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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


UPS, Merck Plan Pilot Program to Vaccinate Adults at Home

UPS truck

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) is considering venturing into the health care industry. According to a Reuters news report, the package delivery firm is preparing to test a service that will dispatch nurses to vaccinate adults in their homes. UPS has not publicly disclosed which vaccines would be offered, but vaccine manufacturer Merck & Co. has confirmed plans to participate in the pilot program.1 2

Merck markets a number of vaccines for adults, Zostavax to prevent shingles, Recombivax HB for hepatitis B and Pneumovax 23 for pneumococcal bacterial infections, as well as others.2 3

Merck spokesperson Pamela Eisele said that the company is looking forward to the partnership with UPS as an avenue to promote adult vaccination and increase access to medicines and vaccines to adults, including the elderly, in their homes. Chris Cassidy, who joined UPS last year from British vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline to oversee their global healthcare logistics strategy, told Reuters that, Over-the-threshold services is where the world is headed.”1

The testing of the new service will be conducted later this year. According to Reuters, workers at the UPS health care facility in Louisville, Kentucky will package and ship the vaccine to one of the more 4,700 franchised U.S. UPS stores. A home health nurse contracted by UPS’ clinical trial logistics unit known as Marken will collect the insulated package, transport it the “last mile” to the adult’s home and administer the vaccine(s) in the home.1 2

There has been speculation that UPS’s vaccine initiative could create cost savings by having contracted home health nurses administer the vaccines rather than highly paid doctors. However, the company must still figure out how to get medical insurance companies to pay for the in-home vaccination service.1

Stephen Buck, CEO of Courage Health and former vice president of McKesson Corp. believes that delivering vaccines at a competitive price may not be the only challenge for UPS. He says, Pharmacies and physicians may not be happy about a new player competing against them.”1


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  1. Just when it couldn’t get more absurd.. Why not just have the mailman or garbage collector do the vaccinating?
    Oops I shouldn’t have put my good idea out there.

  2. Ah, yes, mandatory adult vaccines are just around the corner. The vaccine industry is busy pushing their agenda and most Americans are too stupid to realize it.

    1. I’m so scared for when this day will come. I guess I’ll have to move out into the sticks somewhere and buy a gun.

  3. It looks more and more like I should buy my first gun just to protect myself from hysterical pro- vaxxers. Now they are going to go door-to-door to poison the populace. Forced door-to-door vaccination is OBVIOUSLY in the very near future. All vaxxers are unresearched sociopaths.

      1. And the military. Then they fully deny responsibility when personnel get sick or injured from vax poisoning. But, they DO have nice cemeteries, so I guess the vets who die from “friendly vaccine” have THAT going for them!

    1. Exactly! I’m scared of guns, and being on the autism spectrum, I’m not even sure whether it’s a good idea for me to have one. But I guess I’ll be left with no choice once they start coming to force vaccinate adults. ?

      1. Fear of guns is irrational. They are simply tools. I have several and carry one with me regularly. They’ve never hurt anyone.

  4. The last sentence, OMG, if true (and I believe it is for most), just goes to show it’s all about the revenue. Vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are biiig business and keep them in business..

  5. Many elderly are not up to fending off a determined nurse. But along with the sharply raising rates of childhood disease, there has been a sharp increase in Alzheimers. If that flu shot, and whatever else they’re selling, comes with another dose of aluminum (which I don’t think is in individual doses) and that aging brain has been getting them religiously for 20 years, I wonder if that could be a problem.

    1. I don’t think they are talking about forced vaccination — it’s only if you want it and don’t want/can’t to go to your Dr.

  6. It sounds like not enough adults are willing to get vaccinated at their local Pharmacy so the CDC found another way to promote them! Perhaps People are waking up:)

  7. I wonder if you could go after UPS if you experience a disabling reaction to the vaccination.
    Would they be protected from prosecution too???

    1. Excellent question! Probably they’re exempt too. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that this is all really happening and so few people are awake and trying to stand up to it! ?

  8. Anybody who comes to my house with a needle to give me a shot will get a shot from me and it won’t be from a needle.

  9. wow… what ever happened to people going to their doctors for medicine… This is UPS singing their souls over to the devil… When is someone going to stop big pharma ?

  10. And why is medication a game? Why is it a competition? This all comes down to money…. Our lives are not a barging tool…. When are people going to awaken to these big companies using us for their own gain… It’s not about care for us at all….

  11. They are really stooping to a lower level now…Let’s pick on the elderly, they can’t run as fast.

  12. “Pharmacies and physicians may not be happy about a new player competing against them.”

    Interesting that Mr. Buck would say that. I thought the claim was always that vaccines made no money, so why would they care? Hmm…..

  13. I think this is the key to this whole scheme right here: “increase access to medicines and vaccines to adults, including the elderly, in their homes” Why would elderly, home-bound people, who aren’t being exposed to that many germs anyway and most likely are in fragile health, need to get vaccines up the wazoo?

    I think this is ripe for Medicare fraud. I can just see it now… elderly people who are in fragile medical health, maybe in early stages of dementia, etc. – the medical complex could pretty much do whatever they wanted to these people, say it was medically necessary, and then charge Medicare for the service. There are going to be a lot of 85 year olds suddenly “needing” a Hepatitis B vaccine so they can prevent this sexually transmitted disease that is a huge threat to them!

