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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Volunteer Describes His Serious Reaction in Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Ian Haydon

Of the 45 volunteers in biotechnology company Moderna, Inc.’s Phase 1 human clinical trial on its experimental mRNA-1273 vaccine for COVID-19, only the names of the first two participants have been widely publicized—Jennifer Haller of Seattle, Washington and Neal Browning of Bothell, Washington. The clinical trial began on Mar. 16, 2020 at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle, Washington. It has involved healthy adults 18 to 55 years of age. Haller is 43 and Browning is 46.1 2 3

The name of another volunteer in the Moderna trial has now been made public after he gave interviews to CNN and CNBC.

Ian Haydon, 29, of  Seattle has spoken out about the severe adverse reactions he suffered 12 hours after receiving the second of two doses of the mRNA-1273 vaccine.4 Hayden is one of four participants who had Grade 3 reactions to the vaccine and one of three who experienced Grade 3 “systemic symptoms” after getting a second dose of 250 µg of the vaccine. As noted in a recent article I wrote for The Vaccine Reaction:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) describes a Grade 3 adverse event as “severe or medically significant but not immediately life-threatening; hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization indicated; disabling; limiting self care” such as “bathing, dressing and undressing, feeding self, using the toilet, taking medications.”5 6

Haydon said he came down with a fever of over 103 degrees and that he felt sicker than he ever has before. He sought medical care at an urgent care center. After he was released from the center and returned home, he fainted. Haydon noted he had previously hesitated to talk about his reactions to the experimental COVID-19 vaccine out of “an abundance of caution.”4

“I understand that sharing the story, it’s going to be frightening to some people. I hope that it doesn’t fuel any sort of general antagonism towards vaccines in general or towards even this vaccine,” Haydon said.4 He added:

As we rush to get a vaccine developed as quickly as possible, the reality of vaccine development is that it can only be rushed so much and the trial still needs to take place. They have to move at the speed they move at. And stories like what happened to me, they matter because they shape the approval process.4

According to William Schaffner, MD, professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Haydon’s reactions to the mRNA-1273 vaccine are “noteworthy,” but  that it doesn’t “stop the train,” suggesting research and development of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine would continue full speed ahead.4 7

Try as one might to downplay Haydon’s adverse reactions and those of the other three participants in the Moderna trial, these were severe reactions. What is noteworthy is that nine percent of the participants experienced these reactions. Imagine what this would mean were this vaccine to be given to tens of millions of people living in the U.S.

Also noteworthy is that the only thing worse than a Grade 3 adverse event are Grade 4 and Grade 5 events. Grade 4 is “life-threatening” and Grade 5 is “death.”5 6


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  1. He experienced a severe reaction to Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate. He’s still a believer-


    The only way to know if a vaccine prevents infection, even an attenuated one is to challenge the person with the actual virus. If he’s having sever reactions to the vaccine what could possible go wrong if he is exposed or challenged by the virus? Everything!

    1. The ‘true believers’ like this guy are like brick walls. You can’t reason with them. No matter what happens, if he would die due to the vaccine, his rationale would be, “at least I didn’t die of the virus!”

  2. I have read about these reaction symptoms in several different publications and news reports now and I’m frustrated by the reporting of the symptoms without any explanation as to the cause. What are the mechanisms involved in these reactions? And which components of the vaccine was responsible? Why am I the only person asking these questions?

    1. You are one of the few people who is asking the right questions. I don’t vaccinate my autistic son anymore. He is reactive, perhaps because he does have genetic mutations that impair drug metabolism (cytochrome P450). But I fully support the creation of a SAFE vaccine against certain diseases and COVID-19 is one of them. However, this issue of safety cannot be rushed. There are some really benign conditions i.e. that do not need vaccination at all. Others easily communicable diseases warrant vaccination. This is a case that if a SAFE vaccine develops, I will be standing in line to vaccinate myself and my son. So beyond hysteria on both sides of vaccine controversy, understanding the reason for the reaction is the key to develop the safest vaccine possible and even then, we must keep in mind that even the safest vaccines are not safe for everyone.

      1. Vaccine “science” is antiquated and dinosaur in its methodology. It’s based on a very seriously flawed Theory. When theories are taught as fact, that is when we all get into trouble, especially flawed one like vaccines. No normal virus enters the body via a syringe.
        Vaccines as they stand today simply do not work. Even ‘experts’ in the fields of immunology are still in the tinker toy phase of understanding the massive complexity called our immune system.
        If you truly want a real ‘vaccine’ that works, I suggest you look into the subject of homeoprophylaxis.

