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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine: Should Your Kids Get Vaccinated?

We brought pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers together to spark a dialogue about their differences and similarities. The first statement is, “I am vaccianted.” The second statement is, “Not getting vaccinated endangers other people.” The third statement is, “I’d do anything to keep my child safe.” The fourth statement is, “I don’t always trust my doctor’s opinion.”

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  1. Omg herd immunity is impossible. Lots of false info here. Side effects are not reported by Drs, as they will be deregistered by med system which is a corporate. Money before people. No liability on any product is insane. Side effects are just as bad, life long illness is devastating. Goes back to big business $$$$$$$$. Poison is not health. Training in a brainwashed system from big pharma is not health!!!!

  2. This was a great video. I just wish there would be more options. I feel like the conversations shouldn’t be pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. I just wish the that vaccines could be treated like any other product – with options for prevention that do not involve vaccines. I also think there needs to be product liability placed on the manufacturers of the product.

  3. My 10 year old grandson was diagnosed with early onset juvenile arthritis. After visiting several different doctors, he was referred to Dell Childrens Hospital. Again after a battery of tests it was determined that the protocol needed for his recovery was a chemo shot every morning at 5:30 AM. The family researched and found a chiropractor who was given some pretty high marks for thinking outside the box.
    After three visits and three weeks, he was back to his former athletic self. He is not on prescription medicine of any kind.
    My grandson is not vaccinated.

    1. Mary that is a great story. Those are some smart parents he has and he will be grateful for that when he grows up.

  4. Awesome dialogue, as the Dr. said we need to continue to ask questions because that’s how we evolve and get better!

  5. I think it was great that you did this. The elephant in the room is, in my opinion, that nobody talked about the influence and role Big Pharma plays and the fact that they manipulated Congress to achieve no liability for the vaccines that they produce…thus they have no incentive for making safe vaccines. How the vaccine schedule has quadrupled (or more) since they achieved no liability and how many medical schools they either own or contribute heavily to. Also, their role in the research that is not being done properly (if at all) and how it, so often, is not being done by neutral parties. (Drug makers should never be allowed to do their own research.) The influence of money and legalized bribery in our governments is also a huge factor and how many doctors sit on boards of vaccine/drug makers which eliminates any neutrality in this issue. Then, of course, there is the issue of how the media is bought and paid for by big Pharma and they control the content/conversation in every aspect of our media. So, I’d love to see more of these issues covered.

  6. They all miss the real point …. go back to basics, to the immune system, how it evolved and how in the past REAL immunity was passed on to babies. (The normal childhood diseases and their benefits.) Listen to how Wakefield explains what is really happening.

  7. After many years of studying the agenda and the negative outcomes for so many vaccine injured and damaged for life individuals – I found this discussion to be quite on the superficial end of the spectrum. A missed opportunity in my opinion. Many obvious realities taking place today go completely unmentioned. Can you say the very same (((government))) demanding citizen vaccine compliance is the same body letting our country be overrun with 3rd world invaders from everywhere (by the millions!) carrying who knows what infectious diseases with them?
    Why don’t you sit them in a the room and have such a civilized discussion?
    Oh right – Because they don’t speak or understand English, probably don’t know or care what a vaccine is and just want to get their free stuff. Because it’s a free country right?

      1. So….where’s the lie?

        There are plenty of videos of (((Paul Offitt))) and (((Dorrit Reiss))) openly BRAGGING that the 3rd world migrants are completely submissive and compliant when told to get their (((vaccines))). So these pro-vaxxers are full of rage at the uppity WHITE people for daring to stand up against (((them))).

        As Barbara Lo Fisher and others have documented: the pro-vaxxers are attacking us because we’re WHITE. They’re openly stating their anti-white agenda with vaccines, repeatedly. If we cannot stand up for ourselves on that basis, then they’re going to win.

        Yes, vaccines harm plenty of non-whites, and they have our deepest sympathies, as well. But it is whites who are the foremost targets, the non-white victims are collateral damage.

      2. Charges of racism should not be casually tossed off. You haven’t any idea how the writer thinks about race. Careless, much?

