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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Healthy Clinical Trial Subjects Suffer Grade 3 Side Effects to Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

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On May 18, 2020, Moderna, Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts announced that it had obtained “positive interim clinical data” from a Phase 1 human clinical trial of its experimental mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine that began on Mar. 16. The biotechnology company said that eight of the 45 healthy adult volunteer trial subjects developed antibodies that may provide protection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.1 2 3 The company also reported that four participants suffered Grade 3 vaccine reactions.

Moderna’s chief medical officer Tal Zaks, MD said:

These interim Phase 1 data, while early, demonstrate that vaccination with mRNA-1273 elicits an immune response of the magnitude caused by natural infection starting with a dose as low as 25 µg. When combined with the success in preventing viral replication in the lungs of a pre-clinical challenge model at a dose that elicited similar levels of neutralizing antibodies, these data substantiate our belief that mRNA-1273 has the potential to prevent COVID-19 disease and advance our ability to select a dose for pivotal trials.

Severe Adverse Events Reported After One or Two Vaccine Doses

Each of the 45 participants was given two doses of the Moderna vaccine about a month apart. The dosage levels were 25, 100 or 250 micrograms (µg). Moderna said that the four participants who received doses of 25 µg developed antibodies against SARS-Cov-2 about two weeks after the second dose was administered and that the same was true for the four participants given doses of 100 µg. The company noted that the vaccine was “generally safe and well tolerated.”1 2

The mRNA-1273 vaccine reportedly produced a “Grade 3 adverse event” in one participant among those who received doses of between 25 µg and 100 µg doses. That person experienced Grade 3 erythema or a rash around the injection site. A Grade 3 rash can mean blistering, open ulcers, wet peeling (moist desquamation) or a serious rash over large areas of the body.4 5

Three participants in the clinical trial who received a vaccine dose of 250 µg doses experienced “Grade 3 systemic symptoms” following administration of the second dose. Moderna described these as the “most notable” of the adverse events and said that they had been “transient and self-resolving.”1 2

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) describes a Grade 3 adverse event as “severe or medically significant but not immediately life-threatening; hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization indicated; disabling; limiting self care” such as “bathing, dressing and undressing, feeding self, using the toilet, taking medications.”6

Moderna said that none of the participants in the clinical trial experienced Grade 4 adverse events. HHS lists Grade 4 events as “life-threatening consequences; urgent intervention indicated.” It describes Grade 5 events as “death related to [adverse events].”1 6

All 45 of the participants in Moderna’s Phase 1 clinical trial were healthy individuals 18 to 55 years of age.1 7

Clinical Trial Report Sends Moderna’s Stock Price Higher But Some Doubt Significance of the Report

News of the results of the Phase I trial produced a 20 percent spike in the value of Moderna stock on May 18. According to Barron’s:

After the market close, Moderna took advantage of the stock surge, announcing a proposed public offering of $1.3 billion in shares. The company said that the offering would “fund working capital needs related to the manufacturing” of its COVID-19 vaccine, among other things.8

But some vaccine researchers have expressed concern about the limited nature of the Phase I trial data released by Moderna, as well as the manner in which it was made public. Professor Anna Durbin, MD of Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health said:

I do think it’s a bit of a concern that they haven’t published the results of any of their ongoing trials that they mention in their press release. They have not published any of that. I would like to see the data to make my own interpretation of the data.7

John Rose, MD, professor emeritus of pathology at Yale University, said, “My guess is that their numbers are marginal or they would say more.”7


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  1. As Moderna hasn’t published on PUBMED then that seems odd to do press releases.

    Also the hard work of safety tests is still the biggest question…

    – how does the vaccine perform in patients who have prior flu shots or other vaccinations?
    – how does the vaccine perform in patients who already have COVID19 immunity?
    – why is the effectiveness only 17%?
    – what are the medical contra-indications?

