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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Children in Local County Getting Cancer, Rare Sicknesses

In Highland County, dozens of children have gotten cancer and other rare and deadly diseases. The health commissioner says he hasn’t found a spike in cases but people who live there, they disagree. … In Hillsborough in Highland County, children are getting cancer and rare diseases. We’re from a small town and this can’t be normal, like what’s going on? Haley Karnes, who grew in Peebles and now lives in Seattle, began asking questions after her niece Anna was diagnosed.

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  1. It seems if it was the water that there would be an increased rate of cancer and rare diseases for everyone regardless of age. Out of curiosity, how many SIDS cases have there been in this county during the same time frame? That is another unexplained phenomena amongst children. Also, I am wondering if any of these children have had adverse reactions or unexplained health concerns after receiving vaccines. We are not all one-size-fits all — adverse reactions do occur — and this should not be ruled out without gathering the data accurately.

  2. Our government forces us to allow our babies to be killed or else they will take them away from us. We have no say in whether or not they get vaccines. If we refuse, the child can’t go to school. Again, God help us.

    1. You are operating on fear which puts you at a disadvantage. The state of Ohio cannot keep you from sending your child to school, daycare, or anything else. You Just need to draft a letter to give to the school showing that you, as the parent, object to immunizations. Look up Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.671 Section B (4) Required Immunizations; Exceptions.
      I can send you a copy of the letter to personalize for yourself. I know this to be true because I have helped another and their child was able to attend, no problems. Stop letting the system bully you. You can email me and will hep you.

  3. Those at the CDC, ACIP, FDA, Big Pharma, doctors, scientists, CEO’s and political leaders KNOW that all these vaccines are indeed contributing to cancer because of the carcinogens in the vaccines. May those who know and say nothing because they are chicken or consumed by money, status, or population control best get on their knees. Your time is running out. Funny, why is it that those who push these vaccines cannot show you their special needs kids. Wonder why…..….????

  4. How long is this Chief Investigative Reporter going to wait, before asking if these kids have been vaccinated?

  5. This happened in Dallas, Oregon, a farming community, outside Salem, Oregon, and heavily sprayed community almost 40 years go. I’m sure it was going on longer ago than that, but that’s when I noticed it. I’ll bet 1/4 of the population in this little town had some type of cancer…adults and children alike. I started asking around in churches and just the community in general…extremely high cancer rates. A friend of mine, who’s sister died of cancer, working for the Oregon Extension Service, wrote a letter to the American Cancer Society. They actually got back to him and stated that they were already investigating Polk County for all types of cancer, including downs syndrome and SIDS. We sold our house and got the heck out of that town.

  6. If one reads the package inserts for many of the vaccines commonly given to babies and young children, one notices that they contain human-diploid cells, these from cultures of aborted fetal tissue. Some of these contain markers for cancer…and they are cells that can reproduce forever, like tumor cells. Many vaccines also contain cells from monkey kidneys and other animal tissue, and these can contain viruses migrating from the animals, or mutating between the animal and human tissue, as the vaccine is developed and cultured. Few doctors are aware of this, even fewer parents, but it represents a danger, as these vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream, bypassing natural defenses. Add to this the mercury and aluminum neurotoxins, and chemical carcinogens, like formaldehyde, also other contaminants, like antifreeze and polysorbate 80, and you have a witches brew guaranteed to do significant harm.

  7. 5G caused cancers in elementary school children in Calif. They forced them to take the towers down. From foods, to vaccines to 5G, we’re in a toxic, synergistic soup.

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