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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


2019 Vaccine Awareness Week—Interview with Barbara Loe Fisher

It’s been an incredible year, an unprecedented year. In this country, the assault on vaccine exemptions has covered the whole country. The National Vaccine Information Center has monitored more than 500 vaccine-related bills that have been introduced in the states this year that we have actively reported on and issued action alerts, in many cases, on more than 200 vaccine-related bills. So, what has happened this year as a result of the World Health Organization declaring that vaccine hesitancy is one of the top 10 global threats to health in this world, [is that it] was immediately followed by—and I don’t think coincidentally—reports of outbreaks of measles.

2 Responses

  1. We haven never, in history, had this many diseases and the only difference between the historical past and now, is mass vaccination. 200 years ago, folks lived well into their 100s and were independent, but this info has been suppressed and the misleading bs of average life span of 35 years old in the past is based on the average of all baby deaths. Pet animals lived many more years than they do now due to vaccinations. Animals never had autoimmune diseases 200 years ago and didn’t need a vet.

  2. It’s alarming, really. All of these alphabet orgs are predicting a pandemic, probably flu. Now the drug industry gets 200 million for research and development of a flu vaccine that works. I’m pretty sure they will claim we are having a pandemic and it’s critical that we all get the shot. First, mandate the MMR. Soon it will be mandate the flu shot. Next will be the HPV vaccine which we know is dangerous and can cause cancer. Everyday is another story of cancer prevented because of Gardasil. They lie so much…how can they be stopped. Community immunity is getting the credit for a reduction in the head cancer and penile cancer. We all know what that means. Our politicians are being told it is critical that everyone get the HPV vaccine. They don’t know any different because they don’t research and the propaganda slurring anyone against vaccines…is working. I can’t believe this is happening…but it is.

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