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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Nov. 14 Rally in DC To Raise Awareness About America’s Vaccine Injury Epidemic

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On Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm, there will be a gathering of families with vaccine injured children, doctors, lawmakers and civil and human rights activists at a rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC to raise awareness about the vaccine injury epidemic and honoring those who have been harmed. The Vaccine Injury Epidemic (VIE) rally is being organized by Crazymothers, a non-profit organization, and held on the 33rd anniversary of the enactment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 to highlight the “current epidemic of chronic health conditions, injuries and deaths from vaccination.”

The rally location on the National Mall is 9th St NW and Madison Dr. NW near the Natural History Museum and National Gallery of Art. From 10 to 11:30 am, there will be a pre-rally showing of excerpts from the new movie, VAXXED II “The People’s Truth,” shown on a big screen. The VAXXED bus, which traveled across America and has been signed by thousands of parents of vaccine injured children, will be there. The night before the rally, on Nov. 13, VAXXED II will have a screening in a Washington, DC venue sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

From Noon to 4 pm, the Nov. 14 rally will include music performances, a memorial honoring those who have been injured or died after vaccinations, and 18 speakers. The speakers will focus on evidence for vaccine injury and death and institutional attempts to cover-up the vaccine injury epidemic that, in 2019, prompted “the biggest attack on our civil liberties, medical freedom, religion and parental rights but, most of all, our children.” Speakers include Crazymothers founder Hillary Simpson; National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher; Maine State Senators Heidi Sampson and Robert Foley; Children’s Health Defense (CHD) founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr; Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) founder Del Bigtree, and scientists, physicians, attorneys and parents of vaccine injured children.

The VIE event is being supported by the non-profit charity National Vaccine Information Center, formerly Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT), founded in 1982 by parents of DPT vaccine injured children, and the non-profit Children’s Health Defense, formerly World Mercury Project, established in 2016 by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

For tickets and more information on the VIE rally location, speakers and events, visit the VIE website.

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  1. I hope that this rally will be a wonderful success. I am so tired of the lies, propaganda and scheming of big pharma, doctors and insurance companies to lure unsuspecting patients into their web for greed. I am also very worried about the censorship of informative websites to prevent we the people from getting truthful info to use in our decision making.

  2. I wish all these noble causes [to invoke national awareness] would create a contract with buses nationwide to provide transportation to these events from local cities nationwide to provide opportunities with local bus companies to consider societal and political issues of primary import as a major transportation service that is desperately needed nation-wide, a toll free registration center that provides all the specifics for any such upcoming events.

  3. For those of us who cannot make the trip to DC, is there anything we can do to support this rally? Some kind of petition or declaration to sign? Just a thought.

    1. In our town, we have asked parents to keep their children out of school on November 14 and write letters to the school board members, local county and state Board of Health and their directors and politicians telling them why children are being kept out of school- an act of civil disobedience. We created a sample letter and posted it on our Facebook page as well as emailed it out to as many of our members as possible. We have secured a room at our local library and will live stream the DC VIE event on a large screen. We’ll have literature tables set up as well as healthy snacks and beverages and games for the kids. It would be great if even just the letter writing campaign could happen in as many communities as possible.

    2. My daughter and I cannot get to the rally, either, but would like to support it, too. Seems there could be some kind of website with a petition where we could write in that we support the rally, like a virtual support scroll where people could write in as it’s taking place? Maybe like chatting in live podcasts. I have no clue how to do such a thing but I’ve no doubt someone out there does. It would be awesome to support those who do make the trek into the city to show up for this. Thank you to them!

  4. There are some risks that organizers and members should be aware of and action plans should be considered prior to the event.

    There are large companies with extremely large budgets who have learned a lot about how to fight threats to their market position. Social media has taught them some lessons about how to effectively fight these activist movements.

    A “troll” in the social media context is someone who pretends to be a person with certain beliefs. A troll may pretend to be “pro” the movement or a troll may pretend to be “con” the movement. Trolls may argue and insight each other. Trolls use bad language and behavior, threats, and fear and hate tactics to get attention and affect the behavior of online groups. Because people know nothing about a troll’s history, background, motivation, etc. except what the troll says or represents, it is impossible to evaluate the quality of information being shared – in most cases it may sound very legitimate and generally is not. In the case of our 2016 US election, we found that trolls can also be people mobilized and on the street – bad actors paid to behave and extend what they have done on social media. The main strategy for a troll is to divide people and excite their interaction so as to escalate and cause events. Review the recent history of Estonia to see how far this can actually go.

