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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


This County Banned Unvaccinated Kids from Public Spaces

Joe Hendricks’ kids are part of a growing number of children in the U.S. who are unvaccinated. But unlike other unvaccinated families, Joe’s lives in Rockland County, New York where a first of its kind ultimatum has been put into effect… Get your kids vaccinated or keep them out of public spaces. Locations included in this countywide ban include shopping centers, restaurants, schools and places of worship. People are poisoned with this. People have issues, they died or had mental issues because because of vaccines that were supposed to be helping them. Do you ever consider changing your mind, making a different decision for your family. No, I don’t because taking away the right to choose, that’s more of a problem to me than somebody not getting a vaccine.

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  1. Disease? Measles is hardly a “disease”. It’s an innocuous childhood infection of short duration that used to sweep through populations of children 6-10, insuring that newborns were NOT compromised, because they were protected by maternal antibodies. But that Rockland County commissioner is right. People will believe what they want, as obviously he and that so-called doctor do. The science, which they tout so loudly, does not support their views.

  2. In a while we will all need to carry a board around our necks, or a mark on our clothing that we are vaccinated. It makes me think of the star of David the Jews had to wear under the Nazi regime.

      1. The mechanism for this is already in place via the Federal Real ID. Once everyone has the acquiesced to it, you won’t be able to get the pretty star on your driver’s license if your not vaccinated.

  3. Unlawful and unconstitutional. But the fight is lopsided with the [people’s] govt wrongly more powerful than the individual. This is no longer Liberty in a Republic.

  4. Just when I thought things couldn’t get more bizarre ……it does. I cannot believe this is Legal or Constitutional. How many other States will attempt to do this? If I were a Parent that had this kind of “Ban”……..I would be up in Arms…..and yelling to the highest levels. Are we living in a Democracy anymore? Why wasn’t this “law” imposed when I didn’t Vaccinate my Child back in the 70’s / 80’s? – he could go to Private / Public school, and even College. I hope Parents keep standing up for their Rights, file Suit and take it to the Courts.

  5. Measles is a self limiting virus, not a disease. It used to be a simple virus to young children as long as they were properly nourished and had high vitamin A levels. A disease is usually incurable. All this fear being put out by media is ridiculous. The problem we have now is that babies used to be protected from this virus by antibodies passed down from the mother if the mother had wild type measles as as a child. Now most women that are of child bearing age were vaccinated for measles as children so do not pass immunity on to their babies, leaving them vulnerable. Children seem to be protected from the virus somewhat but adults are not as the vaccines effectiveness wanes over time leaving the adult population more vulnerable because it becomes more dangerous when you are older. It is just so messed up and all because man thought they could outsmart the natural order of things.

  6. We don’t even know what type of measles they had in Rockland – wild measles or the vaccine strain. The Dept of Health did not bother to check. Not a clear and present danger or they would have checked.

  7. I’ve read that the politicians who are responsible for making the decisions to require vaccines are also allowed to receive donations from the pharmaceutical industry, some as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is this true? Does our government actual allow this? It doesn’t make sense if this is allowed as it sounds like it should be a legal conflict of interest.

  8. This was a 30 day ban during a declared emergency. The way it’s portrayed here makes it sound permanent. I dig what the dude is saying – I’d rather move than be coerced into medical procedures, as well. But this piece is obviously not telling the whole story. In addition, this happened in April, and a judge ruled 10 DAYS later that kids could go to school.

    This is the first time I’ve noticed this website promote open bias in its stories.

  9. and how are they proposing to enforce that???? ask for everyone on the eve of Black Friday to show proof of vaccination or immunization before entering a shopping mall??? this is ludicrous.

    1. Just because a person / child is vaccinated (meaning injected with a vaccine) DOES NOT mean that they are Immunized.
      Vaccination Does NOT equal Immunization against that particular Infection!!!
      Many many times (if a titer test is performed) that injected person does not produce antibodies as is the Common Belief!!!
      It should be PROTOCOL to perform a Titer Test a few days following a vaccination to confirm if anything was produced even if only for temporary antibody production!

      Better yet Titer Test should be performed BEFORE anyone is Vaccinated. Many people would be able to AVOID these harmful injections!! Be proactive folks!!! Yes it all costs money but it would be a better screening program to see that most people carry their own self produced life long antibodies just they everyday living and breathing in their environment!!!

      1. YES YES YES

        I used to do this with my cats. I have an 18 year old cat who had some issue and I needed to take him to the Vet. I was told he must be vaccinated or they wont treat them. I even had another Vet write a waiver but this guy would not accept it (My Vet friend was a few hours drive).

