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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Poll Finds Only Half of Americans Plan to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

refusing vaccine

A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press’s NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 20 percent of Americans anticipate that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available to the public before the end of 2020, while 61 percent expect it during 2021. Only 17 percent believe it will take longer than that to develop.1 Significantly, about half of respondents said they either would not get the new coronavirus vaccine or were unsure about whether or not they would take the shot.

The nationwide poll was conducted from May 14-18, 2020 using the AmeriSpeak® Panel, a nationally representative probability-based panel of survey respondents from households across the United States of NORC at the University of Chicago. Online and telephone interviews using landlines and cell phones were conducted with 1,056 adults.2

Half of U.S. Poll Respondents Will Decline COVID-19 Vaccine or are Unsure if They Want It

When respondents were asked whether they would get a coronavirus vaccine should one become available on the market, 49 percent of respondents said they planned to get vaccinated, 20 percent said they would not get vaccinated and 31 percent were not sure if they would get vaccinated.3

The poll showed that those who are planning to get the vaccine are doing so primarily to protect themselves and their families from the virus. Many respondents also said they want to protect their community and believe mass vaccination is necessary for life to go “back to normal.”4

The poll found 67 percent of people 60 and older are planning to get vaccinated, compared with 40 percent of younger Americans. Those with someone in their household who is immune-compromised were also more inclined to say they would get the vaccination once it is licensed.5

Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety

For 20 percent of Americans polled who said they will decline to get the COVID-19 vaccine, about 70 percent cited concern about the vaccine’s potential side effects and safety.

Among reasons given for not wanting to get a new COVID-19 were concerns about:

  • getting infected with the new coronavirus by taking the vaccine (42 percent);
  • becoming seriously ill from the vaccine (31 percent);
  • the vaccine failing to be effective (30 percent); and
  • the belief that the virus is not as serious as some say it is (24 percent).6

In response to the poll, Francis Collins, MD, PhD, director at the National Institutes of Health said that, “I would not want people to think that we’re cutting corners because that would be a big mistake. I think this is an effort to try to achieve efficiencies, but not to sacrifice rigor.”7

Fast-Tracking COVID-19 Vaccines

American biotechnology company Moderna, Inc., which is leading the race to be the first company to get a COVID-19 vaccine licensed, is developing a messenger RNA (mRNA) coronavirus vaccine in partnership with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The FDA gave Moderna approval to begin clinical trials on human subjects in March 2020, by-passing laboratory animal studies, which is typically the first step when testing vaccine safety.8

Tal Zaks, MD, chief medical officer at Moderna stated that, “I don’t think proving this in an animal model is on the critical path to getting this to a clinical trial,”9

Messenger RNA vaccines, which have never been licensed for use in humans, inject cells with mRNA, usually within lipid nanoparticles, to stimulate cells in the body to become manufacturers of viral proteins.10 According to researchers at University of Pennsylvania and Duke University, mRNA vaccines have potential safety issues, including local and systemic inflammation and stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies and autoimmunity, as well as development of edema (swelling) and blood clots.11


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22 Responses

  1. I am giving up any hope of taking a cruise or boarding an airplane once the vaccine is available. I believe that you will be required to present irrefutable proof that you have had it, and I am sure bill gates will come up with something to make himself our current “Here I Come To Save The Day” Mighty Man..

  2. The fact that nearly half the respondents said they would accept the vaccine is frightening, although if most of the potentially willing are from the older generations who are more accepting of government control, that helps dampen concerns a bit.
    I wonder if the poll allowed respondents to voice their own concerns, or allowed them only pre-selected choices? If I were polled, I would include among my concerns the risk of developing unintended long-term or systemic side effects such as cancer, and the cost involved with repeated vaccinations. Whether one pays out of pocket or through the inflation and higher taxes that will come as a result of further blowing up the national debt to cover the cost of administering “free” vaccines, this will NOT be a cheap endeavor. And who’s going to go into the inner city urban neighborhoods to insure the residents there are all vaccinated? Having lived and worked in and around these areas, I can tell you: nobody. A vaccine campaign will not even be attempted in areas where it’s too dangerous for outsiders to tread, and the virus will find a permanent reservoir in the third-world hellholes we’ve allowed to grow in our own country. Forget about the myth of controlling this virus through vaccination. It’s going to find a very comfortable home among millions here who have no will to do what it takes to get rid of it, and be constantly leaking out into surrounding areas then carried everywhere. And those most responsible will never be vaccinated. This whole vaccine issue, at the uppermost levels, isn’t about keeping people safe. It’s about opening up new areas of profit for the Pharma industry, and unjustly stealing the rights and money of those unable to escape through a willingness or ability to turn their communities into places where the growing police state fears to reach.

  3. What is wrong with the other 50%? The Sheep that plan to go along with this. The last groups that should ever get this thing are the elderly and the immune compromised. What stupid advice by whoever thought this was a good idea. And the young do not need it anyway. We were born with immune systems that are perfectly adequate (before being screwed up with vaccines hours after birth) and can fight off most anything that comes at it. The same goes for those masks. We were not born with our nose and mouth covered up. These people look like pig snouts walking all over the place with those diapers plastered on their faces.

  4. Vaccines MUST be studied for safety and effectiveness. We DON’T know if they are safe or effective. This is bad medicine.
    It is STUPID to take a “medicine” that hasn’t been so studied.
    It is malpractice to administer a medicine that has NEVER been studied for safety or effectiveness.
    You can’t sue the manufacturers. What does that tell you?