      2. Your belief system in vaccines is seriously flawed. This vaccine charges your dna, FOREVER. NO other vaccines do that. You go right ahead and stand in line along with all the other idiots that blindly believe that vaccines are a good thing. The more people that die from it will wake more people that think like you before they die.

    2. Read the info on Robert Kennedy’s web site Child Defense
      It depends what is in the vaccine. It is not just the virus in question. There are all sorts of other materials. Often they attenuate the virus through monkey embryos which cna then pick up other viruses or other genetic material. Then they add adjuvants like thimerosol or aluminium or formaldehyde to make them reactive, etc
      The liver body has to detoxify all this. If there is a polymorphism which there is with many people this cna be a problem and the adjuvants end up poisoning you. Also the body can overreact wiht a cytokine storm.
      People should be tested for genetic snps in their liver before they have vaccines.



      “There will be a price to pay for the vaccine I am not sure…how to avoid it.”

      So you WANT people to SUFFER and risk death, autism et all…so you feel better philosophically about this plandemic?

      You working for Bill Gates now?

      And provide what physical evidence you have that the reaction was “antibody dependent enhancement”–whatever THAT means.

      Get specific!

      1. Vaccine Enhancement is a term. Excerpt from press; “As pressure for coronavirus vaccine mounts, scientists debate risks of accelerated testing
        CHICAGO (Reuters) – Drugmakers are working as quickly as possible to develop a vaccine to combat the rapidly spreading coronavirus that has infected more than 100,000 people worldwide.
        March 9, 2020. REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson
        Behind the scenes, scientists and medical experts are concerned that rushing a vaccine could end up worsening theinfection in some patients rather than preventing it.

        Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus. The mechanism that causes that risk is not fully understood and is one of the stumbling blocks that has prevented the successful development of a coronavirus vaccine.
        Normally, researchers would take months to test for the possibility of vaccine enhancement in animals. Given the urgency to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, some drugmakers are moving straight into small-scale human tests, without waiting for the completion of such animal tests…”

    2. You’re right ….. regardless of the effect on everyone else, which would not be good, the effect on “immunizing” older people will result in a Grade 5 “adverse effect” and that will be death! In light of the “it doesn’t makse sense” ….the ONLY people who would consider vaccinating the “older population” are those who are trying to “reduce the Earth’s population” to under 5m ….. guess who (WHO) that might be!

    3. We avoid the reactions by not using the vaccines. Antibody Dependent Enhancement has been known for decades, since the late 1960’s, in fact. So far NO coronavirus vaccine has been approved because of a) ADE, and b) animal testing had several deaths. We are rushing a vaccine that could kill many, yet continue rushing along.

      BTW, Jack, ADE is ‘is a phenomenon in which binding of a virus to non-neutralizing antibodies enhances its entry into host cells, and sometimes also its replication. This phenomenon—which leads to both increased infectivity and virulence.” In other words, if you get the vaccine and then are exposed to the virus, you’ll be even sicker than you would have been otherwise.

      BTW, Allen Lieberman, MD, writing in all caps is not only hard to read, it’s also considered yelling.

  4. ‘Big Pharma’ is too friendly a label….’All for Profit Pharma’ seems more truthful.

  5. I really don’t play russian roulette – so no vaccine for me, mandated or others. Sorry Mr. Gates, Mr. Fauci and company

  6. How many people total were in the study? This would give context to the fact that 4 had the grade 3 reactions. Thank you for al the informative articles you publish at NVIC!

    1. Maybe you can read it more carefully before putting blame on NVIC. They stated in the beginning that 45 volunteers participated in the study.

    2. The initial KP Research article stated 45 for Seattle. Slouchy added a second location in Atlanta, found no number recruited for that location (his agency is funding entire study). I’ve read that 20 percent of study subjects have experienced level 3 reactions. Info on this must be captured and retained quickly, as edits and removals are frequent.

  7. I’m wondering why people are volunteering in the first place. No Amt could ever get me to do that. Playing with Fire. What logical person would do that.

  8. Why did he have to go to an urgent care facility? The place that gave him the shots should have been available to him (and for free at that).

  9. What a nut! This guy is truly incapable of understanding anything about vaccines. It may have nit killed him but what if it was given to another highly sensitive individual, it possibly would’ve killed that person. These kinds of people need their head examined to still believe in a vaccine that compromised their immune system.

