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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce

32 Nursing Home Residents Die in COVID-19 Outbreak During Mass Vaccination Drive

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Thirty-two residents have died in The Commons on St. Anthony, a nursing home in Auburn, Cayuga county, New York during  a COVID-19 outbreak that started at the end of December 2020. On Jan. 5, 2021, there were 130 residents, who tested positive for COVID-19 and, as of Jan. 11, there were 104 active coronavirus cases in the nursing home with 47 recoveries and 47 employees in quarantine.1 2 3

Recently, the New York nursing home began administering the COVID-19 vaccine to staff and residents. On Dec. 22, 193 residents and 113 staff members received their first COVID-19 vaccination, with the second dose given on Jan. 12.4 As of Jan. 6, 80 percent of the residents had been vaccinated.5 The local news reported, “The outbreak started at the same time the facility started to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.”6

In an attempt to curb the COVID-19 outbreak, the building is on droplet precaution and staff members are required to wear gowns, face shields, gloves and a mask.7 COVID-19 positive residents are quarantined on a separate floor from other residents.8

Prior to this outbreak, there had been no COVID-19 related deaths in any Cayuga county nursing home. More than half of the 3,650 cases in Cayuga county have been reported since Dec. 21.9 In December, Cayuga county had 2,024 cases of confirmed COVD-19.10

Julie Sheedy, spokesperson for Loretto which operates The Commons nursing home said:

Our staff continues to do everything it possibly can to keep COVID outside our doors, and our employees have made tremendous personal sacrifices to limit their own exposure. But they still need to go to grocery stores in order to feed their families. Their children need to go to school and daycare. And many of our employees rely on public transportation.11

A federal program partnering pharmacies with nursing homes has worked to provide COVID-19 vaccination programs to nursing home residents in recent weeks. According to New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, 288 of the 611 the state’s nursing homes had completed administering the first dose of the vaccine as of Jan. 4.12

The COVID-19 vaccination program coincides with an upsurge in COVID-19 related deaths in New York nursing homes and adult care facilities. According to the New York State Department of Health and the Long-Term Care Community Coalition, there were 508 deaths (250 per week) in the two weeks prior to Jan. 4. According to the CDC, between July and October, the average weekly death toll was just 12 deaths every week in nursing homes and adult care facilities.13

After the recent upsurge in cases and deaths in New York nursing homes, Governor Cuomo continued to promote the vaccination effort stating that vaccines are, “the weapon that will win the war.”14

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  1. Vaccination will win the war, yes, the war against the elderly!!!! Two people have died in South Dakota 24 hours after receiving the vaccine. How many in the NewYork nursing home who died were vaccinated? Who is going to save us from this death?!!

    1. This is why they started to vaccinate the elderly- they want to kill them off, so the ‘excuse’ is to ‘protect them’, and when they die from the vaccine it’s easily blamed on the “virus”.
      Meanwhile, 5G towers continue to be built all over the $@#$%$* place and glyphosate tainted foods continue to be consumed, cancer rates have skyrocketed and aren’t falling, but we have to worry about what the news says to worry about.

      This is the “Georgia Guidestone” commandments here, brought to you by Bill Gates Of Hell.

    2. My Mom is 82 and in a 4 resident care home. The caregivers got the shot 1/4 and on 1/19 both tested positive C-19. The house is all locked down in their private rooms and are getting C-19 tested today…praying for a good outcome?

      1. Coco – Do you know about Ivermectin and hydroxchloroquine? Look at Dr. Pierre Kory’s videos – he is double board certified in pulmonary/ critical care. He has partnered with 8 other doctors to form the FLCCC Alliance. Go their website and read. Also, look at the articles by Harvey Risch, MD, PhD. Yale School of Public Health. He discusses the great benefit of hydroxchloroquine protocol. At a Texas nursing home, earlier last year, all residents were given hydroxchloroquine protocol when a Covid outbreak started – no one died, all recovered – no hospitalizations either – if I am remembering correctly.

