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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Ella’s Story on Vaccines and SB277

My name is Ella and I was harmed by vaccines. My mommy did was she was “supposed” to do and she vaccinated me per the CDC schedule. My mommy didn’t know the “science wasn’t settled” because vaccine science doesn’t even include a placebo. Shortly after my four-month vaccines, I began to wheeze for the first time. After that, my body steadily began to attack itself. And these are just a few things I went through… By my first birthday I had six ER visits, three ICU stays, five IVs and eight daily prescriptions. When my mommy stopped vaccinating me, I stopped getting sick.

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  1. Ella, I hope you get better and stronger. So many children are harmed by vaccines,and this has to stop. Maybe your story will convince other mommies to realize the truth.

  2. Wow. I am in awe of this brave mother and beautiful Ella. Thank you for sharing your story and supporting each of us to stand in solidarity and to be stronger to face the truth.

  3. I realize this and stand with Ella and others like my own grandchildren who have not been vaccinated…thank you for submitting your story.

  4. I agree with you 100%. Thank you for your bravery. I stopped vaccinating in 1978. My adult children do vaccinate their children though, which makes me sad. We each have to make our own choices though when it comes to something so personal. I have an 18 yr old who is now in college & starting to feel the pressure to get vaccinated by her well-meaning but ignorant friends. I am begging her to watch the videos I send & read the material before she lets that needle go into her arm. She has been frightened into thinking she needs the Gardasil vaccine.
    I have become increasingly concerned about our personal ‘medical freedom to choose’ as I watch the propaganda machine really rev its engine in recent years. Children taken from their parents who didn’t wish to give their children chemo & now children being banned from schools or other public places….etc. It is a scary time but we must not give up.

  5. She is absolutely adorable. So great that you stopped vaccinating her and she’s all better now. Amazing video. Dr. Ron Kennedy MD is fighting the good fight in California to protect doctors’ rights to write medical exemptions despite the state medical board’s intimidation tactics.

  6. Thank you for posting. You are not alone! Many like us are homeschooling primarily for this reason. I wonder if YouTube and the other censoring media formats will allow this video to be posted and shared.

  7. #teamElla we face similar struggles in NY and as difficult as it is it’s comforting to know that as parents we can provide the support the medical, school and political systems do not allow us. We will not be silenced. We will be heard and Ella, you will be an important part of this whole story!!!

  8. Sad, how much do we have to play Russian roulette to say a child got sick, died, vaccine injured after receiving a vaccine?. Even if you spread them out? Simply don’t!

  9. Big Pharma does NOT educate doctors, and doctors do NOT educate parents, about all the different types of vaccine injuries there are. Big Pharma should be tried in courts similar to the Nazi war criminals, for crimes against humanity!

    THANK YOU, NVIC for educating us, for caring for humanity!

  10. That’s the kicker “when my mommy stopped vaccinating me, I stopped getting sick”. This is what always happens with vaccine damaged kids. Vaccines are poison Amanda and if you haven’t researched that by now your head is in the sand and you are a moron. Stop poisoning the kids and they get better. However, some of the damages will never be able to be fixed because the damage has been done to the brain (the swelling) and once that has been ruined, it doesn’t usually come back. Stop believing that there are mandates that say you HAVE to get the shots. You don’t. There are ways around them and past them. You can ignore the state’s rules altogether if you don’t participate in the state run organizations which mandate them. So many say they can’t home school because they need the extra income from both parents working. Then find a friend or other family member who IS homeschooling and put your child/children in with them. Make do with less and bite the bullet. Move to another state that doesn’t have the mandates and find the best work you can. Start something that allows you to work from home and set your own hours (get your kids involved in helping you and teach them the business). Don’t fall prey to the nanny state that not only wants to control your children’s lives but yours as well. We are humans, not herd animals. Oh, and by the way, there hasn’t been any such thing as “herd immunity” since the 50’s when most ALL adults were naturally immune from childhood diseases because they had had them all – which made for lifelong immunity. So called “vaccine immunity” doesn’t last and comes up short when a child gets to be an adult. This leaves the adult community wide open to a much harder time of it if they catch these diseases at an older age. My parents stood up to the CA school system when the polio vaccine came into being in the 50’s. They refused to have me vaccinated for anything once the school said they couldn’t discriminate and choose for me to not have the polio shot – school said ALL or nothing. I spent years having to keep my mouth shut. I got both mumps and measles. No problems, just like all the kids my age. These childhood diseases are not lethal, the propaganda is just that, propaganda. If a child DOES die from one of them, that child is usually health compromised in some other way. The vaccines, however are a different story. They ARE lethal, they ARE medical execution meddling at it’s finest and account for the highest death rate of newborns and children in our country’s history. We have the highest death rate of newborns in the world and we vaccinate the most and the earliest in the world. With the occupational jihad that is hitting this country as it is being overrun with illegals one would think that we would do SOMETHING a bit smarter than killing our own children off before they have a chance to procreate. We are fools, we are compromised and BigPharma, Medicorp, fascistic government toadies all wallow in the money they are making off of our torment.

  11. Important questions to consider:

    Is money, power, influence and protecting liability more important than the lives of our precious children?

  12. Look into homeopathy, like cures like. I know of a neighbor, her boy got lymphoma, and she said when he’d be taken for chemo “treatments”, they would get the rest of the toxic chemo bag and make homeopathic remedies out of it. He ended up surviving the cancer (and especially the chemo) and was healthy, despite being poisoned by chemo. I’ve heard of others making remedies from the vaccines their children (or they) got, but you have to get ahold of either a vaccine vial, or find a place that sells the remedies made from the vaccines given.
    Some places to look for remedies you can make are here, it’s quite interesting:

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