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Rare Disorder May Explain 11-Year-Old’s Sudden Odd Tics and Moodiness

Spring came late to Minnesota this year… the land of 10,000 lakes still frozen long past usual. But in the pleasant town of Prior Lake, April marked a year since the Barnes family’s lives changed forever. Eleven-year-old Parker, the oldest in the top bunk—a rambunctious, outgoing boy until midway through fourth grade. Parker started acting differently, odd tics, strange moodiness. But then, something much worse. It’s hard to watch. Harder still when you consider that Natalie and Ryan were watching their son suffer with seizures like these for months.

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  1. Although the symptoms are different, the sudden onset of the disorder seems very similar to that of the cluster of cases in Le Roy, NY around 2012 when a bunch of school girls came down with bizarre tics for no apparent reason.

  2. It’s the antibiotics that the children were given at the time of the strep throat infection that has caused the problem by corrupting their gut microbiomes. And if the family is already prone to gut microbiome problems due to their poor diet then the problem will be exacerbated. IMO.

  3. Have him tested for Lyme disease and all it’s co-infections! And start him on some CBD oil

  4. PANDAS is well studied and understood by a number of the most highly educated doctors for neurological disorders in the world. Please look into the CARRICK Institute! Also, Dr. Datis Kharrazian, who I believe is now a Harvard Fellow, is well versed in this disease. They can help!!!!

  5. My son now 36yrs old was 6yrs old when he contracted Sydenhams Chorea aka St Vitas Dance now called PANDAS. He was lucky there was no pediatric neurologist in our town. He saw and older Pediatrician who said it was very common before the advent of Penicillin. My excellent Integrative medicine MD said the same thing and supported the use of antibiotics.
    His symptoms always went away on antibiotics and he avoided serious heart value damage. Please read the information.

  6. I also wonder about the DNA fragments from the fetal cell lines that may be predisposed to mental illness. That, combined with the antibiotics and other toxins may just create a perfect storm for some new forms of mental illness, IMO. I’m not a scientist, but I keep seeing these articles and segments from various sources. The impact of vaccines on mutagenesis is something that hasn’t even been fully uncovered yet.

  7. Tics, moodiness, speech issues, often lack of eye contact….all signs of metal toxicity and usually after vaccines. Often its those with poor gut health from former antibiotics use or inherited poor microbiome from Momma. Get that boy some TRS metals and toxins removal spray that literally absorbs thru brain barrier to help remove those metals and see if there isn’t a big difference. Guaranteed their doctors would never consider that metals are contributing to the issue.

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