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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


California Mom Wins Settlements for Unlawful Vaccination of Son

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Rachel Bruno of Orange County, California won a $500,000 settlement in December 2018 from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LACSO) involving a case where her 20-month-old son David was removed from his grandparents’ home by Orange County Child Protective Services (CPS) and, reportedly, given a “full body medical test and 13 vaccines without a warrant or parental consent” at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).1 2

The settlement with the LACSO was for its role in violating Bruno’s due process rights by “carrying out an unwarranted seizure” of her son.1

In July 2019, Bruno won a second big settlement from CPS and CHOC for their role in conducting unauthorized medical tests and administering more than a dozen vaccinations to her son. According to a news report, “an invasive test” was performed on David at CHOC, along with a “full skeletal x-ray for which he had to be forcibly held down.”1

The settlement with CPS and CHOC is for the “damage social workers and hospital staff did to the Brunos’ civil rights by ordering lab tests on David without valid warrants or parental consent.”1

Additionally, officials with the Orange County Social Services failed to contact David’s pediatrician prior to vaccinating him to “catch up” to the current childhood schedule of recommended vaccines. State social service officials decided David needed to “catch up” on all the vaccinations listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) childhood vaccine schedule. According to a news report, “David had been vaccinated according to his pediatrician’s recommendations at a slower pace because of a troubling reaction to Prevnar. At the physician’s direction, his vaccination schedule had been altered to slow it down to avoid more reactions.”1

Orange County Social Services reportedly vaccinated David with “seven shots containing twelve viruses at once, disregarding his medical history and without parental consent.”1

It is unclear which vaccines were administered. For toddlers between the ages of 12-18 months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a third dose of the hepatitis B (HepB) vaccine; a fourth dose of the diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine; a third or fourth dose of the Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) vaccine; a fourth dose of the pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13) vaccine; a third dose of the inactivated poliovirus (IPV) vaccine; one or two doses of the annual influenza (IIV) vaccine; one dose of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, one dose of the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine and two doses of the hepatitis A (HepA) vaccine.3


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  1. I love America and the land of the free. I want everybody to live a long and healthy life with great memories. A lot of people have been damaged or have died for our freedoms since 1776. I don’t want them to die in vain. So I have dedicated the rest of my life to be and even better American. I was born during the 40s and at that time, the only youngster in our families. My relatives in the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s were healthy people, because they ate fresh food. They barely took any pharmaceuticals and didn’t eat processed food and very little refined carbs. Around the 50s and 60s, America started to eat processed food and increased eating of refined carbs. Since then, America hasn’t been as healthy as we were at one time. Kids today have so many health challenges that we never had when I was growing up. Besides the food, our environment and the medical system hasn’t made us better. Forty or fifty years ago, our medical system told us to eat low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, and low what ever. This is not working, because heart disease, cancer, dementia, and other related conditions are at the top of the list. Some people have told us that vaccines will make us healthy. All vaccines have toxic chemicals in them. The flu vaccine has mercury in it and if you break a container, by law, a hazmat team has to clean it up. God made our bodies to run on vitamins and minerals and not pharmaceuticals. How many people have to be damaged or die because of vaccines. Our government knows that vaccines are dangerous, because they created the VAER program. You can sue our government for damages, but not the manufacturer. They have paid out almost 4 billion dollars so far. That is a lot of money and it could have been spent on something better. The people who have been damaged, some of them can only sit around in pain and do nothing. They can’t live their lives like most people and have great memories. I would like to see vaccines with vitamin C, B, or similar items. In 2010, I had double pneumonia and the hospital gave me the drug that killed Michael Jackson. After a lot of studying, I wish they would have given me an I.V. with high levels of vitamin C instead. Vitamin C has no side effects. I wish the medical system would check for nutrient levels. How do they know how healthy we are and can we handle vaccines and pharmaceuticals. It’s kind of playing Russian Roulette with our lives. They don’t even ask you what kind of food you are consuming. I reverse my own diabetes without their help by eating fresher food. When you go into a doctors office and tell them your problem, they start writing you a prescription. Can anyone of you who think that vaccines are safe, look into the eyes of people who are damaged or have died. Can you show any compassion for them and tell them, it’s all in their head. This thing about people who don’t vaccinate, are a danger to people who do, doesn’t make any sense. If the vaccine is so good, why are people who vaccinate getting sick. You can’t eliminate all viruses, because that’s impossible. Viruses mutate and the measles mutation is called Foster. People are getting sicker than the regular measles virus. The vaccines only teach our immune system what to look for. There’s nothing in them that will solve the problem. Vaccines did not stop certain conditions, because some of them are still with us. Taking our freedoms away for the greater good has happened a few times in world history. These countries, are they better off for it, I don’t think so and our world isn’t better too. Do you homework people and form your own truths. Every year, they increase the amount of vaccines and we get sicker. Life isn’t perfect and not everyone will live a long healthy life. Our medical system has a great E.R. and they have a great operating room, but they are not God. People who have a great immune system, don’t need vaccines. People who don’t have a great immune system, their chances of damages is greater. To be a true healthy person, you have to concentrate on physical, mental, and spiritual. God gave us all these viruses, bacteria, and other things to be healthy. So let’s go out and stop polluting this earth. Let us show our creator that we appreciate what he has given us. One main reason our world is falling apart, is the way we treat one another and not loving others the way God does, unconditionally. Amen.