  8. These are the types of conversations/exchanges that need to occur more and more in the public forum to break down corporate/media inflamed hostility against pro-choice advocates. Both of these sides care about children and society, and both spoke with measured words based upon their personal experiences, research, and paths of knowledge. We profit from each other and grow when we connect face-to-face, so civil exchanges like this are exactly what vaccine-invested corporations do not want to happen. In the future, the questions posed to discussion groups may need refinement to be less absolute, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for people to sit in ‘respectful’ mode with each other and discuss such a vital issue as our children’s welfare.

  9. Two days ago at my annual physical I told my doctor I didn’t want any of the recommended vaccinations, because I think they are unnecessary, unsafe and ineffective, she said “oh, but they are so good for you”. That troubles me in that clearly I have read and know more about them than she does. I am more interested in keeping my immune system strong and I believe vaccines would undermine that.

  10. As a certified clinical nutritionist and registered hospital pharmacist, I would have liked to have had the benefit of hearing from someone talk about the ingredients in all vaccines. These ingredients are not beneficial and are extremely harmful to long-term health. Aside from the benefit vs risks scenario, an objection to using vaccines due to the harmful ingredients would be valid.

  11. When big bucks are involved, very sadly, truth, facts, and reality fall by the wayside. With no issue is this more true than vaccines and vaccination.

  12. Herd immunity was a theory that began in 1933 by a researcher named Hedrich. He observed that the epidemics of measles would occur when less than 68% children had a NATURAL immunity. Now Big Pharma and CDC have adopted this phrase saying there has to be a 95% vaccinate rate. They took Hedrich’s study and manipulated it so they could vaccinate everyone $$$. The world needs to wake up and see the TRUTH! Our children are becoming sicker and sicker with all these vaccines. I refuse to put aborted fetal tissue, monkey & dog cells, polysorbate 80 and formaldehyde, just to name of a few of the poisons on these vaccines. Please everyone do your own research and stop listening to main stream doctors and media.

  13. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and people/parents must have the ultimate say as to whether or not to be vaccinated.
    The main problem seems to me to be the corruption of the “science” of vaccines (and all medicines) by money and politics.
    And people in general have lost sight of the true definition of “herd immunity” – herd immunity has nothing to do with vaccines,but is the process in nature by which immunity to disease is passed from mother to child and reinforced from children to elders.
    The administration of vaccines gives only partial immunity at best. And the discussion also loses sight of the damage done by various adjuvants and preservatives in the vaccines.

  14. Thank you so much for covering this topic in this format. I hope people can see how this is a more complex issue than “safe and effective,” and that you can show more sessions. As a person who has attempted to weigh the risks and benefits of each vaccine that could be given to my child, I was alarmed at the lack of info on the downsides. As Dr. Bob points out, the one-in-a-million rate is quoted for only one of the myriad side-effects of certain vaccines. I can’t do a cost-benefit if the downside data is not known for all the other side-effects – and those probabilities add up to a more common occurrence of potential and life-long health problems. Downplaying side-effects is not for the greater good.

  15. Even among medical professionals, the vax-advocates offer empty soundbites like, “The risks of the diseases are worse than the side effects of the vaccines,” while the informed vax-choicers know that, in fact, WE DON’T KNOW whether or not that statement is true. Those whose careers depend on certainty tend to defend the consensus narrative without question, while those purely seeking a safe path for themselves and their families follow the facts wherever they may lead.

    Well-informed vax-choicers are aware that the Institute of Medicine (IOM), in three consecutive reviews for the HHS (1991, 1994 and 2011) of the research on reported vaccine reactions found that, respectively, 55%, 70% and 85% of the research was “INADEQUATE to accept or reject causality.” The IOM “encountered many gaps and limitations bearing directly and indirectly on the safety of vaccines.” And they called for better research, which, as of the IOM’s third report in 2011, still had not been done, and the percentage of “inadequates” had increased to 85%.

    That’s why no one who has done their due diligence will claim the “risks of diseases are greater than those of the vaccines.” The well-informed person will insist that WE JUST DON’T KNOW THE RISKS OF VACCINES. And in the absence of knowing, we should at least proceed cautiously, not force vaccines with an unknown array of safety issues on millions of healthy children.