  10. “Haydon said he came down with a fever of over 103 degrees and that he felt sicker than he ever has before. He sought medical care at an urgent care center.”

    There is something fishy here. Someone who’s a part of a medical trial would not just go to a local urgent care and not report to the trial. Something’s weird here.

    1. I don’t think the trial was given in a hospital . They just give the shots and test for antibodies. Good that he went to independent hospital so the results are available. Moderna has admitted nothing and claimed that the results were great.

    2. The immediate care facility may have been closest to his home.

      What I find odd is that, after the first round of jabbers, KP Research (study supervisor) doctors had no idea what the results of round one were. From USA Today 4-22, (my additions in parentheses):

      -(Jabber) was developed by scientists at the NIAID (surprise!) & the Cambidge-based biotechnology company Moderna (never produced a product for human injection or ingestion, on verge of bankruptcy, huge financial influx from Bill, no animal trial done)
      -“While drs at KP Vax Treatment & Eval Unit in Seattle don’t know the results of the 1st round, the fact that it has continued & that the 2nd round of injections are now being given is good news, said Lisa Jackson (MD), who is leading the study.”
      -“The trial hasn’t been stopped. We know from the study protocol that if adverse events had happened, the protocol would have required that,” Jackson said. “Therefore we presume those things haven’t happened.”

      KP Research’s 1st (now 4x edited) article provided detail re the jabber mechanism:
      1) New type of jabber containing Jen Mod and fried Are and aye (since edited to “lab created”) which “turns the body into a mini factory” to produce and introduce an isolated pro teen which is the “key” for opening sells (accessibility).
      2) This pro teen, which exists as the nodes on the C, was created to stimulate that single-minded Holy Grail antibody immune response.
      3) My question: Once the jeans have been programmed to produce this body-foreign pro teen, how and when is this mechanism turned off? From what’s been gleaned from the Jen Mod and fried bt pesticide producing plants, this alteration appears to be permanent and passed on to progeny.
      4) The effects of Jen Mod and fried wheat was to produce new isolated pro teens were found to inflict severe harm, and even death, to children; hence, the project was scrapped.
      5) As trillions of micro organisms, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, live on and in the body, does making sells accessible via this introduced pro teen make the body vulnerable in a new way to any and all of those body process-enabling and health-facilitating companion microbes to turn them into hazards?
      6) Is study protocol being violated by continuing after these level 3 adverse events in 20 percent (the number being reported) of the subjects? Just because an academic states it isn’t a problem doesn’t make it so.

  11. NO vaccine(s) at all for me, ever.

    Safe & effective?

    Why has over 4 billion been paid out for vaccine injury claims, then?

  12. We know that the current vaccine schedule can trigger severe autoimmune / neurological disorders that can delay in display for months, or even years. This supposed Covid-19 vaccine trial is an absurdity.

  13. “Volunteer” is a bit of a misnomer… “Paid Volunteer” is more correct. If you hire someone and ask him to do something dangerous as part of the hire – is he a fool or a volunteer?
    We seem to have an expectation that getting paid for something is the remedy for avoiding any problems.
    Danger pay to go onto a steep roof automatically protects us from any possibility of a fall.
    The dangerous job list is long and list of fools willing to do them is also long.
    Money protects us from all danger.!!

  14. Replying to Nancy’s “ What logical person would do that.?”… an extremely well-paid Guinea Pig, or a totally misguided pro-vaxxer… unfortunately, there are probably plenty of both.

  15. We all must stand up and speak out. This vaccine might become mandatory as all vaccines have with our children:(. Please speak out appropriately or give money to an organization that can speak for you.

  16. What Dr. Lieberman said about older people not responding well to vaccines and it would not be efficacious to vaccinate them, when they would, in the end, suffer adverse reactions. Well, that is the precise reason why they Eugenicists WOULD want to target the old with the needles full of toxins. To get rid of them. Bill Gates and his crowd are all about reducing the worlds’ population down to a fraction of what it is now. Think they’d pass up an opportunity to knock off a bunch of senior citizens? Not on your life would they pass this up!

  17. If these consequences are typical, the vaccine causes far more serious problems to tons more people than the virus itself. Heaven forbid any vaccine should ever be mandatory!

  18. If you go to Instagram and read what rfk jr said, you’ll see a very different story. Apparently this guy collapsed. Once he was open and honest about his injuries, the media dumped him. Which is why we aren’t hearing anything new about this. But the serious reactions were in 20% of participants for this vax.

