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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Mystery SARS-like Virus Spreads Beyond China

Concern is growing over a possible outbreak of a new SARS-like virus. The flu-like mystery illness first reported in China, already spreading to Japan and Thailand. The global community is very familiar with what happened with SARS in the past, and this is something that is on our radar. Now, federal officials south of the border are on alert. Some American airports have begun screening passengers flying from central China for the virus that has killed two people and sickened dozens more. We’re screening passengers returning from Wuhan into the United States because we want to detect the virus early. The earlier we detect this virus the better we’ll understand it and the better we’ll be able to protect people.

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  1. Coronavirus and oil of oregano

    In all cases the wild oregano oil destroyed the viruses. In tissue culture the wild oregano oil virtually completely destroyed the human coronavirus, a 99.9% kill, in a mere 20 minutes. The coronavirus is the microbe responsible for nearly 50% of the infections diagnosed as the common cold or pneumonia and is solely responsible for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The destruction of the influenza A and bird flu viruses was nearly as complete, a 99% kill. This is an impressive result, which has never been achieved by any drug.
    Hyssop Health’s medical director and board-certified infectious disease specialist Christopher Brown, M.D., formerly with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), reviewed the extensive literature on the oil of oregano’s ability to eliminate a host of bacteria and viruses and developed studies to confirm or deny origanum vulgare’s efficacy in eliminating P. acnes. When the results of these tests were conclusive that it had a definitive effect on P. acnes, Dr. Brown designed a series of laboratory tests to be conducted to measure the effects of oil of oregano on Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, MRSA and P. acnes.

    His research results showed that the oregano-based compounds outperformed the best of traditional antibiotic medications, demonstrating the capacity to destroy the bacteria.
    His results are substantiated by the results reported and published by many research institutions nationally and internationally.

  2. Would love to see the complete genetic profile of this virus, and information on what labs were ‘experimenting’ with Corona viruses.

  3. Yes, I have a comment. Look at the medical letter from doctors and other letters under sign testimony at Last Tree Laws – such as environmental impacts and against our risks from wireless exposures. One of the issues with wireless is that it can alter bacteria and natural resistance. Also, natural defenses are reduced. Lastly, symptoms can include feeling poorly, headaches, warming, etc. Take a look at the Stop5GInternational dot org website (or see events at Last Tree Laws) and join the protests.

    If you look at the social media images at LTL, you will see a study showing how wireless enhanced carcinogenity of a toxin – the same seems to be true for bacteria and viruses.

  4. i dont for a single second feel that this virus is just some unfortunate happening. I feel this was released by someone a false flag if you will, to which the medical community will likely come up with some vaccine which everyone will have to take in order to ‘eradicate’ the said disease and then will come the mantra ‘if there was ever any doubt that vaccines are safe and save lives you dont need to look any further than right here’ Then everyone will cue up for their Ebola Vaccines and HIV vaccines like good little sheep. This all seems mightly suspicious, i dont believe for one second this is a coincidence.

  5. This has been identified as the Coronavirus. This is potentially a test for forced vaccination in the US, depending on whether it reaches the US and the spread. A quickie vaccine could be put together as no testing is required and there is no real liability either to the pharmaceutical company. If a public emergency is declared, officials could try to force vaccination on everyone.

  6. It’s hysterics run amuk. Keep the fear in high gear, don’t mention who exactly is dying (infant and toddlers, aged citizens, and anyone with compromised immunity) or that 25,000 plus die of flu every year in US. But who can trust the numbers or how those confirmed have been confirmed? Isolation of a genuinely specific virus, different compared to the other 3 or 4 known coronavirus? Interesting the timeline, large tourists crowds expected for Chinese New Years celebrations, then the “unthinkable”! A PANDEMIC VIRUS OUTBREAK!!!!!! Or so we are told. Economic disruption the goal? Whats the reservoir? Bats? Fish? Which ones? Squid? Cave bats? Tree bats? Puffer fish? Octopus? hmmm where’s that Zika vaccine? Anybody wonder why we never had an HIV vaccine? This was a killer virus in the 80’s, or so we were told. Maybe now like then they’ll pass out the AZT in large doses, because when you’re dead, you don’t get infected!

  7. All these health “officials” (official science complybots and conformatrons) need to do is distribute Power Paks and give high dose vitamin C intravenously to the young and old who are actually the ones dying…… end of problem. This outbreak, which is all it is biologically, and not an epidemic, is absurd on it’s face. Here’s Robert Redfield, CDC chief conflator and vaccine adherent……”We don’t know the natural history of how this virus is secreted” Then, “We’ve seen people who have a detectable virus, then they didn’t have a detectable virus, and then 3 days later they had a detectable virus” Give you confidence? Classic science says, Isolate the virus in those with symptoms. Virus must be found in millions of viral titer. Then you know you’re dealing with a DNA virus….but a normal cold/flu virus. Which will kill those with underdeveloped or compromised or weak immune systems. How does he think it’s secreted? Seriously? And now reports are that China’s quarantines are for healthy!!! NO! you quarantine the sick and those who’ve likely been exposed i.e. family and friends of the sick. IF, IF you have a real emergency! This is not.

  8. “The global community is very familiar with what happened with SARS in the past, and this is something that is on our radar. ”
    Yes, SARS…..another concocted public emergency. As long as the public can be kept in fear, cowed and kept ignorant of viral science…..true viral science, CDC/FDA and big pharma will control the game. From forced vaccine to forced medical procedures is not a leap of logic. Cancer doesn’t kill, the treatment does. And the lie since the 80’s, even though it was disproved that RNA virus can cause tumors in humans, has spread far and wide in science academia and to it’s unsuspecting students. We know genes are not responsible for disease if anyone bothered to notice the results of the human genome project. Nada, zip….no causation. Now Epigenomics carrys on to confuse the issue further. Genes can mutate, but not on their own, but what they don’t tell us is that our genes have two options when mutated by outside or inside toxins, die or get repaired by the 4,000 +- genes solely dedicated to this. This is why crisper 9, if you’ve heard of it, is a giant hoax in it’s claims. It’s a false pretense because genes don’t cause disease. Science is corrupt to it’s core, just like all of corporate, government entities. We need a mass cleansing of the established paradigm. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  9. This “mysterious deadly virus” is no more than the flu vaccine virus being shed and spread. No more deaths than usual from flu vaccine side effects or food poisoning from eating animal products. Regeneron pharma just happens to already have a drug ready to roll out and a vaccine will be available “very soon.” I also don’t believe for a minute that there is any “test” that determines if you have “coronavirus.” These man-made viruses are interchangeable. Proof of that is if you’ve just had a flu shot and then test for HIV, you WILL test positive. Fearmongering hype at its most insane for the gullible, fearful and ignorant population.

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