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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Chronic Illness “Short Film” | Julia Cimorose

I have chronic illness. People also call it invisible illness. I just look like a normal girl, right? Well, I’m not. I have many different illnesses. Dysautonomia. POTS—Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. EDS—Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. MCAS—Mast cell activation syndrome. … Which those three are a trifecta. CRPS—Complex regional pain syndrome. CIRS—Chronic inflammatory response syndrome. CAPS—Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome. Small fiber neuropathy and seizures. You will never know that by just looking at me.

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  1. This took a Box of Kleenex to get through!! All so young – so beautiful – what caused all these “symptoms”. Not being a Doctor……..but knowing many of these symptoms from others I’ve seen. 1) Over Vaccinated. 2) Pathogens – undiagnosed: Parasites, Viruses (EBV / Chronic Fatigue), Bad Bacteria or Fungal Infections. None properly Tested by Medical. I had Many of the symptoms these young ladies described when I was in early 40’s. I found I had Viruses & Funguses. I took appropriate Herbs & Homeopathics for and recovered in 6 weeks. It was Not Vaccinations in my case – but that was many years before Vaccines increased. I wonder if any of them had the HPV Vaccine – which also Causes all these symptoms?? I sure wish I could help each of them.

    1. Your recovery protocol would be wonderful to hear, or links to resources to help plan a broad spectrum sweep. What herbs and homeopathics did you employ? Thank you again for sharing.

  2. Did I miss something? Is there a connection to HPV vaccines or what. That’s what makes sense to me as the HPV vaccine has ruined many, mostly female, lives. Otherwise, the victim parade doesn’t seem appropriate for a site that challenges the accepted vaccine/vaccination propaganda.

  3. What causes all of these chronic illnesses? A few of these I have heard of, but most I have not. Just wondered if anyone can share information — thanks !

  4. Dear Julia, our heart goes out to you and all those with chronic injuries. You probably get advice all the time, so we will give ours. So little is truly known about our amazing bodies and how they work. Have you heard of Dr. Jack Kruse[light guy], or Dr. Dietrich Klienghardt, or the effects of electricity[EMF]? There is so much new unheard info. Be brave in your quest to find joy along this road your own. Always remember that your are loved. Ed/Chrisa

  5. I see this posted on ⅓ and linked to ‘The Vaccine Reaction’ but I cannot detect any attribution in the video – in other words there doesn’t seem to be a clear linkage to what might have caused or theoretically caused the conditions.

    If the linkage to vaccine reaction was intentionally by the author, then that would say there might have been a vaccination prior to the video production? But really that’s not telling us for sure that we’re looking at this in the correct way.

    It’s a hard-rending video and insights into how it is experienced by a victim – my heart goes out to a soul who can share from such a weakened state.

    I don’t see responses to questions. There may be no intention to interact or answer questions and I respect that.

    If there will be responses to questions – I would like to ask if there is any treatment history and in particular any attempts at detoxification? It would be very helpful to know if anything was done along these lines and if so, what, and clearly these failed but the failure would say a lot about this condition.

    Thank you for sharing and blessings.

  6. But what do these illnesses have to do with vaccines? The connection is never made, but I’m assuming, since it appears on this site, that there is a connection. When did the illnesses begin? What is the link?

  7. Julia is in the clutches of MDs and is not getting better. The Medical Medium ( is years or decades ahead of doctors. The MM cured my wife of Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune hypothyroiditis) though doctors say it’s incurable. I got all my energy back and sleep well. Basically, chronic disease is caused by EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus). A rather simple change of diet is what is required. Listen to his radio shows for free. His books are excellent.

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