questioning you can be sued. I wear it everywhere. I refuse to bow to the “occult-like” agenda.

    I agree with many comments on here and pray that you know the Lord Jesus Christ. In Romans 1:18-32, the apostle Paul talks about what happens to a society that removes God completely. We are seeing the wrath of God being unleashed.

    I wanted to do something to help so I contacted and asked for flyers on vaccines. I use them as talking points to everyone I meet. Knowledge is power and requires wisdom. Stand firm in your beliefs and values and be assured there are others doing the same.

  23. I knew it would be possible to require covid vaccine for elementary/middle school aged students once it has been approved by F.D.A ?

    It’s very horrifying, sickening and unbelievable. I just can’t fathom major school systems plan would require covid vaccine school. Vaccine manufacturers only did trials on adults, not children to my best of knowledge.

  24. Austin Beutner has zero educational training and is just another billionaire eugenicist it seems…you can’t force an “experimental medical treatment” on anyone without violating the Nuremberg codes. The kids don’t get sick from Covid. They must want to kill or debilitate all of America’s teachers too so the education system collapses, just like the medical and military frontline. Guess that makes a full American takeover easier. Are we all clear that the Nazis and Dr. Mengele/Fauci are running the show? Take your kids out of school people. Create a neighborhood schoolhouse and parents take turns teaching one day a week. All you need are 3 to 10 families to have a very successful and rewarding situation and keep your children close and safe. This is War, make no mistake.

  25. Even the CDC admits there is NO “SARS-CoV-1” virus, as Jon Rappoport exposed, and there is no DNA sequencing of the virus either, so no vaccine is possible, even IF vaccines worked. No viruses have EVER been proven to exist as pathogens, and further – the contagion theory, the foundation of allopathy, is erroneous. The “Contagion Myth”, an important little book by Dr. Thomas Cowan, exposes that truth. Dr. Andrew Kaufman is another excellent source exposing these truths. Allopathic “medicine” (fascism) has caused more suffering and death than all the wars put together, the most effective tactic of genocide, which has been used for 200 years to cull humanity.

  26. Vaccines cause all disease in my opinion.
    Vaccine choice kills . Why would anybody play Russian roulette with their children? Vaccine abolishment now!!!

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