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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


‘Faster Doesn’t Mean Better’ | Rapid COVID-19 Testing May Not Be as Reliable as Traditional Tests

Across town, more urgent care centers and community clinics are offering COVID-19 testing… results as fast as 15 minutes. You can equate it to whether you go to a fast food chain for food or a gourmet restaurant. So there are some out there that run five minutes to 45 minutes or an hour. Those tend to have a little bit less sensitivity and could give a lot of false negatives. That means you could have the virus and the test didn’t catch it. Most people think all COVID tests are created equal, and they’re not. Rapid tests may be giving patients a false sense of security.

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  1. The tests are not COVID-19 specific. They do give an indication there are antigens of coronavirus present. The test inserts have a disclaimer that they don’t confirm the presence or absence of COVID-19 virus. I’d be suspicious of the tests safety altogether since – in Tanzania – a papaya, a goat and a bird were tested positive for COVID-19, however, motor oil tested indeterminate for COVID-19. That would tell me that either the test transmits the virus, and/or we are all being hoodwinked by bogus science to create a fake pandemic.

  2. Why that Pharma propaganda is on your site I can’t guess. They’re telling everyone that the worst tests are 80% accurate and the best or over 90%. What’s the downside? You might have a false negative result.

    But the truth is the opposite. The tests (there were over 30 months ago) don’t actually do anything. No one dares to breath that a test might result in a false positive. That’s right, the machine might go bloop or it might go bleep. If it guesses wrong, you’re in quarantine for 2 weeks! That wouldn’t be very palatable for the masses so we only mention false negatives as a possible outcome. Got it?

    Way to just copy/paste a Pharma advertisement, put your name behind it, and push it to your viewers. I hope you aren’t acting as an unpaid influencer doing promos for free.

  3. When I got tested negative, the doctor who called to tell me the results told me right away that it might not be accurate. My son & I were very sick with some type of flu and it was nothing like we’ve ever had before so she said we probably had covid-19 but the test just didn’t catch it.

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