  2. Gov Cuomo’s statement… ‘vaccines are the weapon that will win the war’ is an outright lie. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not vaccines at all; they do not prevent symptoms or transmission! They are gene therapy CHEMOTHERAPY!
    Once the nucleus of your cell is infilitrated with their synthetic serum/poison, it is changed FOREVER. No testing. No liability for manufacturers.
    Please listen and share Dr David Martin’s information:

  3. And why would this new gene therapy be given to elderly and frail residents of nursing homes when it was never tested in any trial on such types of people? Could it be that nursing homes are the new trial group?

    1. This is my opinion and I could be wrong; but, it is how I feel. So many elderly people are on Social Security that have medicare and or medicaid. Some of these individuals also have spousal pensions. If the government removes these individuals through a vaccine then there will be less money being used for social security. Which, in my opinion is totally wrong because so many of them worked hard for this “retirement fund”. Also, the government choked and did not invest this fund to make the money grow. Instead they spent the money from the Social Security Fund and are stuck now and don’t know what to do. Eliminating the elderly a good way to start. People won’t ask questions because we all will die some day and when it is an elderly person no one thinks a thing about it. History is repeating itself and we are too afraid to admit this. Hitler destroyed Jews, disabled, homosexuals and anyone who was different according to his standards and the people allowed it to happen. Our country is shifting towards communism and the worst is yet to come. Food for thought COVID: Certification of Vaccination Identification.

  4. “The outbreak started at the same time the facility started to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.”

    This makes no sense to me. No COVID BEFORE the shot but after, COVID cases & deaths?

    Here’s another headline:
    -Thousands of Israelis Tested Positive for Coronavirus After First Vaccine Shot
    -Over 10,000 Israelis test positive within two weeks of receiving the first dose, while antibody tests on health workers show ‘the vaccine works wonderfully’ after the second dose.

    Other than the SOP response of there is no relation to the shot – death by coincidence or they must have had the virus BEFORE they were given the shot. In that case why aren’t people being tested before they are given the shot? This has happened enough times you’d think the medical community would try and eliminate that possibility.

    I have not read one single logical explanation for people being infected after they get a shot that has no virus in it. Anybody got anything?

  5. How many deaths were there in the same population last year in December and January. Sorry, just want to compare apples to apples. The difference between 250 and 12 per week made me jump, but to prove that we don’t jump to conclusions, I think this article should provide the comparable data from previous years. I hope it’s the same, because to think of what this article is implying is unbearable. My own grandmother is in a nursing home and I know she will take the vaccine if offered to her.

  6. Geriatricide. Plain and Simple.
    Stop calling it a Covid Breakout.
    Stop saying a “Super Spreader” somehow got into the facility!
    Stop the MURDERS!

  7. Along with the long list of charges that should be laid against politicians and health officials, we need to add murder. These protectors of the people have committed genocide.

  8. Your headline is very misleading, and appears to blame the Covid outbreak on the vaccination. Upon reading the story, it appears to me that the vaccinations simply didn’t get to them in time.

    1. Amen to all of that, Jenny. God help us! I’m doing what I can in my community to educate ppl before they get it. It’s not enough. We all need to get the word out!

  9. If we take a minute to consider how this non-vaccine “biological therapy” is purported to work, it makes perfect sense that it will cause a “surge” in “cases.” The injection sends lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA into cells. There the mRNA is translated to produce nucleic acid sequences for the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. Once that protein is generated and released, the person’s immune system will then recognize the spike protein as foreign and it will begin to make antibodies to seek and destroy the spike proteins and the virus that may or may not be attached to it). Or that’s the way it is supposed to work.

    COVID tests are designed to detect the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. If the COVID shot is designed to instruct the body to begin producing SARS-CoV-2 spike protein…well…DUH!!!…the person who got the COVID shot will start testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. So the shot that is supposed to initiate an immune response to COVID will also be producing the spike protein that causes a positive COVID test.

