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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


DC Bill B23-0171 Allowing Children 11 Years and Older to Be Vaccinated Without Parental Knowledge or Consent Advances

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Opinion | On Oct. 7, 2020, during a hastily scheduled virtual meeting,1 four District of Columbia Council members making up the Health Committee2 amended and unanimously passed a minor consent bill, B23-0171.3 The bill would not only permit children aged 11 years and older to give consent for doctors and other vaccine administrators to give them vaccines without their parents’ knowledge or consent, but would also require insurance companies, vaccine administrators and schools to conceal from parents that the child has been vaccinated.

On Oct. 20, 2020,4 the entire DC Council voted in favor of the bill 12:15 on the first reading in yet another virtual online meeting6 with no public testimony. It was announced that the second reading, which will be the final vote, will take place on Nov. 10, 2020.7

Committee Chair and Bill Sponsor Admit “Imminent” COVID-19 Vaccine is Reason for Sudden Push to Eliminate Parental Rights

NVIC issued an alert8 through the online NVIC Advocacy Portal when the bill had it’s first public hearing in June of 2019 advising opposition to the bill, which violated parental medical informed consent rights. Testimony was taken,9 and NVIC submitted testimony against the bill.10 B23-0171 then sat for over a year untouched and unmoved.

In a revealing statement Vincent C. Gray (D-Ward 7), the chair of the DC Health Committee which passed the bill, explained why the bill was all suddenly being revived and pushed through so quickly. Gray was quoted in The Washington Post as saying, “the hope of an imminent corona­virus vaccine gave the bill new urgency.”11

Primary sponsor of this bill, DC Council Member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), emphasized that coronavirus vaccines were her the main reason why she wants to remove parents from the process of vaccinating children. Advocating for passage of her bill, she stated:

And given our ongoing pandemic and the incredible work being done to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, it’s more important than ever I think that we reduce any and all barriers to these treatments and this legislation aims to do just that by increasing access to vaccines for minors who choose to get vaccinated but have not been able to do so.12

If this bill passes, it is clear that minor children will be at risk of being pressured and coerced into getting a COVID-19 vaccine behind their parents’ back once it is available and added by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) to the childhood vaccine schedule recommended by the U,S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) .

Violation of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and Parental Rights

B23-0171 permits minor children 11 years and older to consent to any vaccine recommended by ACIP without a parent’s knowledge or consent (bill lines 27-30).

Federal legislative history provides evidence that Congress never intended for a minor child to make decisions to get a vaccine without parents’ knowledge or consent. When the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 198613 was passed, the Act clearly stated that before the administration of vaccines14 to a child, a health care provider shall give a copy of the CDC’s vaccine information materials to the, “parent or legal representative of any child to whom the provider intends to administer such vaccine…”

The CDC confirms that there is a requirement that their Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) is provided to the parent/legal guardian prior to vaccination of a minor child on their VIS Q&A page.15 Under the question, “Is there a requirement to verify that parents/legal representatives have actually received and reviewed the VIS,” the answer is a clear “YES”.

These requirements under federal law for a parent to be educated with CDC materials prior to their minor child being vaccinated will not be met if a child is allowed to make these decisions on their own.

The United States Supreme Court has recognized the right of parents to be an active and integral part of their children’s lives as perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by [the Supreme] Court. Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (U.S. 2000)16

B23-0171 Endangers the Health and Well Being of Children

A minor child is far less likely than an adult parent to understand personal and family medical history, including vaccine reactions, allergies, and autoimmune or neurological disorders.

Children do not have the same kind of critical thinking skills or emotional maturity required to make a well-informed vaccine benefit-risk decision compared to an adult. Vaccines can cause injury and death as evidenced by the creation of a federally operated Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which has paid out over $4.4 billion dollars to vaccine victims.17

If a child consents to vaccination without their parent knowledge and has a reaction, the parent may not recognize vaccine reaction symptoms and the reason for their child’s sudden personality change and decline in physical, mental or emotional health, and this lack of knowledge could be life threatening for the child.  The parent’s lack of knowledge about the fact that their child was given vaccines that carry a risk of injury or death may well prevent the parent from seeking immediate medical care.

Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act18 Congress gave partial liability protection to vaccine manufacturers in 1986 and then added an amendment giving vaccine administrators liability protection from vaccine injury lawsuits in 1987. In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court judges in Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth et al19 affirmed that government licensed and recommended childhood vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe” and effectively removed all remaining liability from vaccine manufacturers. Today, pharmaceutical companies making and selling vaccines and doctors and other vaccine administrators have no legal accountability or financial liability in civil court when a mandated vaccine causes permanent injury or death.

There is no justification for the state to eliminate a parent’s legal and moral right to make an informed benefit and risk decision about vaccination on behalf of a minor child, especially when doctors and other vaccine providers have no liability or accountability for what happens to the child after vaccination.

Violates Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)20

B23-0171 compels schools (bill lines 52-54) to conceal vaccine administration from parents, whose children give consent to receive vaccinations on their own, even when their parents have already declined one or more vaccines for health risk reasons or have filed a religious vaccine exemption.

FERPA, 34 CFR § 99.1021, guarantees parents the right to have access to their children’s education records. The definition of “education records” include health and vaccine records at the K-12 level22.

While B23-0171 blocks parents from getting access to their child’s vaccination status, the bill does permit schools to share the child’s vaccination record with the DC Department of Health or the school-based health center (bill lines 53-54).

This is also in conflict with FERPA because 34 CFR §99.30 requires prior written parental consent before personally identifiable information (PII) is disclosed to others and requires schools to provide copies of those records disclosed.23 While FERPA does allow for release of PII under the health and safety emergency exception, the release of information that personally identifies the student is extremely limited.24

Bill Conflicts With Religious Exemption, Requires Falsification of Records

Section 5300.11 of the DC Municipal Regulations states, “The immunization requirements subject to this Chapter, shall not apply to any student whose parent or guardian objects in writing to the immunization on grounds that the medical treatment or medical test is forbidden by their religion or religious beliefs and practices25.”

Granting vaccine providers the ability to vaccinate children in the absence of parental consent conflicts with the already codified religious exemption rights of parents.

There are other serious legal issues creating the potential for criminal violations and civil liability lawsuits: the bill requires vaccine providers and insurers to conceal the fact that the child was vaccinated and it requires the falsification of official medical records by vaccine administrators.

The bill (lines 37-41) requires providers to seek reimbursement from the parent’s insurance company but prohibits insurers from sending an Explanation of Benefits. Lines 48-52 requires a health care provider to leave part of the immunization record blank concealing from the parent the fact that their own child was given vaccines.

DC Vaccine Bill Part of the Dangerous Agenda To Remove Parents From Vaccination Decisions for Minor Children

Congress held two vaccine hearings on Feb. 2726 and Mar. 5, 2019.27 The hearings, which focused on vaccine hesitancy, pitted children against their parents.

Veteran vaccine safety and informed consent advocates with decades of experience, including time spent serving as consumer representatives on federal advisory committees, were denied the ability to testify. However, a teenager, who had no expertise in the area of vaccine safety and law and whose only experience related to the subject being discussed was recently criticizing his mother on social media28 for not vaccinating him, was invited to testify.29

After the hearing, the mainstream media published multiple similar articles promoting the ill-conceived concept of doctors being given the power to convince minor children to receive vaccines without their parents’ consent, often quoting the teen’s testimony as justification for why parents should be cut out of the vaccination process for their minor children.30 Medical trade groups representing liability-free vaccine administrators also endorsed the concept of giving children liability free vaccines without parental consent.

Doctors, who are frustrated with having to spend time talking with educated parents about vaccines, have identified minor consent as a way to coerce children into consenting to vaccines on their own. Pre-adolescents and teenagers are vulnerable to peer and authority-figure persuasion. An opinion piece expressing support for removing parental informed consent rights was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 31 and the American Medical Association passed a resolution supporting state laws to allow minors to consent to vaccination.32

This coordinated effort resulted in 13 minor consent bills being introduced in state legislatures in 2019, and there was a big jump to 21 similar bills being introduced in 2020.