    1. A group of trolls can impersonate anti-vaccine activists. While a group or movement may take great pains to represent they are not anti-vaccine but rather pro-science, the trolls will radicalize the movement generating maximum medium and representing themselves as the group itself.

    2. A group of trolls can impersonate both pro- and con-actors and then generate and escalate arguments and interactions representing themselves as extremely radicalized group members when they are not a part of the group at all.

    3. Pro-science parents tend to be very well read and educated. They are capable in most cases of very rationale and measured action. It doesn’t matter when 100 people infiltrate an event with the intent to act out the worst possible anti-vaxxer portrayal whereby audiences in person and in the media see extremely radicalized behavior and then go on to believe everything being said about anti-vaxxer and their intent to kill children, etc.

    4. The week before an event, the online trolls will take action to create a division – in this case to emphasize pro-vaccine and anti-vaxxer rhetoric and heat up and divide the two factions. Then once the event starts, the “feet on the ground” trolls will insight action, engage in extreme action, and work to create actual physical altercations to attract media and of course attribute the actions eventually to members of the anti-vaxxer group.

    Although it may seem difficult to formulate action plans to counteract these kinds of attacks, thought must be given to a response in each case or organizing an event could become a bigger opportunity for the drug lobby than the pro-science group members.

    Lastly, you cannot rely on Facebook or Twitter on enforcement of their ethical guidelines for online behavior. These entities already have a history of selectively enforcing these rules and guidelines. Understand that Facebook and Twitter partner with the large companies who would take these actions and therefore FB and TW would certainly not take people off their service who are employees of the very large companies they partner with.

    1. thanks, reminder we must always act professionally. We should also use our video recording on phone to make sure whoever engages us can at some point be identified as a troll.

  5. Thought ya’ll might be interested in my reply to an obnoxious article:

    WE, ALL OF US, NEED TO LISTEN TO THE HEARTFELT POEM (first video, 11:06 min) at this site:

    As for the article’s beginning “critique” being that of a white mom using rap to express her concerns being ‘unprofessional rap’? CONSIDERING BLACK INFANTS ARE 700 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO COME DOWN WITH AUTISM FROM CDC VACCINES THAN WHITE INFANTS – WHAT BETTER ART FORM THAN TO USE RAP TO ALERT BLACK AMERICANS? Most of this link (after the article and videos) is dedicated to informed and (alas) un-informed comments, however.

    As for video #2, start at 1:30 to listen to end.

    Video #3 is a commercial for the D.C. event (so can be ignored) HOWEVER, the article’s comment re: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (the “fiercely pro-vaccine” antivax leader) – MUST BE ADDRESSED:

    RFK’s stance is NOT confusing and never has been. He addresses the manipulation around “Whether or not to vaccinate” as NEVER HAVING BEEN THE ISSUE HERE AT ALL – but a simple question parents and their physicians CANNOT ANSWER! DO YOU KNOW WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE IN THE VIAL OF VACCINE YOUR DOCTOR GETS FROM THE CDC? If you don’t (and your MD certainly does not – nor would he dare even question this) then don’t allow your child to be vaccinated until you do know.

    Another example of censorship (besides what is actually in vaccines?): Why are consumers NOT ALLOWED to know which foods are GMO products?

    Another example? Detroit has to RECALL defective cars (a major investment for most Americans) so why is there zero QC for vaccines?

    Video #4: Start listening at 0:49 re: D.C. event to win tickets.

    Video #5: This trailer is not of import to watch; however, the article’s comment distracts from the issue of vaccines [quote]: “They also have—wait for it—the VAXXED bus” [end quote]

    This “vehicle’s intention” is TO SAVE LIVES -vs- another type of “vehicle’s intention” which is TO KILL LIVES ~ called a SWATmobile ~ so would ask ORAC (and Americans) to do a search worded: “How many innocent Americans are LEGALLY murdered by SWAT TEAMS” If you can’t find 80,000 – keep looking as the Internet is being scrubbed clean of information Americans would be uncomfortable to learn about.

    However, the article again distracts from the import of the issue of vaccines re: using the Caduceus symbol on their bus instead of the Staff of Asclepius implies an ‘error.’ For those interested in the history of both symbols:

    However, this reader does take exception to [quote]: “In any event, any physician, nurse, or other provider who attends this [anti-vax] event can quite safely be referred to as a QUACK.”