  2. I’m confused how can only 8 people develop antibodies out of 45 people and it be considered “positive interim clinical data” ? Is this the new science because to me it looks like an absolute failure that only 8 developed antibodies. That means the vaccine was 17.777777777778% effective in an immune response (that’s only an immune response, what will happen to them when they are exposed to the real thing). Notice it states they only used it on healthy adults. There are 328.2 million people living in the USA and out of them their are 133 million people that are chronically ill. God help us all if this vaccine makes it through the trials.

  3. Yes.. I was thinking the same thing! That in itself is troubling. I believe in the Oxford Trials done on monkeys, they all exhibited an antibody reaction.. but all subjects then were found the live virus to be in their nasal swabs, post Vaccine. So would likely shed the virus. None of this seems promising.. and allegedly Moderna skipped crucial animal trials and went directly to human trials.

  4. Recently a U.S. Navy ship that the entire crew had developed “covid 19” through exposure all got REINFECTED so I’m not sure why they are even talking about a vaccine with that knowledge? Even with “antibodies” after a herd infection it is still able to come back? WTF???? I smell a vaccine RAT here.

  5. “The U.S. Navy says 13 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt who had apparently recovered from the coronavirus and had received negative test results have now tested positive for a second time.
    In a statement released earlier on Saturday when five sailors were found to have retested positive, the Navy said the sailors had “met rigorous recovery criteria, exceeding CDC guidelines,” including testing negative for the virus at least twice, but have now retested positive. The statement said the sailors had been monitoring their health and adhered to social-distancing protocols while on board the Roosevelt, which has been docked in Guam following an outbreak infecting hundreds of crew members.”

  6. 1) Antibodies ARE NOT IMMUNITY. They are just a marker your body can make showing that it has experience with a virus or whatever. Just because you have antibodies to something does not mean you will be protected. This is one of the biggest frauds/misunderstandings of the ‘vaccinology’ field. At the end of the day, a strong, healthy immune system is what keeps you from getting a bad sickness, and a malnourished, toxin-poisoned, ineffective immune system will allow you to get sick (antibodies or not). Take care of your own health… don’t put your faith in a toxic vaccine.

    2) This absolutely insane mRNA vaccine technology will permanently tamper with your own DNA, so that for the rest of your life, your body will be wasting resources producing bits of some virus which it will then be constantly fighting against. Think about that for a minute. This vaccine is basically an infection that will never be resolved, and will cause inflammation for the rest of your life. And that’s just if it ‘works’ the way they want it to… Gene therapies of the past have had horrific deadly side effects. Do you really trust Pharma to reprogram your DNA?

    3) We know Pharma rigs the ‘safety’ studies and never uses real placebos for control groups, and never does long-term studies for side effects (autoimmune diseases and all the rest), and classifies observed side effects as ‘pre existing conditions,’ and tries to help the safety profile by only using super-healthy test subjects, and on and on. I have to assume they are hiding some of the acute outcomes from this experiment. But even if not, what about the long term consequences of this vaccine? That is the truly troubling part and of course there will be no long-term tests (except on a guinea pig population of hysterical Americans).

    This is a horrible idea in so many ways… It’s the worst of the hubris-filled GMO field mixed with the worst of the hubris-filled Vaccinology field. What could go wrong? I will never get this monstrous vaccine.

    1. Correction to my comment- what I describe above is how DNA vaccines work, not the mRNA vaccines the article is about.

      The mRNA vaccines don’t change your DNA. Instead, they infect your cells and hijack them to produce virus bits using your own genetic structures. This is scary enough, but at least it doesn’t mangle your own DNA permanently. Still, as we are seeing, there are nasty side effects. Also, as the experiments are showing, mRNA vaccines are very ineffective at preventing disease (quite often they have the opposite effect).

      But Pharma is also working on DNA vaccines for coronavirus. If you have studied the GMO issue at all, you know that the GM (genetic modification) process causes errors, insertions, and random mutations throughout the host DNA. Who knows what plague of mutant zombies these vaccines might create if billions of people are injected with them…

  7. So, of 45 healthy participants, 8 developed antibodies, 3 had systemic reactions and 1 had a local reaction – which are just the initial observations. What other damage has been done? Promising results? SMH
    I guess we will find out when millions get these kinds of vaccines. Once again we will be the guinea pigs.