Legislators listened to parents and rejected a total of 33 minor consent bills filed in 2019 and 2020. The DC minor consent bill in is the only one moving.33

What Happens if the Bill Passes on November 10th?

If the bill passes a second reading in the City Council, it goes to the DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who has up to 10 days to sign the bill, let it go into effect without her signature, or veto it.  If Mayor Bowser vetoes the bill, the City Council can override the veto by a two-thirds vote.

The final step before becoming law is the bill must be sent to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate for a period of 30 days before becoming effective as law. During this period of review, the U.S. Congress may enact into law a joint resolution disapproving and negating the legislation. If, during the review period, the President of the United States approves a joint resolution by Congress disapproving the DC legislation, it will be prevented from becoming law.  If, however, upon the expiration of the congressional review period, no joint resolution disapproving the Council’s Act has been approved by the President, the bill finally becomes a law and is assigned a law number.34

Litigation is also likely if the DC Council passes B23-0171. In an Oct. 21, 2020 update by, “DC Council Would Discard Constitution, End Parents’ Rights,” Executive Director Michael Ramey asserts this bill is contrary to the U.S. Constitution and lays out existing U.S. Supreme Court precedent to back this up. He says, “For nearly 100 years, consistent Supreme Court precedent has held that parents have both the duty and the right to direct the care, custody, and control of their minor children.”35

What Can People Do To Help Defeat This Legislation?

Families living or sending their children to school in the District of Columbia should contact all thirteen members of the DC Council36 and tell them to Vote NO on B23-0171 in the second and final reading. Specific directions, talking points, and contact information is published in the alert on the NVIC Advocacy Portal.

Everyone else can help get this information to people they know in DC. NVIC anticipates that there will be similar minor consent bills filed in other states in 2021. Registered users of the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal will receive action alerts with talking points when vaccine related bills like this one are introduced in 2021 so they can take action in their own states to protect their informed consent rights.

Note: This commentary provides referenced information and perspective on a topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics being discussed in public forums and by U.S. lawmakers.  The websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) provide information and perspective of federal agencies responsible for vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking.


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41 Responses

  1. I am speechless about the abomination of this decision and truly hope it will get oberturned on the final vote, and god help us that it will not snowball to other states.

  2. What is Trumps position on vaccines at this point? I thought he set up a Children’s Health council under Robert Kennedy Jr ?

    1. RFK, Jr tells the story about what happened with that. I think you may find it on the website for Childrens Health Briefly: Trump announced the committee with RFK, Jr leading it. Then Pfizer donated $1 million to his inaugural. The committee was scrapped, and two big pharma guys got cabinet posts: Scott Gottleib, FDA (Pfizer) and Alex Azar, HHS (Eli lilly).

      1. RFK, Jr tells the story about what happened with that. I think you may find it on the website for Childrens Health Briefly: Trump announced the committee with RFK, Jr leading it. Then Pfizer donated $1 million to his inaugural. The committee was scrapped, and two big pharma guys got cabinet posts: Scott Gottleib, FDA (Pfizer) and Alex Azar, HHS (Eli Lilly).

    2. No he did not. He initially hired Booby to look into vaccine safety in 2017 and then after one conversation [payoff?] with Bill Gates who told him it was all nonsense; he fired Bobby.
      Bobby Kennedy Jr formed his own Children’s Health Defense organization which works hand in hand with other organizations like NVIC & Dr Mercola. Trump has had 4 years to do something about vaccines and has done nothing so don’t count on him. NVIC will keep us informed and help us fight this kind of legislation. Mercola is helping us stay well without the Covid shot and Bobby is letting us know not only about vaccines but the Agenda 21 that is happening as we speak with loss of freedoms, transfer of wealth to the rich, depopulation & 24/7 tracking of all your activities with 5G.

  3. This bill is outrageous! Children need to be protected by their parents. Who gave them the right to usurp the rights and obligations of the parents..

    Children do not have the ability to make an informed decision. To make it even worse there is subtrafuge to hide it from the parents.

