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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


American Academy of Neurology Recommends Routine Vaccination for MS Patients


New guidelines released by the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) recommend that patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) should get routine vaccinations, including annual influenza vaccinations. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that can affect a person’s brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. Patients with MS often experience muscle weakness and have difficulty with balance and coordination.1 2

According to AAN member and guideline lead author Mauricio Farez, MD, MPH of the FLENI Institution in Buenos Aires: “We reviewed all of the available evidence, and for people with MS, preventing infections through vaccine use is a key part of medical care. People with MS should feel safe and comfortable getting their recommended vaccinations.”3

Even though the AAN is recommending routine vaccinations for patients with MS, the guideline specifically acknowledges that some vaccines might not work well enough to prevent infection for some patients with MS who take certain MS medications or whether vaccination will worsen MS flares. Dr. Farez reinforces this noting, “Still, experts in MS urge their patients to hold off on scheduling their vaccinations if they are having an MS flare simply to avoid the potential for any complications.”3

It is worth noting that a report on the AAN guidelines states that Dr. Farez, who is the lead author of the guidelines, has received funding for travel from pharmaceutical companies Teva Argentina, Novartis Argentina and Merck Serono Argentina and received research support from biotechnology firm Biogen Idec of Cambridge, Massachusetts.4

The report also acknowledges that the second author of the guidelines, Jorge Correale, MD, is a member of the scientific advisory boards of pharmaceuticals Merck Serono LATAM, Novartis Argentina, Genzyme Argentina and Genzyme Global and has received funding for travel from Merck Serono Argentina.4


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  1. This makes me sick. I have a friend who presented with MS type symptoms from a mercury and gadolinium overload from vaccines and multiple MRI isotope. This is all so so wrong. She still has such neuropathy that it brings her to tears because her body can’t function but her mind does. Speechless.

  2. They are all hypocrites and sellouts. If their child had MS, or any other kind of illness like this, they would not give them vaccinations unless they were completely and totally void of any conscience. Oh wait… I have already proven this to be fact.

  3. I’m sure that these good doctors’ decisions about vaccine guidelines are not being influenced by the money they are receiving from vaccine makers.

  4. Advising people to get vaccinations so you can travel and spend more because you are sponsored by the company who makes vaccines..
    I have a friend with MS and hope she does not vaccinate, because I have seen her in flares and I do not want her to suffer these again !

  5. I cannot believe they are now targeting people with autoimmune disease. They already have enough issues to deal with. Those pharmaceuticals won’t stop! How about finding a cure to repair myelin in MS people!

  6. This is ridiculous. I have MS because of vaccines. I don’t even have a neurologist because I manage the disease naturally, and the drugs do not stop the progression of the disease. Our immune systems are already impaired, and then they want to shoot us up with chemicals to further impair us. The vaccines aren’t even properly tested. These doctors are just trying to kill us. I hope people wake up soon.

    1. Anne
      I absolutely believe you that vaccines caused your MS. The toxins in this crap is so dangerous and stays in the body. The damn pharmaceutical doesn’t care. My husband and I have talked about this many times and have come to the conclusion that they don’t want to cure people. Well people or dead people are not profitable but sick people are. So the bottom line is to keep alive but sick!!!

  7. I see behind the smoke screen. Big Pharma gives the doctors travel money to say that MS patients should receive routine vaccinations. Now they are preying on MS patients. Leave us alone. That’s the worse thing a person with MS can due is get vaccinated. We probably have MS because of vaccinations. Nobody knows for sure. I say build our immune systems naturally with a good diet protocol with natural supplements and herbal remedies the way our creator intended it to be. Shame on you AAN for falling in line with evil pharma.

  8. If this message doesn’t prove to you all once and for all that big Pharma and their minions in congress and the CDC are trying to kill and maim you, I don’t know what will. Vaccines DESTORY and over stimulate your immune systems, they DESTROY your brain and neurological systems (including myelin) thru neurotoxins contained in them including mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde, and weaken your innate immune response to almost everything leaving you more susceptible to disease. Simply beyond the pale.

    1. I agree with you. I will offer you another scenario to killing us. They definitely do not want us well or dead. Well or dead people are not profitable but sick people are. So the goal is to keep people alive but sick. That is where the money is.

  9. they are stepping over dead people to get their profits. This will prematurely kill MS Patients and you don’t need to be a doctor to see that. Dr. Suzanne Humphries left he practices as a kidney doctor exactly because of garbage like this namely vaccinating people who need it the least and whose lives are actually threatened by vaccines. This is proof indeed that Big Pharma has nothing holding them back from making their profits. I believe they are evil.

  10. I was a healthy, thriving-23 year-old with NO prior health problems besides asthma. I received the flu shot December 2005, and became so violently ill the following day that my mom had to drive me to urgent care in the middle of the night. I was running a 104 fever, and couldn’t even stand I was so sick. The clinic said that it was the flu, but not caused by the flu shot that I’d received and that I must’ve come in contact with it right before I got the vaccine. At the time, that answer seemed plausible. Around six months after that, my health began to spiral downward – I had two bouts of back to back vertigo, had patches of numbness and tingling on my stomach and down my left leg, I had vision changes, my fingertips hurt so badly at times it felt like they had frost-bite, and I generally always felt tired and lethargic. I spoke to my PC and he recommend I see a neurologist. After an MRI and a spinal tap, on July 2005 I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS. I have no way to prove that the flu shot caused/triggered my immune system to start attacking itself, besides what I felt inside my body and how it suddenly began acting and feeling very abnormal. I am so sick to think of our personal freedoms being taken away in this country regarding the vaccine issue. Right now in CA, public education is being held hostage to further advance politicians’ agendas and pocketbooks.

    1. I am so sorry that this happened to you, and there’s no way this will be reported to VAERS as they won’t admit that the flu shot caused the immediate as well as the delayed reaction.
      You might be interested in this lady, Nichole Apelian, who is keeping her symptoms at bay with natural plant remedies. She was on two seasons of History Channel’s Alone and is an expert on wilderness survival. She had to leave the series based in Mongolia because she took a vaccine they gave to all the contestants and had an MS flare. She has worked since then to restore her health and has a web site:
      All the best to you.

  11. Has any research been done to see if regular flu shots are a cause/ contributing factor to the development of MS? Terry Wahls,MD was able to control her symptoms through diet. So maybe nutritional research and not pharmaceuticals holds more promise in ridding oneself of this terrible disease?

  12. Article correction; The AMA demands that medical customers purchase more of their products, through mandatory edict of the above the law provincial pharma kings.

    If I poisoned someone to death, even if the majority of people I poisoned actually survived, I would still be charged with murder. There are clearly two sets of laws in the USA, one for citizens, the other for corporations and politicians.

    It’s hard to patent bags of oranges and turn that into 40 billion of proprietary product profit a year. Going to the doctor will never be cool, trendy, or necessary for people in reasonably decent health. If you’re in good health, stay the hell away from the hospitals or they’ll turn you into their next lifelong customer.

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