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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Metcalfe Informed Consent Press Conference

We’re here today to talk about informed consent protection. … House Bill 286 is legislation I’ve introduced to ensure that children still have access to pediatric care and cannot be denied care because their parents are exercising their parental rights and doing their own due diligence in making what they believe is the best informed decisions for their children regarding vaccinations… Whether they’re choosing to vaccinate on a different schedule or limit the number of vaccines or refuse some of the vaccines. It’s a parent’s right to make that decision for their child. Our children don’t belong to the State. This is not communist Russia. This is the United States of America.

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  1. Someone is finally giving “Informed Consent” its well deserved opportunity. Mandatory vaccinations without proof of safety is unacceptable.
    Please protect our children and their parents!

  2. Thank You……..Metcalfe for Bill 286. It should be a Parents right……..I had that right back in the 70’s & 80’s with my son. It a shame what has happened to our Country.

  3. Thank God somebody is paying attention! House Bill 286 seems good, although banning toxic vaccines until proven safe would be an even better bill!

  4. I cannot believe the public has let this vaccine thing go so far. This is a pharmaceutical that has never been proven safe or necessary against a saline-solution control group. That has to come first. It is decades, centuries overdue. They are not necessary if you understand organisms. See Antoine Bechamp and Dr. Zach Bush. The theory that vaccines are based on is just that: a theory.

  5. Yay! This is wonderful, way to go Pennsylvania! However, I wish he wouldn’t have referenced “Communist Russia,” but instead “Communist China.” As someone who has many Russian friends and co-workers and travels to Russia occasionally for business, I find it egregiously sad that Russia is always depicted as our enemy when, in fact, their human rights record is millions of times better than the brutal Communist regime of China. But we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking Russia is the bigger evil, and into believing that buying Chinese goods helps to move them towards democracy by bankrolling them through our purchasing power. Nothing could be further from the truth. Buying Chinese goods does nothing but embolden that disgusting regime to continue murdering innocent civilians. Not so with Russia. Not that Russia is a paragon of civil rights, but it’s WAY better for citizens in Russia than it is in China. PLEASE STOP BUYING CHINESE-MADE GOODS!

  6. Your vaccines are too dangerous and work against the very thing the pharmaceutical interests have worked so hard to convince the public it protects: human life. First, you bully any parent who dares to practice their Devine responsibility to protect the life of their child if they dare to refuse your infective, filthy, toxic poison to be injected into their child’s bloodstream. You spread false information about the the safety and efficacy of the never ending list of recommended vaccines. You demonize any human who dare not follow you to our own slaughter, as though we are nothing more than cattle. You misinform the masses about diseases and invent false epidemics. All for the almighty pharmaceutical powers the be can profit on the control they inflict upon us. I choose life over death. My blood is being built up for health by nature, not poison. Poison that may leave us debilitated for life, brain damaged to the point of complete inability to function on our own, or an untimely death. The theory of immunity through poison is a lie. My blood, my immune system was created to work by nature, through nature. If this was truly about caring about human life and safety, then teach them how to be healthy and make the earth healthy and sustainable. Too many dark and evil forces at play who ultimately just want to profit off of the business of sickness they are so greedily exploiting. The very dark forces who are now writing most, if not all of the content of the text books doctors of today must learn in medical school. I am informed and do not consent. If human life is to survive in health, immune care needs to evolve to actually support nature, not destroy it.

  7. So happy to see our civil rights being protected! The media may be trying to take away our freedom of speech ironically by not allowing discussions of opposing sides on the vaccine issue but until more research is done a parent should absolutely have the right to choose the medical care of their child. Please vaccinate if you feel it is your child’s best protection but do not force another child that may have an adverse reaction based on family history etc.. There are too many sick children and there are no answers. Isn’t that concerning? Clearly the medical system is the only one benefiting. We need to take our medical care back into our own hands. The government that is run by Pharma has lost all credibility.

  8. My daughter was fired from a pediatrician’s office in 2000. The new doctor’s office made her walk in their back entrance. We mostly saw doctor’s for PBE as CA’s legislation was changing through her school years. She is healthier than her college classmates who are on medication and have support animals…and who keep ending up in hospital. My daughter has never been admitted to a hospital, is on no drugs, has no support animal and is a 19 yr old senior in college.

  9. When pharmaceutical companies have been shielded from vaccine-related injury suits, and Congress has mandated a plan to fund, currently over $4 Billion dollars, for vaccine-related injury suit payouts, it’s obvious that vaccines are not always safe, and statistics show very low efficacy of most vaccines. Americans should have the right to refuse vaccines as they see fit. “Heard immunity” granted by getting vaccines obviously doesn’t work. If it did, people would have no reason to try to force everyone to be vaccinated. If the vaccines worked, the vaccinated would have no reason to fear those who are unvaccinated.

  10. It’s wonderful that Rep. Metcalfe is proposing this bill for parents dealing with the issue of vaccination, but the entire concept of informed consent should be used with many other governmental actions that the public has had to endure. Informed consent should be a right of ALL citizens with regard to ANY experimental procedure that the government and its corporate partners insist on forcing us to comply with. Fracking? GMOs? Vaccinations? Fluoride in our water systems? Pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics in our food? Toxic chemicals in our cleaning and personal hygiene products and cosmetics? 5G, smart meters, and excessive radiation from WiFi products? Pollution of our air and water from lax and irresponsible manufacturers, and in the case of Flint, MI, the government? We have been guinea pigs in many experiments and it’s time we stood up to those responsible for this harmful practice.

  11. Bless Representative Metcalfe. There are two things that would turn the vaccine scam around. 1. make the vaccine makers fully legally and financially responsible for any adverse events. No more immunity for vaccine manufacturers. 2. We must have a study, done under complete neutrality with NO influence from anyone in any way connected with the vaccine and medical industries comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated people….in terms of general health….all kinds of illnesses, using every kind of health and wellness standard. If these two things were done, the whole ugly mandated vaccine mess would fall apart like a house of cards.

  12. Thank you Representative Metcalfe. This from a mother of a 29 year old autistic son who has been with him 24/7/365. I know my child like no one else in the world, especially a doctor. I wish I had known I had parental rights 29 years ago. I know in my heart that we would not be battling two bouts of OCD for the last 8 years in addition to the autism. He has a unique mind. I can only imagine what he might have contributed to the world had the MMR not taken away that uniqueness.

  13. Phenomenal job. Thank you for accurately and realistically presenting the issues. Healthcare professionals should be held accountable to do no harm and the government does not own our children. The current knowledge in health care of vaccine safety is poor and the ignorance is alarming.

  14. This is the best video I have seen in a long time of people standing up for what is right. My pediatric office in NY has a huge sign kicking people out of the practice. I lose sleep every night thinking about how wrong this is. I have two vaccinated chronically ill kids they have treated for 16 years. They should be compassionate and understanding for what we have been through but yet they just want to kick us out. Makes no sense and I am so proud you are all trying to do the right thing.

  15. Other than deadly diseases, vaccinations should no be forced upon people. Innoculatons are full of poisons which are harmful to many people especially young children. Big pharma should not be controlling our lives and our bodies. Communism is not what this country was built upon.

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