  4. This is yet another gross intrusion into the rights of parents by Big Pharma and their bought and paid for politicians! CRIMINAL AND UNGODLY!!!

  5. So scary! My first thought was that I need to research what country I can safely raise my children in… Obviously this country is out…

  6. Any and all people involved in this travesty of justice should immediately be arrested, indicted and sent to trial for minimally assault, assault and battery if they do in fact inject those poisons into any child and other charges as can be deamed up by a good counselor and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    These are criminals working their hardest to try to damage children and hide their nefarious actions from those who care the most for those children. It is high time to take down any and all of the fools who are working, overtime, to try to destroy this country.
    Criminals need to be held accountable for their actions and the truth about vaccines needs to be freely disceminated.

  7. No vaccine should ever be given to any 11 year old child or under 18 yrs of age without parental consent. I had my 3 children vaccinated and have regretted it ever since, I just wished I knew back then what I know now, things would have been very different. Wake up people to the dangers of vaccines and the truth that the proper safety studies were never done.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I wouldn’t regret the fact that you have vaccinated your children. There are many diseases that they were vaccinated against that are actually serious. It is possible that your decision to vaccinate them saved them from contracting a seriously harmful disease/sickness. Vaccines are not the enemy. I just hope (as a mom myself) that you are not living with any deep regret. We do the best we can in loving and caring for our dear children, not always a perfect job, but the best we can. Your intentions were good. As for the bill allowing children to make the decision to be vaccinated….that is criminal…..nothing less.

  8. This bill is unconscionable. Children of 11 years of age have no business deciding on medical treatments of any kind without the clear authorization of their parents or TRUSTED guardians. The long-term consequences could be severe, or even deadly. As far as I’m concerned, no vaccine is actually 100% safe, therefore children should not be allowed to make this decision. This is a clear attempt at preparing for forced vaccinations for all people.

  9. But of course your child can’t go into a vape shop and purchase vaping equipment but can consent to a medical injection. So nice they are thinking of the children. Looks like some law maker’s know who funds their campaigns

  10. This is ridiculous. Congress is beyond irresponsible. This is just the beginning of dozens of bills that will attempt to force everyone to take these fake vaccines. No way should this be passed.

  11. This is dreadful. Minors lack capacity to contract and any transaction with an adult can be set aside our voided. For example if a car dealer sells a car to a minor, that sale can be voided. We’ve always know that miners must be protected from adults who would prey on their innocence and gullibility. Now we allow pharmaceuticals access to them?! This is child abuse and outrageous!

  12. Interesting……SO, who or what is DRIVING this Bill towards Legislation?
    I suspect Big Pharma/Bill Gates/UN/WHO are driving this BILL to FORCE compliance and conformity on uninformed children who are not in any position to make an INFORMED DECISION…!!!
    Despicable is too softer word to describe these actions by such bureaucrates who, I wonder if they would consent to let this happen to their own children and have they actually stopped to consider this fact or don’t they have any off spring?
    These actions go TOTALLY against Human Rights Globally, not just in USA, so look out for similar Bills in all associated countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
    Australia already has a “No Jab, No Govt Pay”……No Child Allowance Payment historically paid to parents for each child to help towards the care of that citizen…!!!
    So, moves worldwide are happening driven by these EVIL people to vaccinate children/parents/everyone to get them to conform and comply against their own will and human rights…..I wonder what is coming next…..when International travel starts again, the Sars Cov-2 Vaccine will be compulsory at Airports or you will have to cancel your plans if you respectfully decline their offer of a COVID-19 Vaccine, whci ever vaccine manufacturer wins the “RACE” to be ready for 7 Billion recipients……NOT me thank you as I will “Respectfully Decline the Vaccine” on the grounds that I get allergic reactions to vaccines…..try this approach for your own good future health, but be ready to cope with the consequences that may go with those actions.

  13. I now see that whoever controls these comments, has gone and completely censored my earlier comment, or am I being paranoid….?

  14. Diane Marie, this bill B23-0171 was introduced by Councilmember Mary Cheh, a politician of the Democratic Party. It probably has little to do with Trump, however, it is sad that anyone would even consider such an atrocious thing. I suppose we find out after this elections if this will go any further or hopefully end up being no more than a fruitless attempt.

