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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Pharmaceutical Fraud

The story I’m going to tell today begins just before the turn of the century. The year is 1999 and Merck has brought a new pain killer onto the market called Vioxx. According to a paper published in the British Medical Journal, since the early development of Vioxx some scientists at Merck were concerned that the drug might adversely affect the cardiovascular system. Despite Merck’s knowledge that Vioxx might increase blood clot formation, none of the intervention studies it did for the FDA in 1998 were designed to evaluate cardiovascular risk. So let’s think about this for a minute. Merck’s own scientists, while developing this new drug, say this could be bad for the heart, it could be bad for the cardiovascular system. So Merck made the decision to NOT evaluate the cardiovascular risk of that drug in its new drug application to the FDA. And let’s see how that turned out.

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  1. So similar to the vaccine manufacturers supposedly NOT testing vaccines for carcinogenic properties or fertility issues because of what they would find. They undoubtedly know vaccines cause cancer, we have an epidemic of childhood cancers today. If they say they did not test for these things, they seem to think they are innocent of what real testing will prove. This industry is a criminal operation, masquerading as health care.

  2. I pray daily that the law suits against Merck will bring to light the terrible injustice that is happening to adults and children of the world.

  3. My brother was given Vioxx In 2001. When his blood pressure went up he went back into the doctor and he said it was just from anxiety and he doubled the dose he ended up in the hospital a day later and died the next day. He was 46 and left an eight-year-old son. it was veterans hospital..

  4. Blanket indemnity from our Congress to an entire industry. Taxpayer pays any fines settled in arbitration. Got to love US of Fascism. We are an Oligarchy posing as a Republic.

  5. So what can we do? Can we effect any positive changes to this collective corruption? My efforts to enlighten others has produced nothing beneficial. I am at a loss. Sorry, but I’m starting to think it’s hopeless. The love of money, power and control is a mighty enemy. And it is what makes this world go round, isn’t it?

  6. Thank you Luke. My granddaughter contracted shingles after her most recent vaccination and I did not know there were lawsuits against the vaccine. I will pursue this. Thank you and keep up the good work. We all, no matter our political stance, must come together on this issue. How Merck manufactured consent for Vioxx reminds me of a documentary I saw called “The Other Side of AIDS” where pharma companies in S. Africa had enlisted and paid “protestors” to perform a mock resistance at the drug companies booth, against S.Africa govt. not allowing AZT treatment drugs to be allowed to flood the country. If you didn’t know, AZT was the cause of death of all gays who died in the early stages of the charade of HIV=AIDS=Death.

  7. I was put on Vioxx many years ago back in the UK for arthritis pain that did not negatively affect my stomach. It worked on both counts. However when I came to the US and had my first annual physical my blood pressure was sky high. I came off the Vioxx and remained on BP meds for 11 years, until I learned that Vioxx was the likely culprit. That was back in 2013. With my doctor’s agreement I came off the BP meds and haven’t taken any since. My BP is fine at 110/68 and as a 69 year-old that works for me. Merck has the reputation of hiding important scientific information about many of their research studies including vaccinations and this needs to be made public so that the American people understand how damaging the pharmaceutical industry is to their health. Always follow the money and then you’ll know who to trust and it is not the US Government or the Pharmaceutical Industry when it comes to our health.

  8. Shameful and villainous as the actions of the pharmaceutical/vaccine manufacturers are, we can not forget the complicity of the federal government, including FDA, CDC, and HHS in facilitating this criminal behavior and lending them an active assist. However, we can not forget that many who work for these companies can not be flawed, except perhaps for remaining ignorant, as the combined forces of government, big business and media have cast a spell over the entire world, and got them believing that consuming poison is good for them. Ridiculous as this proposition seems to those who are aware of the science, those who trust thought leaders who speak for vaccine safety, such as Paul Offal, various heads of Departments of Health, and self-appointed health care journalist experts continue to accept the flat-earth medicine espoused by these individuals. In all fairness, we live in a world where there is too much information, and it has cheapened the value of all information, and the meaning of truth has been devalued by false claims of “fake news” that people are left without any stars to steer by.

  9. In Ayurveda there is this aphorism:

    “Without proper diet, medicines are of no use. With proper diet, medicines are of no need.”

    Modern life in many nations has become so divorced from nature that we do not understand our own bodies and their needs. The human body is a very intelligent, very powerful creation, quite capable of maintaining itself very well with proper care.

    Time will eventually have its way with things that work against life. In the meantime, always look deeper. Search for the truth, and make use of knowledge that supports life.

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