  19. WHY ON EARTH was he walking around only 12 hr. of getting his SECOND DOSE of a completely novel vaccine? Everyone should have been in a clinic being monitored for a day, I’d think.

  20. Was the ‘Human Microneedle Vaccine Delivery System’ with Luciferase used on this Man?

  21. To go ahead with a vaccine means that many thousands may have an adverse reaction and maybe even die. Do we really think that the “elite” who run the world want to save lives? They have said many times that they want to reduce the population. We have been told that we have to reduce the “carbon footprint” in order to stop climate change. I don’t agree, but this is what they want. It is a fact that a tetanus vaccine has been given in the past to women in some countries, such as Mexico & the Philippines, that contained a pregnancy hormone which caused the women to have miscarriages.

  22. I read he reported his reaction to the vaccine trial group and THEY told him to go to urgent care!

  23. Wish we could hear 100% truth, then no one in their right mind would touch va$$ines ever again! We know that Big Pharma is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, and this va$$ine alone will probably bring in trillions, since it’s sadly in demand worldwide, simultaneously. We know what is in their toxic cocktails, and what that has done to millions, and we know that the largest proponents of this va$$ine are world depopulation fanatics, for multiple generations, and created Big Pharma 12 generations back from Mr. Va$$ine himself. ENOUGH SAID!

  24. HE won’t like what happens to him in the following weeks, months, and, years, if he’s ok at those points…..granted he’s actually had a va$$ine, and a reaction… or if he’s actually had what other people are getting….especially those people who aren’t like-minded with the establishment… establishment who casually touts their desire to depopulate the earth by 6.5 billion, useing va$$ines and “health care”=abortion.

  25. Connie Kamm is correct–usually an important trial if this sort has the subjects living together in a locked unit in order to control the study. If this was done as an out-patient study, then close contact must be maintained and the study subject cannot go to any care center but must report to the study doctors so they can figure out the adverse reaction. With a 103 temp, Mr. Haydon would be immediately checked into the hospital for obvious reasons. I have personal experience with pharma studies and Mr. Haydon is definitely not sharing the entire truth. He is likely scared due to the powers involved.

  26. I don’t get the flu, I don’t get the flu shot. I have had three vaccines my entire life. The tetanus in 1997 left me with fibromyalgia. No way will I be forced nor my children to take this vaccine. Apparently the vaccine is live which means it will spread or none of these people would be ill.

  27. Secondly, these vaccines are spreading the very illness it’s suppose to cure. How dare pharma make these vaccines to infect those that naturally would not get the illness. I am almost 60 and the last vaccine injured me

  28. The clinical trial began on March 16! did anyone catch that as a date? so when did Moderna start developing the vaccine if it was ready for trial on March 16. This is even more fishy than anything else mentioned here.

  29. What was the preservative/adjuvant used in that vaccine? I did not previously leave a message so how could I have already said this? Really are you censoring?

  30. Vaccines, ALL OF THEM, are dangerous, ineffectual, and unsafe for anyone. It doesn’t make any difference anyhow… the CURE FOR COVID-19 has just been announced! Chlorine dioxide, when used in proper dosages, oxidizes this and ALL OTHER viruses, destroying them instantly. Ecuador just did a study with 100 patients and CURED ALL OF THEM. This therapy, also called MMS when taken orally, is being studied at the University of Bern. Please be sure to watch the video.

  31. You all need to read “Plague” and “Plague Of Corruption” by Dr. Judy Mikovits. She details exactly what goes on in the world of virology research. It’s not good!

    There are also good interviews with her on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website

  32. No vaccines safe and effective, so only fools want to be a glib. Many Genius Trustable scientists Teaching the true. I love Dr Mercola.❣️

  33. The real danger for him is if like other corona virus vaccines there is pathenogenic priming occuring.

  34. I will NEVER get another vaccine. I am PRO-Body Autonomy, INFORMED CONSENT. The last vaccine that I got, the TDaP, darn near killed me. Too much real science showing how dangerous vaccines really are, and that they actually are NOT the reason polio is “gone”. Do your research!

  35. I don’t want a Covid 19 vaccine. I’m 75 and I take herbal supplements like vitamins & other natural products to protect myself. I just hope the medical powers & politicians don’t try to make a vaccine mandatory. It could lead to political unrest and violence.

  36. Why do researchers bother to even have levels of reaction to determine severity, if they’re going to continue on with the trials no matter what? Is it to have us all believe they care about the participants and are being safe? Sorry but that horse has already left the barn!!

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