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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

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American Cancer Society Tells Doctors to Give Nine-Year-Old Children HPV Vaccine

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The American Cancer Society (ACS) updated its guidelines for human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination on July 8, 2020 and now recommends that doctors and other healthcare providers routinely administer the two-dose HPV vaccination series to boys and girls between the ages of nine and 10.1 Currently, the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends the HPV vaccine be given at age 11 or 12, but states that the vaccine “can be given” starting at age nine.

The ACS further adapted the ACIP guidelines for adults, recommending that providers inform individuals aged 22 to 26 who have not been previously vaccinated or who have not completed the series, that vaccination at older ages is less effective in lowering cancer risk. Further, the ACS does not endorse the ACIP recommendation for “shared decision making” regarding HPV catch-up vaccination for individuals aged 27 to 45.

ACS Says Vaccinating Younger Children Increases Vaccination Rate

In making their recommendations, the ACS maintains that HPV vaccination has been shown to be more effective at younger ages and that immunity does not wane over time. ACS argues that vaccination at an earlier age would still confer protection throughout adolescence and early adulthood, offering more opportunities for children to complete the two-dose HPV vaccination series for children under age 15.2 Some providers want to vaccinate younger children because they have found it easier to vaccinate when there is less discussion about sexual behavior as a risk factor.3

According to ACS, vaccination of adults aged 27 through 45 has minimal public health benefit and is unlikely to prevent a significant number of cancers, precancers, or genital warts.4

HPV is a Common Virus

Human papilloma virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI), with acquisition generally occurring soon after first sexual activity.5 About 79 million Americans are currently infected and, in most cases, HPV infections are transient, asymptomatic, and go away on their own without causing health problems. When HPV infection does not go away and if left undiagnosed and untreated over a period of years or decades, then genital warts and cervical or other kinds of cancer can develop.6 7

About 60 of the 100 HPV types cause warts on areas like the hands or feet. The other 40 or so types are associated with sexual contact. Not all of the 40 sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses cause serious health problems. High risk HPV strains include HPV 16 and 18, which are associated with about 70 percent of cervical cancers. Low risk HPV strains, such as HPV 6 and 11, are associated with about 90 percent of genital warts, which rarely develop into cancer.8

Pap Smears Effectively Detect and Prevent Cervical Cancer

Routine cervical cancer (Pap smear) screening is part of a woman’s routine health care and has been shown to greatly reduce both the number of cervical cancer cases and deaths from the disease. The Pap test, which is generally done every three years beginning at age 21, takes cells from a woman’s cervix and those cells are examined under a microscope for abnormalities.

Although HPV infection of the cervix is very common, most infections will be cleared by the immune system over the course of one to two years. Because most HPV infections are transient and produce only temporary changes in cervical cells, overly frequent screening could detect HPV infection or cell changes that may be unlikely to cause cancer.9

HPV testing, which looks for the presence of high-risk HPV types in cervical cells, may also be done alone or with the Pap smear, and is recommended for women every five years after age 30.10 A study released on July 8, 2020 concluded that co-testing with Pap and HPV together was more effective at detecting cancer than with either test done alone.11

Other Cancers Related to HPV

The ACS estimates that in 2020 13,800 new cases of invasive cervical cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. and will result in approximately 4,290 deaths.12 In addition to cervical cancer, there are five other cancers associated with chronic HPV infection: mouth and throat (oropharyngeal), vaginal, penile, anal and vulvar.