    1. thank you diane lee!!! you sound like my mother (born in the 30’s). growing up she didn’t let me take anything for a headache until i drank water first, to see if that fixed it. her father (my grandpa) use to tell her ‘pay attention to what you put in your body, it’s all medicine, or it’s not’, she passed that information on to us thankfully, which has made us all pay attention, question, do our own research. i feel awful for the people that don’t have this knowledge and are taught different because…. look what happens. i’ve seen first hand too many damaging side effects. 🙁

    2. Thank You for your very awesome comment. I am glad I am truly not the only one who agrees with all that you said. We must discern the truth from what they are trying so very hard to convince us that is “safe”.

    3. Remember, the food and medicinal safety game has changed rapidly over the past decade. If you’re not eating organic, filtering your water, and paying attention to product safety, you’re getting a lot more than you bargained for. MSG analogs are in everything, avoid hydrolyzed anything. Turn to the Cornucopia group for their food scorecards, they are the premier organic farmers lobbying group and right now big ag is working hard to change the definition of organic. If people are for freedom of choice, they should naturally also be highly attentive to food fraud. Food fraud is not a myth, it’s a fact, just like vaccine danger concerns are not a myth, they are facts. Don’t get stuck on just one issue, if we want healthy bodies, food, water, air, medicine, the whole picture. These monopolistic companies defying traditional safety standards are able to claim the high ground because so many other toxins are taken in to our bodies so regularly, nobody can successfully prove it was just this one action or substance.

      1. Problem is unless you grow your food items, we truly do not have REAL organic in this country. As a health consultant I try and see that good foods are selected and not the #1 killer pizzas, nor boxed cereals, nor even cow dairy products as have been known as toxic since 1960 and confirmed again in 1970. Our wheat is also toxic so I order mind from abroad where they have started growing the real wheat of 10K years ago. I use an APEC Reverse Osmosis to have safe and good water as it is the best as gets down to 1 mc which is smaller than a blood cell. Not expensive and good for our pet’s water as well. Organics have been made to use a small amount of toxins and if within short distance of non-organic fields that the wind blows over the supposed organics and pollutes them. I have worked years with diabetes and some will change their diet (and Kaiser has started a similar program as mind and getting great results) but many won’t change but just fatter and fatter, and with many problems of their ill health.

    4. Happy to hear from someone who knows what she is talking about.
      You’re a few years older than me, so I suspect that you will recall most children had measles, mumps, and chickenpox. No one thought anything of it, and we all survived. I didn’t know anyone who became seriously ill.
      Our government is bought and paid for by industries such as the pharmaceutical companies, and we haven’t a person running for office who will stand up for our children.
      In a sense, we are to blame as most are simply robots reacting to what they’re told without doing any of the research, or having the common sense to sit down with their elders to have some wisdom passed to us.

      1. Nick, what is sad that as little ones we had only the small pox shot and later because living near a flooded area then the typhoid shot, but that was ALL. Today it is guesstimated that babies/toddlers/children up to 10 yrs. of age are given any where from 69 to 72 shots and that is why so many are not healthy or even dead!

    5. You’re absolutely right Diane! People should stay away from western medicine oriented doctors if they want to stay healthy. Their schools are funded by the drug companies. If you need a doctor, try a functional medicine doctor. These are usually, chiropractors, naturopaths, DOM’s, and (rarely) MD’s. What sets them apart from a standard MD is their respect for the body’s natural functions and ability to heal itself, when provided with all the nutrients, rest, exercise, good water and fresh air it needs.

