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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


A New Movie 1986: the Act Reveals Fraud, Cover-up of DPT Risks

Film director Andy Wakefield has released a movie online, 1986: the Act, which reveals the fraud and cover-up of DPT vaccine risks by the pharmaceutical industry and federal agencies that led to the passage and eventual destruction of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and a 2011 U.S. Supreme Court decision, which removed all civil liability from vaccine manufacturers. The audience is taken on a journey of discovery through the eyes of a young couple about to have their first child. Legal documents and interviews with attorneys, historians, bioethicists, parents of vaccine injured children, journalists, doctors and activists give context and historical perspective to current events related to the coronavirus pandemic and the fast tracking to licensure of liability-free COVID-19 vaccines that will be mandated for children and adults.

On the website of 1986: the Act, the film is described as:

Man and microbe, from Polio to COVID-19… a never more relevant forensic examination of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and its consequences. What happens when an ancient wisdom—a mother’s intuition—is pitted against powerful interests in a race against time?

A Very Dangerous Place: Mandating Unsafe, Liability-Free Products

In a July 2020 podcast interview with Benjamin Benulis, DC, film director Andy Wakefield said:

This film is an astonishing untold story of what I believe to be the core of all the problems that we face with vaccines worldwide at the moment because when you take an industry and a product and you take it outside the constraints of the free market, then you are in a very dangerous place. When you give indemnification to the vaccine manufacturers for damage done by their products, there is no incentive for safety… Then when you mandate these faulty, unsafe products for every child in the country and, by extension, to every child in the world, then you have a disastrous situation.

Industry and Government Destroy the Act

Wakefield said that the film explains how, after the Act was passed by Congress in 1986, it was destroyed by industry and government:

What happened next is even worse and that is the federal agencies and the industry conspired to sabotage, to disable checks and balances that Congress had put in place to make vaccines safer: the reporting system for adverse events [and] the compensation of children, the degree to which the parents had to prove causation. The entire infrastructure crumbled and parents were left naked, on their own, to deal with this system. When you do this, when you make the industry so powerful, so rich that they can buy politicians worldwide, they can buy doctors worldwide, then it owns everything. And that is an exquisitely dangerous situation.

An Affirmation of Maternal Intuition

Wakefield describes the film as not only an expose of fraud and corruption of a wealthy and powerful industry but also an affirmation of the power of maternal intuition:

The story is about the extraordinary power of maternal intuition, that’s what it really comes down to, and this is not an emotional argument. This is a survival imperative. It’s the ability of mothers that has evolved over thousands and thousands and thousands of years to know instinctively, intrinsically, when their child is well and when they are ill, what is right and what is wrong… at the end of it all [the film], it is saying to people, saying to mothers, that there is an inner authority that you need to defer to, not an external authority. You need to trust that because it is the reason we are here on this earth right now—not because of men in white coats, not because of vaccines or antibiotics, but because intuitively you knew what to do and how to do it. And that is the truth. And when people wake up literally and collectively to that notion and take back that power, give themselves that inner authority, then we’re going to see change.

Relevance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Because the film educates the public about the social, political and economic underpinnings of the vaccination system, Wakefield said that the film helps people understand events that are taking place today during the COVID-19 pandemic:

We face the prospect of global mandatory vaccination from cradle to grave with no liability. What people need to understand is that we’ve been here before and that’s what this film’s about. If you want to understand where we are going with this, watch this film because you will understand where we’ve come from and you will get a very, very clear insight into the workings of the system, the failings of the system, and where we are going with mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

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    1. joann, the link is in the story. Unfortunately my slow connection will not allow me to watch it because I cannot choose a low video quality. I wish video sites would not assume that everyone wants to see their videos in high resolution. I prefer to see it fuzzy than not at all.

  1. I have a son with severe autism. He is now 43 years old. The autism came on by way of antibiotic poisoning. The vaccine’s made it all much worse. The journey taught us to look beyond conventional medicine and learn how to care for the body. Emory has been drug free since 2001. His condition has improved so much, but he was too old to completely reverse the damage. As is the way of God, a lot of good things are coming out of the horror of vaccinations and autism can be reversed in many of the children.
    At 70 and 75 years old, my husband and I do not take any medications and we do not get any vaccinations. We give the body what it needs to maintain and repair.

  2. Wakefield has repeatedly been proven as a person who is not credible. If you choose not to vaccinate, so be it. But some choose to vaccinate and that is their choice. Decisions, either way, need to be made after a person receives credible information.

  3. Joann..just google 1986 The Act movie and you can buy it to stream right to your device. That is what I did. 48 hrs access for $12.99. You get a password/pin to re access if you don’t watch in one sitting. It is 2 hrs + long. I uncovered many of these same facts as I researched vaccines myself in the 80’s but it has gotten so much worse since the 1986 Act got passed and then mutated.

  4. Where is the OUTRAGE regarding this situation? Are we all Sheeple? Why can’t the general population vote OUT their government representatives and get those with a BRAIN and UNCORRUPTED? If it’s FRAUD, why are those that are responsible NOT IN JAIL?

  5. A stupid question really, but the one that has been bothering me for years:
    what exactly “Ibid” means in the list of references?
    Thank you in advance!

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