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Vaccine Market Valued at $93 Billion by 2026

market growth

A recent report by Fortune Business Insights projects the value of the world market for vaccines to reach $93.08 billion by 2026, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.7 percent during the forecast period.1

One of the main drivers of the vaccine market is the need for greater supplies of vaccines, given stricter government vaccination policies. Pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, international organizations and hospitals are becoming more focused on administering vaccines on a regular basis. In addition, government surveillance systems in many countries are driving legislative mandates requiring more and more people to receive vaccines recommended by the state.1

An additional factor driving the vaccine market is a robust pipeline of products. Faced with increasing competition, vaccine manufacturers are under increasing market pressure to get licensure approvals for their products from regulatory agencies. Continuous research and development and launching novel vaccines in the market is the goal of every vaccine maker.

Rising global demand for vaccines against serious diseases such as malaria, dengue and Ebola is offering new business opportunities for many pharmaceutical companies such as Novavax, Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Bavarian Nordic that are among the top 10 firms expecting to have their vaccine products be approved for use in the next few years. Industry leaders GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Sanofi and Pfizer also have several vaccines under development that may eventually be licensed and contribute to growth of the vaccine market.1

Pediatric vaccines hold the highest market share in terms of value. The potential size of the pediatric vaccines market is largely dependent on two factors—worldwide growing birth cohort and increasing pediatric vaccination doses.1

In 2018, North America generated revenue of $22.03 billion from sales of vaccines and is anticipated to be the dominant revenue-generating continent in the vaccine market through 2026. The Fortune Business Insights report states that steady and dominant growth of the North American vaccines market is expected will be due to increasing vaccine awareness, the presence of strong manufacturers and stricter government public health policies.1


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  1. It’s all about the money.
    In America the more vaccines we receive the more unhealthy we get. Too many deaths from pediatric vaccines to call them safe. Statistics are skewed because many Third World countries do not have access to antibiotics so minor infection can cause secondary infections and death. Very few deaths in America from measles mumps rubella tetanus etc. Biggest scam since bloodletting with leeches

  2. Pediatric vaccines are the most FORCED by the Gov and rich filthies. BABIES CANNOT ARGUE, AND THEIR PARENTS MAY BE DUMBED DOWN and/or THREATENED.
    25 years of corporate protections—where they cannot be sued—has corrupted everyone in the chain. Why couldn’t the gov have saved manufacturing: electronics, clothing, furniture; or better subsidized autos & oil field tools–TO KEEP THOSE JOBS FROM BEING OUTSOURCED TO ASIA?
    HECK YES, those wacky Commies could make cheaper vaccines than we do here.
    OH WAIT< where DO the vaccine manufacturers buy their components, chemicals and completed vaccines? Which Asia? Whose cancerous-male aborted fetal tissue in the vaccines WAS that? If we are what we eat, what happens when we inject??

  3. Vaccines / biologics are NO-LIABILITY, FOR-PROFIT, not-safety-tested, pharmaceutical products. $4.3 billion has been awarded for vaccine injury and death since 1986. Vaccine injury tax is included in the price of each vaccine (.75 cents /antigen). Vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Supreme Court, 2011.

    No vaccine has been tested: synergistically, for mutagenic effect, carcinogenic effect, or for impairment to fertility.

    I would never buy a car that had zero safety testing, whose manufacturer had zero liability. Would you?

  4. Overwhelmingly obvious conflicts of interest in a monopolized business structure which supersedes United States liberties. aka medical industrial complex tyranny.

    Still requesting The Vaccine Reaction in a printed monthly magazine publication. We will gladly subscribe for ourselves and gift subscriptions for others. This would be the most effective way to spread this information to people whom otherwise are not exposed to the other side of the vaccine argument. The content is already developed and all that is necessary is to transfer these articles to a monthly mag, and perhaps include best of commentary and such below. Will try to scrape up another hundred for my yearly donation to nvic soon. Thank you.

  5. If you made two products: one were you had liability if it should dysfunction, And another where you had absolutely no liability, in fact you were covered entirely by the government. No matter what that product did or what pain or damage it caused you could not be sued. Which product would you make more of?

  6. It is horrifying to think that Pharma and government literally has a price on everyones head. Every citizen the sit there and calculate what your life is worth to them……..they sit there and calculate what they will make from each drug they make cancer treatments etc, that is all we are to them we are walking greenbacks how much taxes can they get how much treatments can we get out of them, they are over the moon with this.

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