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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


What to Do When Vaccines Go Wrong

Every year, millions of people receive vaccines. These vaccinations are designed to keep people healthy. But sometimes things go wrong, and when that happens patients can only seek recourse at what’s known as Vaccine Court—a government program run by the Department of Health that compensates the injured. … If you’ve never heard of Vaccine Court, you aren’t alone. The Overland Park, Kansas man you are about to meet had a terrible response to a flu vaccine and even became paralyzed for a short period.

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  1. I think if you share this you need to mention only 1-10% of the reactions are reported. This does show there has been a study increase in the reported cases.
    The daughter at the end is just an average person making a comment with no science behind her statements

  2. Kudos to KCTV and investigative reporter Angie Ricono for uncovering this troubling issue.

    It would be more accurate to describe these reactions as “rarely reported,” rather than “incredibly rare.”

    Remember, Mr. Kumar (sp?) and his family had no idea that Vaccine Court even existed — which means his doctors, like most doctors, did not tell him about it. Most vaccine injury victims don’t learn about it until after the short 3-year statute of limitations is up. Doctors either don’t know about it, or don’t bother to tell their patients. Most people, doctors AND patients, are unaware that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for catastrophic reactions, not even when it can be proved that the vaccines could have been made to be safer.

    Carolyn Schutte, former mayor of Excelsior Springs, KS, received $7.4 million from Vaccine Court after getting travel vaccines — but only after her husband, author of a medical textbook on avoiding medical malpractice lawsuits, recognized her reaction for what it was, over the objections of her doctors, and filed a claim with Vaccine Court. But most vaccine injury victims don’t have the benefit of a family member familiar with navigating medical and government/judicial systems.

    A quick search of the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System turns up 1,827 ER visits reported as associated with flu shots — IN KANSAS ALONE.

    39 Kansas deaths were reported as associated with vaccines, 10 specifically naming flu shots.

    Keep in mind that less than 1% of vaccine adverse events are aver reported to VAERS, even when they are documented in medical records. We know this from the 2010 CDC-funded Harvard Pilgrim report, which can be read here: So perhaps the real numbers might look more like 3,900 vaccine-associated deaths.

    Apparently, Mr. Kumar’s doctors never bothered to report his injury to VAERS. There are no VAERS reports of a Guillain-Barre Syndrome reaction, starting 6 weeks after a flu shot, in an older man in Kansas.

    If even acknowledged and compensated vaccine injuries go unreported, it’s simply incorrect to describe such injuries as “incredibly rare.”

    The truth is, we just don’t know.

  3. Not such a rare response. Guillion-Barre syndrome is a well-known “side effect” of flu vaccine.

    The irony in the news clip is incredible. If his doctors had been doing their job, they’d have told him about the vaccine court, in fact, would have reported the incident. If the journalist had been doing her job, she’d have found out that Guillion Barre is not rare, and that the process of filing for a claim is neither neutral nor easy, and most claimants don’t get a decision for years.

  4. I was 22, young and full of life. Got insurance at my job… went in to get an annual check up. Left with a flu shot… two days later, I was not able to speak, had blurry vision along with ringing in my ears. severe pain in my whole body. life, has not been the same ever since. I get tired quickly and am in pain all the time…. I just found out about vaccine court. please read the insert you could be the damaged goods with one of those side affects……think twice when getting a vaccine of any kind…. good luck out there…

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