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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


German Police Fire Water Cannon at Lockdown Protesters and Arrest Hundreds

German water cannon vehicles

German citizens protesting in Berlin on Nov. 18, 2020 against new more restrictive coronavirus lockdowns, masking and social distancing restrictions were dispersed by police forces using water cannons and pepper spray on the crowd of about 10,000. Whistling, chanting and banging saucepans while holding signs, most of the demonstrators were not wearing masks or social distancing, which the police said required them to engage in action to clear the streets of the people failing to obey social distancing regulations.1

As helicopters flew above the crowd, some demonstrators threw fireworks, flares and other objects in response to being told to disperse by more than 2,000 police officers, including federal officers and others brought in from nine German states and several hundred protesters were arrested.2 A smaller demonstration in Frankfurt of about 600 people was also broken up by police using water cannons.3

In Berlin, the protesters that included families with children once again gathered near the 18th century Brandenburg Gate, an iconic symbol of Germany’s reunification.4 The Brandenburg Gate, which is located near the Reichstag building that houses the German parliament (Bundestag), was the scene of massive public protests in August 2020 against coronavirus lockdowns and suspension of civil liberties.5 6

Law Gives Broader Power to Federal Government

The thousands of Germans who took to the streets last week were protesting a proposed amendment to the Infection Protection Act that would make it more difficult to legally challenge federal restrictions on autonomy and freedom of assembly that include store, restaurant, stadium and other public venue closings. Social distancing regulations primarily have been enforced at the state and local levels since government officials declared a coronavirus pandemic emergency last winter.

Holding signs that said “Pandemic of Lies,” “Infection Protection Law = Dictatorship,” “Truth, Freedom, Don’t Touch Our Constitution” and “No forced vaccinations,” the Irish Times reported that the protesters and several conservative politicians are opposed to the new amendment because it gives the current administration broader authority to impose “necessary protective measures” during the pandemic emergency declaration. Some have said it is reminiscent of the Enabling Act of 1933 that gave sweeping power to Hitler’s administration during the Nazi takeover of Germany’s government before World War II.7 8

New Law Passes Same Day as Protests

Criticism of the new amendment to the Infection Protection Act has centered on the fact that the new law gives more authority to the government to curtail civil and human rights and was pushed through to enactment within a matter of weeks rather than months of deliberation and public debate. Legislators ignored the protests and the amendment was approved by the Bundestag the afternoon of Nov. 18. It easily passed through both houses of parliament and was fast tracked to the president, who signed it the same day.9


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  1. Funny how the police react to these protests which are largely peaceful. ut the BLM ones which have created BILLIONS in damages with Rioting etc……the media were saying ‘largely peaceful protests’ whilst buildings were burning to the ground with them and nothing much was done the police were even bowing to these people and virtue signalling to high heaven. How can anyone not the see the blatant agendas being set it just boggles the mind. Just like BLM protests nothing was said, but as soon as one is done on the lockdowns it is ‘look superpreaders everywhere these are the reason why we need the lockdowns’

  2. The ILLuminati aren’t doing this planned demic as a game, they want to get rid of most of us, one way or another. This is already on record thanks to the Rockefellers, Old man Bush, Clinton, Gates and other Satanists running the globe.

    At least these people are smart enough to protest, we need more people to stop just going along with the bs they’re selling us 24/7 on the MSM propaganda networks.

  3. What a sad day for German freedom. 🙁 My heart goes out to these brave citizens who simply want self-determination regarding breath and whether or not to undergo a medical procedure.
    Whatever happened to Nuremberg and “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”?

  4. I am proud of the German citizens who demonstrated against this power grab.
    These German Officials will be held accountable for crimes against humanity….as will the officials of all countries that impose these authoritarian measures. Justice will prevail! United we stand!!

  5. Why are the government officials not working for the people any longer. They are put in place to hear our requests not enslaving us… let’s vote them out !!!

  6. This is a silent war. The people had better wake up. EMF weapons are next. The Americans should move fast as well, most are still asleep. California finally had a mass protest last weekend. The police and military had better take charge of their own and not come down on their own people but to the cowards that run the governments that no longer work for the people but for the criminals. And go to the country homes of the criminals too to protest.

  7. Wow. If we don’t think this could happen here in the USA, as easily and quickly as it has in Germany, I suggest we take a really hard look at where at now & work diligently to oppose our loss of freedoms as quickly as possible.

