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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Flu Shot Deaths in South Korea Said to Be “Coincidental”

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Story Highlights

  • More than 80 people have died in South Korea following influenza vaccination.
  • After an investigation into the safety of the vaccines, South Korean health authorities ruled the deaths as “coincidental.”
  • The public health agency in South Korea has decided to continue and promote its free influenza vaccine program despite public anxiety relating to the deaths associated with the flu shots.

South Korea’s public health agency, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) reported that a total of 83 people, most of whom were elderly (over the age of 70), died after being administered a seasonal influenza vaccine.1

Government Suspended Influenza Vaccine Program After Refrigeration Issues

In late September 2020, it was reported that about 5 million influenza vaccine doses, which were required to be refrigerated, had been exposed to room temperature while being transported to medical institutions. On Sept. 22, 2020, the government suspended its free influenza vaccine program available to eligible groups for three weeks until mid-October 2020 to check the safety of the doses.2

According to the KDCA’s commissioner, Jeong Eun-kyeong, the problem arose during distribution and not during the manufacturing process of the vaccines.3 The agency said that quality tests and inspections found no safety problems and the influenza vaccine program was resumed on Oct. 13, 2020.4

Deaths Following Influenza Vaccination Continue to Increase

The KDCA has said that a total of 9.68 million people have been vaccinated through South Korea’s National Immunization Program so far. Of those that have been vaccinated, at least 1,551 people have reported adverse side effects.5

Currently, 83 deaths have been reported following influenza vaccination. KDCA has said that the deaths mostly occurred among the elderly aged 70 or older with pre-existing health conditions.6 7

Authorities Say Deaths Are “Coincidental”

Government health authorities in South Korea have said that investigations found no causal association between the deaths and the influenza vaccine. According to the agency, after reviewing the autopsies of 71 deceased patients, most of whom were in their 70s and 80s, it was found that there was no direct link between the influenza vaccination and deaths.

Of the 71 autopsies, KDCA found that each person had a serious underlying health condition.[8] Some of the autopsies showed that 13 people died of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other disorders.9 The cause of death in the remaining autopsy is unknown.10

The agency said the deaths were “coincidental.” In a statement, KDCA officials stated that, “Following examinations, the KDCA has come to a conclusion that there is little causality between the recently increased report of deaths and influenza vaccination.”11

Emeritus professor Lee Hoan-Jong at the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital agreed with the government’s conclusion regarding the deaths. He said:

We can’t say the deaths are due to contamination by any particular batch of vaccine or a vaccination programme error. I agree with the government view that the deaths and vaccination are just coincidental.12

KDCA Continues Its Influenza Program Despite Public Anxiety About Vaccine Safety

South Korean health authorities say that because they found no association between the deaths and the influenza vaccine, they plan on continuing the state-run influenza vaccine program. KDCA Commissioner Jeong Eun-kyeong stated that, “After reviewing death cases so far, it is not the time to suspend a flu vaccination program since vaccination is very crucial this year, considering… the COVID-19 outbreaks.”13

While encouraging people to continue getting the influenza vaccine, Eun-kyeong issued precautions before getting the vaccine, such as drinking enough water and telling healthcare workers about any underlying medical conditions. She also advised people to wait 15-30 minutes before leaving the clinic where they receive their vaccine. She said, “If possible, try to get the flu shot when it’s warm, since there are concerns that low temperatures could affect cardiovascular disease or cerebrovascular disease.14

Five Influenza Vaccine Manufacturers In South Korea Decline To Make A Public Comment

Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Influenza vaccines in South Korea include domestic firms such as GC Pharma, SK Bioscience, Korea Vaccine and Boryung Biopharma Co. Ltd. and French pharmaceutical Sanofi Pasteur.15 They supply both the free vaccine program and paid services that aim to vaccinate about 30 million people out of a population of 52 million.16

All four domestic firms declined to make a public comment, while Sanofi did not immediately reply to requests for comment. It is not clear if any of the vaccines made in South Korea were exported elsewhere or if those supplied by Sanofi Pasteur are also being used in other countries.17


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6 Responses

  1. Why in God’s name would anyone ever get a flu vaccine? Even if they were effective (they are absolutely, laughably ineffective) and safe (obviously not– they can cause paralysis, immune system damage and suppression, and as S. Koreans are finding out, death).

    So we have a notoriously ineffective, toxic vaccine which can never work anyway (when only 10% of cases of ‘the flu’ are even correlated with ‘infection’ by an ‘influenza virus’). Which is now obviously killing people. Who are these people who think the flu is so deadly that they’d rather roll the dice with an insane, toxic vaccine? And this goes 1000X for the mega-insane, DNA-scrambling, body-hijacking ‘sars-cov-2’ vaccines.

    If people are really this scared of viruses which can’t even be proven to exist, possessing them and taking over their bodies and killing them, how will they ever live again after this Corona scam? Will they live in a bubble? Or will the vaccines damage their brains enough that they don’t care anymore…… It’s all so sickening and pathetic…

    1. I am in 100% agreement. Vaccines are for the most part a complete sham. Millions have been bamboozled into believing vaccines are worth the risk. What about the millions who never get any vaccines (myself included) and never or seldom get sick? Does anyone think their doctor has an honest answer for that? Where is the honestly about how these things are created, tested and what is inside them? The FDA is 50% bought and paid for (funded) by Pharma so they are absolutely impartial right? The entire medical mafia is a sorrowful scam and we are the pawns.

    2. I agree with Tom 100%! Why are people so stupid that they believe these psychopath’s!! Vaccines are the biggest scam in history! It is just to much!! These creatures who are pushing these vaccines need to be dealt with quickly!! The time is now!!

  2. So deaths from following flu vaccine are “coincidental” because of underlying health condition, but deaths from those same conditions are a direct result of SARS-CoV2. Anyone buying this?

  3. I should have said “Why would anyone get a flu vaccine UNLESS THEY ARE FORCED TO.” Which is evil and should never be allowed to happen in a ‘free’ society, but does happen… I realize a lot of people have no real choice. I had to get it in the military, too.

    Anyway you are lucky to be unvaccinated (unpoisoned). I had bad allergies as a child, then developed nasty (relatively minor) reactions to tetanus (minor facial paralysis) and MMR (horrible skin rash that lasted 3 months) vaccines in high school. There has been such a blackout on vaccine harm that it never even occurred to me until years later to make the connection (even though the skin rash occurred just 2 months after I got the MMR).

    Of course I’ll never know to what extent my development and health was damaged due to vaccines as a child, but these were acute reactions when I was old enough to be aware.

    Then, I got injected with a witches brew of toxic vaccines over a short period of time in the military (anthrax, yellow fever, flu, meningitis, hep b, hep a, tetanus, diptheria, etc etc). Had various issues after that for years, some of which I have been able to repair. Others I still have to this day (like eczema).

    Funny thing is, when I went to a military doctor to ask about the eczema, he had the same condition. He had no idea about the cause or any treatment (military doctors aren’t incentivized to push as many toxic ineffective drugs as possible, so they are somewhat better than civilian doctors sometimes). Just a strange situation where we both had probably gotten this from vaccine damage and didn’t know it.

    Needless to say, I am ‘vaxxed’ (though lucky to have escaped with minor damage). And now I am an absolute, 100%, extremely well-informed and researched ‘anti-vaxxer.’ All I have to say is, Never Again.

    Someday the virology-vaccinology industry / cult will have to account for its crimes and frauds and millions of injuries.

  4. I have never had a flu shot and I don’t get the flu. I am 76. I’ve received emails from Medicare “reminding” that it’s time to get a flu shot.

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