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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


To Vaccinate or Not? Two Mothers ‘Debate’

Karen in her home in Seattle and Celina on nearby Veshon Island are separated by more than Puget Sound. When it comes to vaccinating their children for whooping cough they’ve come down on very different sides of the fierce debate currently raging in their community. With my two kids, we’ve done a spaced out vaccine schedule, in part, because I do believe in vaccines, and if they have a negative reaction to a single vaccine I want to be able to stop that vaccine and not the entire series. I had always gotten vaccines and had been pro vaccine for myself, but when I had a small baby and started to hear troubling things about that there might be a risk to getting the vaccines, then I started to question it and I, actually, with my first daughter did delay the schedule.

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  1. My 9 year old daughter got pertussis and we are an unvaccinated family. The doctor said there is no cure only vaccination. I tried a bunch of different herbs at the health food store and then tried a homeopathic doctor with no luck. She was waking up in the night coughing to the point of gagging. After a month my five year old began coughing too and so did I, since I hadn’t been vaccinated since a child. I could feel it going deep into my lungs. At that point I heard that of a Chinese doctor that had herbs that worked well for others that had pertussis. I went to the Chinese herbalist and bought two bottles of herbs made by Evergreen Herbs (Herbal abx and Respitrol). The herbalist didn’t know it would cure pertussis. They were Chinese herbs meant to cure coughs in general. My daughter’s younger sister and me hardly experienced pertussis at all only the beginning of the cough for three days and at that point it wasn’t severe only a slight beginning cough. Pertussis takes a month to incubate before showing signs from siblings and it began one month after my older daughter got infected. These herbs nipped it in the bud, it was a miracle! My 5 year old hardly had any effects of pertussis and we all shared a household together. Chinese herbs can be very powerful I felt the effects first hand. We also only used a small amount of the bottles of herbs so were able to pass it on to friends. There are alternatives to vaccines that have been used for thousands of years and people don’t need to live in fear that vaccines are the only option.

  2. Amazing! The lady who is pro-vaccination says: “It is arrogant to think that you can outsmart a microbe and a virus.” If you believe in vaccines you believe that you CAN outsmart a virus!!! We have to live with virusses and we have been doing it since we evolved. We need virusses and they need us. I would propose that it would be far better to strengthen our natural immune systems and be as healthy as we can to be able cope with the virusses, especially in childhood. The money now spent on vaccinations could be put to far better use in fighting malnutrition and poverty.

  3. The 2 mothers discussing vaccine choice perfectly displays the difference between those of us who are under the spell of paternalistic dogma under the cloak of so called science and those of us who do our own research for verifiable safety data and adverse event outcomes in our children and adults. The dogma is being shattered.

  4. Let me see if I understand: The unvaccinated put the vaccinated at risk because if they catch the disease the vaccinated are possibly not protected enough to withstand catching the disease from them. If the vaccinated get the disease, they also can pass it on to other vaccinated and unvaccinated people, so the vaccinated people ALSO put others at risk, especially if they think they could not possibly have the disease because they are vaccinated. My two sons (one partially vaccinated and one unvaccinated) both caught pertussis (whooping cough) from a vaccinated child with coughing fits. Both of them tested positive and were coughing until turning blue, but recovered in one day from all symptoms by anti-pertussis gamma globulin shots (1 per week for 3 weeks). It seems to me that better treatments not more vaccines is the solution.

  5. Have these parents actually READ THE INGREDIENTS in vaccines? Neurotoxins? Carcinogens? All kinds of contaminants? “Scientific background?” Please learn to read! Would you rather exchange measles or mumps or pertussis for learning disabilities, autism, early alzheimer’s, lifelong asthma, and allergies, the chance of early diabetes and cancer? These mothers…and fathers…. seem to have swallowed whole the lies promoted by the CDC, the vaccine producers, the major media who fatten on vaccine ads. Not one word about missing safety tests, or total lack of liability for the vaccine makers and the doctors, nurses, hospitals, clinics administering them.

  6. Until a few years ago, all states had the possibility of getting childhood vaccine exemptions using philosophical or religious waivers but still 95% of children were being vaccinated. Almost 50% of the population questions vaccine safety but vaccination rates are still around 95%.
    The problem is that people in general don’t want to take responsibility for their medical decisions and even with repeated evidence that Pharma, doctors and the government have agendas which include considerations other than the safety of the general population, most people are still intimidated and do as they are told.

  7. My Vet friend went to the VA and came home with Whooping Cough. 50’s male.

    The debate involves fake news, a corrupt CDC, and a crap shoot of whether your child is going to get a vaccine polluted ‘by mistake’ with cancer-causing virus’s, or on purpose by poisonous adjuvents.

    Dr. Moulden, (sp) far more ethical and widely educated than most doctors advises against any vaccines. His book with before and after PICTURES of the strokes and brain damage caused by vaccines wasn’t published, as he died about two weeks before. Non-symmetrical eyes are a huge indicator of brain damage. Parents will probably be told their kid needs glasses. I remember Bernie Baby from the last election.

    PS: Most Americans need heavy metal and liver detox. Vaccines, Chemtrails and Glyphosate in most of the foods.
    I had half a bag of Moose Munch sold by Harry N David, sickening sweet, until I looked on the label. The first ingredient is Corn Syrup Sugar. Aargh.