    So how stupid is that? Giving a non-vaccine to the entire world and making it look like we are being overrun by new COVID “cases.” And so we’ll be seeing a lot more resources thrown toward something that is NOT a pandemic, more clamp downs on civil liberties, huge amounts of money WASTED, unnecessary panic, further devastation of economies and it is all a big fat lie.

    For humanity’s sake, WAKE UP and start screaming BLOODY MURDER and then prosecute every greedy entity and/or person who has profited off this hoax. Lock them up, throw away the key and NATIONALIZE ALL OF THEIR ASSETS.

  10. More deaths result from covid vaccines speak the truth. Too many damages from other vaccines historically. Nothing is news.

  11. hmmm… good try. the vaccine is designed to boost your body into creating fighters for the “dead” virus is injected into you. This theory or interpretation of the theory would mean that we would all test positive for the flu or polio after receiving the vaccine. the live virus and vaccine virus are not the same, molecularly. one is natural and one is produced. try again.

  12. Pfizer and Moderna injections are do not contain SARS-CoV-2 viruses or parts of viruses. They contain synthetic messenger RNA generated from the supposed genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2. This is a new and untested technology. It is not the same technology used in polio or flu vaccines. The polio an flu vaccines do use scraps of the viruses in order to stimulate the body to make anitbodies.

    The mRNA technology involves injecting genetic code (mRNA – messenger ribonucleic acid) into the arm of the vaccinee, and the mRNA is able to enter the vaccinee’s cells, where it instructs the vaccinee’s cell to start making bits of SARS-CoV-2 (the spike protein, to be exact). So the person who receives the Pfizer or Moderna shot becomes a spike protein factory. After manufacturing the spike protein and letting float about the vaccinee’s body, the body recognizes the spike protein as foreign material (just like the body would recognize spike protein that would be on an invading coronavirus) and the body proceeds to make anitbodies to disable/destroy the spike protein.

    So, PM, maybe better read up on this “non-vaccine.” The end result is supposed to be an immune response / making anitbodies against coronavirus. The path to the antibodies is unlike the old path. The new technology makes the vaccinee the source of the offending proteins. There is no promise that once you become an antigen factory you will eventually be able to stop making the antigen. The mRNA is also delivered to the host cells via lipid nanoparticles, which contain polyethlene glycol (= antifreeze). At least 7% of the population is sensitive to injected polyethylene glycol. One injection will bring the immune system to attention and it will arm (no pun intended) itself with antibodies against polyethylene glycol and on the second injection the armed body will cause an allergic reaction. How bad will the reaction be? The jury is still out.

    It’s a brave (?) new world, PM. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

  13. Coco – Do you know about Ivermectin and hydroxchloroquine? Look at Dr. Pierre Kory’s videos – he is double board certified in pulmonary/ critical care. He has partnered with 8 other doctors to form the FLCCC Alliance. Go their website and read. Also, look at the articles by Harvey Risch, MD, PhD. Yale School of Public Health. He discusses the great benefit of hydroxchloroquine protocol. At a Texas nursing home, earlier last year, all residents were given hydroxchloroquine protocol when a Covid outbreak started – no one died, all recovered – no hospitalizations either – if I am remembering correctly.

  14. Another vaccine issue : at the Mayo site it says that the vaccine reduces Covid symptoms in people, but it is unknown if people who have had the vaccine can still acquire and transmit the virus. So, everyone should still mask, social distance, wash hands. So asymptomatic vaccinated people may be contagious. Terrible.

  15. I think it is way too early to get this so called vaccine out. I t has barely been tested, no one knows if it works, how long it works, what the long term results will be. Why did they not concentrate on finding a treatment? And all those labs around the world, that are doing so called research on contagious diseases, I think they are making diseases instead of developing treatments. This is not a new virus. Why did they not develop a treatment after SARS 1?

  16. This vaccine sounds like a great way to save social security. After they innoculate and kill the elderly the next round will be a vaccine to kill all the people getting close to retirement.

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