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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Robert Zajac, MD on How Unvaccinated Kids are Healthier Than Vaccinated Kids

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In the next two years [after I began my practice], I noticed that there was a separation in my patient population. There were patients who were seeing the local chiropractor who were healthier than my other patients, and they were doing some other things for their health other than just taking medication for whatever condition they might have. They also had a lower vaccine uptake and they were healthy. And that was really hard for me to recognize.

My partially unvaccinated patients, and none of us liked them, quite honestly, back then they were going against their medical doctor’s advice. And with the ego that I had, it was really hard to swallow. It took me a couple of years to start learning about vaccines.

I have all the stories in the world to share about patients in my practice. Children who have been injured by vaccines and stopped vaccinating and [are] working to recover. Many many many healthy kids who have never had a vaccine and some kids who are partially vaccinated.

And doing this for 15 years now, I’ll share with you that the vaccinated kids are the sickest, the partially vaccinated kids are not as sick, and the unvaccinated kids are the healthiest. Now, of course, bad things happen to kids. There are kids who are unvaccinated that still die. There are kids who are unvaccinated who still get leukemia and allergies and eczema, regress to autism, have developmental delays, everything in between.

But the disease rates and the illness rates are highest in the vaccinated children.

— Robert Zajac, MD, pediatrician


This Doctors Can’t Be Stopped! YouTube (published Aug. 25, 2017).

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Zajac, for being courageous enough to share your findings based on your experience within your medical practice. If more doctors would be open-minded enough to step back and look at things objectively, they might uncover similar findings. And my hope is that they will be brave enough to share the truth with the public.

  2. Indeed, thanks to this doctor who is willing to tell from own experience, how unvaccinated children are healthier than the once pumped full of chemicals.
    Even if they get measles or mumps or another child’s disease, they will end up healthier, because they will have life long protection, which the vaccine cannot guarantee.
    It is unbelievable how many people get shots and pop pills that are totally unnecessary. All the money needlessly spent on all this could feed all the homeless and then some.

  3. Thank you, Dr. Zajac, for your observations of the relative health and illness of the children in your practice. That is so interesting! We didn’t vaccinate our children, and at ages 35 and 31, they do enjoy good health. Aside from a few childhood illnesses like chicken pox and only one ear ache and one course of antibiotics in one child – wow, I feel that our not vaccinating our kids really worked out well for them. (We also worked diligently at good diet and a happy relaxed home life.) As you say, bad things can happen to anyone, and that’s just a chance any parent has to take. We all are ultimately responsible for our own decisions, and I felt I had to be willing to live with the consequences for my children if it not vaccinating didn’t work out as planned.

  4. Bless you, thank you. As an educator, I sensed that my unvaccinated students were healthier. It helps to hear from a doctor’s perspective why that might be hard for physicians to recognize.

  5. Thank you, Dr. Zajac for being willing to speak out against this big lie. Some years ago I worked in the Early Childhood Intervention program (birth-3 yr. special needs) and our clients included a very small number of Autistic children. In about 15 years, we have seen that number triple in our area and no one seems to be asking why. I applaud parents who take a stand and seek to protect their children who cannot make that important health decision for themselves.

  6. My unvaccinated grandson is 11 and a half. He gets a few colds but has never had an ear infection or respiratory infection. His mother, on the other hand, started getting respiratory infections at 3 and a half months. This was back in the late 70’s and the recommended vaccines were mmr, dpt and polio (oral). She constantly had respiratory and ear infections, strep throat, even scarlet fever once, and just looked so unhealthy. Just consider the small number of vaccines she had, and her illnesses, compared to the outrageous number of vaccines kids get now. If what she had caused a negative impact on her health, what they are getting now is 20 times worse. I have a great niece and nephew (vaccinated as recommended) who constantly have infections, have been given steroids, ear tubes, inhalers, breathing treatments and a slew of other things.

  7. See!
    This type of personal unbiased observation IS all that WE asked of Providers.I always knew that there are still a FEW reasonable docs.out there who where RAISED-Properly.

    If I knew what I know NOW, non of my
    three children would have being poisoned with TIMERSOL and ALUMINUM.

    I reported the adverse EFFECTS on the National Vaccine Injury Registry Board.

    Further, not only am O informed through this forum but am a student of “TTAV” with Ty Bollinger, Dr.Joel Wallach-Youngevity, Dr. SEBI, Charlotte Gershon; Dr. Max Gerson.

  8. Thank you Dr. Zajac for sharing your clinical data and speaking out! I especially appreciate your comment about the “ego” which is very common among doctors who don’t take the time to educate themselves on vaccines. Hoping other doctors learn from your example!

  9. Thank you Dr. Zajac for your honesty speaking out for those of us who choose not vaccinate.

  10. Yes, “Thank You” Robert Zajac MD for being honest and taking the time to investigate the outcome of treatments/ vaccinations within your profession. Hopefully, more Physicians will realise the truth and not only the Doctors but patients will be set free by the truth, instead of this terrible stigma and fear generated against unvaccinated persons. God Bless!

  11. Dr. Zajac, you’re not alone! I’ve been in private practice for 28 yrs. and offering an alternative vaccine schedule to my patients based on parents preference for the last 25 yrs. For years I would tell my wife (who’s a 12 yr. mother/baby/nursery RN) that my healthiest patients were the unvaccinated ones or those that began vaccines after 2 years of age. She would be very skeptical and did not believe me until she joined me as a Scribe 6 yrs. ago ( once we switched to EMR filing since I can’t type). After being with me for the first year, now she’s the one who is very outspoken when asked about the difference between fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated/partially vaccinated patients. I believe we give way to many way to early vaccines and we should reconsider this present schedule.

  12. Thank you dr. Zajac! Most babies are born with perfect immune systems, systems that can learn how to cope with disease. Given the right circumstances like mother’s milk, a nurturing environment etc. the immune system can ‘learn” from childhood diseases how to protect the child and grownup.. That is what chilhood diseases are for! The chiropractor also plays an important in supporting the immune system. In my opinion what is called for is a way to enhance, support and strengthen the immune system in a natural way. A natural, stong immune system lasts a lifetime, mothers pass it on to their children and we stay away from the virussus! They wil always win! See them as “necessary friends”, and find out how we can live with them without making them more virulant. In certain circumstance we need to fight back, but surely, childhood diseases we can mostly use for our benefit?

  13. Please, whoever wrote this story can you give me more information as to who this Dr is? I would love to repost, but I want to know where “Robert Zajac, MD” is an actual doctor at. I get more than one when I google. It can be seen by the pro vac community that this is possibly made up. Please give details to your reports for your professionalism as well as spreading truth. Thank you.

  14. A reply to Jane.

    Perhaps this may help answer your question. There is a Dr. Bob Zajac MD PhD who was apparently interviewed by Peggy of Vaxxed TV. The video clip is on YouTube on the channel Vaxxed Stories. Here is the link youtube(dot)com/watch?v=k69LJ6Q4Lik

  15. Does anyone have a plan to go with in the event that public schools won’t accept exemptions from vaccines anymore? Senator Pan, Big Pharma, and WHO want to take exemption rights away from parents AND from the doctors who are qualifying them. Is home school the only answer then?

  16. Thank you for sharing your observations in such a clear manner. I have been in practice for 34 years in holistic health as a chiropractor, and I have seen this as well in the families in my practice, and in my own children. It is a conversation that we must continue to have. The power that made the body heals the body. We as a society seem to have forgotten that truth. As Katie said above your courage is appreciated.

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