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“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

— William Wilberforce


Cause or Coincidence HPV Vaccines Associated with Deaths and Disability

The vaccination to help prevent cervical cancer has been on offer here since 2008 and more than 200,000 New Zealand girls have had it. The scientists say it’s safe. But in tonight’s 3D Investigates, Paula Penfold hears from girls and their families who have serious doubts and want to know whether Gardasil is to blame for what’s happened to them. In two cases, that was sudden and unexplained deaths and others crippling illness. Are these families right to be concerned or is science on the vaccine side?

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  1. My daughter had the HPV vaccine. She has never been sick in her life. 6 months later she was diagnosed with cancer. I keep trying to see if there are others who may have not connected the two. I am convinced she became ill because of this vaccine. Many kids we have meet in Boston are teenagers the same age group and have had the vaccine. No one really connects the two, but you can’t tell me it is a coincidence she gets a vaccine to prevent certain cancers and she end up getting cancer. She now has been fighting cancer for the last three years and we are praying it is now gone forever. I will never forgive myself for letting her get this vaccine.

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  2. My daughter received her 2 Nd HPV vaccine and within 10 hours she had heart racing extremely high blood pressure. Within 3 days she became psychotic the MRI (without contrast because the doctor was sure she was mentally ill and it had nothing to do with the vaccine). MRI showed optic neuritis. Where they gave her the shot it looked like a golf ball was under her skin. Lights bothered her eyes. She was hospitalized for 8 days. I will forever regret the HPV vaccine

  3. First of all, young girls, teenagers and young adults are not like to contract cervical cancer if they engage in ‘normal’ intimacy. By acting and thinking otherwise, we stop the one thing that naturally keeps a women from contracting this in the first place. the help comes from the reaction of the male sperm within the cervix. That’s it. The rest is fear based marketing. Everyone needs to grow up and stop being so gullible. I learned this when I was a child. How come no-one else knows this. Ah yes, we are in America. The place where they do everything they can to strip you of your ability to be a normal man and woman and turn you into a human.
    Strange how these young women were totally fine up until the “medical world’ intervention. Now look.
    We are supposed to learn from our elders. Yet we have ignored them. Maybe if society would focus on making our elders feeling comfortable and dignified, maybe they would have the time and energy to share the stories that will shape the world. They would tell you of eating real food, being outside and exercising and preserving the family life. Instead of teaching our youth how to fear everything natural, maybe try teaching them that natural is the only way forward.

  4. Our 17 year old son became extremely ill following the first dose of the HPV vaccine. He suddenly began having severe migraine headaches along with associated symptoms: fatigue, sensitivities, vomiting. He missed most of junior year second trimester. The Doctor and nursing staff that administered the vaccine refuse to believe it was a result of the HPV vaccination. The doctor actually blamed it on a concussion although he never had any trauma. He was a happy healthy kid before all this! We felt pressured to vaccinate; wish we would of stuck to our guns and refused it!

  5. The one thing that they haven’t done is whether these types of illnesses and deaths are new. If this has not been happening previously, then a link must be considered…but they won’t ever do that.

  6. Cervical cancer was considered practically eradicated before the vaccine was developed. (In the US) It is usually a very slow growing cancer and a pap smear would have picked up anything abnormal, which would then be treated before it became cancerous. That information is not in the advertisements. Now girls are getting hpv even before they are sexually active. More people will have cancer from the vaccine than before. All of the researchers who were not paid by Merck were against approval….because it wasn’t necessary, because it caused two rare fast growing and deadly cancers because there were many other injuries. The researchers paid by Merck all requested approval.

  7. Ike, where did you acquire your information that “ normal intimacy protects women from HPV cervical cancer”? That information is totally incorrect. HPV is spread thru skin to skin contact, not sexual fluids. People can acquire HPV without ever having sexual intercourse. In the majority of cases, your immune system will eliminate it. However, it can remain dormant for years before it raises it’s ugly head. Of course, a Pap smear will identify abnormal cells but you are forgetting the emotional trauma of having to have repeat Pap smears every 3 months, having a cone biopsy, a LEEP to remove those cells from your cervix, the worry of it not being eliminated. Try living with that.
    And to Sue Leake, cervical cancer was never been considered to be practically eradicated! It is quite the opposite. The risk of cancer from HPV has been growing. The casual attitude of sex in our society is only increasing the spread of HPV and other STIs. The HPV vaccine will help eliminate the risk of cancer.

  8. Immunisations/Vaccines NZ, reputable research I have completed 5 years of science training at university. I am as highly trained in conducting and assessing the reputability of high integrity science as one can get. There are massive flaws in the science of Gardasil 9. I can smell the stink of the pseudoscience miles away. I am shocked it was ever approved for release. Scientists HAVE proven the adverse effects that the MOH have omitted from the manufacturers insert. The manufacturers did all they could to eliminate the adverse effects of Gardasil 9 and yet HAD to put in the ones the MOH have omitted. The “science” saying the vaccine is safe is propaganda and full of holes. It only covers 7 of 14 HPV strains that cause cancer and yet the government is pushing that they can eliminate ALL cervical cancer. They are totally dogmatic, biased and unprofessional.

  9. My prayers be with all of you and your poor children who have been afflicted. Forgive those who have trespassed against us (telling us misinformation about side effects and ingredients and hurting our children), and pray for mercy and healing. Please forgive yourself as well as all of us were led to believe vaccines are safe. I included.??

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