  14. Alot of good comments here,,yet we need to also find ways to spread the message.
    As someone wrote here,the Pharmacy push at the stores did not go as well as planned. Ppl are beginning to question. So next line of defence ! How long can they go on fooling us ? They know most adults are not up on this new schedule. So they are using more coercion try for a hard immunity. Let’s see the outcome

  15. Absolutely disgusting. This is a beta test to mandate vaccinations, and trust me, this will start a fire that big pharma and their government partners cannot out out. Glad to see all the comments standing up to these thugs.

  16. This is an army that is forming. America is too blind to get it. Once in place that computerized medical data that we all gave permission for, will make it easy to track vaccination status and when the adult mandatory vacs are approved you will have no where to run. WAKE UP!

    Get busy and stop Sen. Pan’s sb276 right now before it’s too late. It’s the second step. The first step has already been achieved. They already got your kids!

  17. Wonderful!! More poison injected! Have you read the inserts? Why / who is behind this evil to injure the good people of the US??? Wake up. Big pharmaceutical is hoping we stay like sheeple instead of using our brains. Oh wait! Those wonderful Vax cines are filling our brains w aluminum ( Alzheimer’s??) & our bodies w cancer causing crap. READ the inserts! Why are Dr’s being paid bonuses to inject us if they are sooo wonderful? Hmmmm

  18. vaccines cause altizmers and dementia and other diseases. no to vaccines. i had measles and I am permently immuned where as the vaccines receivers have to be innoculated with vaccines every 7 years.

    1. I said mandatory vaccinations for adults was going to happen as soon as they took away philosophical exemptions. There are a lot of agendas being pushed. Primarily what this means is the same thing that the “war on drugs” means- We do not have the right to decide what we do or don’t put in our bodies. That’s why food and the environment is poisoned because we didn’t know and now that we do, don’t demand that it stops. Same issue, we don’t get to decide what we consume. And those with the power to decide have been doing it so long, it’s a well oiled machine and as someone else mentioned technology has only made it easier. What do we think has been happening with mass incarceration, war on drugs, and vaccines? We can’t even say no to being forced to murder people in a “war”. All about power and control.

  19. I do not know where they intend to find a nurse who would agree to that, maybe they will send in Drones!

  20. UPS and vaccine pushers can go to hell.
    This concocted idea for eliminating the population while stealing their money is as old as the so called New World Order that is as old as the world itself. We are on the verge of pushing these slimy evil elite back under their rocks and into the depths of hell where they belong. At least for a while.
    TRUMP 2020.

  21. UPS and vaccine pushers can go pound sand.
    This concocted idea for eliminating the uhpopulation while stealing their money is as old as the so called New World Order that is as old as the world itself. We are on the verge of pushing these slimy evil elite back under their rocks and where they belong. At least for a while.

  22. My original response was deemed unsuitable due to its graphic nature.

    This concocted idea for eliminating the population while stealing their money is as old as the so called New World Order that is as old as the world itself. We are on the verge of pushing these slimy evil elite back under their rocks where they belong. Glad to see the disgust being displayed over this.

  23. PURE PROFIT MOTIVE! that is all business is about. This has nothing to do with keeping people healthy and everything to do with making money off the lives of others.

    1. I know when did hitler come back makes me wonder if I should have had children I have four and 8grandchildren so sad and frightening

  24. Might be a good idea to check out Fed X and see if they’ve also signed away their soul to BigPharma and Medicorp. This could be the final push that sends UPS into the dumpster. If people will stop using them for mail and packages they won’t have the revenue to even buy gas for their trucks. BigPharma and Medicorp aren’t going to carry them “on the cuff” if they aren’t able to get enough people “shot up”. There is some real interesting $hit that can be done to those trucks if we really want to push back.

  25. There’s a You-Tube lecture by Bill Gates who has now ventioned into epidemiolology and Public Health. He confesses that the end-game is to stabilize the world’s populaion at 700 million by 2030. The only way to achieve this 90 population contraction, (according to the elites, who only want a minimum of the rest of us around), is to vaccinate the rest of us. But using standard logic, if MMR and all these other ineffectual cocktails, had any benefit, population numbers should increase. I think the secret ingredient is Thimerasol, which is 80 x more toxic than Mercury. It attacks DNA and in tissue cultures csuses atrophy of human fibroblast cultures in about 3 weeks. The effect on the young population, if administered with frequent boosters, would be total sterilization by the time they reach childbearing age.

  26. Let’s start with civil disobedience. If that doesn’t work then let’s try uncivil disobedience!

  27. There is a contraversial local community doctor in Crown Heights, Brooklyn who arranged a protocol with some contraversial rabbis in the Crown Heights to rule that since MMR is saving thousands of lives (without showing evidence), it justified being used without consent and independent of its ingredients. As a result, children not receiving the full quota of 35 shots prior to age 5 are no-,longer allowed in the yeshiva system. Given the lucrative financial reward, other Boroughs are trying to jump on the wagon. Parents are now in a dilemma of sending their young children to be force-vaccinated or expelled. At a recent annual Torah learning competition a child suffered an emotional breakdown having learned an entire book of Maimonides, and travelled to Brooklyn from Australia only to be turned back by the organizers. According to the local doctor, his MMR was not current. The parents contacted the the Head of Immunization at DOH who sided with the parents and against the doctor. Yet the organizers continued to support the local doctor and rabbis, pushing aside a written statement from DOH that they did not support such draconian tactics (which actualy violate the Geneva Convention forbidding forced vaccination in the absence of a declared national emergency.

  28. Why would I even need a doctor, when anyone and everyone is wanting to shoot my body full of who knows what. No, your not stepping a foot in to my home. That’s insane. Don’t be surprised if I take the shot out of their hand and inject them with poison. Back offfffffffff.

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