  16. For me the issue comes down to freedom of choice and ones right to civil liberties. Mandating to vaccinate is a form of control from Big Pharma/ government….as well as a result of brain washing and not educating oneself to the depth of the impact that vaccinations can have on the body/immune system, especially in the form they are given these days. Ask yourself: Does the body get multiple diseases all at once via injections laced with toxins as well ? Or does an individual come down with measles or chicken pox or whooping cough all at the same time? Never. If one chooses to vaccinate, do you have the freedom of choice to spread the schedule out so that the child’s immune system can handle the shot better? Can you request for an injection of one disease at a time, if you so choose to vaccinate? Doesn’t sound profitable for Big Pharma.The body is a miraculous system. I rather trust the power of the body and educate myself to support and heal the body. I support freedom of choice to vaccinate or not without judgement of another’s choice.

  17. Out of my three kids 2, 11, and 23 years only my oldest is vaccinated. She has had numerous illnesses and developed Ehlers Danlose Syndrome 2 weeks after her Guardasil vaccine when she was 14. Doctors said is was hereditary… I called BS! We have zero record of any family members having any such disorder. My other two kids (non vaccinated) are physically gifted and rarely even have a runny nose. My 11 year old son has not been ill for 6 years! My 2 year old caught a cold and quickly shook it off. Both have endless energy show athletic abilities.
    My 23 year old is permanently disabled, we are overall a healthy family with deep knowledge of holistic remedies. One needs first and foremost to forget anyone’s opinion and research each and every ingredient for yourself. This alone closes the case on safety. I have a list of 86 doctors and nurses who would agree with what I have written here.
    Eat right, exercise, and buy or make your own colloidal silver. You can bet you’re ready to tackle most anything that comes your way.

  18. I liked this video in terms of elevating compassion. However, I don’t think the main thing is needing to hug it out. Those who are vaccine injured/ ex-vaxxers are being segregated, pushed off into corners of society, being limited from participating in institutional education, including college education, which means being financially under hardship as a result. Ex-Vaxxed are being fired from their doctor’s offices, unable to get jobs in the medical field or in daycare, and are having to find their own way through their health and healing journey in a capacity that health insurance won’t touch. The ex-Vaxxers are not needing a hug, they are needing legislation that re-humanizes them. As one of the women on the panel said, her daughter is a victim and is being punished for that. Those who don’t vaccinate are being treated as lesser and are really fighting to make it through this world. Everywhere one turns, there is a wall up that the ex-vaxxer can’t climb. Vaccines are the golden ticket to liberty in society, yet they are a sure ticket to ill-health, some short term and some very long-term. The pro-vax pediatrician was a gem of a human, but his daughter is very sick and he doesn’t realize that those sicknesses were likely from vaccinations. He gets to be a part of society and the ones who know what is happening with these medical treatments and refuse to go there anymore are outcasts. Legislation is making it more and more difficult to function in a productive capacity in society. We don’t give up, we press on. We don’t need a hug. We need legislative change.

  19. The number of vaccines has grown exponentially over the last several decades and so has autoimmunity. Coincidence? I think not.

  20. Side effects may be rare, but I am not willing to make my child the sacrificial lamb. I am not anti-vaccine for all, just anti-vaccine for my child

  21. Isn’t it possible to create a vaccine that doesn’t have all the toxic garbage in it? That’s how they started but then got more and more toxic over the years until now they are pure poison, with most of the toxins serving no real purpose. I wish some billionaire would step up and start a toxin-free vaccine company, producing only the few vaccines that are actually NEEDED, and not for all the mostly irradicated diseases which aren’t even a threat anymore…

  22. Watered down softball questions with no substance with individuals that proved they can be civil on camera (big flippin deal). This is the true debate:
    Pro vaccine side – they are safe and effective because the CDC says so based on studies the CDC says are factual and relevant (this is the totality of the pro vaccine argument, there is nothing else to it at all).