  15. The fact they use the Covid-19 vaccine as a precedent is absurd. Children are barely affected by Covid. They have robust T-Cell immune responses which are stronger then an artificial immune response via a vaccine.
    It’s basically just sowing the seed for mandatory vaccines, which is the impetus for a digital I.D/digital health passport, which is one of the most critical aspect of the new economic & social world (The Great Reset) that we are on the cusp of.

  16. This is absolutely scary. Thank God people are waking up to the evil. I know that’s a strong word. But it fits, doesn’t it!? We are under a Blitzkrieg, and it’s our own government attacking us! All in the name of ‘safety’. Safety has nothing to do with it. It’s about subjugation and control.

  17. No one has the right to use our children as lab rats. As parents we have the responsability and the right to protect our children. This is not just against childrens health, but against the wellbeing of the whole family. Furthermore against the best survival of the whole human race. How far the irresponsible people behind this interests and intentions are going ???As far as they try to go, as far as we must fight to overcome the obstacle they represent to our wellbeing.

  18. This is absolutely insane. Why do lawmakers think they can get away with INTENTIONALLY circumventing parents’ rights over their own children to administer a cocktail of contents that may or may not be any way helpful in combatting a virus that medical professionals STILL don’t even fully understand. What if the child is predisposed to standard vaccine content sensitivity (as is the case with my children)? Will the primary care provider be consulted beforehand and roped into deceiving the parents as well? I’m sure that full indemnification has been written into the law to protect ALL parties involved in making potentially life-altering decisions on behalf of other people’s children (in some cases, sentencing them to death), without the parents’ knowledge or consent. I am utterly astonished. My husband and I have instructed our children (and conduct regular pop quiz drills) to state that BOTH of their parents are employed by a well-known, celebrity-level personal injury law firm in the Midwest, and that if an attempt is made to administer vaccines without parental consent, the school district, will be sued into bankruptcy. And if they continue to be pestered, to scream that they are being tortured, flail, escape as fast as they can, whatever it takes.

  19. No vaccine should ever be given to any child under 18 yrs of age without parental consent. Children 11-17 still should require parental consent before getting a vaccine. This new DC bill should be scrapped and rewritten. Children 18 years and younger (and even 25 years and younger) don’t know what’s in the vaccines and how bad the ingredients are! BUT neither do the doctors.

  20. Well in that case, I guess we should allow 11 year olds to drink, smoke, have sex, have children, vote, drive cars, get jobs and take care of themselves, run for public office…you know all things that adults can do. But wait, they are called children for a reason. They are NOT adults nor do they have the mental maturity to make adult decisions. This is appalling and I can’t believe adults would even consider such a disturbing idea. This is the United States of America. Not Communist China. Don’t give an inch on our Constitutional Rights. Don’t bend even just a little. This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. You certainly aren’t going to coerce my child to vaccinate or force me to vaccinate.

    1. Seems like America is as well
      A communist country under the radar. There is no democracy here -wake up!
      As you said maybe our kids should be allowed to drink….
      We must talk to our kids. No one has the right to touch their body. PERIOD!

  21. Over my Dead Body will our child be poked / prodded / injected with anything without our consent!! This is so outrageous !!! Wake up “sheeples !!!!!”

  22. How is this even legal!!!!! No child at that age and even older to age of 17 does not have enough intelligence or mental capabilities to understand the full ramifications of a vaccine or its side effects! Parents are responsible for their children and the health of their children! If parents do not have awareness of these vaccines being given how can they protect their child! Who will take care of these children if a vaccine side effect occurs and they are not aware of these vaccines being given! I can see it now that children will become victims and then if a child becomes ill or disabled the parent will be held accountable personally as well as financially! We have constitutional rights as individuals as well as parental rights and this is nothing but illegal behind closed door attempts to strip us Americans of our unalienable rights! This must be stopped immediately! As an adult how would you like to be forced or coerced into getting something done to you without your knowledge or consent under false pretenses! I can say this unequivocally that these adults who are voting on these inhumane and illegal decisions are in bed with pharmaceutical companies! Children should never be used as pawns! Parents should always have a say and make all decisions for their child or children! We will not abide by yourruthless criminal behaviors!

