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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Is Merck’s Measles Vaccine Monopoly a Cause for Concern?

First, how did Merck become the country’s sole supplier of these measles vaccines, and is that a problem? Well, is it a problem depends on who you talk to. But Merck became the sole supplier because the vaccine market is highly concentrated. It’s incredibly expensive to make vaccines. It takes a lot of time to go through all the testing procedures. So, Merck was the first to the table. They developed a vaccine, got approval. They got government contracts and they, essentially, monopolized the market.

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  1. oh my… you don’t suppose that Merck managed to be first because they had THEIR OWN EXEC IN CHARGE OF VAX TESTING AT THE CDC/FDA — remember Gerberding, the SLITHERIN that ordered the researchers [who had found that the vax was harmful, especially to black boy babies] to destroy that data and come up with favorable results….

    All of that was confirmed by the whistleblower on the research team that reneged and kept the data for his own files but went along with the FELONY CRIME OF MERCK’s EXEC [ who CONVENIENTLY left ‘overseer-regulatory’ employment and went straight to being the CEO of the vax division of Merck right after her job in approving the MMR was done ]……

    So there’s a smidgen of suspicion that the authoritative dame reporter who quoted all sorts of other ‘experts’ was a propagandist… ‘so expensive’ compared to what…… what a phony…. ttyl

  2. This lady needs to read up on her research of vaccines in general. For example- it does NOT take a lot of time to go through vaccine testing procedures. Quite the contrary. Vaccines are classified as biologics, meaning they dont require the same testing requirements of regular pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, vaccine studies are usually concluded anywhere from a few months to a few DAYS! This is a large part of the argument questioning vaccine safety. Pharma drugs requirw YEARS of study and multiple double blind placebo study replications in order to be approved for the public.
    Also, compared to many drugs, vaccines are not expensive to make at all. This is one reason why manufacturers are jumping at the opportunity to create more and more vaccines. The biggest reason pharma companies are producing more vaccines, i would personally say is because of the 1986 law passed by congress, vaccine manufacturers hold ZERO… let me repeat that- ZERO- liability in relation to vaccines. Meaning a pharma company can NOT be sued by anyone if any adverse reactions, illnesses, and even death are a result of a vaccine.

  3. There are a few scenarios not described where having a sole supplier of anything has risks.

    1. If something happens to Merck then where does the measles vaccine come from?
    2. If something goes wrong with the measles vaccines, where do you go for a backup?
    3. If the price of measles vaccine suddenly doubles, how do you negotiate with Merck?

    All three of these have already happened but the responses are not too well known as you would imagine.

    But an even deeper risk is:

    1. What if the measles vaccine represents a trillion dollars in revenue to Merck and they suddenly find something very damaging – like end of the world damaging – in the vaccine? Do they report it and stop the flow of vaccines?

    2. What if public opinion turns against measles vaccines and threatens the trillion dollar revenue stream? What would the company not do to protect that?

    The only reason you don’t hear more about these risks is that discussion of any or all of them threatens the media outlet who publishes it or the doctor or scientist who discusses it.

  4. That’s sort of like saying ‘is Monsanto’s Roundup monopoly a cause for concern?’ Who has the monopoly on the toxic poison concerns me less than keeping the toxic poison away from me.

  5. Socialism dictates; people follow like little lambs to the slaughter.They don’t have a brain to think for themselves, therefore not questioning the safety and or long term results of a product. Just march right along and do what you are told. Money versus safety… guess who wins. A no brainer. Just because these drug pushing people are scientists doesn’t mean monetary gain isn’t in their brains. “Wonder why the mainstream media never presents the other side of surveys?” Ever noticed that or that absolutely no one ever questions them? Ever noticed that 3 out of 4 commercials are drug companies pushing their poison? Hmmmmm

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