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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


CDC Recommends Nursing Homes and Health Care Workers Get COVID-19 Vaccines First

A U.S. advisory panel says the first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine should be given to health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities. The Advisory [Committee] on Immunization Practices advises the Centers for Disease Control and voted Tuesday that, with initial doses expected to be scarce, frontline health workers are a top priority. Officials at the CDC say they expect only 5-10 million doses will be available per week once U.S. regulators authorize them, possibly later this month.

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  1. How many health care workers will miss work due to vaccine related side effects? This is probably not a wise decision maybe it should first go to all those with co morbidity issues.

    1. Of course it’s not wise. But, hey many of these ‘health’ care workers are the ones pushing the vaccines on everyone, let them get a taste of their own medicine.
      I wonder if they will get a ‘special’ (inert) vaccine and the poor people in nursing homes will get the ‘real’ (dangerous) one?
      Soon they’ll end up with ‘death panels’, just you wait. All they have to do is start the propaganda mill turning, saying that older people are useless and ‘expensive’, and then people will be like drooling zombies saying, ‘get rid of the money wasting old people’.
      They get the zombies to believe ANYTHING it seems.

  2. My spouse works in a skilled nursing facility with over 60 “cases” of covid currently. He is happy to donate his “front of the line” vaccine to someone else who actually wants one. He will refuse this novel, not ready for human use vaccine and watch his coworkers who do get it over the next Filipe years to see if they end up with autoimmune disorders, neurological issues, fertility problems or cancer. You know, all the things these vaccines should have been studied for prior to release, but weren’t.

  3. Hell, no. Those things are proving debilitating and we need our healthcare workers & eldercare. Let the useless politicians and pharma execs and corporatists like Gates test them for us since they think they’re so great. And I don’t care if they do it on national tv…..I want to pick the lot number.

  4. Who gets the “informed choice” form to sign when the patients have dementia and alzheimer’s disease? Who makes that decision?

    This is beginning to sound like a vaccine trial on nursing homes. It sounds like mass genocide.

    Now is a great time to take early retirement.

  5. At the risk of sounding like a crazy conspiracy nut, I will make a plain and simple statement here and now: far more people are ultimately going to die from the Covid vaccines than will ever die from Covid. There, I said it.

    1. but will be renamed as deaths from covid obviously… dramatize and continue this farce for much longer and of course the sheep will fall for it hook line and sinker, will be egging for more vaccines and more restrictions because the government can keep them safe from a virus, i really hate this.

      1. Someone we talked to got a flu vaccine (this was years ago before the hysteria of today). He said he was urinating blood (a side effect of the flu shot- kidney damage). We told him this and he said he’d still get the vaccine anyway. Well enjoy your dialysis and kidney transplant buddy.

        You just can’t cure stupid.

  6. We must always remember that we are discussing a disease that has a very small fatality rate for anyone under 70. Even a small percentage of adverse reactions to the vaccine will be worse than the actual disease. This is a criminal enterprise pure and simple.

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