  23. This viscous attack on our families violates the parent-child relationship and should leave the state absolutely open to lawsuits. They have protected pharmaceutical companies and “warn” of side effects on their informed consent forms which someone has to sign. How can a child under 12 years of age be responsible signing a consent form? What if the child is allergic to an ingredient or has a untoward reaction and the parent has no idea that they were injected with something. The Communist-Democrats are the tyrants! For God’s sake, stop voting Democrat! They are lockstep globalists. It’s easier to weed out the few RINOs, but the tyrannical Democrats hate liberty and hate you. They do not care about your children. They want you to know that “they own your children”, you are just the “breeder.” Get off the The Communist Democrat Plantation.

  24. Legislation of this type is scary and sad.
    I took the time to read all the comments that follow the article and I want to say thank you to all the intelligent and articulate people who took the time to make their thoughts known. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the folks who are cautious and critical of vaccines are a highly educated group and I am proud to stand among them.

  25. Unless kids have changed drastically in the past 40 years, I can’t imagine any kid actually wanting a shot! It sounds like they’re more likely force the kids to go the school nurse and make them take it, that’s probably their hidden strategy in the District of Criminals. School is becoming more like a prison every day. Besides that, the idea that the communist school board has the right to dictate medical policies is crazy. It’s like giving medical authority to a guy who never graduated college and instead ran a computer company….

  26. I am so thankful to find like-minded individuals here. I just wonder what message they would be sending to 11 year old children about their parents if they are legally doing things behind their backs, involving schools and even insurance companies. Where would that leave children and their parents from age 11 to adulthood. There are two similar bills in the works in NY for 14 year olds.

    The family that brought the lawsuit against Wyeth (now Pfizer) argued that their daughter suffered seizures as an infant after her third dose of a diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, or DTP vaccine in 1992. They also stated that she had serious developmental delay caused by the DTP vaccine, and that a safer alternative had been available but not made available. Eventually, the vaccine was taken off the market in 1998 and replaced.

    In a 6-2 decision, the Court ruled that the federal law protects drugmakers from design-defect claims as long as the vaccine was properly manufactured and CARRIED ADEQUATE WARNING LABELS. But if after warning labels, parents cannot refuse vaccines or even may not know about their child getting it, wouldn’t this new legislature have the legal means to kill our children?

  27. the key is to find out who is Pushing this bill and which Senator Support this bill so we can hold them responsible and we can Lynch them. regardless who they are this people think they have the power to do as they please People we must unite and fight the Oligarchy of Evil Doers. at any Cost the life of our Children is at hand. I don`t know about you But I will go to any length to Protect My Children. against any harm.

  28. Who has put these socialist in power? Freedom of our body and our families must stay in our power. This is not ok; and makes me sick to think we are losing freedoms every day. Please let’s turn this ship around before it’s too late.

  29. Let the world depopulation planned action begin. if you are lucky, you will not be one of the 5 billion on the Gates/WHO/CDC/JHU/Rothschild list to be eliminated by next year.

  30. So my argument would be… if a MINOR can’t make the consent or comprehension of making decisions such as sex, buying cigarettes, joining the army, or more then how could they consent to something they have not even taken classes to understand what is happening to their body when they take a vaccine? They are not informed and cannot comprehend the permanence of such decisions. Ridiculous. If we are going to start keeping medical history that young from parents. Then children should be able to do a lot more under the age of 18 like open up credit cards to feed people they take care of. Might as well. Snowball effect much?!!!!

    Let her know her role as a council member is over!
    Mary Cheh
    [email protected]
    If on social media, let DC parents know to send her a NOTICE OF LIABILITY letter which holds her personally financially liable for any and all costs and damages as a result of any child receiving a vaccine without explicit parental consent!

  32. Update!
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and children health defense convinced judge Trevor McFadden that the DC law violated National Vaccine injury act.

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