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MMR Vaccine Offered to Fans at Indianapolis 500 Race

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Fans attending the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 car race in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 26, 2019 were offered the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine at the track’s medical center.1

Prior to the start of the race, which was attended by more than 250,000 people, IndyCar medical director Geoffery Billows, MD of Indiana University Health (IU Health) said the vaccine would be available in “very limited” quantities at the medical building near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. He encouraged fans to get vaccinated with the MMR vaccine before arriving at the race.1 2

IU Health offered eligible fans the vaccine if they met the criteria set by the Indiana Department of Health prior to receiving the vaccine. Billows said most insurance companies covered the cost of the vaccination.1

The decision by Indy 500 officials to offer the MMR vaccine was in response to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and media outlets have described as a measles epidemic in the United States this year, with a total of 940 confirmed cases of measles as of May 27, 2019.1 3

In a related move, Indiana’s State Health Commissioner Kris Box has issued a ‘Standing Order’ that allows adults to get the MMR vaccine from any pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription.4

Earlier this year, there was an outbreak of mumps among students at Indiana University Bloomington who had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. As of the first week of May, a total of 31 students at the university were reported to have come down with mumps. Indiana law requires students to show proof of MMR vaccination by the end of their first semester.5 6


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7 Responses

  1. Have you ever heard of anything so sad or stupid? The medical industry has to beg people to become sick because that’s what vaccines do – they promote illness not wellness. One of these days in the far future, after some huge crisis regarding vaccines, people will wise up, but it will be far too late for the children of this generation, not to mention the mindless adults who fall for this nonsense. People just will not learn.

  2. How about live virus vaccine shedding? How about all the illegal immigration and it’s contribution to this rise in medical issues?

  3. And now there will be an entirely new measles outbreak. From all the shedding from those vaccinated. Since they will leave the area a disperse all over the US the CDC won’t have to admit it’s from the newly vaccinated.

  4. The key here is the ones that came down with the virus were vaccinated for it – “Earlier this year, there was an outbreak of mumps among students at Indiana University Bloomington who had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. “

  5. I wonder if they really wanted to see how easy it would be. Things are really going to get bad. With the National ID coming, plus something else, which I can’t remember. Then, in addition to the Equality Act, we won’t be able to do anything unless we have the ID, or just what is in the Equality Act. As of yet, the President has not signed it. Hopefully, he won’t.

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