    Anti Vaccine side – The CDC is not a neutral party since they are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies they are meant to regulate (revolving door between the regulator and the executive management of pharmaceutical companies. The government oversight of the CDC is void of any meaning because they are bought and paid for by pharmaceutical lobbyists (vaccine court, agenda 21). The media which is meant to provide oversight on the government are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies (check into who the largest ad revenue sources are, and ask yourself would a business eliminate all that ad revenue by publishing stories that hurt the ad revenue company’s brand?) The scientists are the ultimate arbiter of truth, except when publishing something that besmirches the unblemished perfection of vaccines would lead to a loss in funding either directly from grants funded by pharma, or indirectly by NIH goons answering to the pharma lobbyists. Every wondered how there is a 100 percent retraction rebuttal of proof to anything that has introduced a question of a vaccine’s safety or efficacy? Statistically that is impossible.

    Bottom line in my years of examining this subject is that the pro vaccine have a single line statement, whereas the anti vax have a three volume set. The questions are there, but the answers are either fabricated falsehoods, or are simple redirects.

    The sad part is that the coordinated effort to censor all rational questions against vaccines all but guarantee forced mandates for all humans age birth to death to be vaccinated will become the norm, and only a civil war will change that.

  23. The bottom line is this: “anti” vaxxers just want to have the freedom to make decisions for themselves and those for whom they’re responsible…that’s supposed to be a basic American liberty after all. The “pro” vaxxers have the right to follow their own path, and the “anti” vaxxers should have the same freedom. The ridiculous fear-mongering, intelligence-insulting, and shaming of those who simply do not wish to risk vaccinations, has got to STOP!!! Some of us prefer to focus on strengthening our natural immune systems and that in now way should be considered controversial!!! Also, I am astounded that the doctor/participant that has a daughter with both epilepsy and juvenile arthritis is not a bit more intellectually curious as to what may have contributed to her conditions…really appalling!!

  24. Too superficial discussion, but you have to start somewhere. What stood out for me was the pediatric intesivist talked about his daughter having seizures and had idiopathic arthritis. Was it possible that a vaccine caused it? If so, would he pro vaccines?

  25. I’m very troubled by the statement made by David Epstein, the pediatric intensive care physician. “I trusted her [his daughter’s rheumatologist], and I am so glad that I did.”

    I’m very happy that everything has worked out well for his daughter. But he seems to be implying that, because his daughter didn’t have harmful side effects from methotrexate, we should all trust our doctors’ claims of medication/vaccine safety.

    But a study on safety/efficacy of methotrexate to treat juvenile arthritis found that 5-11% of study subjects withdrew from the study BECAUSE of adverse events following medication. Another study found that methotrexate can induce seizure:

    Equally troubling is his quotation of the doctor’s claim, “we use it in a low dose, it doesn’t cause harmful side effects, you have to trust me.” Taken in context with the actual science, the wording is chilling. “It doesn’t cause harmful side effects,” [except, apparently, in those who have harmful side effects] “YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME.”

    No. We don’t have to trust our doctors. We can choose to, or we can choose not to, depending on the breadth of our own knowledge, and our instinct. We do not have to trust them.

    I can only wonder whether, if things had turned out differently, if David Epstein’s daughter HAD had harmful side effects from methotrexate, such as nausea and vomiting, or elevated liver enzymes, or seizures, would he still say that he is happy he trusted his daughter’s rheumatologist?

    Or might he be more understanding of parents who also trusted their doctors and then saw their children have harmful reactions from their vaccines?

    Of course, he might not, even then, understand, because his daughter was never MANDATED to take methotrexate. He could have withheld consent, without a serious adverse reaction required to “qualify” for an exemption.

    In the end, it was his choice to trust, free from coercion.

  26. It’s a beginning but the discussion is far from over. This discussion was superficial and didn’t really get to the core of the problem. Any medical procedure, especially if it has the potential for harm, should not be a mandate. It’s about informed consent and not experimenting on people without their consent. If you think this doesn’t happen do a search on the new Hep B vaccine that was passed through without any data. They will get the data post market and of course there is a pregnancy registry. Oh, and not to mention the concern the lone cardiologist on the committee had about the myocardial infarction markers. Hmmm, sounds like this vaccine was thoroughly vetted. They passed it with no data. Also, have a panel discussion with Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey and Sheila Ealey on the anti vaccine side. Now this would be a true discussion. Thank you for opening the door when no one else has. Keep it up, but let’s really have a discussion though.