      1. Mandie, thank you as I hope to finish my doctorate in (now called) Integrated Med because it heals and has done for some 5000 yrs. I am in my early 80’s and take no drugs, have no health concerns and even today it amazes my primary that I have the pulse of a very young person. No osteoporosis nor arthritis. I am also allergic to the killer antibiotics (meaning: kill life) so stay away from them PERIOD! We eat real food and every day is a different main dish because variety is important. Since lived many years in Mexico, I have a REAL Margarita once in a while (it was developed by an America woman in Acapulco and hence is not a Mexican drink). I love my dark chocolate and fresh salads to complement the main dish and side items. When younger in my early 30’s I had a lot of health issues and then started learning from different people and Berkeley Uni how to get well and stay well. I also only use Shaklee products because they are truly “organic” and also their non-toxic cleaning products in the house and laundry. Nice to have good choices.

  2. $500,000. ?? Should have been $500,000,000. I think that the AMA has betrayed us….I guess the Hippocratic Oath’s ‘do no harm’ phrase, doesn’t include injections.

  3. I pray everyone involved with injustices and child abuse and in angering this child be forever removed from any health care licensing.

  4. Vaccines are a crime against humanity. They don’t work and cause a lot of damage, some of which is permanent. Today’s doctors are stupid. They have no concept of disease processes which were well known early in the last century. Our medical system, when it comes to disease prevention and treatment, is a mendacious facade. Germs are the result of the disease condition, not its cause. Vaccines damage the brain due to heavy metals and active ingredients stress the immune system, weakening it. Unvaccinated children are healthier than those so viciously attacked by so-called “health professionals.” How come they can’t cure anything? Duh!

    How do unvaccinated children threaten the health of children vaccinated? Wouldn’t that be an admission that the vaccines don’t work? Yep!

    “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything” Claude Bernard (1813-1878) father of microbiology.

  5. What a CRAZY World where a little baby is pumped FULL of toxic chemical and VIRUSES all at ONCE!!!???? This shit is out of control and we need a revolution to stop this insane vaccine nightmare.

    1. Yes, Western doctors seem to be more interested in vaccinating after the horse after it has already left the barn.

      What about prevention with heathful nutrition.

  6. Abduction, forcefully held, and poisoned. That fee seems just right to me. I think everyone who is vaccinated against their will, or against the will of the parents, should get money.
    In fact, as immigrant, I was forcefully vaccinated twice, once in the States for my first application, which was refused, then for my second, which was granted. That was done in my country of origin, and the doctor there took note of my former vaccinations. But I still got 4 shots. Otherwise, immigration is not granted at all. I wonder how much the BigPharma receives for all these forced vaccinations ?

  7. They do this, but children who get abused by their parents are put back into the abuse family. Is that what child protection is ?

  8. Unfortunately, if he’s been injured from the 13 vaccines, that settlement will be woefully inadequate to take care of him. At least it would deter the state from doing the same to other parents’ children.

  9. They should have received $500 million! I hope they also go after thee CDC and Big Pharma. They’re in bed together, pushing the necessity of these vaccines down peoples’ throats, and forcing them on our children. I hope more people do what Ms. Bruno did. I am so sorry for what they did to her baby.

  10. This is just Heart breaking. I agree— what kind of world are we living in. Also that the parents and Grand Parents should’ve been awarded a lot more money.

  11. Whatever in the God’s name is going on down there in the USA …… keep it down there!!!! Don’t let it go north of the boarder!!!!!!

  12. A revolution is definitely what is needed, and that requires educating the greater population. Until the majority of our people understand what’s really going on, we don’t have enough leverage. I do believe the tipping point is coming. Keep educating your friends and there’s hope it will happen in our lifetime.

  13. My son was three months old when he received his first DTP shot and had high-pitched, unusual screaming for several hours afterwards. Later they changed that vaccine because of the whooping cough part when did harm some children. As a child, I actually had the whooping cough and never screamed as my son did after receiving the shot.

  14. Sounds like Orange County California is a far away, communist country. States that mandate vaccination are not far from being communist.

  15. What kind of person is capable of doing that to someone’s child without the parents’ consent??? They are DEMONS and belong LOCKED UP. What a criminal act!!!

