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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Leyo Smith’s Vaccine Reaction: Rash, Tics, Seizures, and Autism

Within three days after [he was vaccinated] that he started to have hives and welts and joint swelling. Leyo Smith was a year and a half old when he had a bad reaction to a vaccine. A federal vaccine court awarded damages for serious injuries. This video of Leyo Smith was shot about eights months after he received two vaccine injections, including one for diphtheria and whooping cough hours after getting the vaccine. Leyo’s mother, Amy Benton Smith, says within days he had hives joint swelling and a fever, and within weeks seizures. Doctors told her the cause was a rare vaccine reaction.

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  1. God Bless this woman for speaking out! My child had repeated seizures and strokes just one day after her first vaccination shot. The seizures were just an eye deviation that repeated over and over. I knew it was likely a seizure because back then they actually gave you a list of possible reactions to the vaccine. When I questioned the doctors about the possibility of the vaccination causing the seizures/strokes …they said NO. She ended up brain damaged and although not considered autistic had very similar issues. Lost the ability to speak, focus, auditory processing, etc. I was foolish to believe the doctors and although I do not blame them. They also have been lied to by the medical community. I feel I let my child down. I was supposed to protect her. I pray we will find a cure, but in the mean time people must be warned. These vaccines MUST be investigated and companies need to be sued for pushing products they KNOW are harmful and then covering it up.

  2. Poor Leyo. Disabled by the vaccine injection for life, he will probably never be able to support himself, so the vaccine court awarded him a grand total $55,000 to cover his specialized health care costs and loss of income for the entire rest of his life. Since he was also officially diagnosed with autism (which of course was not compensated for because, “the science is settled, vaccines do not cause autism”), I guess his parents can count themselves lucky that they got anything at all. Do you suppose that this is what the Representatives and Senators who passed the NVICA in 1986 really had in mind? If the compensation typically awarded was at all fair, the $4+ billion paid out so far would have been 100 times that. If all the serious injuries were reported to the “vaccine court” within the required 3 year statute of limitations, instead of just maybe 1% or so of them, and if all of them were appropriately compensated, the payouts would have been 100 times higher, totaling up in the trillions of dollars by now. I can’t see any reasonable way out of this disgraceful debacle other than to repeal the NVICA and return legal and financial liability for vaccine injuries to the vaccine manufactures with no statute of limitations, which of course would put them all out of business as they should be.

  3. To the people who think vaccines are safe and effective, there is one thing about vaccines that a lot of you don’t understand. There is nothing in the vaccine that kills the virus. The vaccine has a weaken form of the virus in it to teach the immune system what to look for. The vaccine weakens the immune system and you can get sick from it. If you have a weak immune system from poor nutrition, your chances of getting sick are higher. If you have a strong immune system, because of great nutrition, you don’t need vaccines. A person who doesn’t vaccinate cannot affect anybody who does. This is just another way that pharmaceutical companies can scare you to believe that vaccines are good. Vaccines have never eliminated any condition, because they need the virus to make the vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want to find the cure of cancer or any related vaccine condition. They make billions from drugs and vaccines. They don’t care if you get damaged by vaccines, because you will need their pharmaceuticals. Go to the internet and read how vaccines work. Think people think. Amen.

  4. $55,000 is a joke. So sad. Poor mom thinks it’s her fault when it’s the system’s fault and all the people that enforce it. Shame on them. Something needs to be done about this lack of compassion.

  5. Unfortunately This sad story is nothing new. It’s not rare. What is very rare is that it was aired on a mainstream news channel. Thousands of parents are telling the same story: reaction, injury, doctor denial. I experienced it when my daughter was injured. Never knew about VAERS or VICA. Doctors don’t ask, don’t care. Our concerns fall on deaf ears. Why are mothers massing at state capitols with injured children in tow? Why is the Antivaxxer movement growing? I pray peoples eyes and ears will open.

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