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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Veterans Denied Benefits for What They Call Vaccine-Related Injuries

The federal government is refusing to compensate some veterans who say they were forced to get the smallpox vaccine and suffered dehabilitating side effects. Any veteran will tell you when you’re out on a mission, you don’t complain. Sean Kelly, a local marine, didn’t complain and he’s now living with constant pain—pain the federal government refuses to acknowledge may have been caused by a vaccine meant to protect him from a biological attack.

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  1. I am a board-certified internist and am still practicing after 40 years. My two oldest sons –– a submarine officer and a Force Recon Marine –– both on active duty in both vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine. Despite no family history, both had their careers terminated because of type I diabetes. Although they did have service related disabilities, research into the relationship between the smallpox vaccine and the seemingly vastly increased risk of type I diabetes (along with military stress, certainly) and instruct us all that there is definitely a connection. Although one study did not seem to find any relative change in incidence, both of these incredibly qualified and physically fit (and quite healthy as they both took supplements as instructed by me, and integrative minded physician) got this disease out of the clear blue sky. Not everyone gets the smallpox vaccine, but special operations, severing officers, and active duty military aviators are among the groups that get it. Those specific groups should be singled out not simply the incidence of type I diabetes in the military. This is not over.

  2. Correction to my previous comment –– it is the anthrax vaccine that has been associated with diabetes and the one given to those groups that I mentioned.

  3. My husband said every service member, in the Navy, started the anthrax vaccine but after the first round they decide not everyone needed it so then it went to fewer service members.

  4. Barbara is correct, our government is hiding the truth! Take a look at our own regulatory agency World Health Organization. This past week, The High Wire show with Del Bigtree, titled, Who’s Lying? presented video clips from the WHO Vaccine Safety summit!
    Jaw dropping concerns from the Doctors, scientists and the heads of this government entity handled our worlds vaccine program. If those clips were on mainstream TV- would be the end of vaccination as we know it!

  5. Nancy, it is jaw breaking!@ They literally admitted they don’t know what the hell they are doing.. they admitted that things the public is told has been done and yet it hasn’t.. And the claim of safe and effective vaccines is basically a big fat lie and the lives of our children and all of humanity is jeopardized by their ignorance and incompetence.. and yet the lies continue.

    The key is finding a way to get this to mainstream and open up all parents and everyone’s eyes to things we knew and felt for a very long time.. but we didn’t have the proof.. Now we have the ‘smoking gun’ – in the World Health Organization’s doctors and scientists own words!

  6. A Senator was starting an investigation into the military cover-up of vaccine related disabilities in veterans and was gathering all their medical records for the investigation. The records were being stored in the Alfred Murrah building in OK City, which was then intentionally destroyed by operatives working for the government. The incident then blamed on “right-wing” patriots.The government knew that if the truth came out, there would be billions in settlements they would need to pay out to cover the lifetime disability of over 500,000 disabled veterans. To learn more about this story search “Cory Snodgres Murrah Bldg”!/v/blondenfun1/motpglxb

  7. Do we know the names and countries of the actual owners of these pharmaceuticals? Are they even American? Perhaps if their names were publicized along with what is happening in America, we might get change a little faster. The very core of our American freedoms are slowly being eroded. We must remain free to make our constitutional choices for ourselves and our children. Religious or otherwise.

  8. I really feel for the military personnel who suffered serious side effects after being vaccinated while serving in the US military. So much for the VA helping them!….For me, I chose to retire during October 1998 while serving with the Maryland Army National Guard when the order came down from The Pentagon that ALL National Guard and Reserve unit personnel were told to get the series of Anthrax vaccines. At that time, I recalled while serving with the Active Duty Army at Fort Hood, Texas, during 1976, when this entire post of about 50,000 military personnel (primarily Army) were ordered to get the swine flu shot with 2 other flu shots since the USA was undergoing an “alleged” swine flu pandemic which was a complete lie. I have never seen so many sick soldiers, NCO’s and officers in my entire military career….and, it took me about 30-days to recover after getting these flu shots. Their is way more to my story on the above, but, I don’t feel like writing a book…

  9. I got the small pox, anthrax, Meningococcal, typhoid and Hep B, before and during a 90 day deployment and during the course of the 90 days, I lost almost 50 pounds and have never felt good again. I am in constant pain and feel tired all of the time. Also, I developed psoriasis with no family history and my claim was denied, since I went to civilian doctors during my active duty activation of two years from my reserve unit.

    1. I’m so sorry this happened to you. You received all those vaccines at once? That’s a lot and sounds like you body could not process all those toxins. Do whatever you can to help your body detox. Psoriasis is an autoimmune and a side effect of vaccines. My husband developed after a vaccine as well.

  10. As a veteran I can tell you that medical experimentation on the military is rampant. I was given the flu mist along with everyone in our hospital two years before it was FDA approved. We were part of the test population, Cellular radiation from wireless phones was tested on active duty army soldiers, LSD and other drugs were tested on military members many decades ago. This is a small list of what can be dug up if we continue to look at how the military is used as human guinea pigs. It is unfortunate but we must look at amending what is acceptable for our military members because we are treated as expendable by the government. There are many amazing military leaders but when you are in the military you are subject to the UCMJ and not civilian law your life and your body are not your own. It is time to change that when it comes to medical experimentation on our troops because not everyone in government has the best intentions. Many who oversee our military are connected to private for profit corporations that have an alternative agenda and this becomes detrimental to the health and well being of our service members who are seen as an experimental population.

  11. My husband received them and did NOT want to get them. He stated this to the docs and the techs giving the shots. The tech admitted that he didnt like having to GIVE the shot.

  12. I gave hundreds, thousands, of vaccines when I served in the military. I had almost everything I had to give. I started to wake late in the game; questioning the package inserts. I was directed to not read them and throw them in the garbage. I can’t imagine how much illness and disability is vaccine related, in our veteran and military populations. It makes me sick. I personally witnessed people having reactions, specifically to anthrax shots, and now I wonder what has happened to many of them. We as a country need to rise up. SHOW UP and be counted when our representatives try to shove these mandates down our throats. Anyone who believes in freedom, and anyone who is pro life, can not believe in vaccines at the same time.

  13. I am so sorry that this has happened to each and every one of you. It has long been known that the military does experiments on their own. I hope each of you can recoup from the damages you know in your heart were caused by the vaccines. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! And very important…. REPORT IT TO VAERS! If you don’t report it… no one else will!

  14. I’ve been paralyzed in a wheelchair for 30 years yes recently I fell and had to have my right leg amputated I know it’s from vaccinations I got while in bootcamp I got 22 vaccines to go the cleanup and help the soldiers in Vietnam the VA says I have multiple sclerosis and it’s not service-connected but I’ve talked to neurologist not in the VA system and they said that my lower extremities do not work anywhere like someone with multiple sclerosis I get 0% from the VA IVs or something

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