  16. Diana Lee said it very well.
    What in God’s name is happening here in the USA? We are losing our freedoms bit by bit. And people are asleep at the helm. Whoever said “ revolution “ was spot on. That’s what it will take to get our rights back as Americans.

  17. So gross. Glad the family got some settlement but the pay out should have been more. And I wonder how many other families will go through this kind of trauma that don’t have the courage to pursue legal action.

  18. Pay attention Folks!
    All across America the paid off politicians are changing laws to be like California vaccine laws! Coming to a State near you! Be very afraid and pay attention!

  19. These public “health” care workers and bureaucrats are out of control!!!!! Completely! They are all so thoroughly brain-scrubbed by the CDC diktats, it is criminal! Hooray for Rachel!! There must be a coordinated organized protest in every state against these sycophants.

    And to Dorothy, it has nothing to do with communist principles (in which dialectic method, internationalism and working class freedom were accepted) which haven’t existed since 1924) but Nazism…..who were in every way medically maniacal and genocidal and controlling of workers.

  20. Rachel, I’m floored. I am so sorry your child went through this horrific nightmare! How terrified he must have been. I could cry. I pray he is okay. What terribly scary times we live in. We all need to stand up to this tyranny before it’s too late.

  21. Pearl C Ware
    I went through it with my own disgusted at fifteen and a half months of age. She would stand up in her crib every three hours like clock work for three weeks solid. High pitched, ear piercing screaming that we all covered our ears over, while our eyes were open wide in shock. I kept running g my baby to ER and doctors Apts and Apts in Riverside County. No one would knock her out to give her an MRI or a quick CT Scan. I just had this argument with her Doctor in San Diego County two days ago cuz I am fighting to keep my kid in public schools.

    I am not trying to say I am pro Vax or Anti Vax. MY KID should NOT be forced to have vax to remain in schools PERIOD! My daughter has Cerebellar Ataxia FOR LIFE from a Severe Adverse Reaction to DTaP. She had four welts on her legs the size of Softballs and her Doctor just told me the other day “That(the welts), are normal.” REALLY? Also, his Nurse told me that “she did not become Jaundice from her HepB shot at three days old. That is NOT a side effect from it.” Ummmm. M…YES, she did! I told her! I WAS THERE when she got her shot! She had two holes in her heart and she was born nearly six weeks early and she was NOT supposed to receive ANY shot before those healed! Total BS! She then, spent the next seven days in the BilliRubin lights sucker then, a dog after being completely healthy outside of her heart defects at birth.

    I have fought time after time over all of this stuff, between her seizures, her nausea, diarrhea, migraines and speech loss, lack of walking, all of it! She only became “stabile” less then, two years ago and NOW I have to drive a greater distance to keep her in order to keep her in school since she is already “grandfathered in” at her old school district.

    I am so exhausted if it all and have to continue to fight DAILY for kids rights.

    It is truly hard. The public and Medical field will NEVER understand or CARE since it’s not their own child I am fighting to protect.

  22. My 2. And 1/2 year old grandson passed away in 2014 from a flu shot!! It was AWEFUL!! He had bronchitis and was a stay at home child with his daughter..and his pediatrician Gabe him3 flu shots that year!!! I was CLUELESS at the time about the vaccine nightmare we have been experiencing and my daughter THOUGHT she was being “preventstive.”..we naturally trust the physicians who take care of us and our children without a second thought!!! Well apparently NOT anymore!! Afterwards..The so called ” informed consent” my daughter said was just thrown at her and NOT explained just sign it she was told and NOT ONCE did ANYONE talk of the risks..the dangers..the DEATH..!!! SHE DIDN’T KNOW!!! the autopsy on a child takes 16 God Awful weeks and even4 months later the M.E. STILL HAD NO CLUE WHAT HAPPENED!! They told Amber to get T J’s shot records from the pediatrician..$25 ..which is A LOT when we just went through an unexpected funeral..missed work shifts for those of us who worked in the family and ALL THE QUESTIONS AND EMOTIONS…DAMN!!!! NOW we had to get shot records..WHY??? I’ll tell you WHY!! SO that the county and beaurocratic bullshitters would have a ” cause of death!!”…
    ” Pulmonary Adema”..our angel basically drowned in his own fluids in his lungs! Because a FLU SHOT ATTACKS the respitory system!!! Huh???!!!! Why does a stay at home 2 year old child who suffers from Bronchitis is given..3 flu shots in a year!!! He was given a flu shot Sept.22 2014 and was sick for ONE DAY october 9th daughter’s had an appointment to go to the Dr on October 10th 2014 at 7:30 am…but he was passed away already whenever Amber went to wake him that morning to see the Dr. Since then..i have learned SOOOO much about this vaccine war we’re in!! I had NO cluehow things had changed SO much over the post 30 years!! Hell..over the past15 years!! It’s ALL about money AND elections!!! God gave us an amazing angel for that short time and we are blessed to be part of his little life!! I DON’T know how we deserved to NOW have out own guardian angel who watches over us..but for whatever reason God saw us fit for such a gift!! I think about TJ ALL the time..i talk to him and somehow i have found a peace init daughter..NOT so much! Understandably so..but there IS a purpose in it all..i just want the world to KNOW that TJ was 1 in however many miLLIONs the CDC REPORTS actually die from getting the flu shot!! And NOW YOU have read a one in the millionth story of a child’s untimely death because. Money is ALL that matters these days and population control is in effect!!!! Pass our story on and STAY INFORMED!! Thank you for your time
    God Bless
    Galveston Texas