  8. The problems with this scenario is 1) vaccine manufactures are protected from law suits so they really know they can get away with…… if they choose to. 2) Because there were insertions of HIV into the genomic structure of the SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) there will NEVER be any antibodies capable of destroying this man-made virus. 3) To date there are NO antibody therapies/vaccines that are effective against HIV. After nearly 30 years, there is no medical therapy that effectively treats HIV. The ONLY “therapy” I know of that has had any promise/results is ozone therapy. As a med assistant we used ozone therapy to treat HIV very successfully until the State of WI shut the doctor down. That was in 1993.
    However, I personally know from a very reliable source lactoferrin has protective capabilities and renders the SARS-Cov-2 inactive. Trump is also correct in using hydroxychloroquine with zinc. He tried to tell the world about this right from the start and he is correct. He told the world of an inexpensive, highly effective treatment even though the likes of Fauci and Birx and the fake news media exploded against him and its use.

    1. Hi Mark, You are absolutely right about State/Country Medical Powers-that-be ‘shutting the door’ on innovative thought! For your Info, Vitamin C is effective against HIV. Check out Dr Thomas Levy’s book Primal Panacea, available at For my money, if it is Viral, Vitamin C (especially in either MegaGram Intravenous form, or the exciting new (relatively) new Liposomal/Lypospheric form. This latter type bypasses the gut and gets into the bloodstream for a quicker and more concentrated response.

    2. My doctor here in South Africa also treats HIV patients very successfully with Ozone Therapy. Of course it’s not spoken about otherwise she too would be shut down! She also does the Vitamin B, C and other drips in combination with the Ozone therapy.

      Her colleagues in the Ozone therapy world here have had incredible success treating & reversing Lupus and other auto-immune diseases.

      We know from published literature that Ozone therapy has been successfully used to treat COVID patients too, both in Italy and Spain. Probably in other countries too but not publicly known.

  9. Please define : “severe adverse events”. What exactly happened to these healthy volunteers?

  10. I will not comply with getting any vaccine much less an RNA one.
    Gates is pushing the microchip delivery via the vaccine… That man and is Anti-Christ EVIL!
    And for that matter 99.9% of Big Pharma moguls are evil corrupt scum too.

  11. So, I’m 74. I have already survived H1N1 9in 2010) without ANY pharmaceutical interference. Instead, I took MegaGram doses of ORAL Vitamin C [Approx 30,000 mg per day (in divided doses) for 7 days] and came out of self-isolation fit and health. I remain fit and health. Since this COVID-19 hit the scene I have upped my usual 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 to around 5,000 IU, and my usual 4,000 – 6,000 mg of oral Vitamin C to around10,000 mg daily. For anyone who thinks I have lost my marbles (with an IQ in excess of 150 I have lots to loose) check out this clip from a Video made about another H1N1 victim back in 2009. [ ] As you can see, he made it through DESPITE medical interference, not BECAUSE OF IT.

    So I have two questions for you:
    1. Why on earth should I, or any sane human-being, want to mess around with ‘live’ trials that might well make me sicker (or dead)? And
    2. Why has the medical establishment got it’s head so far up its backside that it cannot see and face the truth. And the TRUTH: Not all health benefits have to come out of a BigPharma Laboratory!

  12. …a proposed public offering of $1.3 billion in shares to fund working capital needs in the manufacture of its COVID-19 vaccine, among other things. For a moment, imagine that stock holders be held criminally and civilly liable for damages incurred if the vaccine turns out to be less than wonderful. Imagine shareholders so motivated to shepherd their holdings as they are accessory to the outcome/s of their investment. As they would be if they hired someone to damage me, or you. Would many people object to this, I mean, besides Congress?