In 2018, the ACS estimated that in the U.S. (population of over 325 million):

  • About 51,540 cases of oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer will be diagnosed and result in 10,030 deaths
  • About 5,170 cases of vaginal cancer will be diagnosed and result in 1,330 deaths.
  • About 2,320 cases of penile cancer will be diagnosed and result in 380 deaths.
  • About 8,580 cases (5,620 in women and 2,960 in men) of anal cancer will be diagnosed and result in 1,160 deaths (680 in women and 480 in men)
  • About 6,190 cases vulva cancers will be diagnosed and result in 1,200 deaths.13

HPV Vaccine Approved Despite Safety Concerns

Despite the availability of effective screening and treatment options for the detection and prevention of cervical cancer, Merck’s Gardasil vaccine was granted Fast Track status and an accelerated approval by the FDA in 2006. Gardasil contained strains 16, 18, 6 and 11 was initially approved for use in females between ages nine and 26 years old. In 2011, the CDC recommended that males also be routinely vaccinated with the HPV vaccine and, in 2014, five additional strains (31, 33, 45, 52 and 58) were added to Gardasil.14 Merck’s Gardasil-9 is currently the only HPV vaccine available for use in the United States.

Concerns about the strength of the scientific evidence used by the FDA to license the first HPV vaccine as safe and effective were raised by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) in a 2006 press release.15 NVIC pointed out that Merck inappropriately used a bioactive placebo (aluminum) as a control in pre-licensure trials and that principal investigators ignored red flag safety signals reported during those trials, including cases of death and development of inflammatory autoimmune disorders in participants. NVIC also pointed out that the sample sizes of the adolescent population targeted for vaccination were too small in the trials and that surrogate markers for efficacy used in the trials did not prove the vaccine actually prevented cancer.

The CDC reported that, in 2017, nearly 49 percent of adolescents aged 13 to 17 had completed the HPV series, and nearly 66 percent had received the first dose.16

Cervical Cancer Rate Decreased 0.7 percent Since 2006

The CDC reports that among teen girls, infections with HPV types that cause most HPV cancers and genital warts have dropped 86 percent, and among young adult women, infections have dropped 71 percent.17 Rates of new cervical cancer in 2006 when the HPV vaccine was introduced were 8.2 per 100,000 women with an incidence of 12,704. In 2017, the CDC reports an incidence of 7.5 per 100,000 women, or 12,831 cases.18

Because HPV vaccines do not protect against all HPV types that cause cervical cancer, the CDC recommends that vaccinated women should continue with routine cervical cancer screening.19


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  1. Well, this is why the American Cancer Society exists: to promote (tax-free!) the very, VERY profitable cancer industry. This is what we get for allowing “healthcare” to be monopolized by a private, for-profit industry, aided & abetted by your regressive tax dollars.

  2. Do NOT trust this report! Complications with children innoculated in the past for HPV have, in every instance of endometriosis, have, concurrently, been vaccinated against HPV. Don’t chance it! Opportunity for Big Pharm but NOT for you!

  3. I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel. This vaccine has destroyed so many lives and killed others. This is not ignorance but greed.

  4. Whenever I read these ‘directions’ dictated by the gods of vaccines and drugs, it seems more and more that I am hearing a group of ranchers discussing which new injections should be used on their cattle. Moooo !!

      1. I do not think this vaccine is necessary and is dangerous. BUT please just listen to this. IF a parent is going to get this vaccine for the child, just in my personal antidotal information from other parents and studies and such. It seems the younger a child is, before any sign of puberty. The less reaction there is. I’m not advocating for it but if a parent is going to choose to give it. Don’t think putting it off. Obviously no study to back this up just my personal observation.

  5. Another aspect of this invasion by the people in authority over us……they are unconcerned with any negative effects on children because……a great majority of them…do not have children.

  6. I find this very disturbing. Girls have been harmed by the HPV vaccine.
    I just read an article the other day saying that data shows that cervical cancer cases have increased in Australia among young women who received the HPV vaccine.
    In the past, I had heard that it was not known how long after vaccination the vaccine would be effective. It takes many years for cervical cancer to develop. Because the Pap smear, or Pap test, is available, there is no real need for the HPV vaccine, especially for it to be given at such a young age.

  7. it would be better to just tell these kids not to have multiple sex partners like their boomer grandmothers did. its the multiple sex partners that is the issue. the boomer women of the sixties had their free sex and orgies and then 30 years later poof. the grand results of their social indignation. monogamy people.

