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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Harris Poll: 45 Percent of Americans Doubt Vaccines are Safe

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A new survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) revealed that 45 percent of Americans have doubts about vaccination. The survey, which was given to more than 2,000 adults, asked two questions. Respondents were asked questions about their views on vaccination and, if they had concerns, what kind of information caused them to have doubts.1

The results showed that two out of five people said that something they read or heard influenced them to question vaccine safety and effectiveness. The top three sources that made respondents question vaccine safety were online articles (16 percent), past secrets/wrongdoing by the pharmaceutical industry (16 percent) and information from medical experts. Other factors that caused respondents to have concerns about vaccinations included social media content, personal experience, information from family members and religious beliefs.1

When asked to describe their views on vaccine safety, 55 percent of respondents believed that vaccines are safe and effective, two percent said they felt vaccines were unsafe and ineffective, six percent said they felt the risks of side effects outweighed the potential benefits of vaccines and nine percent said they were unsure if vaccines were safe and effective.1

According to a press release issued by the AOA, physicians say those small margins can cause significant damage to public health if the doubts result in more unvaccinated people.1

Gallup also reported recently that a Wellcome Global Monitor survey published by the Wellcome Trust, of the United Kingdom, on attitudes toward science and health “reveals pockets of doubt about the safety, effectiveness and importance of vaccines in some parts of the world.”2 According to the survey, worldwide, nearly eight in 10 people (79 percent) who have heard of vaccines say they “strongly” or “somewhat” agree that vaccines are safe.

In the U.S., 72 percent strongly or somewhat agree vaccines are safe, with 28 percent of Americans disagreeing that vaccines are safe. U.S. parents are less likely to strongly agree that vaccines are safe than are adults who do not have children—60 percent versus 78 percent respectively. 


1 AOA Media Team. 45% of American adults doubt vaccine safety, according to survey. June 24, 2019.
2 Rzepa A., Ray J. Is There an Outbreak of Doubt About Vaccines in the U.S.? Gallup June 26, 2019.

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    1. As usual, pro-vaxxers have to scream because they don’t have the facts on their side. If you are DR Richard (which may not mean “doctor” at all), then perhaps you ought to go and read the studies yourself. You might just be surprised.

      Most of the “antivaxxers” I know are former vaxxers that have seen damage from these “safe and effective” vaccines. Tell me, please, if they are so safe and effective, why did pharmaceutical companies ask for a pass on liability for vaccine damage? I’ll tell you why. They were being sued for damages and threatened not to make vaccines anymore. If vaccines weren’t safe and effective in 1986 and they had liability, why would they be safe and effective without company liability? What incentive do they have to make a safe product? These are the same companies that find themselves in court for other pharmaceuticals. Why would vaccines be the one exception?

  2. I love that the numbers for belief in vaccine safety is higher in the childless group. These and the individuals who have grown kids who weren’t given half of what kids receive now are always the largest and most outspoken groups to call out “anti-vaxxer.” Why don’t those moralizing cowards take my kid’s doses for him since he’s immunosuppressed (autoimmune) but can’t get a medical exemption. Show me you’re all not total hypocrites.
    This is the neo left. They’ll scream “my body my choice” and clap when your choices are taken away. I’m putting “someone else’s child at risk” but if they kill the other child in utero it’s totally okay.

  3. Pharma cover-ups are legend but it is only the vaccine manufacturers that have no liability for vaccine injuries. Governments have colluded to protect the industry and our health departments and regulatory agents are riddled with ex pharma directors. It’s a revolving door of conflicting interests. When BSE (Mad Cow Disease) was in the news we were told to eat beef – it’s safe. 178 people died of New Variant CJD. This week we have been told it can incubate for 50 years and we may be about to experience a second wave of deaths – there is no cure. The truth about vaccines is that some people are highly vulnerable and we don’t know why. Every year there are deaths and injuries from vaccines – getting the information from MHRA requires a drawn out FOI request. Of course parents are demanding answers – they aren’t getting them.

  4. Dr (?) Richard, Certainly you must be referring to the mass deaths and rampant spread of disease like Americans saw back in the 1980’s before the vaccine schedule exploded to what it is today. Wasn’t Mother Nature getting her revenge back then?

    Are people who refused to vaccinate their kids going to be among those you say will die alongside their kids?

    Will everyone born before 1960 who likely had mumps and measles and were well into adulthood before the vaccine schedule increased going to be among the victims of Mother Nature too? Or are you just talking about the STUPID ones who believe fake science?

    Please enlighten me. How many times did you need to get the HepB vaccine before you showed adequate titters so you could practice medicine? 2,3, 10? Some people never show a titters response after multiple shots. Wouldn’t that alone make you question the effectiveness of vaccines or do you still believe one size fits all?