  13. They have not even isolated the virus they call Covid 19, not even close. Like everything else regarding this fiasco, it’s a lie. How can they come up with a vaccine for an “invisible” disease. Where is the common sense. What ever vaccine they force on us, it was never intended to benefit us in any way. Bill Gates is calling the shots in this regard, and the WHO is in his back pocket. He said that “they” were going to use vaccines for depopulation and have been doing so in India, Africa, Mexico, and more. This is what Bill Gates said:

    ” “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care & reproductive health services, we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

    “Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are For Population Control ”

    You can’t believe anything from the government nor the main stream media, but that is nothing new. The following quote is from William Casey CIA Director 1981-1987:
    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.”
    (It’s complete and has been for a long time)

    It doesn’t matter who is in the White House, they are all just puppets for the international banksters that placed them in their positions. As for Trump, the Rothschilds own him as he was going to lose everything in the 1980s when he got in over his head. Rothschilds money saved his xxx.
    “Why Donald Trump Is A Rothschild Puppet”

  14. As usual, the “double speak” that comes out of any Pharmaceutical company’s mouth is just that. Scientific is left behind in the dust to a great extent. 17% efficacy building antibodies is a big thud to me and the possible side effects of these corona virus vaccines, which has been rampant for over 20 years in their attempts is terrible. I predict that none of the companies are going to come up with as suitable vaccine that is safe. You read it here and I am not a psychic.


    MUST WATCH. Over 2 hour video on vaccine safety with RFK Jr from Childrens Health Defense group.

    If NVIC covered all of these details, I missed it. The absolutely most educational explanation video on vaccines I’ve ever seen. RFK details the creation of the monster which is the vaccine industry, to the fallacies of the safety claims.

    You’ll learn many new things in this video. You have my personal guarantee.

    Thank you RFK, we have never taken vaccines and will never take vaccines. As if we were not convinced enough before watching this. We’re shocked by this additional disclosure even though we have thoroughly researched this issue for many years. We object based on principal alone, the safety mechanisms within government, especially with the CDC are irreparably broken. The CDC is a captured agency. It’s time for NVIC and RFK’s group to team up and get more collaborative.

    Please watch. Please forward.

    We’re not keeping up with ‘covid vaccine’ stories. Because we know enough already that we will run, hide, or resist however possible. We are not getting any vaccines. Having not vaccinated our children, we are already familiar with medical decision making discrimination. We’re denied all medical services anyways because we refuse to wear masks. I personally am beyond satisfied how concerned the public suddenly is with masks and vaccine safety. They refused to stand up against discrimination for parents whom made independent medical decisions, and even sanctioned and promoted the ‘anti vax’ discrimination for decades. Now it’s their turn to have a taste of their own medicine, under their own terms none the less. Put on your mask, take your shots, accept censorship, and be quite. Those guys earned it, with bonus payback because they worked so hard to advocate against independent medical decision making autonomy and independent speech. Be careful what you wish for.

  16. March 12, 2020 Top Biologist: Corona Virus Is ‘One Of Biggest Frauds In History’

    MIT biologist and the man who claims to have invented email, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, does research almost every day into the immune system. He says the fear-mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest frauds to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, & push MANDATED Medicine!”

  17. Now expose the people who developed antibodies to a potential covid infection and see whether or not their immune system murders them, like so many people who died from things that their body (statistically speaking) should have been able to handle, had they not been vaccinated in the first place.

  18. You know what I never…never…hear the CDC or pharmaceutical manufacturers discuss? What the cumulative effects of ever increasing vaccines are. This should be a critical factor to consider before ever ‘recommending’ another vaccine. I want ‘them’ to stop ‘telling’ me they are effective. I want ‘them’ to start informing me of (a) ALL ‘ingredients’ in each vaccine; (b) the known side effects (without minimizing the more tragic ones); and, (c) what the cumulative effect is of each and every ingredient that the body cannot rid itself of (i.e. heavy metals, DNA/cells of other creatures and aborted humans). They need to stop glossing over what should be critical concerns.

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