    FACT: The term QUACK was a physicians’ term to designate those amongst their own healing profession (fellow doctors) who prescribed medicants to temporarily alleviate or mask symptoms instead of CURING their patient’s affliction.

    But perhaps instead of a bus insignia being bantered here (one vs two snakes) Americans should be more concerned as to WHY THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH “to do no further harm” (than the affliction has already compromised) is no longer a required part of a physician’s creed? CHEMOTHERAPY is a direct violation of that oath but is the #1 “cash cow” for medicine to dis-a-VOW several types of cancer cures already created by MANY [now dead] physicians. Coinkydink?

    So have posted my comment below re: the article’s HORRIFIC ‘justification’ and egocentric banter throughout:

    ORAC? Why was the author/their credentials NOT identified? A total lack of CLINICAL DATA only substantiates feelings. Go to NVIC (Nat’l Vaccine Information Center) ~ OR ~ just do a search worded “How much money has the CDC paid out to American families for vaccine injuries and deaths”

    (Pssst! $4 billion thus far) So either do your homework as a parent, or gamble with YOUR child’s life (that will now also impact YOUR family’s financial destiny for the rest of YOUR life).

    That old adage: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink? Well, I’d like to add [what should be an addendum to it] for every American out there: “You can give people the facts … but you can’t make them THINK.

    Also realize that when sheepskins are handed out at universities nationwide ~ morality is neither conferred nor even implied ~ as to whether or not a degree benefits John Q Public (if at all) or a lifelong motivation such as GREED, which serves corporate America’s interests instead.

    But if only GENOCIDE can get your attention, perhaps this link may ‘persuade you’ to actually THINK: (39:31)

    And if not that, then perhaps this can:

    1. Respectful Insolence aka Orac is a doctor named David Gorski. He is a pharma paid operative in the vein of Dorit Reiss. He’s been around a long time.

      David Gorski’s Financial Pharma Ties: What He Didn’t Tell You –


      Dr. David Gorski and His Merry Band of Idiots Don’t Like Full Page Ads

      More links here:

      Here’s some links abut Dorit Reiss. She rears her ugly head from time to time.…41863.46576..50828…0.0..0.88.826.12……0….1..gws-wiz.0fm3a2m5Bsg&ved=0ahUKEwjq8K70vtDlAhULPq0KHYNiBy8Q4dUDCAo

  6. This is important, We need to continue to step out and this encourages others to step out and soon there will be an avalanche.

    The last (and first) gathering of those who had vaccine injured kids on the Mall was when? Many years ago. Can someone write the date or at least the year?

  7. 0 Vaccines and happy as ever says my 7 mo old sweet girl. More men out there need to stand up and say no to these people. It was not easy going against the grain, but I made a decision that nothing they could intimidate me with would be enough to let them poison my beautiful daughter. Only over my cold dead corpse.
    : ). Stand up for your babies and protect them. They cannot speak for or defend themselvegs from these corrupt swamp creatures! Be their hero and save them as you should.

  8. I will proudly wear a QUACK sign. I’m a BSN, MS, PhD work in molecular genetics. I know lack of quality research when I see it. What Big Pharma is forcing down our throats is a horror show.

  9. My husband and I are flying across the nation to be there. It will be our first real trip away from our seven kids. Who needs a romantic getaway when we need to fight for our freedom. 😉 I’m so excited for this event!

  10. I agree with Michael above–everyone involved needs to be really careful not to fall into traps that are set by pharma and others. I was at a vaccine safety event a couple of months ago and was upset with a nasty sign that some kids were putting up. As soon as I began to argue with them, the media was there in a flash trying to video me, and I backed off immediately and realized it was a stupid mistake. Many of us are very passionate, but we need to measure that passion or it will be used against us.

  11. Where is this rally anyway??? It says 9th St NW and Madison St. NW. It also says the “National Mall”. These two locations are miles apart!!!

  12. Also, there is no such thing as the “National History Museum”. There is a “Natural History Museum” which is probably what was meant.

  13. Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Dr Anthony Fauci, are more interested in making money on their patents they own on Vaccines than they are in the public health safety. People will lean the truth about these Charlatans and Frauds that do not care about the welfare of Babies, Children, and Adults knowing that these vaccines are contaminated with DNA and RNA VIRUSES, that cause Cancers and Autoimmune Diseases and death.

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