  5. DR Richard I’m one of those idiots that believe vaccines have given us the sickest generation of children ever. Babies with cancer, diabetes, and numerous autoimmune diseases which I know the polluted environment, and poisoned food supply contributes to, but the toxins shot into them as infants damages their defense mechanisms, leaving them wide open for other diseases. The measles, mumps and chicken pox strengthens their immune systems–I would not have vaccinated my children years ago if I knew then what I know now. Truth exposed when scientist Dr. Paul Thompson of the CDC saves evidence that was ordered destroyed .. evidence that proves vaccines are neither safe nor effective. You sir are the one accepting lies! Do your research and stop regurgitating those lies. Ethical scientist and real doctors are discovering and revealing the truth. It’s just a matter of time!

    1. Amen, Nancy M. for everything you have said. I feel exactly the same way, but the truth won’t be realized before too many kids have suffered a life-time of needless health issues and many have died. I only wish more people could wake up and realize what is being done to their kids under the pretense of better health. It’s ALL about money. As the Bible says “money is the root of ALL evil.”

    2. Well said, Nancy! The number of children with cancer keeps soaring. To give a newborn baby a vaccine for something he won’t encounter until he’s sexually active (or a drug addict) is shameful. It’s all about the cash cow for Pharma. ?

  6. The solutions to this lack of confidence and to ensure public confidence in vaccine safety are simple:

    – Perform real scientifically valid safety studies on vaccines with actual placebos and unfiltered results – never “fast-track” a vaccine.

    – Abolish the conflicts of interest and membership conflicts on all vaccine safety committees.

    – Ensure that the VERS system reports over 50% of adverse events, not 1%.

    – Abolish the vaccine court and make pharmaceutical companies and not American taxpayers pay for adverse events.

    – Ensure that scientists in the CDC and FDA are heard without filters including dissenting opinions and enjoin the agencies to address these concerns so that there is no longer a need for whistleblower scientists and censored letters and emails in discovery from those agencies.

    Five easy points – easy to understand, easy to do – all points have very high ethical integrity, all are reasonable and honest, and clearly with these 5 points addressed 100% of American’s would have absolute confidence in vaccines.

    Remember that nobody is really anti-vaccine – that’s just a label used in the media to shame and discredit dissenting opinions. With few exceptions, everyone knows the importance of vaccines worldwide and supports their safe use – to do otherwise would be silly. But there are many people today who are pro-science and when you fight pro-science with labels like “anti-vax” and other emotional low-IQ tactics, you really piss off educated people who have billions to spend on this. It’s a mistake to think you can reduce this problem with people tweeting slurs.

  7. Pro-vaccine, pro-science – when you leave out the science you get this….

    Fully Vaccinated Asymptomatic Carriers of Infection
    Diphtheria is not, by any means, the only infection that may be transmitted by fully vaccinated, asymptomatic carriers. Pertussis, measles, polio and influenza are among the infections that have been implicated in transmission of infective pathogens from asymptomatic, vaccinated hosts.

  8. If someone tries too hard to sell you something, you will always have doubts. More vaccines with no testing have been pushed on the market, despite the fact that drugs are supposed to be tested before release to ensure safety. Vaccine makers have been given immunity so there is no need to show responsibility and then the vaccine adverse effect reports are hidden on government websites. On top of that, there is a push to make every person who questions any vaccine bullied by social media and possibly forced into taking vaccines against their will. Doctors tantrum when they are asked reasonable questions and their organizations attempt to castigate those parents with concerns as unfit.

    Anyone who understands human nature realizes that these actions are the mark of someone with an agenda who is pushing their own ends at the expense of those on the other side. People are becoming more, not less, suspicious as these activities are ramped up. Those from overseas, especially in 3rd world countries, can see the bullying from outside and experience it as well, and it makes them suspicious of the motives, too. Forcing people to take untested medication is not science.

  9. Dr Richard? Where did you go to medical school? University of Big Pharma? Hey we have to most vaccinated kids in the developed world and the highest infant and child mortality rate. We also spend the most. What’s wrong here big medical genius? And while you’re at it, explain why we give a hep b shot for a disease almost no infant is at risk for on the first day of life. Neonates, that is a pathetic abuse of our children. And show the double blind placebo study that demonstrates that
    is safe. Oh right. It doesn’t exist.

  10. Knowing what we know about vaccine ingredients and science, one would think that the industry would look into designing a better product. Instead, they double down all the more on all the crap they keep feeding us. Telling and disturbing.

  11. Michael I love your 5 points and you have clarified what I have thought all along. Thank you for putting that into such easy to understand bullets. I have copied and will repost in other places because it just makes sense.

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