  23. I pray that this child doesn’t suffer long term or permanent damage from all the vaccines being administered in this way. I also hope that those who made the decision to commit this crime are punished in a criminal court room.

  24. This settlement should have been higher than this! This babies life is forever changed because of all the vaccines he was given when there was documented evidence he reacted negatively to previous vaccines that these monster’s ignored! The Vaccine Schedule is increacing after every ASIP meeting, soon to be 73 Vaccines by 16 yo, this is Insane! We have the Sickest Generation of Children Ever, Autism 1 in 36, ADHD through the roof, Childhood Cancers, Auto Immune Diseases, Asthma, Intellectually Challenged, Etc, Etc! A Revolution is necessary because our Government who could be helping is doing nothing because almost all of them are backed $$$ by Big Pharma! We need to end the Atrocities Stopped Now To Save Any More Children From Being Harmed By Toxic, Deadly Vaccines! The USA Has The Highest Infant Mortality Rates Of ALL Developed Nations ( per CDC stats)! Stand Up and Speak Up!

  25. God Bless you all. You have certainly called a spade a spade. Time every American needs to wake up and smell the flowers. We are all sick of the word games and mind games fed to us by our government. It’s called propaganda. When I was younger, I remember people talking about propaganda coming from Russia. Russia can’t hold a stick to the US government feeding us propaganda, only some of us aren’t buying it.

  26. Another case of medical kidnapping. Those whom took possession of this child and those whom administered the vaccines without parental consent need to have handcuffs placed on them and be thrown in prison. A cash settlement is nothing to these people, it will not deter the massive medical kidnapping institution we call cps.

  27. Everyone has said it perfectly! It’s time we stand up and be heard, we are losing our freedom, and rights here in the USA. Vaccines aren’t the panacea to good health. Big Pharma is all about MONEY! They have brain washed the doctors, and the public too long. If the vaccinations are so great, why is disease and poor health on the rapid increase that it is? Autism, or Spectrum disorder is out of control! In 1984 when my son was damaged from his vaccines, 1 child in 10,000 were diagnosed with Autism. Today it is INSANE, what is the newest figure? Every 1 child out of 50 children meet the criteria for the diagnosis of Spectrum disorders. It’s time people connect the dots, and stop listening to the propaganda that fuels the fear behind refusing vaccinations for our babies, and children. Thanks to forums, and research like this, we can make wise and informed choices about vaccines.

  28. They are trying to kill us all off. Everything that “they” give, sell and tell us is against life! Do the opposite of what the talking heads on major news networks tell you to do and you will be healthy, happy and not so sick.

    Eat like your great grandparents ate over a hundred years ago! If you are older, write down your experiences of what it was like growing up and what you and your grandparents ate way back then. Tell your kids and grandkids about it so maybe something will stick in their heads!

    Ultimately, do NOT believe the lies of the government and so called “authority” figures, they are bent on our total destruction! This is not a fantasy or “conspiracy theory”, it is the TRUTH. Pray to God for guidance and discernment. Diane Lee is absolutely right!

  29. Thank God for this outcome!!

    I would just LOVE to see the corrupt house-of-cards here in California come crashing down now!!