  5. The Supreme Court has ruled vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.”
    Congress protects the pharmaceutical companies from liability.
    Now, why should I allow myself to be injected by a company, immune from any accountability, with an unavoidably unsafe vaccine?

  6. It will be a cold day in hell before I let anyone inject that worthless poison into my body even once, never mind multiple times. Give it to Dr. Fauci, The Deep State fraud.

  7. I will not take the covid vaccine. I am an R.N. and have researched how potentially dangerous this is. I certainly do not want anyone I care about to receive the vaccine. Warning warning Will Robinson.

  8. I totally agree to all other replies. I responded to the poll. It was multiple choice answers with one area of short answer response. Let me tell you though, just today my son and I were denied access to our natural dr. by the office staff because we were not wearing masks. This is really dangerous if doctors are admitting the masks don’t work, but are refusing to see patients who won’t wear the masks. My son and I fall into the exempted category (autism and breathing) and the office staff still refused our entry. This coupled with the TRACE bill is super dangerous. So completely dangerous. Typing on message boards is not enough. Resist and get help enforcing your civil liberties NOW. I’d prefer you choose strength without anger options to enforce your civil liberties.

    1. Why don’t we start peaceful protests like Black Lives Matter? That got media attention off of Covid 19 for a minute, didn’t it?

    2. Time to find a new doctor obviously. Conventional medicine is pretty worthless to begin with, it’s all toxic and suppression, side effects, deaths, and oh lets give more toxic stuff to allay all those and the vicious circle ensues. This is how the Rockefellers and cohorts designed it to be. Prior to them buying out all medical establishments,….
      Humanity had homeopathy, which has been incredibly effective During viral epidemics for hundreds of years, and no side effects, no recalls and no deaths from anyone ever using a true homeopathic rx, and prior to the science of homeopathy being developed, more than 250 yrs ago, humans had everything from the earth to use to cure and build their natural immunity, which is the only immunity one can have!
      People have to wake up and all of us need to keep trying to educate those sheeple who are still sleeping. Peaceful conversations and showing the tens of thousands of studies, peer reviewed, that tells the truth is the way to go. ??

  9. I’m hoping that the 31% who are unsure about getting vaccinated are folks who will refuse but are afraid to self identify. Few people are willing to invite the abuse heaped upon those who will not conform.

  10. Here’s an interesting twist in the grandiose schemes of the Vax Makers that I heard on a local (Santa Cruz, CA) radio show discussing all things COVID-1984, including the vaccine. The guest virologist mentioned that one of the significant issues in the licensing of these new vaccines (not sure if this statement is relevant to all the CV vaccines, or just certain ones like Gates’) is that it/they are technically “injectables” and not “vaccines”, which means they would not qualify for the blanket immunity from lawsuits granted to the Vax Makers in 1986. Of course, a new law redefining “vaccines” to include these “injectables” might already be in the works, ’cause that’s how it works. But, if true, it’s an interesting opportunity to more loudly raise the liability aspect of who pays for the damages when this untested, rushed to market vaccine is forced on a population, 50% of whom are already having doubts. Even the non-doubters know there’s a certain risk to any new vaccine, and they’re willing to take it. But would they if they knew they couldn’t sue the Vax Makers for their injuries or death?

  11. Governments should be concentration on boosting immunity with nutritional sound bites (vit D, whole foods home cooking etc) like we get warnings to keep guideline compliance now at the tail end of the virus Infection period. Instead of now after the horse has bolted pushing compulsory negative mask wearing and the “panacea” of a vaccine?? mainstream news media fearmongering and even when virus has all but gone looking forward to an ‘inevitable?’ Second wave at year end.
    I echo what Dorothy said and cannot understand how easy it could be to take people’s Liberty away when herd immunity has always been the default way to
    Deal with disease. Life is a risk and the simple truth is to aim for good health/ immunity and enjoy life with family and friends!

  12. So what is NVIC actually doing to help stop HR6666 ,Fauci and Gates from killing us all? Is there a plan?I am tired of just being terrified of the government & big pharma overreach. What ACTIONS can we take NOW? I have called my Senators & Representatives and donated as much as I can to several groups; but nothing seems to be stopping this. We need some good news here.

  13. My fear is that the will make it so no one can function in society by withholding services [medical ,dental, travel,assembly, banking etc] so that you must have the chip [mark of the beast] or “your papers please” in order to live. Big pharma & Gates & Fauci’s wet dream.

  14. I’m sure that 50% who would take the vaccine would drop dramatically if they knew that mRNA vaccines can rewire your genetic code. I dropped that little bomb on a pro-vaccine friend of mine, who then went and looked it up, and did an about-face on the vaccine.

  15. The only way to stop government forcing this vaccine on you with threats is if most people refuse to play ball. They cannot do anything if most of us refuse to participate. No vaccine, no idiot face masks, no social distancing, keep your cash, don’t waste it shopping for junk items – that will really make them mad. The whole project will collapse if most of us SAY NO to everything covid, new abnormal and the reset. And the whole covid thing is a scam if you care to examin it. It is actuall less harmful than the annual influenza!! says the chief medical officer for the UK prof chris whitty.

  16. No vaccines, there poison! I’m 65 !haven’t had a vaccine of any kind since I was a baby, which was few.POISON! Tell Gates to push that in his body!

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