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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Parents Fear for Young Daughter’s Safety as Her Behavior Changes Dramatically

Imagine this is your house. Imagine it’s your family in full on crisis. I just kept thinking what’s going on with my child. Erratic, explosive behavior. Developing overnight a Jekyll and Hyde transformation as a four-year-old. It was just swings that were very dramatic and uncalled for for the situation. She would be tantruming for an hour? Oh, there have been times where it was an hour and a half, two hours. Alexia Baier has not always been so volatile. Her mom, Vanessa, a special needs teacher. Dad, Brian an accountant. And older sister, Kyla, all welcomed a very typical baby girl to their loving home outside Chicago.

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  1. Where is the rest of this video to see what they think actually caused the brain damage in this little girl and the other boy?

  2. There are new studies which point to cbd being an effective alternative to antibiotics for strep. There are many hypotheses which suggest that antibiotics crush your internal biome and healthy bacterial systems in the gut. Obviously, parents should start with a pure organic, sugar fee, non gmo diet to purge out some dangerous chemicals and hopefully help the childs internal systems rebalance. They’ll want to look into spirulina supplements, high quality vitamin b and d, daily orange juice, iodine, garlic rich dinners, a primarily meat free diet, and quality cold storage pro biotics. This article was entirely incomplete, because how could they deal with all those issues including hospitalization, without having first talked about food safety? There are indications that pandas causes a mimic effect of antibodies which then turn and attack the brain. There is hope that attention to strict food safety and boosting the immune system may allow natural rebalancing without the need for pharmaceuticals. The proof is in the interview itself, they’re swinging by fast food joints for milkshakes. More like chemical shakes. There is a lot of food fraud and we turn to cornucopia institute for their food safety score cards. Did you know that non organic milk gallon is likely to contain more sugar than soda pops and does not have to be disclosed? That child needs a strict organic diet, pronto! Toxic bio accumulation may have been a result of insufficient ability of the digestive track to process the toxins found in their normal diet due to excessive anti biotic rounds. If we have to take antibiotics for lifes everyday occasional illness, we stop taking that when we feel better and do not complete the full round. Colloidal silver instead.

    1. GABA is an amino acid that has been used successfully to treat anxiety in autism. There IS solutions out there but more poisonous drugs are never the answer.

  3. Read the book. ‘Reset Your Child’s Brain’ by Victoria Dunckley MD who has found such behavior is caused by tooo much time on Electronic games.

    Her book gives a 4 week plan to end Meltdowns, Raise grades, and boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effect of Electronic ScreenTime. The doctor has worked with some 500 kids.
    Certainly get the child off WiFi, cell phones etc.

  4. PANS/PANDAS. We’re treating my son for this right now. His specialist doctor says it’s on the rise. I’m in support groups with hundreds of other parents who are suffering just like their poor child or children (some have 2+ children with it!)

  5. Alexia is likely suffering from brain damage caused by exposure to wireless radiation. She is showing signs of frontotemporal dementia and probably has a severe thinning of the cortex. Wireless radiation is literally cooking children’s brains. People do not realize the danger of their devices — especially to children. For those who would like to learn more, please read: “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation.”

  6. There are some pretty vicious ‘know-it-all’ responses here that should be ashamed of themselves. Sometimes in spite of all one can do with diet, avoiding or spacing vaccines, & limiting or removing electronic influences…..heartbreaking & seemingly inexplicable things can happen. Men are not gods.

    You also have to go totally outside the box of general education, media & the new medical system of god$ to do real research on these things, or even to learn about them…..and even that is fraught with confusion, some of which is purposeful. Just living in general is tough these days, with people taking drugs & energy drinks just trying to keep up. Arrogant attacks & cruel blame heaped upon parents from outside sources not connected with, or privy to, all the details of the situation help no one…..there’s enough of that arrogant fearmongering & tyrannical blame going on already.

  7. Agree it sounds like PANDAS given the Strep infection….. I hope part 2 says that the parents got a diagnosis.

  8. This happened after a ourse in antibiotics…have they checked her gut biota? There’s a huge connection between the gut and the brain, and antibiotics can wreak havoc.