  30. Every day I hear a UK politician repeat the Big Pharma propaganda without having done the most basic research on vaccines and childhood diseases. I keep meeting parents and grandparents who have experienced the death of an infant after routine vaccinations. They are told it’s a ‘coincidence’ that their healthy child succombed to SIDS within hours of vaccination. The myth that vaccination’s are ‘safe & effective’ is a LIE. It will take a Freedom of Information request to the MHRA (the UK equivalent of the CDC) to extract the data on vaccine injuries and deaths – these are only considered to be no more than 10% accurate – Why? Because our doctors are not educated or trained on the adverse reactions that vaccines can cause. Our universities and medical professions are so involved with Big Pharma and so indoctrinated that our doctors happily encourage all patients from birth onwards to keep receiving vaccinations. In the UK this can earn a General Medical Practitioner and extra £50 000 per annum in income. Our GP’s are only human – inconvenient truths that impact on their income are very hard to swallow. Most GP’s would be hard pressed to name 3 ingredients in a vaccine. Ask them about the history of vaccination and why smallpox and polio had virtually disappeared BEFORE vaccines were introduced and they will look at you with blank expressions.
    Parents need to understand that a strong well nourished immune system and modern hygiene (hand washing and flushing toilets) has done more to control disease than ANY vaccine.

    Now we are facing forced vaccination of everyone – for life. The adverse reactions are not being recorded (only 1% in the USA according to Harvard) and in the UK there is no public access to data through a system like the US VAERS – In the UK deaths and injuries are even more closely guarded. It can take weeks to get information and then the data is ‘protected’ by CROWN COPYRIGHT – How on earth are parents expected to give ‘Informed Consent’ when the system is set up to hide and cover-up the reported deaths and injuries being reported?

    MPs are initially shocked to hear all this – then go silent when they are told to tow the party line. Don’t frighten the children – parents don’t need to know this, The Pharma Industry have toally captured our representatives using fear tactics that just don’t hold up to scrutiny. It is up to parents to challenge these claims. Where are the studies that show health outcomes for vaccinated vs non-vaccinated? Why do the UK refuse to publish the reported deaths and injuries? Why do a third of all UK school children have a Statement of Special Educational Needs? Why has ADHD, AUTISM, DYSLEXIA, ALLERGIES and Auto Immune system diseases – and childhood cancers all incereased?

    We live in an era of air pollution, genetically modified wheat (found in almost all processed foods & cereals) obesity, High Blood Pressure, diabetes heart disease and cancer all on the increase – yet the studies are not being done. 54% of US school leavers are on medication for chronic illnesses – They face a lifetime on medication – and Pharma always win.

    Understand why obesity is the norm in America and in the UK – Do the research on vaccines and why wheat products are making us all chronically ill. (Read ‘WHEAT BELLY’ a well researched book by a doctor that has had the courage to speak up where others have failed. (Dr William Davis). Our Governments are uneducated – they swalllow the Big Business propaganda because it suits them to do so. Speak up or be part of the problem that sees victims of vaccines treated as collateral damage in a global industry that sees only profit as their goal. Our children are our responsibility – give up your right to say no to forced vaccinations and you give up your right to all freedom of choice. Indoctrination starts with taking away your freedom to choose – If vaccines worked we would need less of them – not more.

  31. I’m so very sorry that happened to the 20 mo. old and the entire family. When any government agency over reaches their authority and decides to basically “play God”, they need to be sent a firm message.

    The first comment was fabulous. At what point did we toss vitamins and minerals for pharmaceuticals. My dad has diabetes. He was admitted to the hospital for heart issues. Every day, I offered to bring him a home made smoothie for breakfast. Each day, he turned it down, saying the hospital was bringing a “good breakfast”. Every day it was LOADED with carbs– pancakes, “low sugar” syrup, and egg and orange juice from concentrate, OR biscuits & sausage with gravy, “low sugar” jelly, orange juice from concentrate.
    I went to the head nurse and asked whether they had notes on his chart that he was diabetic because his breakfast was as carb-loaded as pizza and a coke. (I was as kind as I could be.) She said of COURSE they knew he was diabetic and his dietician had helped choose his menu. ??? I bought a coke to compare the carbs with the ok. IDENTICAL amount of carbs– and that was just the OJ! Forget the pancakes, etc. SO… about 2 hours later, everyyyyyy morning, they’d check his blood and say, (wait for it…), “Oh, Mr. Patterson, your blood sugar is terribly high! (Gee, wonder why???) We’ll have to give you a shot of insulin!”
    TWO words: DUHHHH & CHA-CHING.

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