    Vaccine studies are already printed, showing ASD links.
    ‘Without a shot’ seems to be a play on words.

  8. I have no kids but do not believe in vaccines at all. We have an immune system for a healthful reason, it is designed to protect us when we are exposed to viruses and bacteria. For centuries humans have been exposed to all kinds of contagions but what really spread them for so many years was unsanitary conditions, dirty water, contaminated foods and so on. Our creator gave us all of the plants and herbs to remain healthy. Anyone who hides the truth about the horrors of vaccines and their ingredients does not have our best interests in mind. Anyone who takes away medical freedoms and ignores the Neuremberg codes is taking after the Nazi experiments on prisoners. Anyone who allows vaccine companies, and doctors who administer them, to be immune from lawsuits is colluding with criminals and doing treasonous behavior. If I had children I would proudly take them to a measles party and expose them.

  9. The human race survived for thousands of years before there was vaccination. Most infants are born healthy. When a baby is breastfed, the mother’s milk, from what I understand, helps to protect the infant from disease. Why do we contaminate the bodies of infants by injecting foreign substances into their bodies that are unnatural and do not belong there–aluminum, mercury, etc.–and that could contain “stealth” viruses–unknown viruses? The polio vaccine that was given to the public in the fifties contained a cancer-causing virus that came from monkeys.
    My mother believed in Nature; she used to say “Don’t fool with Mother Nature.” She raised nine children who were mostly unvaccinated.

    I was born in 1944 and had an older brother and seven younger siblings. When I was growing up, the diseases of measles, mumps, and chicken pox were considered normal childhood illnesses and nothing to worry about. My parents were poor and we never saw a doctor unless it was an emergency. However, one of my brothers was born in 1958, and my mother was informed that there was a free “wellness” clinic for babies where she could take her baby. My brother was given vaccinations. One month after his third DTP shot, he came down with a very bad case of pertussis (whooping cough). When he would start coughing, we had to turn him upside down and hit him on the back, and gobs of mucous would come out of his mouth. However, he survived. He was the ONLY ONE in the family who ever had pertussis–yet he was the one who was vaccinated. When the next baby was born (in California), my youngest brother, my mother simply wrote a note to the school that vaccination was against her beliefs, and there was no problem. Now the freedom to decline vaccination is being taken away from us.

  10. Hmm, I think the intelligent mom with illogical thinking might want to read the study that RedPill linked to in the Houston Pertussis outbreak article.

    It showed a real likelihood that people vaccinated against pertussis while not showing symptoms were actually carriers who were spreading pertussis!

  11. It is so ironic!! When I was birthing one of my children, I think it was the 3rd child – the two older ones were on the bed with me (at home) and were in the middle of full blown measles! Why were we not concerned about the baby being vulnerable to the measles? Because I had the measles as a kid and have life long immunity AND – the beautiful thing – I pass my immunity on to my child for the first year or more of his life!! That third son and his forthcoming little sister both got the measles also when they were about 6 and 4. Now my daughter was able to pass on her lifelong immunity to her son, also vax free!   When vaccinations were introduced, they began to interfere with this wonderful process of obtaining life long immunity and the TRUE form of herd immunity. Measles occurring in children between the ages of 4 and 12 in the US is usually of little consequence. People have NOT been dying in the US from the measles for YEARS, including years PRIOR to the introduction of the vaccine. Unless malnourished or Vit A deficient or living in unsanitary conditions or immunocompromised BY VACCINES to begin with! This is where the compromise begins; it’s how vaccines work; they clear the baby’s body of the mother’s naturally occurring antibodies and the immune system is put into an artificially stimulated hyperdrive. My “children” are 33, 30, 28, 26 and 17! The book I read in 1986 which was the impetus for us to discontinue vax for our first born, (he received just a few compared with these days, and had no outward signs of damage) was written by a pediatrician, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. Here is the chapter about vaccines from that book. Written in 1984, he had insight into what has happened since! He was very sadly, right, in his predictions.

  12. Three of my children had whooping cough, also. We homeschooled everyone so there was no issue in that regard. THe first was an 8 year old son. We didn’t realize what we were dealing with, but like all things, we dealt with it using natural approaches including homeopathy and found drosera to be the best help. Our 12 year old daughter had a mild case. The most trying was when my youngest had it at 3 years old. It lasted 4 months. He woke almost every night every 20 minutes coughing and spitting up. I kept him between us in bed with a pan. It was amazing grace that I was able to keep going through it all with 4 teenagers and him to take care of, and a severely depressed husband. He had to eat very small portions every 45 minutes, to reduce his chances of coughing up all his food, which happened when he ate full meals if he had a coughing fit even an hour or more later. He could not run without initiating a fit. He carried a pan with him everywhere, (and that was a hard habit to break after he was over it… it was like his security blanket…. He also became noticably obsessive-compulsive for at least a half year afterward…it slowly faded, thankfully.. Realizing it does last several months in most cases, and accepting that as the norm I think it helpful. Then if you can nip it early that ‘s wonderful, but if you end up going through it, and coming out stronger, that’s still wonderful, but just more difficult. 🙂

  13. Okay what I want to know is who the hell titled this video? That was not a debate whatsoever in any sense of the word!

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