  8. I did a 21 day Daniel Fast and prayed for a dream to help stop the NWO dictatorship, COVID lockdowns, and bring “Christ consciousness” into all nations worldwide. The dream given to me was all about the biblical wedding feast. In the dream, I saw the “antichrist spirit” who was a young, handsome, middle eastern looking man who wore a red jacket with the word “Germany” on the jacket. When I woke up, I sensed that the actual antichrist “spirit” and/or perhaps, the person himself, is already headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Per Perry Stone, there are about 3 raptures, not just one. The 1st rapture will be the disappearance of Christians prior to the tribulation, but not Christians who are “lukewarm.” The 2nd will be Christians beheaded; the 3rd will be those few who survive tribulation. From what I’ve read, the best way to ensure people will go into the 1st rapture is to get water baptized and hopefully, get blessed with the gift of speaking in tongues. I Pray that peace and freedom be restored to the German people and to everyone worldwide in these difficult times.

  9. So interesting that the police “HAD” to break up the protest due to not distancing, mask wearing, etc. Why? Why is it necessary? If I want to take my chances & protest without a mask, why shouldn’t I be able to do so? Why does it matter to them EXCEPT that they want to be able to enforce whatever laws in whatever arbitrary way that want to when they want to! It is definitely governmental tyranny! They trying to see just how far people can be pushed to accept their agenda, even when the opinions change by the day & thousands of people have survived the supposedly “deadly” Covid19!!

  10. These brutal abuses of power should convince everyone that this is NOT about a virus, but about control over the people. This is insane.

  11. My prayers and tears are flowing for Germany and for the world. We MUST stop this NWO from
    taking over, for our children and grandchildren’s sake. If only Americans were as brave as the
    German people. Protests in large numbers are the only way to let them know that we will NOT
    COMPLY! STOP going along with these mask and lockdown orders people! Take back your
    FREEDOM! Do your research and STOP watching corporate controlled media. We are NOT
    in danger from a virus…there is NO ‘pandemic”…we ARE in danger of a tyrannical take over.

  12. Keep the faith, Berlin! We look to you as wayshowers in this fight against the Nazis. Wir werden ueberwinden!

  13. I am a German citizen and I am not happy about the behavior of the protesters. In these days, we all should be considerate of our fellow citizens even, if we do not agree with the pros or cons of masks. Many people, including health practitioners believe they help curb the spread of COVID. And I think, we should respect this. Had the protesters worn masks the police would not have dissolved the protest. The protesters were asked many times to wear masks, but the majority of them did not follow that request.So eventually, the police used water cannons to disperse the crowd. And they were raining the water on top of the crowd and did not aim the water cannons directly at the people, because there were also children among the protesters. Which opens the question, why a parent would decide to bring children to a protest that is also aimed to provoke and could lead to confrontation.
    In difference to the US police force the German police is trained a lot in conflict resolution and generally is accepted and appreciated by the German population.
    Most Germans are outraged by the inconsiderate behavior of the protesters and not by the behavior of the German police.
    Wearing a mask is uncomfortable, but I think considerate of our fellow humans. The question gets much more difficult, when it involves vaccines, since they potentially can have very serious side effects that may only show many years later. And I hope, a COVID vaccine will never be mandatory. Germans do not have mandatory vaccines, besides measles (mandatory only very recently).

    1. The masks “mandates” are unjust and the police are the criminals if they attempt to arrest anyone who hasn’t broken a just law. If they do so, they are acting under color of law. People have a natural right to assemble and protest. They also can defend themselves which includes resisting arrest.

  14. So Germany is now using Hitler’s playbook? Just think of how many other countries. That have did this same exact thing. One of the very things that the world fought so hard to stop. And so many men women and children killed during WWII. It looks as if millions of people have died in vain!!!!

  15. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

    Sep 1, 2020 08-29-20 RFK, Jr. Speaks to the Crowd in Berlin

    “I’m speaking to people who love democracy people; people who want open government; people who want leaders who are not going to lie to them; leaders who are not going to make arbitrary rules and regulations to orchestrate obedience of the population; we want health officials who don’t have financial entanglements with the pharmaceutical industry … who are working for us not Big Pharma.”

  16. I am proudly a Romanian citizen living in Canada for 30 years. I hoped to have a good life in a Democratic Country, with a good reputation for the care of the Citizens!
    Now the Comunism is winning, pushed and imposed on the free world! MBL was born as movement against SLAVERY! What do you think is coming … Look how ex East Germany demonstrate in the streets! And also ex Comunist Romania’s people follow suite, in fact leading the fight…
    We know first hand…. and refuse to go back to the Comunist modus vivendi!
    Shame on our Governments to bow in front of some rich and thirsty for power and money people!
    Shame on them. I believe in judgment Day…

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