  27. The 1/3000 ‘reported seisures’ part made me laugh… that is HUGE! And we don’t know if that’s ‘per vaccinated person’ or ‘per dose’ (per dose would mean 3 to 4 times the number of people, if i’m not mistaken). I’ve looked into the specific numbers for child vaccinations where I live, in Quebec, and we have a total of nearly 1000 serious adverse effects, for about 30 cases of the common illness kids are vaccinated for (measles accounted for most of these, all other illnesses combined accounting for less than 10 cases).

    In this light, risks pretty far outweigh the benefits.

    Also, why are the doctors on this video allowed to use arguments that are false? I always find it so disappointing when the people with the most scientific credibility are using the misinformed propaganda arguments in debates, when 10 minutes spent reading on the CDC website will prove them wrong… like most people are going to believe the emotional parents over the doctors…

  28. Why would anyone submit their child to a medical procedure that has not been submitted to safety testing?

    Bottom line is-None of the vaccines on the children’s schedule have been safety tested Pre-Licensure using the Gold Standard of research, a Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Studies with an inert substance and a Control Group. Robert Kennedy Jr. had to sue HHS to get access to all data, materials, reports studies etc done on all vaccines pursuant to 42 USC 300AA-27C which MANDATES that HHS conduct safety testing and submit bi-annual reports to Congress detailing actions taken to ensure vaccine safety since 1987. RFK requested all reports that HHS had. First this was done with a FOIA which HHS ignored which resulted in RFK JR filing a lawsuit on July 7, 2018 in the United States District Court Southern District Of New York. The court ordered HHS to provide the listed documents in the lawsuit. HHS complied: This stipulated order shows that HHS has not acted in its duties regarding vaccine safety, forcing 78 million American children into a vaccine program with no safety provisions. HHS has neglected to perform any safety testing of any vaccines for 32 years as mandated by the 1986 NCVIA.

    Also read the reports at this link:

  29. Listen to and read The Plotkin Deposition. It is an stunner to hear the Godfather of Vaccines say that because there have been no safety testing before giving to children they ASSUME vaccines are safe and effective. He also admits there are aborted fetal cells in vaccines and struggles to distract from the fact that there is no safety testing on the MMR and the fact that it was grandfathered onto the schedule. He also says he has no problem giving an untested vaccine to children.

    Plotkin Deposition:
    vs. MICHAEL SCHMITT, Defendant.
    Make sure you save it.

    Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition, Under Oath, 9 Hour Full Video

  30. The immune system you inherit goes back 50,000 years, you are alive because you belong to a long ancestry of people who survived all of the diseases on this planet.If we spent more money on cleaning up the environment, good sanitation and clean water then disease would be eradicated. Vaccines damage the immune system they cause SIDS, epilepsy, spectrum disorders, autoimmune disorders, dementia. In countries that do not vaccinate these conditions are rare amongst children. The vaccines are made up of mercury a poisonous metal, animal and human fetal cells and dangerous viruses and if anyone injected such a concoction into a child they would be charged with attempted murder and yet we let Doctors do this to our healthy children. In Europe the only only outbreaks of mumps. measles and rubella have happened after a vaccination programme. Vaccines are not safe and the big pharma are using the World Health Organisation (owned by Merkel) to sell dangerous products by scare mongering and getting some world governments like Australia to force their nationals to have the vaccinations.It is disgusting that our political leaders take away choice freedom and democracy to just make big pharma rich! Don’t just listen to the sound bytes- do some research. The UK has some years paid out more to settle compensation claims than it costs to run the NHS in the whole UK for a year.

  31. This discussion is an absolute joke! There is NOT sufficient data to support herd immunity theory, or that the benefit of toxic vaccines outweighs the risks of normal childhood diseases like chickenpox, measles, mumps, flu etc, or that vaccine injury is rare. Let’s get a real public discussion on the dangers of our aggressive mass vaccination agenda. ENOUGH! Those pediatricians have blood on their hands and should be tried for crimes against humanity. Big Pharma makes BILLIONS off of sick people. #WAKEUP

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