  9. My son is 33 years old now. At about 9 he had strep, took antibiotics, then went crazy, OCD, fear, crazy behavior. I found out years later when I got his doctor’s records they wrote, “mom suspected of child abuse” and never tried to help us. A psychologist spoke to me about PANDAS and we both worked on learning about it. He was just over the age limit for the first NIH study but they were very helpful to me. Now as an adult his OCD is still debilitating. He has found that large doses of Niacin helps. It has been very hard for both of us to deal with and after long talks we both believe the Strep caused his symptoms. We still need help. I feel like we are missing something, but maybe it’s just wishful thinking? As the parent of an adult that suffers from this even all these years later it is so very hard to see.
    I saw a comment about electronics causing this problem or disease process, we did not have cell phones, electronic games, or a TV running all the time when he was growing up.

    1. Deni – by any chance, was your son exposed to ultrasonic irradiation while in the womb? Most people do not know that ultrasound is radiation. But that is what it is and it is definitely harmful. Babies born after 1990 have been slammed with very high levels of radiation through ultrasound thanks to the FDA raising the allowable output limits on obstetrical ultrasound machines 8-fold. They did this despite knowing the damage it was causing to children. See BirthofaNewEarthdotcom.

      Electronics per se, are not necessarily the problem. Radiation is the problem as it causes very specific harm to the brain, including damage to the blood brain barrier and neurodegenerative disease. Cell phones were introduced in the early 1990s and mainstreamed in the mid-90s. So they have been around about 25 years. Because of the microwave pulsing that comes from cell phones — which pulses occur every few seconds — the blood brain barrier is be jackhammered 24/7 and can be severely damaged. The gut lining is also being jackhammered and it is made of the same stuff as the blood brain barrier and is being punctured by pulsed microwave radiation from our devices. This radiation is also causing a thinning of the cortex in young children — with the cortex being the part of the brain that controls impulsive behavior.

      This topic needs to be better understood and it is crazy that the medical establishment has not addressed this. Eliminating radiation from the home environment could probably save the lives of many of these children and their families.

      1. Jeanice Barcelo – sorry for the delay in answering. Yes I did have an ultrasound when carrying my son. I agree that radiation from all these sources are a hazard and could be included in the PANDAS issue. Narrowing down the initial onset. Son reacted after finishing a first round of antibiotics. Is there a specific strain of Strep that reacts with a particular antibiotic? Do some children had different microbiome that has been affected by any number of things or is there a lack of a particular gut bacteria in our kids? I do find it interesting that large doses of Niacin help.

  10. I would like to know which antibiotics were given for the strep. Many of the newer ones ALTER THE DNA OF BACTERIA AT THE POINT OF REPLICATION and do permanent damage. There is definitely a gut /brain connection which seems to be supported by the escalation of her condition when fed fast food. Organic low carb gluten/casein free diet to start but also some live cell analysis of blood ,saliva & urine would be very helpful to identify bacteria,fungus,parasites, mineral imbalances etc.. I would get some colloidal silver and a Rife machine pronto before you let doctors mess up your kid with more drugs. Spooky2dotcom which anybody can afford.

  11. Unfortunately, I think it is time to entertain the possibility that the governments around the world. (I mean the billionaires who run our world) know what these things are doing to our children. Wireless radiation, GMOs, antibiotics and vaccines. The cumulative and synergistic effects of these is doing great harm to us all.

    Bill gates was caught teaming up with the WHO. He was helping push vaccines down in Kenya. Funny thing! The staff was mostly vaxxing women of child bearing age. When the missionaries had the tetanus vaxx tested, it contained HCG. HCG has the potential to cause miscarriages and sterility. Funny! All those things I mentioned can affect sterility. Last year the CDC announced sterility was at an all time low since the keeping of records.

    If you think the MSM is going to tell ya this, WRONG! 5-6 corporations own 90% of the US media now. The globalist billionaires own it all.

    Think about it. If you wanted to subjugate humanity, what would you want? Depopulation. The 1% are very afraid of the 99% waking up to this nightmare.

    They own the news. They own the food companies, they own the hospitals. We are worth more sick. The same people who pollute us with GMOS profit off our illnesses. The same people who own the news, piss on us all and tell us it is just raining.

    Wake up America!

    The demise of our great nation as experienced from the perspective of a seasoned RN

    The Conscious RN

    1. Although this does not address the individual child with PANDAS I agree with you about the cumulative and synergistic effects of all we are exposed to. But most of all the damage Bill gates and his corporations are doing to our world. This is very real! Our media is controlled by these billionaires which means we hear selective news they want us to hear. I do hope people wake up and do the research for themselves. From a Rebel RN!

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