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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


How Sweden Dealt With Coronavirus: Are There Lessons for the U.S.?

It looks like the world we lost. Cafes and restaurants full, people relaxed, no face masks, no panic. I have to say, honestly, I’m glad I’m here… in comparison with what I’m watching my family go through in the U.S. I would say they’re pretty much hands off here in Sweden, as opposed to hands on. You feel safer here than you would back home? Oh definitely. So I’m kind of proud the way we’ve handled it. Sweden kept most of its schools and businesses open. It asked people to socially distance. Half of Swedes live alone anyway. It banned large gatherings, but imposed few other rules. As for Sweden’s buses and trains, well, take a look at this… not a face mask in sight. The government doesn’t recommend them and Swedes follow expert advice.

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  1. I suspect that the Sweedish people take more Vitamin D than in the U.S. Many Americans are deficient in Vitamin D and it does play an important role in disease prevention as does Vitamin C and zinc.

    1. Shannon, Unfortunately, the vitamin D in pill form is NOT the same as natural vitamin D from sunlight. The chemical form of Vitamin D(aka tablet/capsule) causes hardening of the arteries while natural Vit D from sunlight doesn’t. Vit D is a hormone, not a true vitamin and trying to supplement via capsule or food fortification is a crude substitution. Sadly, the Swedish gov’t feels that “fortifying” your foods with this chemical is appropriate. We also do this in the US with dairy. Adulterating any food is unacceptable. No different from mandating vaccination.

      1. Robert, it’s important to take Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) when supplementing with Vitamin D to prevent the possible hardening of the arteries. Saying Vitamin D alone causes hardening of the arteries is totally incorrect You seem to be getting your information from CNN. Stop being a follower. Sweden is doing the right thing..

  2. Good for Sweden, at least they have smart people! Anyone who wears a face mask is an idiot! So you see the U.S. has mostly stupid people complying to their corrupt government! Nothing but freaks making the rules in the U.S. They can stick their face mask where the sun doesn’t shine! Like I said nothing but stupid idiots! It is disgusting how brain dead people really are!

  3. Fauci and pharma tried for years to hit the jackpot with various flus and viruses – SARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, etc. but only garnered a few billion from taxpayers. This time they made sure they own the media and own almost every politician in D.C. There was no one to stand in their way of manufacturing this phony “pandemic.” Fauci and pharma have done what tyrants have done since time immemorial to wrest control of an entire population – create fear and tell people only they can save them. It worked for the Nazis and it has worked beautifully for Fauci and pharma. They have ruined our lives, destroyed small businesses, forced people to wear masks that harm our lungs, stripped away our civil liberties and have total control of our government but they have stolen hundreds of billions of our tax dollars and plan on making hundreds of billions more with their toxic vaccines. They can keep coming up with “pandemics” until they bankrupt the treasury. Biden as already agreed to go along with any “pandemic” Fauci comes up with. Americans have proven themselves to be fearful, brainwashed sheep. Our only hope is for people who haven’t thrown their common sense out the window who will stand up and fight for our Democracy which is hanging on by a thin thread.


    World renowned epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford & Stanford universities support their approach.

    More people should be spreading this truth because digital media won’t. They’re making billions from the lockdowns, just look at their share prices & profits. They all also control the narrative with their “fact” checks, algorithm (watch Netflix’s documentary, Social Dilemma, it’ll now your mind), strategically placed alerts etc.

    E.g. check the Google sponsored “latest” covid19 info banner under epidemiologists video. No other video has this, not even “covid19 is hoax” videos have this banner!

    Spread the truth, maybe slowly some of the ??? will wake up

  5. Since when is following the advice of the CDC and World Health Organization being stupid? Since when is respecting the health of others, and caring for others stupid?
    People are dying from a real disease, and selfish, uneducated people are more worried about being inconvenienced by wearing a mask?

    Yes, wake up, do your own research, and respect the social distancing and masks that most intelligent people agree are a reasonable precaution and a minor inconvenience!

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