    1. ‘Boomer’ promiscuity can’t hold a candle to the amoral conduct of the 2 generations that followed. Get a grip miko.

  8. Right! I don’t trust it either. It us all about bug pharma making more money and putting are youth at risk for complucations and infertility. Again, it us about controlling population! And I’m sure Gates has a piece of this profit!

  9. People in power often don’t give their own children that which they are demanding others to give their children.

  10. Yep – Just more lies piling up on the crumbling mountain of them we (the little) people have to wade through daily even though these allo-pathetic hacks have utterly lost any credibility they ever enjoyed. It just never ends with these clowns. They just keep digging themselves ever deeper into an already bottomless pit.

  11. It would be on thing if these so-called ‘experts’ actually improved the public health, but seeing the rates of all cancers going up every year, I think they’re aptly named the Cancer Society. 100 years ago cancer was pretty rare, mostly older people would get it, now newborns are getting cancer. I’ve never seen so many people coming down with it.

    Then there is that inconvenient fact about the SV-40 cancer causing monkey virus (plus others) that were injected into millions of people years ago.

    It’s not “health” care, it’s sick care and symptom management. They cure nothing! If anything, the body recovers after being subjected to doses of poisons somehow.

  12. It makes me sick to think I trusted our medical professionals and big pharma when I was a young mother. I now have a daughter with immune problems presumably from gardasil.

  13. Gardasil (HPV Vaccine) can cause infertility and disability in youth and not worth the chance. Build a strong immune system and teach your children the dangers of promiscuous sex, instead. Follow the money! Healthy people don’t need to go to a doctor, which would put them and Big Pharma, out of business. They use fear to make people comply to their insane vaccine schedule, while most don’t even question what is in the vaccine insert (showing the ingredients and sde effects), to be informed. Many doctors are instructed to follow a strict vaccine schedule starting at birth, without knowing, or informing patients, of the side effects. Parents must do their own research to protect their family. Military are forced with multiple vaccines at a time, which can cause infertility, disability and death. Watch the documentary “Vaxxed”, “Vaxxed ll”, with interviews of parents with children harmed by vaccines.

  14. One doc told me at a Mount Sinai affiliated clinic:”if your baby doesn’t take the MMR then she can’t continue with this clinic”. I was like “peace!”.
    I found another clinic that understood my concerns. I refused to inject my kids wit so many vaccines at a time. I basically delayed the MMR. My kids won’t take any HPV vaccines. One of them took the flu vaccine in preschool and couldn’t walk for 3 days following the flu vaccine. Late still got the flu. The others didn’t take the flu vaccine , got the flu and nothing happened to them. I prefer to homeschool so I don’t have to take any vaccines. Big pharma please stay away.

  15. This is one of the most dangerous vaccines and has led to many deaths and severe health problems. I have had abnormal cells on PAP smear before and they went away on their own. A friend’s daughter had the same experience. Don’t be scared into vaccine. This one is the worst!

  16. Attorney Aaron Siri destroys the world’s top vaccinologist, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, in a deposition in which, Dr. Plotkin describes how he and his colleagues harvested organs, hearts, eyes, tongues, etc. from hundreds of fully formed aborted fetuses for use in making their vaccines

  17. Jun 19, 2018 HPV Vaccination Syndrome

    A New Tragic Fibromyalgia Model? Manuel Martinez-Lavin, Mexico

    NOVEMBER 19, 2018 $4 Billion and Growing: U.S. Payouts for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Keep Climbing

    The Health Resources & Services Administration just released new dollar figures reflecting payouts from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

  18. Jul 23, 2020 Questions, Answers & Risks Regarding the HPV Vaccine

    What is HPV: Dr. Northrup opened with a core message about HPV and cancer: What are the statistics and odds, Case studies Marketing, Mary Holland Clinical Trials: Kim Mack Rosenberg Natural Cures, Dr. Northrup Mary Holland Vaccine injuries and stories of children.

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