        FINALLY my vet told me to have the other vet do a Titer on my cat. He stated if you gave the Cat the initial rabies vaccine he should be immune for LIFE.

        GUESS WHAT HE WAS. The Titer showed he was immune to Rabies. Many many smart Vets believe most cats today are born immune.

        Unreal. I have two cats today, they are eight years old today. God Bless them. I unluckily did give them to 2 Vaccines that seemed OK back then (Today I would not even give them that).

        When they were 3 years old I had to get them fixed because they were peeing around.

        So I drove to the good Vet,. He treated them both using only GAS for anesthesia. Once the Gar is stopped they wake up in Minutes with no hangover.

        God bless him and my two little girls. Never been to a vet again and I will be sure they will stay out of Vets by feeding a proper diet. NO DRY FOOD. No Gluten, no or super Low carbs. This protects Cats from Diabetes and Kidney failure the two most popular Cat illness. Simply removed by feeding a proper diet of an obligate Carnivore, the Feline Species.

  10. I met a pregnant woman loudly telling the waitress that the doctor had vaccinated her with a laundry list of vaccines so the baby would be protected when it was born. Noticing 4 newer borns, several older people, including two that looked exceptionally frail, and that we were in a restaurant, I couldn’t help but ask, “Did the doctor tell you you were a carrier?” “Oh yes!” was her cheerful reply. “That is why we did it now, so the baby wouldn’t get it.” “So you know that you are a carrier, and that you can GIVE the diseases you were vaccinated with?” I asked to drive it home. “Yes!” she replied. “Did he tell you that for at least 28 days, you are the equivalent of Typhoid Mary, and that anyone you come in contact with is in danger of getting those illnesses? Or that you shouldn’t be around the elderly, new borns, people with compromised immune systems, or restaurants?” She looked shocked. Ignorance.

  11. Adding my 2 cents to ‘Steve’. It is coercive and even floating the legislation to see if it would fly or result in major pushback is wrong. However, I’ve followed this issue for years measured in decades like a couple others writing here. In the beginning it was Christian folks in the main who started sounding the alarm with regard to vaccines. Many homeschooled, and became quite educated in the matter. I don’t think V. Scheibner was, but she & her work was certainly well known in Christian circles.

    There were some doctors who worked with vaccination-injured children & families who became conscientiously involved, and some who were principled enough to avoid the big money coming with vaccinating pediatrics practices. But that was worked like education, the teachers’ colleges & certifications, & the unions to ‘shut them up’, and ‘bring them around’. Socialism makes everybody a liar in the ‘professional’ realm & social strata. Few have the courage of their convictions when push comes to shove: downsizing or changing to a non-professional job classification. When the media sells out whistle-blowers, too…..most with convictions just duck, shut up and try to survive to retirement…..while the majority chuck conviction for survival of the fittest and call it being ‘smart’ and ‘shrewd’, swimming with the sharks or whatever best inflates their ego and self-justify: helps them sleep at night.

    NVIC was the main advocacy group & always honored the facts, and gave a full and uncensored history, though they were non-partisan. I noted right off the new tenor of things with vaccinereaction with regard to lack of history, balance in reporting and modern antichristian censoring. (Nothing offends but Christianity, and you can have any terrorist stats you like, but only if it can be even remotely identified as ‘Christian’ will it be ‘hate crime’ or ‘racist’ etc)

    Anyways, the tenor is dialectic. My bet is that this issue is purposely being pushed to crisis, crassly hurting people along the way for the sake of the game. It’s a handy distraction from other issues equally wicked, and a handy stressor and cause of division whether real & particular, or broad brush stereotypical. Just in the nick of time a pre-determined ‘rescue’ will come that folks will jump at, and there will be some ‘collateral damage’ amongst which will be the groups targeted all along. Never let a crisis go to waste is passe. Creating them is for those who fancy themselves to be the real master potters forgetting & foolish not to fear the real Potter and what is coming to them regardless of what they think they’re getting away with. There will be some fine print in the pre-written legislation to ‘rescue’ us when we were fine with the right to choose & that will hand over more power & freedom. It’s getting to be pretty easy to predict. Fight with both eyes open.

  12. This does surprise me, that it is being shown on here but I assume it was to show that the Vice news obviously was openly biased toward vaccinations. These people who believe in herd immunity would rather give up human rights shame on them for being so naive to believe the government order is lovingly set to protect us all. Genocide to our kids is being doled out to whomever has a reaction or dies from vaccinations. I am willing to move myself wherever I have medical freedom even if that means I have to leave the united states (corporation.) We cannot continue to believe our tax payer public schools are safe places for any kids who are unvaccinated. Unvaccinated persons are under attack period. It is just the beginning.

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