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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Witnessing the Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) | Barbara Loe Fisher

Those tiny miracles, God’s most precious gift to us. We hold them in wonder just moments after they’re born. We love them in a way we never thought we could love anyone. And they love and trust us in a way that no one else ever will. And then, one day, we wake up and they’re as big as we are, ready to go out in the world and hold their own babies in their arms, completing the natural order of life. But for many children, the natural order of life will never be completed. Some have already died. Some will one day join the ranks of the working disabled. And others will grow old in state homes, with the bodies of adults and the brains of babies. For these children, the natural order of life has been forever changed by man-made viral and bacterial vaccines they were required, by law, to use.

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  1. Thank you for doing what you are doing! Because of your organization and my own research and reading the book a shot in the dark, my daughter will be 25 this week was never vaccinated. I have lived the bullied life and fought hard to keep her unvaccinated through her whole life, but I thank you for helping me make that decision.

  2. I think we’d have less of these problems, by the way are not all caused from vaccines, as you well know, if people were told to seek the natural treatment with vitamins and whole foods instead of prescription drugs with many side effects.

  3. These vaccines must be stopped! When Hillary and Chelsea Clinton congratulate the vaccine industry we know that something is not right. When congressman Schiff pads his bank account from pharmacy lobbyist we know it’s about money and not about our children. When the vaccine people are into de population you need to remember the holocaust. Who will have the courage to fight this extremism to the death.

  4. On this great feast of Our Lady,Her ‘Immaculate Conception’, I’ll beg Her help at Mass this morning for making the truth known about these vaccine reactions. God help the children.

  5. You are amazing. Thank you for bringing your great words to the VIE. Now, let’s keep working for meaningful change.

  6. Barbara I bow to you for all that you have done to expose the lies and dangers of vaccination.

    My wife who died in 2010 was not one to believe that vaccines can and do harm with the possibility of death and to the side effects in life from vaccines that is worse then what one is being vaccinated for. She was turned into an anti-vaccer when our 3rd. daughter was vaccinated with eight vaccines at age 2 months in 2000.

    Against my desires and knowledge at the time, she refused to believe vaccines are a danger to life and is pseudoscience. I hoped that my knowledge about vaccination would not affect my daughter. To make a long story short my daughter was adversely affected by that round of vaccines.

    My daughter contracted Uticaria Pigmentosa (spelling?) and autism from the acceptance from my wife that the Doctors knew what they were doing. My wife from that point turned into an advocate and started doing research in which I led her to you and your mission to wake up those who blindly roll up their sleeves, bend over and just take whatever is shoved down our throats.

    You are a godsend for those here in America and you have my support in all that you do> Keep up the great work that you are doing.


  7. Sadly, my daughter doesn’t get it and my beautiful Grandautghter is coming up for her three-year innoculation in April 2020. Between her one and two innoculations, she has had this weird BLINKING syndrome. My daughter takes her to the doc who says her eyes ok so no problem. So this has happened twice and the doc says, “Nothing to worry about!” Yet you think, no other child has it and she is blinking uncontrollably, so there clearly is something not right. Don’t get me wrong, she is bright, but has no sensory perception so is constantly banging her head, falling into things and seems just CLUMSY. She wanted a den underneath a table and I put comfortable things in there, but she kept bumping her head going in and out of the den and I thought, ‘my daughter never had this problem!’ So what is going on? Even with me reminding her to watch her head – doesn’t make a difference. Fortunately, I regularly take her to a Cranio-Sacral Osteopath since she was a baby, so at least she has some relief and help in the right direction. I think we need to get together and stop the vaccinations which are posisoning and damaging out children and adults. Thanks for reading this, Dr Corinna Fletcher

  8. My beautiful baby was one of those injured. Now grown, but still like a child. She trusted me and I trusted the doctors when they said to vaccinate her. One day after her first vaccine she had a seizures and stroke. They said it was not the vaccine, at first I believed them but now realize they lied or were mislead themselves. I love her and will never give up on her, but feel I failed her. I did not know the danger.

    Thank you for alerting people …do not let this happen to anymore children! God Bless You!

  9. Vaccines do the very same damages in animals. My family doesn’t vaccinate any living being as it is against our religious and conscience beliefs. We’ve all witnessed the harms and deaths these poisons cause. This forced medical tyranny is unconstitutional. I pray we’re able to stop it this next year.

  10. We have beautiful, alert, intelligent completely unvaccinated children. Our 18 mo. old constantly gets comments about how vocal, coordinated, and intelligent he is compared to other children who are even older than he is. We thank God and you as well as many other sources who have helped us to learn the truth. All the comments on our children give us a chance to spread the word!!

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