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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Parents and Doctors Debate on Vaccinations

Stephanie Stock is a working mom of two boys in northeast Ohio. She’s also a mom who now chooses not to vaccinate both boys. My oldest son, he had a vaccine reaction at four months, and my doctor told me… oh, you know, it was a coincidence, these things happen sometimes. I knew something was very wrong. Her son is okay, but she stopped vaccinating after that. Not vaccinating is like dry patches of grass, and the more dry patches of grass the more likely you could have a fire. … It is every parent’s responsibility to protect their own child. We cannot in America be deciding that we’re going to be protecting communities and that we’re sacrificing our children at the expense of a community.

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  1. The decision to vaccinate or not is too complex. That’s why the vaccine makers have set about forcing you to vaccinate – they want to make money too badly to just give up when they encounter the normal consumer preference. They don’t mind being corrupt or dishonest. They’re way beyond that. They own the US government – why wouldn’t they take that investment to the limit?

    Meanwhile the decision is just too complex – it’s not just a simple decision – what is the risk for my child from vaccines? Our children are bombarded with toxins, they’r born with genetic predispositions that we cannot quantify or understand, they are taking in toxins that activate genes that cause inflammation, autoimmunity, and more. How can we evaluate the cumulative impact of all these influences and estimate the risk factor that our child will get autism?

    Sure they can say that a vaccine won’t cause autism or is unlikely, but that’s a statement in the dark with eyes closed. If your child is exposed to glyphosate and GMOs – and they are – and if they’re exposed to EMFs and they certainly are – and their food no longer has any nutrition to activate their immune system, and they’re 40 times more likely to have cancer before 40, and they are, then their risk isn’t just about a vaccine, and that’s certainly enough given the accumulation of heavy metals, how can you make that decision?

    Perhaps vaccines don’t always cause disease but in combination with everything else, they are certainly a strong contributing factor.

  2. In the US, we do not have an obligation to “protect our community,” but we DO have a right to LIBERTY. Nowhere in the constitution does it state I will be forced to protect someone else at personal expense. The last I checked, there wasn’t even an armed forces draft….

  3. I cannot believe that may doctors still have the audacity to claim that vaccines have been the best discovery and the main reason some diseases have decreased. it just isn’t so and it is documented by many experts in the medical literature. Also why keep putting forward that it is the unvaccinated people putting the others at risk… if you truly believed in the efficacy of a vaccine, then you should feel protected, right? so why would you get a disease from an unvaccinated child or person? the facts is that is often the other way around, the vaccinated children place others at risk from engineered strains and decreased overall immunity of community due to less wild viruses circulating. But overall and as many have brought up before, why is this a debate? we need to give consent for surgery or many other medical procedures, why is it so unacceptable that we can refuse consent for such an invasive procedure as vaccine?

  4. What is seldom brought up in news reports why some people refuse vaccines is that some vaccines, including the MMR, are manufactured using an aborted baby cell line. There are definitely religious, philosophical, and ethical reasons for refusing such vaccines. People who follow a vegan diet may be concerned that vaccines are also made using cell lines derived from dogs, monkeys, caterpillars and chickens. And the poor people who’ve been injured by vaccines are definitely going to be hesitant to accept any vaccine, especially since vaccines companies cannot be sued for damages.

  5. I’m sure there are more questions, but this is a good start (feel free to substitute other places for “school” – if your doctor, nurse, friend, family member, or school tries to bully you into vaccinating, ask them to answer these questions. So you are giving multiple vaccines for about 14 different diseases and if someone refuses, they can’t attend school (or whatever). Guess what – there are about 175+ other diseases for which there is no vaccine, some of which are worse than the so-called vaccine-preventable diseases, so how can they let anyone attend school when they can spread those diseases? Knowing this, how can any immune-compromised child go to school? How can anyone receiving a live virus vaccine be allowed to attend school within 30-45 days of receiving it as they can shed the disease during that time? Is 10% of the population who are non-responders to vaccination allowed to attend schools and daycares and if so, why? Is the significant percent of the population whose antibody levels have waned allowed to attend school and daycare – why? Is any titre testing being conducted to determine who has adequate antibody levels and therefore safe to attend school and daycare? If vaccines are effective why would they care if yours was by choice unvaccinated if others had chosen to vaccinate – aren’t they protected? If everyone in your office was vaccinated, why would you care if any of your patients/employees weren’t vaccinated? What are all of the ingredients in the vaccine and in what quantities? What are the possible side-effects and what are the signs of a side-effect? Are you familiar with VAERS and have you reported vaccine adverse reactions to them? Have you told parents and those receiving vaccines about VICP?

    1. Excellent points ! Especially regarding the diseases in which there are no vaccines yet, ( though they’re determinedly working toward all manner of vaccines) and the medical exemption children.

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